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Adriana De Mouras Is Starting A New Reality Show!

While many housewives have harmed their images by becoming a housewife, some of them have made made money because of the publicity and the easy market on the show. We’ve seen new brands of wine, cook books, autobiographies, and talk shows. This time, we have a housewife who is going into the reality tv realm… again.

Adriana de Moura announced on Facebook the following:

Hey guys!! I’m happy to announce that I will be shooting a new show called Divorce Rehab! Stay tuned for more info! Special thanks to Patrick Pires, Jabal Uffelmen, Dr. Jabal Uffelman, M.D., M.D.Feinstein Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, BRAVO

Adriana told Logo TV that the show should start filming early December back in November. A recent article by Acontece Magazine proved that it is still on to happen.


Is this something that you will look forward to watching?

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  • “Why would I want a man with a limp penis?” will forever be one of my favorite lines ever uttered by a housewife and for that reason alone, Adriana will always have a special place in my heart.

  • I think she is beautiful! I thought she was a bitch on the show. It sounds like Couples Therapy. I don’t think it could replace it. I will watch as never know if she is different on a less aggressive show. I wish they would have kept Miami and dumped New York but Andy would never let that happen!

    • The issue is with Miami is that it was a lot of style over substance.

      Season 2 was great though. One of the best housewives season so far. I’m not sure why that never took off tbh. Season 1 & 3 were a disaster though.

      Some cast members are some of the most vapid women on the planet. They should have dumped Marysol, Lisa & Lea at the end of season 2 and brought on another friend for Joanna and a new mutual friend of all the women. Ana was the most enjoyable to watch. Her story was real and relate-able. It was like the stories of other franchises that work well. Karent had a good story too. As did Alexia & Adriana at that point. I loved Joanna but the Romain storyline was boring and kinda gross. The other 3 were far too boring.

  • Didn’t she JUST get married secretly to that guy during filming and they are allready having issues.. wow.. doesn’t take long for people now a days to want other’s to fix the crap they broke.

  • I’ll watch an episode or two, but I won’t hold off on stuff I need to do just to watch this. I’m not into watching shows like this so idk… We’ll see!

    • Bravo sure is having an obsession “divorce” programming. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, Untying the Knot and now this. If I was on the verge of divorce Bravo would be the last network to trust such matters.

  • Hey, why not? It’d probably work. It’d be much more interesting than the likes of marriage boot camp etc.

    Good for Adriana. Does this mean Miami has officially been cancelled or re-cast?