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Andy Cohen Talks Seating Arrangement At Reunions; And Which Housewife He Wouldn’t Want To Lose!

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All week, we’ve been posting a few excerpts from Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen’s latest book, ‘The Andy Cohen Diaries.‘ In the book, Andy talks about the housewives from reunion seating arrangements to which housewife he wouldn’t want to let go! In the following excerpt, Andy talks seating arrangements at reunion and how much a housewife gets affected by them

Dated Thursday, October 17, 2013: Adriana freaked out before the reunion taping today because she wasn’t sitting next to me. She told the producers, “Just fire me now if I’m not next to Andy.” I love her. Every time I see her she brings me something from Tom Ford. Usually a tie. Today it was a Tom Ford scarf. It makees me so uncomfortable that she’s spending her money on me. The women were out of control, as out of control as they could possibly be. And there was so much “evidence”- which I do typically enjoy. Marysol pulled out her computer with a video message from her father in the hospital making a testimonial proving Lea didn’t send Elsa flowers. Hmmm. Not sure what that proved.

In another excerpt from Andy’s book, Andy talks Heather Dubrow saying he had to spend some time on the phone with Heather Dubrow to convince her to stay on the show. Andy wrote, “Trying to get Heather Dubrow to agree to the deal we’re offering her. Hopefully that will happen. I love her on the show and wouldn’t want to lose her.”

Looks like that means Heather will be safe for quite some time on the Real Housewives! Thoughts on what Andy had to say?

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  • j033

    Miami housewives is probably one of the worst housewives…besides the D.C one clearly. I would actually watch the Aussies more than Miami..only when nothing was one of course but still.

    Heather is just a different type of housewife than most that are cast on the show. At times I love her, and than she can do some thing’s that make me dislike her..she’s very into and proud of herself, which I mean lets be honest can be a bit over board. Confidence is one thing but she does think she’s better than everyone else and you’d think she would be the class act she comes off as and try not rub that into women’s faces as often as she does. But at the same time she actually is a lot better than most of them…especially Tamara which would give her unborn child to remain a housewife and keep the d list fame that comes with it.

    And Andy you clearly get gifts because your the head honcho…you don’t like someone and they know you wont hesitate to blast them.

  • Shaw

    Heather is like the lisa vanderpump of the OC. I think her humor is said in jest I do get her can be condescending at times

  • lucienne

    Heather is great in the show…

  • Oahu Stacey

    Heather is an obnoxious snob.

  • Heidi

    I enjoyed his last book & am loving this one too……

  • lewmar

    Heather Dubrow– that elitist obnoxious arrogant witch! Why would Andy beg her to come back.

    • lipojaq

      it’s like snow white or cinderella, you’ve got to have somebody like heather – the condescending arrogant villain.

      • Maru the Cat

        Great point Lipojac! I can see how that applies to this franchise, but who is the witch on RHOBH? To me, there is no clear cut witch, maybe that’s the problem – all want to appear to be Cinderella?

  • Lindsey

    I can not stand Heather!

  • Jo

    Lol Adriana was even willing to buy Andy to stay on the wives, that’s pathetic, but not surprising from her

    • michers

      Agree. After all her damn lying and screaming that no one understood half the time, she needed to do something to stay on tv I guess. So.. was she married already , LOL?

      • Lola Falana

        I guess Andy and Adriana had some type of special relationship.

        I remember watching WWHL one time, and a guest (I forget who) asked him which Housewife he was most attracted to/would have sex with even though he was gay.

        He said he’d have sex with Adriana because, even though he’s gay, he found himself attracted to her for some reason. Go figure.

        Of the husbands, he said he’d have sex with Apollo (because he’s “down with the swirl.” This was before Apollo got charged a 2nd time, though. Maybe his opinion is different now).

    • lipojaq

      from fraudriana to bribeana.

      • September24

        Thank you!

  • Shipp

    Shannon was THE catch of last season. She brought it, and stole the show from hungry little Heather’s paws.

    Hahahaha on Heather and her obnoxious Terry, throw Tamara on the loser pile too.

    • Bess

      I’m still not completely buying into Shannon and her husband. I don’t think their marriage issues are resolved. Something about them—especially him—doesn’t seem right. Time will tell. But who would go on a reality show when they have marital issues that are so emotional and explosive, which is exactly what her behavior was. Who would expose their kids? There’s definitely some weirdness here.

