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Is Natalie Guercio Quitting Mob Wives?

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Natalie Guercio has had quite the wild ride since joining Mob Wives two seasons ago. Natalie’s fought with her co-stars big time, her boyfriend’s face was slashed, and her personal life and mothering have been insulted. It seems that, after all, the drama the reality star may be done with being a Mob Wife.

One of the hardest things for Natalie other than dealing with some of her crazy co-stars is the preconceived notions people have about her, but it seems that people in Philly show her nothing but love.

“A lot of people at home they’re happy for me because it’s somebody from their hometown that made it on TV,” Natalie shares.

“The Philly love’s great; it’s awesome. I have people that see me, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God. I love you.’ They’ll come up to you; they’ll tell you, ‘Kick Karen’s a$$. I hate her… You’re doing great. I love it.”

Ever since the show has taken a more negative turn, Natalie has received a lot of heat from her co-stars and viewers. “A lot of my friends in Philly, they know who I am. They know the type of person I am and a lot of them come up to me, and they’re upset with what goes on with the show,” Natalie says. “They don’t like how I’m being portrayed. They don’t like the fights, arguments. They know I’m better than that. They know that’s not me.”

Natalie is now reconsidering whether or not she wants to return to Mob Wives. She even says viewers are encouraging her to leave. “They’re like, ‘You need to do bigger, better things. I don’t like what they’re doing. You’re too good for that…’” Natalie describes to VladTV. “But, that’s the hand that I’m dealt in life right now. I have to finish what I start – I never quit.”

So will Natalie return for another season of Mob Wives? “If they want me to come back, the price has to be right,” Natalie says.

Renee and Karen are probably going to throw a huge party when they hear that Natalie might not return to Mob Wives. Natalie’s approach is a little rough, and she’s a punch first think later kind of girl, but I think she brings a different vibe to the show. Natalie pushes Renee’s buttons and creates lots of drama with the ladies. I don’t see her leaving the show unless she isn’t asked to return.

Will Natalie quit Mob Wives? Do you want to see Natalie come back for another season?

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  • This show needs to just go away…a bunch of old hags fighting like animals…..dirty mouths who think they are tuff…showing off your bodies does not make you a lady……polish up on your choice of words……I can’t stand the language on this shoe.

  • I’m late for this comment but here I go anyway…
    My heart actually goes out to Natalie because she is young yet very responsible single mother who is doing what she can to keep shelter over her son’s head and put food on the table. Look, when she’s out, her hair is down and she is having a good time as a young woman her age should be doing. It’s the small glimpse we get of her that says a lot about her true self. I see a different Natalie on screen when they show her running her family’s funeral business. She’s smart, professional, takes her job very serious. I am old enough to be Natalie’s Mother and If I were Natalie’s mother, I would be very proud of her. With that said, let me now tell you what I see when Karen and Renee are picking fights and beating on a young woman. I think these women are disgusting and have no dignity whatsoever. They look like old women attacking and beating up on a child. I know Natalie is not a child but she certainly looks like a kid compared to my age. My age is Karen’s age and Renee is several years older. These women are old. Too old to be hitting on a young, single Mother who is trying to make ends meet to provide a home for her son.
    Karen and Renee are an EMBARRASSMENT to Italian women. It’s disgusting to see forty and fifty something year old women beating up on Natalie. I know this much, if Natalie were my daughter and I saw Renee and then Karen beating on her like that, take my word for this, there would not be a Renee. Renee is a disgusting piece of $hit. I can’t watch this show because I can’t stand looking at four old women ganging up on a child. That’s what I see. I see three old women ganging up on a little girl and one older woman defending the little girl but all four old women are immature with brains of popcorn.
    I think Natalie will choose what is best for her son. I think it’s sad that these four old women couldn’t take Natalie in under their wings and be a positive influence for her and teach her some wisdom most of us women have learned by the time we are forty. No. These four women have no wisdom at all. These four women are old ladies with brains of a fifteen year old high school bullies. These women have no intelligence, wisdom or anything positive going on.
    My message to Natalie is, stay on your own course in life because you are doing very well for yourself. You’re a very good business woman and that is where you are skilled and most likely to succeed in life. Do not let a show like Mob Wives put a negative black cloud over you. You don’t fit in with four old, violent idiots like these women. They are trash. People don’t watch this show to catch a glimpse of the mob. We watch this show because we are laughing at these old women stuck in the 80’s. Natalie, you are too intelligent to be on this show. Go back to the family business and make some changes. Bring it up to date and make something big out of it. You have the potential to do something really grand with the funeral business. I just have one piece of advice, stop using so much profanity. You are smart so stop pretending to be stupid using all that profanity.

  • I cannot stand Ratalie and her big bad attitude. She reminds me of a slinky. Not good for much but both bring a smile to my face when pushed down a flight of stairs. I hope she doesn’t return, and I also think her big mouth got her boyfriends face slashed.

