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Mob Wives Reunion Sneak Peak!


The Mob Wives Reunion specials airs tonight at 8/7c. It seems that Natalie Guercio will be the receiving a lot of heat from the other ladies in the group, who seem to have had enough of her lies and antics. In this sneak peak presented by VH1, Natalie explains why Alicia DiMichele didn’t sign up for another season and the reason riles up Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano. Watch the clip below:

Are you excited for the Mob Wives reunion?? What stories or rumors do you hope gets cleared up during the reunion??

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  • I have to say i absolutely LOVE this show !!! My top 3 in order is Big Ang Drita and Karen. The only thing that REALLY aggrivates me is that these women talk sooooo much smack and when its time to throw down all they do is pull hair !!! Bust some ass already !!! I hate Ratalie G soooo bad i wish Nat D or someone would break her jaw. She is so mouthy and her voice is sooo annoying. Cant stand her take her off !!! I wish this show was on year round !!

  • I enjoyed part1, & extremely excited to see part2; especially Nat vs. Nat.

    I would appreciate it if people would stop referring to Sammy Gravano as a SERIAL KILLER,he was a hitman, not a serial killer. Please use the correct verbage

    Famous serial killers are Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gasey, Jeffrey Dahmer, not Sammy the Bull.

    Thank u

    • It seems as though Nat G runs her mouth like always, makes threats, and runs away yet again. She surely can dish and never take . I hope she ran off the show forever!

    • Did Those serial killer kill their own brother in laws and every friend and partner they ever had besides the ones they sent to jail for LIFE for their own crimes>only to get put and push X on kids ?

      Didn’t think so. Did they kill more then 19 people. Ummmm NOPE .

      Did they get the death penalty ..I think so ??

    • Agree 100 % with u Southern Plaid. Sammy was NOT a rat and he wasnt a serial killer. Lmao and people want to try and give someone else direction on what vocabulary to use…

  • All I can say is thank God they changed the time to 8 because there is NO way in hell to sleep after this show, LOL!! These ladies get my chest all in a knot!

  • Jesus. Karen and Strom are so freakin ignorant.!! Vivica Fox is an asshat. I knew it was stupid to have her host this reunion. She and Renee are friends

    • Haha Did Renee let anybody get a word in edgewise? I love how her girl Karen told her to STFU a couple of times…

      I agree Holy 🙂

      Hey Storm Sammy the serial killer did the governments work putting people in jail for life for things HE did. SMH Yea blame Gotti for Sammy putting bullets in people including his TWO brother in laws , partners, friends … ECT…..

        • He is a legend Holy. The biggest rat in history with at LEAST 19 notches on his belt ..POS ..

          Storm tells Nat to tell Sammy he is a rat when he comes home LMAO

          What’s Sammy the rat gonna do.. Kill the kid? And go back to jail for the rest of his life where he should be anyway?

          People that have done MUCH less have gotten the chair.

      • Next week that ugly POS big mouth B fat Nat is on ….oh joy… NOT

        She makes me sick.!!

        Karen you’re a rat you proved it ..Take that word out of your vocabulary cause as long as you keep saying it you will continue to drag your family threw their own Chit.. Biggest serial killer rat in history and a drug pusher to boot..

        Sorry i would not be proud, show my face or try to act like a boss if that was my family. I would have stay in Arizona , raised my kid FAR away from anybody that my father hurt and their families… Who is she to talk like she is a made member of a family…??? POS

        Imagine how the families of Sammy’s victims feel see hearing this rat b praise her POS father. Yea it’s her father….NOT her … BUT for her to have any credibility she should NOT idolize him for the world to see and think she is something special because of him … It’s the opposite

        • Did you hear that fat bitch when she was talking about how her father killed Alicia’s fil? Jesus!! What an ignorant thing to say. Wow just because Alicia never met her fil. doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t feel some kind of way about her husband father her children’s grandfather bring murdered by Sammy the rat? Really Karen you ignorant heartless bitch

