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Let’s Discuss: Violence On The Real Housewives!


For this next “Let’s Discuss” piece, I have decided to tackle (no pun intended) a topic that has been a hot-button issue on The Real Housewives franchise for several years: VIOLENCE. In the wake of the RHOBH trailer being released, I felt compelled to write this piece. I thought to myself…we’ve seen Porsha Williams drag Kenya Moore at the reunion, we’ve seen Joanna Krupa get slapped/punched in the face by Adriana De Moura…when exactly will it come to a point where enough is enough?

Most viewers, not that unlike myself, tune into The Real Housewives for escapism. Sometimes it is to watch a train wreck that distracts us from what’s going on in the world, other times it is to simply get a laugh out of of the salacious things these women say. I like to think that the Housewives are, or at least were, several steps above other reality tv shows…sort of like a fine Rosé in a field of boxed wine. I’ve noticed a turn in the franchise though, particularly in recent seasons. In the RHOBH trailer alone, we see Brandi Glanville engaging in a physical altercation with Kyle Richards, throwing a glass of wine on Eileen Davidson, and even slapping Lisa Vanderpump across the face. We also see Lisa Rinna throw wine on Kim Richards, then smash the glass on the floor…and again, that’s just in the trailer.

Is violence now a requirement for each upcoming season of The Real Housewives? Think about it: on this season of RHONJ, Nicole Napolitano pulled and ripped out Amber Marchese’s hair. The new season of RHOA hints at violence, showing Phaedra lunging out of her seat, appearing to attack Kenya. The most recent season of RHONY featured Ramona Singer chucking a wine glass at Kristen Taekman, cutting her lip (and that was relatively tame in comparison to the others). I suppose what I am asking here is if you, the viewer, would continue to be as entertained by these shows if there was no violence. I know that I would, and frankly I would prefer it that way. I remember actually getting upset watching Kenya being assaulted at the reunion. It left me with an unsettling feeling to see how viewers were praising Porsha on social media for dragging Kenya by her hair. It made me realize how desensitized our culture was, and is, to violence.

To be fair, I think there is a line. For instance, the infamous table flip (which arguably changed the franchise permanently). One could argue that it was violent, but I disagree when compared to a Porsha or Brandi scenario. It was shocking and entertaining, but no one got hurt…physically. Another example: Queen Shannon Beador of Orange County screaming “you will all see the truth!” at Lizzie’s party last season…outrageous, yes…violent, no. I think a line has to be drawn. Do you agree? Where is the line?

Furthermore, there seems to be little consequence for violence on ‘Housewives’. Joanna and Adriana both returned for another season after their fight, and as much as I would like to think Porsha was demoted for her reunion attack, Andy Cohen publicly denied that to be the case. Should Housewives be rewarded for violence? Is it a way to guarantee a spot back on another season? Look at Tamra from RHOC, she threw wine in Jeana Keough’s face and then pushed her from behind. Brandi is another repeat offender. In your opinion, should Housewives be fired for this? How bad does bad behavior have to get before change needs to happen?

I am aware that this topic evokes strong reactions from viewers, but I think for any fan of the show, this is a great and important pop culture discussion to have. So Let’s Discuss!

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  • Actually I’ve substantially decreased my time watching Housewives as a whole as a result of the violence. I tend to follow on twitter and through articles. I think my message is loud and clear.

  • The problem is that the violent episodes probably get big ratings. What does that tell the network? They want shows people will watch and that get high ratings for them. My point is that you can’t lay it all on the network. As long as people watch it they’ll serve it up.

  • This is a great topic. I believe the question is not about a “line”, but how do women choose to behave? To me, all of the behavior discussed is unacceptable. I would not want to act like that in public, and have raised my daughters not to use trash talk, be physical, or be mean girls. My social circle does not act this way- I would be laughed out of town, or ruined if I had done anything from a table flip to hitting, or pulling hair. Being a sloppy drunk is not a good look either-happy drunk, OK, slurring or violent, no. There are plenty of teen girl thugs, which concerns me for the next generation, but for my family, we choose to raise the level of behavior.

  • I think Andy is a hypocrite. The Portia Kenya fight seemed to appall him but this is same man who was physically pushed out of the way by Theresa. The table flip or violence between anyone else was never an issue or brought up after it happened. When he said at the Atlanta reunion last year “they never condone violence” and then show violence in the trailer for RHOBH its a contradiction on everything he has said. I love the housewives and will continue to watch but let’s be honest Andy and Bravo. Anything for ratings.