      • michers

        Bess- I agree about Shannon and her hubby. He is creepy and looks like the cat that ate the canary . And she, with her effing meltdowns- is an idiot IMO for ranting, raging and going all ” lets have a gang up” when she herself was the one who LET the drama out about her strange/sad marital situation .
        Heather may be a snob to some, but she is perf for the OC.

        • Lola Falana

          Shannon’s hubby looks like the type to cheat.

          Maybe he doesn’t, but that’s the vibe I get from him. I said that about Mario (Ramona’s husband) for years, but nobody believed me. LOL.

          • michers

            I never saw Mario as a cheater, not sure why? That was so left field for me 🙁 As for David- ugh. Does he not give you the willies? Just eww.

          • Bess

            Lola—agree with you about Mario. I saw his wandering eyes. I think he had a thing for Sonja. I even wondered if he, Ramona and Sonja had a little threesome going. Some weirdness there, too, imho.

          • Lola Falana


            David doesn’t give me the willies, but I can see how he can have that effect on people. He just gives me “cheater” vibes. Now, there is never an excuse to cheat, but Shannon did nag the hell out of him. I can see him being the type to deal with that (in an unhealthy and immature way) by steppin’ out on her. But who knows? Maybe I’m wrong. As with anything, time (or the tabloids) will tell.

            As for Mario, I think he really DID/DOES love Ramona. I just think that Mario is one of those types of men who can truly love a woman and be perfectly happy with her….and STILL cheat. It’s just who he IS (and ALWAYS will be. He’s the type of guy that just loves variety and loves having sex with different women, regardless of whether he’s married or not.).


            I agree with you about the Sonja thing. I don’t get the threesome vibe, though. I get the vibe that Sonja and Mario would have sex on occasion (without Ramona). Don’t shoot me. I think Sonja truly loves Ramona as her friend, but I think she is a nympho who could have had sex with Mario and compartmentalized it, seeing it as having nothing to do with her friendship with Ramona. It’s scary that there are people in the world who think and behave this way.

            But those people do exist (Unfortunately, I’ve met them). Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s what my gut tells me.

          • Bess

            Lola, on second thought, I guess I agree, no threesomes. But, there’s something about the touchy feely Ramona/Sonja relationship that makes me wonder what’s up with them. And, yes, Sonja and Mario for sure. But I don’t see Mario really loving Ramona anymore. He may miss the money, fame etc., but her?…don’t really think so.

    • lipojaq

      you’re on point @shipp

    • Taco Tuesday

      I think few would deny that Shannon was the breakout star of last season. But I concur with Bess and Melyorkie, Heather adds a condescending air of snobby oblivion that is very entertaining, especially when compared with the calculating Vicki and Tamra.

      • michers

        Maybe Im alone. I never saw her as a star. Needing some of Ramona’s ” CALM DOWNNNNN” , yes! EEEEK

        • Taco Tuesday

          How surprising, michers disagrees with me and has to let everybody know it.

    • they’re all crazy

      Agreed! Shannon is the best, very open and honest. Heather is egotistical and condescending and Terry is such a jerk. What grown man calls another one a penis? Bleh.

  • Melyorkie

    I agree Heather is a catch – she is completely oblivious to how obnoxious and hypocritical she and her husband can be. It makes for great TV – they should definitely keep her around – she has been a unique villan.

    • River12

      Ew, let her go. She is obnoxious and oblivious for sure. She needs to ease up on the botox and dark eye brow filler. Too harsh

    • Bess

      Bravo! Great point. It’s the absolutely sincere obliviousness that adds something special.

    • Jeff

      Heather is completely clueless as to what obnoxious tools Terry and her are.

  • Paul

    RHOC boring? Then you just missed a great season!

    Heather is a catch but in a villainous way. She brings a very nice balance to RHOC and is often a great contrast to some of the loony birds.

  • Queen Vee

    I’m not sure what Heather brings to the show. I find RHOC boring anyway, so I don’t watch it anymore.

    • lipojaq

      holy carp* i agree with you today lol.

      • Queen Vee

        Ha. That happens sometimes.

  • Taco Tuesday

    Heather is a catch for the OC. If I were Andy I’d be begging her to stay as well.