          • Alicia originally brought that up herself, when speaking to others when she first joined. Then a light bulb went off and I realized why she was talking so much crap about Karen who was not even on. People blaming Karen or holding her accountable for Mob killings is ridiculous, IMO- she did not do it. These ladies need to stop talking about the Mafia men ‘s doings. She loved her father as her father, not for what the mob life work he and many others were doing at that time. Gottis’ dad, Renee’s dad, Bigg Ang’s cousin, and so on. I can’t blame any of them for what their father’s did. And yes Sammy ratted- he was not going to originally as he was Gotti’s right hand man, literally . It was not until after he saw the proof Gotti was trying to take him out, have him whacked that he said hell no not after everything I did for your ass. ( all the while still kissing his cheeks!)
            As for the reunion so far-OMG. Its an Eff bomb fest and and I do not foresee any resolution to things LOL Who is Nat G to call anyone fat BTW when her man was looking like an 8 pound sausage stuffed in a 3 pound bag?? WTH happened to London? I noticed he got chunky during filming but damn dude!!! Nat has no room call others names ,especially wearing a piece of jewelry as a dress.. just sayin’. She is trash. I totally hated she blasted her brother on national tv as a detective! She has no boundaries and its terrible.

          • @mich

            I was posting about what that Fat Ass said at the reunion about her father killing Alicia’s FIL. WTF? That was all kinds of wrong I’m sorry.. Karen Gravano IMO, IS A POS, Just like her rat bastard father Freakin scum of the earth..Sorry.

            Yea it’s not her fault what her father did..But that fat ass glorifies it, in my opinion.. So yea she is scum

          • All good in the hood ! Eww, but did you see the transformation of London?? WTH… And why is he still with Nat? He could so much better, IMO. He seems so normal and level headed. BTW- I think KG answers that way because trashy one was trying to pull the Alicia card and theaters knew that was a damn lie. Renee knows her hubby her whole life and knew truth to things. Nasty Nat works my nerves like no other.

          • Yea Holy … Alicia didn’t know her husband’s father…Her children’s grandfather,,,Cause Sammy killed him. But so what ….???? She didn’t know him SMH Her kids never got a chance to have a grandfather …. Big deal.

            Sammy says John told him to do it.. Or did Sammy say John OKed it?? What’s the difference…He admits he felt nothing while killing his own family…. Who cares about Alicia’s father in law right?

            Yep serial killer , rat , POS


  • Karen wrote a book about her life and is proud of her dad but no-one is allowed to call them out on being a serial killer.

    Do not like Viveca hosting. Reminds me of that Braxton sister on The Real. Too much!

    • Lol, Mich. I thought that I was watching a skit from SNL. Vivica the host? I don’t keep up with all of them, but funny what they said to Nat, and called her out.

      • I can’t imagine what my dad, grandfather or great-grandfather would say if I grew up in the life, and talking about it. Then again, they would be against me on social media just “talking/sharing” period. 🙂

          • Ha. Looks like y’all watched it. I didn’t like that Karen bringing up Gotti in the preview. I think some things are better left not said, and I hate Sammy the Bull’s choices, but hey, I tell true stories about my family. I don’t have their lives, we did true public service. :-), and my family knows that I’m proud and nothing to hide, nobody to protect, in what I share. The life, I wouldn’t be blogging or on a TV show, I don’t care if it happened 20 days ago, 20 years ago, 70 or 100-150 in Italia/Sicilia or any mob state country. Hell, no. 😉

            @Hopeful, @Holy Cannoli, @Michers, I had been waiting to tell you all a story when it was conducive to tell those that would appreciate it, and others, here on a Teresa story with my mom’s visit. I kind of rambled, sorry, but it’s on the Melissa thread, and my ma is sooo damn cute about T. Please read tomorrow if you get the time. Miss you all.

        • Ahh, okay. Again, I watch bits and pieces, but did feel like I was watching a redo of a reality show from SNL, bc I’m not that invested in this particular show. I still don’t understand how they can get by with it for daughters and wives POV, and not either show some breach in Code, or put people at risk for more indictments. Jmo. I could watch Ang all day, though.