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Mob Wives Reunion: Which Wives Got Into A Physical Altercation?!


The Mob Wives reunion was filmed on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 and the stars from the show posted some tweets to describe how taping went. The show is now in it’s fifth season and has welcomed back one of it’s original stars, Karen Gravano, and newbie Natalie Guercio also known as Natalie G. There have been some rumors swirling about supposed physical altercations that took place during the reunion, and the women took to twitter to clear them up.

Apparently there was a rumor that Karen had “sucker punched” Drita D’ Avanzo during the reunion and Renee Graziano took to twitter to respond:


Natalie DiDonato, also known as Natalie D. denied another rumor tweeting:

nat d.

Although these physical altercations did not occur, I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of fight did break out as it usually does with these women. We can also expect a division during the reunion because if you’ve been keeping up with the show, you will know that Karen Gravano and Natalie D. will most likely be against Natalie G. While Drita D’Avanzo and Big Ang will probably be on Natalie G.’s side. Since Renee isn’t very fond of Natalie G. perhaps she will be on team Karen and Natalie D.

Are you looking forward to the Mob Wives reunion??

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  • I like Drita and Ang. I feel Karen should not put any information about her father and his business out there to the public. Being in a mafia family that isn’t very smart. Nat D I feel is a trouble maker. If I’m wrong then I apologize. I think her voice recording of Nat G sounded fake. Plus what is the real reason that she didn’t let the ladies hear it in the beginning? I did like when Victoria Gotti came on the show. She presented herself like a real mafia daughter. She never talked crap and never gave out any information on anything.

  • I do not get why everybody calls Drita a flip flopper. She got irritated with NastyG when NatD told her she was talking shit. She went to NastyG about it. She told her str8 up if she said it it was gonna be a problem that could lead to some s***. I also think there is an issue between her and Carla that she chooses not to share. I believe it may have to do with Lee. I think that when Lee got home and Drita focus shifted to more on her family I think it was a problem for Carla. That’s what I think from things Carla has said. These other girls fight and make up and go back and forth and still talk s*** behind each others backs. What do ya call that? I call that s*** right there two faced flip floppin bulls***! At least if Drita has an issue she goes straight to it. Its high school.

  • I absolutely can’t stand rathalie, i hate her voice! I hate her face! I hate her attitude ullg! she is so enoying i dont even see her beauty anymore!!! And i have to be honest i was a loyal watcher of the show….but i skipt a view episodes this season….i could not care less about carla, girl bye!!! I did like drita…and ang but not anymore….they seem stupid and boring! all i want to see is someone…anyone wooping rathalie’s ass off the show!!! Please bring love and ramona back, please!!!

  • Same ol story lines, they just switch around the characters. Becoming so boring and predictable…. Zzzzzzz!

  • J.ARIAS ROCKS? Really???? Who would believe anything that someone who supports a sociopathic killer writes on the Internet?

  • Despite the Karen hate I like her. She seems to self aware of her own short comings and is about getting her hustle with blocking the next person. The only other person like that is Big Ang.
    Karen has also been more mature than the other ladies about their friendships and relationships with other people. She has told each of them that they are adults and can maintain friendship with whomever and it want affect the relationship with her. She seems to realize that friendships are different and friends respect each other and the choices that are made.

    • I always liked her. She is the most down to Earth when it comes to being rational, loyalty, friendships. And in the middle of the Drita mess, Karen was right every time Drita had a new excuse or story. She is a good balance; calm when others need it but will come right at you if need be concerning things any of us would attack back for. I laugh at some things the others do and say, considering its ” MobWives”..LOL

  • No. Mob Wives needs to be cancelled. It went downhill two seasons ago. Now it is just pointless fighting and figuring out who’s a “rat”.

  • Nat a putrid Pile..who lives to fight and will say anything to have a fight..then lie about why she fought..she is disgusting and will never leave Mob Wives..

    My favs

    – Karen
    – Drita
    – Renee
    – Nat D
    – Big ang

    It kinda feels like Renee’s sister sandbagged NatG..she has burned alot of bridges ..and she has 5 minutes history with these women…

    Wonder if Nat D and Nat G will be offered a spin off..

    • I think you’re on to something!

      Jenn cast Phili Mob Wives but it was never green lit. I wonder if this is a way of introducing it. NatD, NatG and Alicia could definitely carry the show.