  • I love what your saying, hate rathalie and her godawfull enoying voice! Like fingernails on a chalkboard! The only reason she can come back next season is if love returns! Loved her and almost a real mob wive! That’s what the show is about! I wanna be entertained, and the girl is entertaining! I hate carla she can go and catch fire somewere! Boring with and attitude! Girl please…i want ramona back!

  • Ratalie, the name speaks for itself.

    I want Ramona &,Love back on the show.

    On second thought, keep Ratalie, & bring Love back. That would be a fabulous season.

    Ooh, & bring Carla back. I would love to know the issue between her & Drita

  • Haven’t watched this Season, watched last. Could not stand her. I loved Ang, Drita and Renee-felt sorry for bc she was pathetic, but torn, how production wanted newbees to feell, I guess. I know who Karen is, and I remember Carla from when it started but the yelling/screaming, was not numb yet to me with Reality TV and moving x-country. Again, I thought from what I saw she is awful, treated her boyfriend like crap, and was a wanna be, nosey porker! All I’ve got and got from watching Last Season.

  • I wish she would pack it up and go back to Philly! Nat thinks she is such a Gangster, more like a wanna be. Although I do LOVE that Nat called Karen out for the RAT that she is. Karen and her entire family are DISGUISTING informant RATS.! Those bottom feeder scum bags really think they will aquire a Medical Marijuanna License, LOL Apparently they are dellusional! Sammy ” the RAT ” is rotting in prison where he should have been 3 decades ago, instead of crying and ratting, destroying many innocent and not so innocent lives along the way. If Ya can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, Didn’t Baretta say that? If Ya can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch. I would LOVE to see Victoria Gotti on this show.

  • i hope nasty nat stays, karen is nothing but a bully and a thug and thinks shes a boss. natalie shouldnt let them run her off, even though im sure shes busy with the funeral home. and the only reason drita doesn’t like carla is because shes not “gangster” enough for her. i hope they bring ramona back, she was right about drita. renee is deranged as usual.

  • I’d rather watch Natalie than Karen. Karen is very immature and I can see why she is friends with Love. Hope Carla comes back. I liked her.

  • I couldn’t care less if she goes. She doesn’t fit.. I am just thrilled she called Karen out for what her and her family are. SCUM !!

    Carla No fan here…I love how she was buddy buddy with ANG and DRITA when everyone was against her and now she gave Ang up in 5 minutes for something ANG probably doesn’t remember saying YEARS ago… Another RAT! Carla was up big Ang’s butt until she didn’t get her contract last season.. She even had the holidays with Ang’s family. She dropped Ang like a hot potato .. When filming started last year ..

    TROUBLE !!

  • I wouldnt mind if Nat D went back to Philly and never returned and they bring back Carla as full time.

    Im more interested why Carla/Drita stop being friends. Carla’s even kissing Renee’s butt.

    • Me too. This girl is so silly. She talks big, but thats it. She talks about going to “war”. She’s not a mobster. What an idiot. She manages a funeral home with her out of shape boyfriend and why she wears half tops with a muffin top, I don’t know. Bring back Carla

      • I don’t watch this, but got a laugh about the muffin top! Lol, know someone, plenty ppl with muffin tops! But, gotta say something about the blueberry muffins, I know a young girl, I call her blueberry muffins cause she don’t have boobs, she makes fun of my granddaughter, she is well boobed. But, the other girl, miss lodida, looks just like 2 blueberry muffins on her chest. That reminded me of blueberry muffins. I have muffin top around my waist, with fibromyalga and back problems, it’s hard to get rid of this. I’m only 5’2″, everyone knows with aging and health problems, it’s hard to stay in shape. I don’t care if you all laugh or not! 🙂

        • Muffin top at boobs, are different that 2 fake muffins stuck straight out from a skinny girl in a tight t-shirt. 🙂

    • Drita dropped Carla right after she was not coming back to the show- disgusting IMO. Nice ride or die friend. I think Carla said even Ang commented that , 2 years ago or so, Drita was not her real, true friend, but yet she takes the ass kissing from Drita LOL. Carla has almost 30 history with Renee and a history with Ang and Karen. Drita was just a couple years but they were up each other’s asses. She is not kissing Renee’s ass- she said she made up with all the girls which is refreshing. Drita is friends, err friendly and is seen HAVING fun with them all so why can’t Carla? I didn’t even like her on the show and Im defending her LOL and as far as Gnat- BYE! That flip flopping floozie can kick rocks. Trouble with a capital T. Just eewwww.

  • I could care less for this human..I did like this Nat, until she blathered lie after lie to each mob wife.

    She is into brawling..just for the sake of brawling.

    No big loss..