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First Look: Mob Wives Season Five Official Trailer Released!


Mob Wives is making a violent return come December 3rd, with fights breaking out left and right in the first look trailer!

According to a press release from, there will be a lot of drama happening on the new season:

An all-new season of VH1?s hit series “Mob Wives” premieres Wednesday, December 3 at 9:00 PM*, and with these ladies, it’s all about loyalty and respect. Cast members Renee Graziano, Drita D’Avanzo, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and Natalie Guercio know that family is everything and your word is your bond.

The group is in for a surprise when Karen Gravano stages an unexpected return to Staten Island. Last season, lifelong friendships were put to the test as “New Blood” infiltrated this tight-knit circle, and these relationships remain as complicated and volatile as ever. Ever-shifting alliances are a recipe for an explosive mix of unpredictable tension, conflict, and intrigue. Don’t miss a moment – tune in to the premiere of “Mob Wives” season 5 on VH1 Wednesday, December 3 at 9:00 PM!*

Here is the first look trailer:



Will you be tuning in?!

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  • I Love Mob Wives, so excited for season 5!!!!!!!!!! I wish they would bring Victoria Gotti in the crew! Of course that would Never happen if Karen were on the show. Big Ang is my FAV! I can’t wait !!!

  • i couldn’t believe the trailer! what or which ever kooz

    that put their hands on Big Ang, done lost their mind.

    real bad move.

  • I am going to try and get into this show, as I tried last Season. I hate reality violent screaming and threats, and I didn’t watch it when Karen was on, but have read everything on Sammy.

    From watching last Season, for first time as a whole season, I didn’t like Natalie, and Alicia’s “sweet girl act “. Renee seemed to be losing her composure with the Philly girls, and I wanted to really like Renee.

    I loved Big Ang and Drita.

    Are Big Ang ‘s bars literally the Monkey Bars? Like the now popular ones?

  • I’m looking forward to this season. I found last season kinda boring. I hope this one is better.

    I’m actually glad to see Karen back. I don’t know why because it’s not like I have super-great love for her or anything. She makes good t.v., though, and I think it will be good for Renee to have someone on her side. I know Renee can be cuckoo for cocoa puffs at times, but I didn’t like the imbalance of her seeming kind of alone and on an island by herself last season (even if some of her behavior did deserve it at times).

    I’ve always liked Drita, but I’m starting to feel a little uneasy about her. I’m starting to think that she might not have any loyalty to anybody but….HERSELF (Don’t shoot me, but that IS how I’m starting to feel about her).

    I LOVE Big Ang (always have).

    I didn’t really care for the new girls all that much. I kinda got sick of Alicia whining and crying and acting like this “victim” when I get the feeling she knew good and well much of what her husband was up to. I mean, SHE did his books for God’s sake! So, how could she be totally in the dark? I don’t buy it. That whole “little Miss Innocent” act also doesn’t go over well with me because of the fact that she’s allegedly been openly running around with a married man….for YEARS.

    Natalie just seems like straight trash (who’s ALWAYS running her mouth. She’s annoying to me). That’s all I can really say about her. That’s the only impression she made on me (trashy).

    I hope this season is better than last season (which was a SNOOZE).

    • Michers Renee wants to run her mouth and call everybody rats . Her and Karen called them all rats or at Least Nat. Thats enough to pop things off. Renee shouldn’t be talking neither should Karen . Did they forget they have rats for a father and husband? Anyone want to talk about rats should NOT be Karen or Renee. One was the biggest Rat in history the other sent his own FIL to jail .. SMH What balls .

      • Yeah but they are grown enough, and Mothers, to know better then to keep throwing hands! No excuse. But Love got bounced off though? I dont hold either of those ladies responsible for what the fathers or hubbies did. I like Karen 🙂 Renee- ugh she loses me back and forth with her craziness at times but she really looks for loyalty and love. I always liked Ang- even with her naughty past!

    • I don’t get the violence angle either. These ladies are funny enough, interesting enough, to follow them around and see what they are doing professionally and as moms etc.

      When will someone put on a show without this crap? I guess R&B Divas of Atlanta & Los Angeles have been pretty good about avoiding it. Then again, they are all pursuing music and have nothing to gain by being violent.

