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Mob Wives Star Natalie Guercio’s Boyfriend STABBED!


I’m horrified to report that Mob Wives star Natalie Guercio’s boyfriend London Rene was stabbed in a New York nightclub on Saturday night! TMZ reports:

“London Rene has a huge wound on the right side of his face after the attack in Output Club. He’s hospitalized, and from what he told cops … lucky to be alive. According to NYPD … Rene says a man walked up to him with a box cutter and sliced his face … and then cut his left arm and abdomen. The stabber fled the scene, but Rene told cops he knows the guy.”

Apparently, Natalie was present during the and standing by Rene’s side the entire time! I’m happy that Natalie wasn’t injured as well. It’s one thing for these ladies to throw glasses at each other, but this level of real world violence is scary. Let’s all hope London recovers fully and quickly! What do you think provoked the attack?

UPDATE: The NYPD have identified the suspect who stabbed Natalie’s boyfriend this past weekend. Rodolfo Lopez AKA Rudy is wanted by police for the attack on London. He is alleged to have taken a box cutter to Rene’s face, abdomen and arm then fled the scene before cops arrived. Rene got more than 200 stitches.

Natalie is asking her social media to help find Rudy saying, “Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Lopez is WANTED for the Attempted Murder of @LondonUkRene if u happen to see him or know of his location Plz call 800-577-TIPS or 911. Follow link to Newscast in my bio.”
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  • Hope London is ok….. My prayers goes out Nat…… Now it’s time she change her ways because shit real in them streets….. Tomorrow not promised to a soul!!

  • Not a cop caller or a snitch, but wants people to call the NYPD TIPLINE?!? I thought she was gangster enough to handle it herself. She’s a joke!

  • I feel really bad about this. I agree that he’s a super nice guy who just wants to get along with everyone. It would surprise me if Natalie didn’t somehow instigate this attack on her boyfriend or wasn’t involved in one way or another. London and Natalie are opposites for sure. He deserves someone who appreciates his mild temperament, not someone who puts him down for it. Not to mention that he’s easy to look at. I’m hoping the best for him regarding his injuries. Box cutters are nas-ty. I’m glad to hear that the attacker has been identified and I hope they find this monster pronto.

  • This is terrible news. If he is anything like he comes across on the show, he is an easy going amicable guy who doesn’t provoke fights.

  • Knowing we all know how Nat-Rat is it might be because of her she could get anyone in a a load of a mess with her mouth of hers that’s for sure.

        • And she talks way tooooooo much shit. I can see her getting him involved in fights he has no clue about, poor guy. She talks mad smack, then calls cops.. who does that? Anyway, Im sorry for London. He seems like a pretty decent guy.

        • Well I don’t know that Natalie is a cop caller, just cause Karen says she is doesn’t mean shit coming from that rat’s daughter/ drug selling/ leave her kid to ” star ‘ in a reality show and write a book about her f’ed up life, bitch. Sorry her ” word” means shit to me, freakin low life!! Although I have to say she looks really good this season. 🙂

          Yea, I do agree Natalie runs her mouth. But I have to say, there is something about her that I like.. She doesn’t back down, she stands her ground..She’s not intimidated by Renee, Karen, none of them. She will go toe to toe..I like that she’s got moxy. I know people do not agree with me, that’s ok.

          • Moxy is one thing but Natalie is over-the-top relentless. She doesn’t know when to quit to the point of being stupid about it. You don’t keep walking toward a rattle snake that’s not only about to strike but is even warning you that it’s about to strike. We’re not talking about, I don’t know, the middle of Kansas(?). They’re in NYC and Philadelphia and I’m sure are sometimes around hardcore people who make Natalie look like a fuzzy, little bunny rabbit.

            There are super tough guys out there that won’t touch a woman under any circumstances but will attack her boyfriend, husband, whatever man she may be with if she makes him mad enough. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t the case. London doesn’t not only look for trouble, he’ll do what he can to smooth things over and even apologize for Natalie. Whatever the case, I hope London comes out of this okay.

          • Hey Holy!!! How are ya? Hope good!
            Karen wasn’t only one to say she was a cop caller. The other Natalie from Philly said it as well, due to an ex boyfriend or something?And I think London trying to get her reigned in at Ang’s bar that night was very telling- she is off the chain.
            If I had to compare the 2 ( Karen and Nat) I take Karen’s side. Nat has done noting but ran her mouth like a fool, moxy or not since she joined. I think she is a liar and a troublemaker. I think she lost me the first 100 times she said ” Im from South Philly”…

          • I agree on all points Holy 🙂

            I hope that this teaches Nat something though. Pick your battles and let BS go. Life is fleeting and it takes one crazy to end it.

            i have only seen Nat defend herself and not initiate the violence.
            I like that she isn’t intimidated by the two rat loudmouths Renee and Karen

        • Hahahaha Karen G said Nat was a cop caller and was indignant that Nat called her father a rat LMAO

          Karen must not get out much cause EVERYONE calls her father a rat. He is a rat serial killer and he is coming home from prison next year? At least 13 murders under his belt (some relatives , most partners) and a drug kingpin and he gets more chances to do harm.. Whata system huh?

  • London seems to be a nice guy– of what I’ve seen of him. I hope he’ll be all right. I hope this has nothing to do with Natalie.

      • I don’t know that it has anything to do with Natalie..I don’t think so.. London said he knows the guy, I don’t know how? Maybe from the neighborhood, around the way? I don’t know? Maybe bad blood? I guess the guy came up to him from the side.. I guess London grabbed him somehow, after he sliced him gave him to security to hold until the cops got there and security let this scum go, he got away.. WOW..

  • I’m not surprised. It was probably instigated by Natalie too, the way she was trying to get him to confront Storm. London is better off without that crazy chick.

    • Absolutely. If she didn’t instigate this incident, give it time. She keeps calling him a pansy for not throwing down. She is going to get him hurt one day. Why does she have to act so tough anyway? Who likes to physically fight? She’s trash

      • Good morning Holy 🙂

        September broke the story LOl I haven’t read TMZ yet A friend told me he was cut with a box cutter in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I am going to TMZ to read the story now Thanks