  • I too believe Porsha was let go because of the reunion and I have a feeling it was Kenya that demanded she not return. And, if that is the case then everyone that acts violently should be fired too. There should be no favorites, and as we all know, Andy has them. I also think there is way to much violence on VPR. Lisa’s staff seems to have some kind of violent altercation in every episode. Maybe it’s because it is mostly the men fighting, but it is just not right. Violence should not be tolerated, period.

  • No one should be fired. These are not random, vicious attacks. Theses are instigated by the producers, this is what they want, they want they ladies to reach the point of no return. It’s good TV. That’s why the show has millions of viewers, unfortunately, this is exactly what we want. I think the average citizen gets a sort of satisfaction from seeing the faux wealthy lose it. If they fire the ladies for doing what they want, then there would be no show. Plus, they would have to fire the Van Rules cast, Shaw’s of Sunset, Million Dollar Listing, Marries to Medicine, ect. There’s been at least a slap on every Bravo show that I can think of except the Actors Studio.

  • I think the punching and hitting and all of that bullshit is actually just embarrassing.

    I mean, who does that? Really?

    Slappers. That’s who.

    Seriously. It makes them look like bottom feeders when they go at each other physically. And if that ‘really’ is how they solve their problems; if that is their ‘reality’, then my God. Throw as much money at them as you like. It’s basically just putting lipstick on a pig. Except pigs are congenial and friendly animals who don’t punch each other in the face to get famous.

    • who does that? apparently anyone does that. people are screwed up creatures that have tempers and get violent with each other. this isn’t a new thing. been happening since the first human on earth. getting angry is natural, yelling is natural, wanting to hit someone because they hurt you or pissed you off is natural. it doesn’t solve problems, and can make things worse and yes it can also make you look like a low life but it’s natural. I’m not all for violence. of course there are different types of violence that is unacceptable. I like the adult on adult violence like women slapping each other or pulling each other’s hair or men punching each other out and wrestling on the floor. I like fair fights. fighting is entertaining. why do you think boxing, MMA fighting and dangerous sports where people hurt each other is popular? fighting on reality tv shows is entertaining. it wouldn’t be real If nobody was fighting. that’s not realistic.

      • I don’t know where some of these women come from with these comments. Girl on girl violence, even if someone is being a white trash bitch does not mean you beat them up. It’s unacceptable. If you are telling me that this is normal for where you come from, then clearly, you need to get out of the “barrio”. If you get angry, sad, pissed off, annoyed or whatever-deal with it, you don’t flip a table, or put someone in check-they are the ones with the problem. Yes, the table flip was great entertainment-I laughed for weeks, and still do. It shows the famous axiom, “money can’t buy you class”. It also was what we call a “teachable moment”- how not to behave at your own dinner party, or anywhere, for that matter.

        • che bella, did you just insult me? have you not been watching the shows?!. obviously you don’t need to be from the “barrio” to see or experience violence. violence knows no class and can happen anywhere. I didn’t say fighting is acceptable. if you read my post you would know that I said it doesn’t solve problems and can make you look like a low life. I said it’s natural and if you think getting angry, yelling and hitting isn’t natural then you need to get out of your bubble that you formed around you and take a good look at the real world. you can say it’s unacceptable all you want but people will still get violent with each other. that is what emotions does to people. everyone has a breaking point and so do you.

      • @ru: yeah, I’m gonna have to disagree mate.

        I don’t think its normal for adults to yell at each other and get physically violent when they get angry. I’d like to think most of us can have a it more self control.

        The stuff on the telly is probably ‘enhanced’ a little bit, which is probably why nobody has been arrested for assault yet I dare say.

        And MMA and boxing are sports. They aren’t about fighting out of anger. I guess that’s the difference, right?

        I don’t know. Like I said, I’m just more embarrassed for them. I sense they do a lot of it for the ‘show’. It kind of trades in their dignity a bit.

        But it’s just an opinion 🙂

  • I honestly believe all these violent scenes are staged or they’re told to bring the drama and if it gets out of hand, the producers will step in. I think what Andy and company want is the so called cat fights like we used to see on Dynasty. It looks like from the BH trailer, that is what we’re getting.

    • Good point MzVicky. These HWs franchises at times reminds me a lot of the old primetime soaps from the 80s, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing and Dallas.