      Although, with Mob Wives seemingly on the way out, sadly, I think VH1 won’t bother.

    • @ Sameal, Nat has sandbagged herself when it came out that the mob tie she claims have said she is no relation. Plus as you mentioned the bogus fights she starts.

  • I’d be surprised if there was no physical altercation, this season has been so intense with the women, even behind the scenes!

    I doubt Karen sucker punched Drita. She’d square up to her. I don’t get why everyone thinks Drita is so tough. She’s been in like two fights on the show. The first wasn’t even a proper fight (karen on the rooftop) as Renee was sitting on Karen the entire time. The second, albeit it was two on one, she got dragged by Derek after being knocked out and had a black eye. She was clearly scared of Love which is why she backed away and didn’t have Carla’s back. She’s 90% mouth 10% bite. I’m tired of her tough guy attitude, if you’re gonna beat someone, just do it and stop talking about it. Thank god she’s quit the show.

          • It’s probably not getting renewed due to the ratings being in the gutter. They are all like rats on a sinking ship, claiming they’re thinking of leaving. Drita has confirmed on Twitter she is done though.

            It’s a shame the ratings are bad. This has been a great season imo. They should ditch NatD and NatG and find some New York women again. Although they are good TV, they don’t fit on the show. I’d love to see Ramona back, and maybe Love too. Karen and Carla being back is great and has made me nostalgic for the early seasons.

          • Im almost curious if this is the last season of MWs. Jenn thought by bringing back Karen the ratings would spike but it didnt work and VH1 did them no favors by putting this show on Wednesday night and they even had to changed their timeslot so they wouldn’t lose more viewers because almost everyone is watching Empire. They need to get back what made this show popular and show the mob wives/true mob tides not mob wannabes/outsiders (The Natalies).

          • The ratings dropped with the Philly girls.

            Jenn dropped the people who made the show when they tried calling their own shots. You see Karen and Carla are back.

    • So agree TOA! She has had more stories come from her mouth its beyond ridiculous! And she announced on her twitter she was not coming back to the show, but we shall see although Im hoping she takes her gangsta wanksta self off. Then you add the flipping and a flopping , switching friends, and everything else- hot mess.

    • Also- I found it highly entertaining that she, who called everyone what ? Twat who tweet – ” if you tweet, you are a twat”..then she takes to none other then twitter, to spew crap on her TL for days straight- after Carla’s appearance.

      • Agree with both your posts!

        She’s pissed because she’s been getting heat from the fans this season. Miss Davanzo is not happy that she isn’t getting a great edit.

        Although, I wish Jenn would stop trying to take everyone down that Renee doesn’t get on with.

      • Did you notice she didn’t have anything to say about Big Ang telling Carla and the other ladies that Drita wasn’t really her friend?

        • YEP! She won’t turn on Ang now, its her ONLY ally . I found it very telling that the one she kisses the most ass to, is the one who told Carla that!

  • I don’t know who started the rumor that Karen sucker punched Drita but i don’t believe it. Karen doesn’t have the balls..

    Last week on the show i was so uncomfortable when Karen’s serial killer (19 people last count)…rat father called her while filming. My skin was crawling. The POS monster is coming home soon ?? After.. her saying he wanted to come back to NY and see some people settle some scores was a threat. Really ?? VH1 has serial killers daughters making threats on behave of her father ?? Disgusting … Worst Mob Wife moment imaginable .Worst TV moment all-time for me . YUCK !!

    Do i think the rat is going back to NY?? HELL NO !!!

    • Totally and utterly agreed. I have no idea how this piece of shit “mob daughter” walks around NY and is still alive. People loved John Gotti. Sammy the bull will never show his face in NY again. He’s too scuuuuured!

    • Karen talked a big game most of this season about whoopin Nat’s ass then she had a chance and she got the worse end of it, LOL.

      • In all fairness to the violence, neither either did much because of being pulled apart- they both grabbed hair and the only reason Karen fell to ground was due to security .Ratalie is in NO position to point fingers at anyone; drug use, hot ass mess, nasty disgusting pics she takes pride in, lying, etc. racist…

    • Karen is a lot like Renee, all bark and no bite, that’s probably why they are such good friends…. this season.