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Andy Cohen Dishes On the Fate Of Real Housewives of Miami


It’s been well over a year since the ladies of the Real Housewives of Miami have graced our TV sets causing many fans to wonder what the fate of the franchise is.

Andy Cohen decided to talk RHOM in his latest Ask Andy episode when a fan asked if the franchise was coming back or not.

“Who knows?” Andy admits. “Never say never. I mean, right now it’s kind of dead in the water, but who knows?”

Andy also talked about the Real Housewives of Miami franchise during a stop on his book tour in Miami.

“As a matter of fact, someone got up and said, ‘What’s going on with Miami Housewives?’ And I said, ‘Never say never.’ And they said, ‘Oh please, it’s over!'”

While Andy may not be ready to give a definitive yes or no on the fate of RHOM, he maintains that there’s no bad blood between him and hte housewives saying, “They were so cool!”

What do you think of Andy’s comments? Would you like to RHOM return?

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  • I liked MH. But, felt like it wouldn’t last. Those ladies tried. Just not that interesting to most. I Haven’t really it much, but liked it a lot. I’m afraid I’m starting to get tired of HW. Seems the shows aren’t as real, the reason I watched. I will miss NJ without Teresa. I just wonder if anyone else feels the way I feel about the HW shows? I Loved them season after season, now I can hold off and watch them later, or even skip a show.

    • Yes same. I didn’t watch RHONY or RHONJ at all – and those two use to be my favs (haven’t watched them 4 2 seasons)…I thought rhoa was my last watchable one – but I’ve been watching them late and ffwd through alot of it (I hate the contrived Kenya and Claudia scenes)….Funny enough RHOC – which was the last one I watched – and only if I was bored – now is my fav bc of this season with Shannon – that was must see TV…. Haven’t watched RHOBH recently – got bored with the 1st episode – didn’t finish it – haven’t been back…

  • I actually really enjoyed RHOM – especially the 2nd season – but unfortunately I was in the minority – the ratings were consistently poor -so there is no coming back from that. I think Andy enjoyed them – but it’s the ratings that they could not recover from – I mean they gave them 3 tries…

  • I think all these HW shows are slowly tanking because they are all the same — manufactured nasty gossipfests about each other in every single episode. BORING!

  • So, it’s pretty much cancelled then. The only reason they aren’t officially cancelling it is because of the adverse effect it will have on the rest of the franchise. With ratings sliding for some of the shows (i.e. NY, NJ) the last thing that Bravo needs is a load of negative press and talk about how the franchise is officially coming to an end.

    The cast admitting it’s done makes it more believable. Personally, I still think they should have went forward with just Adriana & Joana. They are the only 2 strong cast members on the show. Ditched the rest and had Alexia as a friend of.

    • Exactly. Bravo does not want to say it’s cancelled in fear of the press saying “Has HWs lost attraction” headlines and it’s loyal fans agreeing. Bravo got rid of D.C. and the rest of the franchises have up and down ratings (even ATL has been a snoozefest thusfar they are loosing viewers) and most the viewers have switched over to VH1 programming for the last few years for a reason.

      I also cosign that Joanna and Adriana been the only ones and brought in a few younger ones with personality. Miami is a sexy party city, it’s almost ashame they could not find right ingredients.

      • Yep – Miami is done, finished and has been for some time. I made a post about this last February when Bravo announced their schedule for the next year in the Hollywood trades that RHOM was not listed and it was a done deal. Bravo won’t announce the demise to avoid the negative press stories, period.

        Bravo also won’t announce what is up with New Jersey also to avoid the negative stories, but will just delay any news keeping people hanging. I will also go on record that I think the NJ cast knows that show will be delayed for a year but have been told not to talk. The ratings were only so-so and the fan response to the newbies was mild at best. I think the NJ housewives have been notified no contracts negotiations are coming for a while, and that is why some of them are doing some down sizing (no paycheck for a while.)

        If things were as usual for NJ, contract negotiations would be taking place now and filming would begin in the Spring for 5 months and then begin airing mid-summer, a year exactly after this season. But there are no contract talks. Also, the Manzos would be crowing if their show was renewed and if they were given a new contract but they have been quiet as a mouse.

        Bravo announces their schedule for the next 9 months to a year in February at the advertiser “up fronts” and they will have to show their hand. (This was when I posted Miami was done.). We shall see.

  • Maybe Im being pessimistic but I dont think it’s returning. This franchise never attracted the eyeballs for the ratings to be consistent. If it did return they need to blow up the cast and start fresh, a good ol revamping.

  • The city of Miami is beautiful with a great social scene, year around. I have a hard time believing that Bravo can’t find a group of interesting ladies to highlight. I’ll miss seeing Miami, but if they can’t find a new group of ladies, it’s time to move on.

    • Hi rhfan

      I agree.. Love Miami, such a great cool city!!

      The franchise was Meh..Ok.. I just couldn’t really get into it.. I did like Mama Elsa.

      • Merry Christmas HCannoli!

        Yes, I agree it was hard to stay interested in Rhom. I liked watching the show, but when it was over, I wasnt intetested in the ladies, like I am with some of the other series. I will miss Mama Elsa, but the others, not so much.

      • I loved me some Mama Elsa too!

        Oh and Romain was super hunky!!

        But that was the extent of my interest 🙂