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Alicia DiMichele Weighs In On Mob Wives Reunion; Find Out If She’ll Return To The Show!


Former Mob Wives star Alicia DiMichele has recently shared her thoughts on the Mob Wives reunion. Alicia only starred on the show for one season because she wanted to focus on her legal issues and her family. Now she is speaking out about the show, the other cast members, and whether or not she would return.

During an interview with VH1, Alicia was asked if Natalie Guercio was her best friend and she responds, “As far as my best friend goes, it has always been and always will be my brother. Natalie is a dear friend of mine and I consider myself lucky to have her in my life. I’ve never asked her or anyone to fight my battles for me. She has her own opinion and is entitled to it and as her friend I support that.”

Alicia shares her thoughts about her name being brought up during the reunion a saying, “In all honesty, I have been so busy working taking care of my family, my business, and myself that I was only able to catch bits and pieces of the season. Everyone knows that I quit the show for my family, so I don’t know why I would be brought up unless it was related to that.”

Alicia then spoke about her history with Karen Gravano saying, “I don’t blame Karen for what her father did. Karen can only be held accountable for her own words and actions [like] how nonchalantly she spoke of my father-in-law’s murder, as if it was not a tragedy for my family. To think that just because I never met my son’s grandfather that I would not be personally affected by that event is ridiculous.”

She then answers whether her and Karen could ever be friends saying, “Karen and I are two totally different people and because we don’t see eye to eye on our family histories and we have different view points on the situation, it feels like there is too much there to overcome to build a friendship.”

On if she would return to Mob Wives the way Carla Facciolo did this past season, Alicia says, “I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Carla, but I’m sure that her return to the show made sense for her at the time. For me and the path that my life has taken since the show I can’t really see a time where me coming back would make sense. I have new goals and aspirations and in order for me to accomplish those goals, I will have to continue to look forward and not backward.”

Thoughts on what Alicia had to say?? Although she has no plans to return to the show, would you like to see her back on Mob Wives??

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  • I’m saddened to hear Alicia won’t return. She was an actual Mob Wife with a storyline. I was hoping she would come back and replace both Natalies.

  • Lair liar pants on fire.
    She came on because Eddie wanted her to do something, prove something , blah blah .. kind of backfired when she LIED repeatedly while being watched by the law and had court case coming up 😉 The poof! She has boy toy while hubby in jail, went to court and settled her case,and so on.. I would much rather have her on then Gnat but she is nothing special and has lied, so there’s that.. And also, she was the one who brought up KAREN on the show with Karen not even being there! People here even agreed that she should not be saying things when someone is not there to defend themselves. What happened in the mob, is mob biz, not her’s, not any of the ladies to discuss! You want in the Mob life, sadly, there are consequences how you or a loved one end up. WTF.. Some of these ladies need to stop speaking on things they were not privy to.

  • Oh, Forget bringing back Carla. She is BORING. I think they should bring back Ramona.
    I hope they are done with Nat G. and D.
    Both need to go.

  • I like the way Alicia presents herself. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she doesn’t use profanity. I respect her for caring about how she presents herself, that says a lot about a person. Alicia is too smart to be on Mob Wives.

  • I liked Alicia. I don’t consider a return to the show as looking backwards. I can see her and Carla being friends.

    Karen is immature and loves what her dad did. Otherwise she would not make stupid stupid statements like she does.

    • Obviously Alicia liked the MOB life herself or she wouldn’t have married into it, spoke about it. went on the show.. caught a case for herself..

  • Who was she again??? Bye felicia! All the men were in this lifestyle, that does not mean the familly’s are not hurt…..but that’s the lifestyle…how many man did her father in law killed/hurt? We dont know that….

    • EXACTLY. They act like Karen is the one who did things, or was only child brought up in ” that life” .. freaking idiots!!! Carla’s fam (and ex hubby )was, Graziano was, Lee D’avanzo was, Big Ang was connected and did things herself ( coke)that landed her ass in jail and her Uncle was mob..

      • Karen’s father is a murderous mobster and a government informant. The lowest form of life. If she had any dignity or pride she would not offer her (sad, desperate) life on tv. Her poor daughter not only has her as a mother but that jerk as a dad and whatshisname in the house. CPS>

  • Alicia can go scratch!

    Like Ratalie, she should not have mention Karen’s name at all.

    I hope her dear friend Nat-Rat exits stage left as she did.

    Wish them well. But bye bye.

  • Alicia should come back. She did not take any crap. Karen was heartless what she said about Alicia’s father in law. But look at the Dufus, Karen is going out with. He wants to meet the legend, he means killer, Sammy the Bull. Rat this…….

    • I agree! She & her brother were dealing ecstasy. The British guy wss on locked up abroad that started selling it to his friends then he darted having parties. There was no violence until Sammy Gravano nearly killed the young men because they wanted the money. The young guy at the time was so froghtened he got out & learned his lesson because they had hurt his friends when they declined to go in with the Gravano’s. Karen looked extremely obese in her mug shot with short bleached hair she looked like a druggie. He took the fall for her. I also read his book then read what he really did. He was a little man on steroids that murdered his own crew member out of jealousy. The guy he murderec Luis Milito was a real tough guy that changed after his son was in a terrible accident & a mob dr. caused him to suffer. The family has wanted to know where their dad was for years. The guy said Sammy had a ” Napeleon Complex” after he murdered him, he gave his widow with a very sick child in terrible pain( the child) a couple of thousand after he stole the man’s money. He is nothing but a bully that likes to think he is a ” big man”. He even rolled on his boss so I wish the whole show would quit saying the rat thing. I was repulsed at the reunion. Karen is a coward like her Dad. Renee is beyond all help with her screaming & crying, I have always felt terrible for her son. She is the textbook for manic depressive. She feeds into the drama. I don not like the new Natalie Donato. I find her crazy, crass, & both Natalie’s have horrible wardrobes. Her ” posturing” that I am a tough girl should be changed to I am a insane person. Her & Renee are rough looking & look for problems. If you cannot get he,p for domestic violence without this crazy women saying you are a rat then I want no part of that. They are not gangsters. They are not in the Mafia. I was disappointed in this reunion & season. Renee is just gross. I was shocked that she would say horrible things about Ang’s daughter calling her a whore, basically saying she is an adulteress. Disappointed in Drita for first time. Who cares if a complete stranger tells you gossip?
      Get Renee off & Natalie D. I will not miss messy Karen. Whenn she got up to attack Natalie with her hair back, & just the way she did it was pitiful. She got a boody mouth or something but she is always the tough girl. It was just like when Drita got her, she rewrote what happened. I will say Karen G. Has really improved her looks & feminized them from her old life as a thug. I can t stand her boyfriend, he has weird teeth. And they both are trying so hard to be hard & in a criminal lifestyle. Her father is a murderer. Nothing to brag about. He took other families father’s & important members of their family away because he is greedy. Ciao, Bella!

  • I liked Alicia. And I do agree, Karen’s statement was really ridiculous. ‘Hey, he killed my father-in-law but I’ve never met the guy so I don’t care.’