      If Renee isn’t sober, I don’t see how she can have a ‘normal’ season. Anyone know how she is doing?

      • I guess we will see Dec 5 . My guess is the same.

        Truthfully Bigg Angg is the least violent person on the show. Point is she is NOT violent whatsoever … Renee and Karen must have been going in hard to get a reaction like that from her .

    • I liked Carla on this show too (and her handsome ex!) How many ‘sit downs’ did that poor girl have to do?! LOL Can’t help but wonder if Renee hates her so much that she’ll never be asked back.

        • I think so too. Drita really really really backstabbed her. Just goes to show ya, she is only a friend for her convenience ( filming) . Once Carla wasn’t coming back, her BFF ditched her HARD. I didnt even care much for Carla, but felt bad for her Drita did her that way. Shoot.. even Karen and Carla became friendly after their last season together.

          • Oh no!! I hadn’t heard Drita dissed her on Twitter. Do you guys remember what she was saying?

            I honestly thought those two were tight!

          • Carla was vocal on twitter, Drita just stone cold ignored her ass I think. I never thought she was a great friend to be trusted. IDC if anyone agrees, but after how she did Karen back in the day.. oh heck no. She is only your friend when it benefits her. She has been clinging to Big Ang’s ass since Carla left, hoping to get in on one of her shows I think. I think Ang’s shows are done for good though.

          • I get what you are saying. You make some good points about how she is friends with people when it helps her in some way.

            I’ll have to try to look at their twitter during the season. Please post if there is something noteworthy.

      • carla was my favorite original ‘mob wife’. i always thought she was the most ‘real’ of the bunch. maybe that’s why she’s not coming back? she won’t play pretend with the rest of the girls-?

  • I also want to say that I find it very interesting that Jenn Graziano has not sent 1 single tweet out supporting Big Aug ‘ wines since the big blow up happened between Ang Dr it a & Renee. AND Jenn is supposed to be Angsana partner. Now I get the whole loyalty to family thing but before this fight ensued Jenn was all over twitter pushing Big Aug ‘ wines now nothing. I think that’s rotten of Jenn to do. BUT THAT’S HOW JENN PLAYS….DIRTY !

  • Look I used to love mobwives. But all this physical fighting has just got to stop. It’s on every Bravo MTV & VH1 show out there. It’s no wonder our younger generation is so screwed up. I don’t want to see people fighting and physical hurting one another just for ratings. I want to see the survival of these women which was supposed to be what the show was about originally.

  • I will be supporting big Ang & Drita, I know Renee said some bad thins about big Ang & her family to deflect from Renee’s big mouth. I think we will see Big Ang lay her out & anyone that comes in her patch. I know Drita will have her back. Renee is a spoiled brat.

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        • thanks rabble, I appreciate it. It sure is nice to feel love from good folks. I won’t forget it. Need a ride or die girl ever that’s me. I hope my photographic memory won’t be affected. I live in the draconian south where now I find out

        • thank you rabble rouser. So nice to hear. Praying my wonderful memory will not be affected as I have been able to recall things like a photographic type memory. I heard their is a toxicology clinic in jackson, Mississippi, that may help but I would prefer to go to a bigger city. I hate needles & my dad went through chelation therapy. But you do what you have to. I am glad I got an explanation but I have a long way to go. Thanks again for your kindness.

  • So not happy. This is not what I want to see. I thought the show elevated itself when Karen and Ramona left. Now Karen is back and so is the violence and trash.

    • Have to disagree slightly. Karen has been one of the most non-volnet on the show. I prefer her over Tony Tough Guy multiple personality Drita who is really the biggest flip flopper to be on the show.

  • Oh hell yaaas, I’ll be tuning in!! Love Mob Wives!!

    Ugh, Oh F- Karen is back 🙁 I freakin can’t her!! But I have to say, she does look good.

    • I’ll be watching too! I’m not so happy with Karen coming back because it seems like she is Renee’s henchman, whoever Renee doesn’t like, Karen is willing to go after – no questions.

      I wish we’d just see verbal sparring. Drita is great at it and can’t wait to see my other fave Big Ang! 🙂

  • Of course I will be tuning in! Not a Karen fan but her story is what kicked off the series.

    Seeing Big Ang snap though. No more Ms Nice Woman.

    Cant wait!