  • I think all the franchises have become platforms to promote bullying under the idiot belief that it’s drama!!! They need to learn from the Vancouver housewives, viewers were so outraged at the bullying that went on , they didn’t even bother with a reunion and pulled the series… It’s going to happen with RHONJ soon, we’ve had Teresa bullied by the whole cast in one series then when the backlash from viewers become evident, they tried to undo some of the constant attacks on her in the next series….now we have little man Jim attacking woman verbally and on social media, backed or should I say In Cahoots with Jacaloon…Don’t get me started on RHOOC where toxic Tamra & Vile Vicky have systematically bullied hw after hw, what message does this show, we have children killing themselves because of bullying and bravo make money from glorifying and encouraging it…shame on them.

  • IMO these women are placed in situations that they wouldn’t normally be placed in (in the real world). Most people are not working and having to constantly interact with people that have tried in many instances destroy your family, reputation and disrespect you. The problem is these woman are on a show together but not necessarily friends BUT have to film together AND discuss uncomfortable topics.

    For example; a rumor “in real life” that your friend or former friend said about you may never reach you ears but we have seen way too many times how a small comment or rumor takes a life of its own on these shows. To top it off they are asked to confront each other for DRAMA effect and when you mix that with an audience and alcohol its a recipe for disaster.

    FYI- I don’t think violence is the answer BUT…. these women are placed in unlikely situations and environments they may contribute to outlandish behavior.

  • Don’t hate me… but i’m actually okay with the level of violence that has been displayed on the shows thus far.

    I mean, we aren’t talking about “Mob Wives” here. Where it is almost expected that the women get into a physical fight at least once per season. And we aren’t talking about the “Bad Girls Club”, which is probably the most violent show in terms of women fighting.

    Or even to a lesser degree, “Vanderpump Rules”. They fight a few times per season on that show too. Stassi slapping Kristen across the face last season was waaaayyyy too much. It wasn’t a Brandi slap, it was a highly aggressive slap that basically made headlines.

    All the Housewives shows are relatively tame with their violence. I enjoy the yelling/screaming. And the wine throwing is campy and funny. I think at this point, if you sign on for Housewives, you should know this level of drama is expected. I think the slapping and hair pulling is definitely the gray area.

    For example, IF Nicole/TerEsa continued their physical attack on Amber after they were separated -OR- if they kept attacking her throughout the season at different events– THAT WOULD BE TOO MUCH. But one altercation, is “fine.”

    I think we should also look at the husbands. Some of these men take it too far. The Joe’s on RHONJ for example. Or even Apollo fighting with Brandon on RHOA. These men all take it way too far.

    I think we should keep a close eye on the guys who stir up the drama too. For the simple fact that men typically don’t do well with drama, for drama sake. For example, men like Peter (RHOA) or Jim (RHONJ), these guys ride that line very carefully. They are antagonistic and just as dramatic as the wives. Although entertaining, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of the guys got into a physical altercation with either of them in the near future.

    • I like my violence on tv. I love when reality gets real. women cat fighting and men punching each other is reality. I’ve seen a lot of fights in my lifetime so I guess I’m used to it. I grew up watching the real world, road rules and there is always fighting on those shows. people getting angry, yelling at each other and hitting each other is real. although I do think these reality shows depend too much on the violence. but I love when someone loses it. it’s why we watch these shows. it’s one huge trainwreck.

  • no clue if this is true so don’t yell at me – but it kind of looked like kyle shoved brandi first in the preview, and others are saying that it was eileen who slapped lisa. not sure though as it was so quick i could barely see.

  • I kind of hate saying this, but the violent outbursts are sometimes that most “real” these people have ever been.

  • My disgust was

    – joe Gorga munching on Joe Giudice ( btw joe’s restraint still amazed me..he is a practiced mma athelete)

    – my next disgust was bravo inviting John ? and got jumped by JACQUILINE/chris/j.gorga all were charged..

    Bravo/andy have deleted the entertainment value of RH..they now barely know how to “create” normal life situations.

    • I think the Family Violence disgust me more than any regular people having it. For example, Danielle/Teresa, KimZ/Nene etc didnt have to like each other they just work together and said and did stupid shit. The family fighting on NJ is disheartening and gross especially that Christening… I’ll never get over Joey Gorga’s rage and how Melissa tried penning that whole situation on Teresa and JoeGu.

  • The violence keeps getting worse, my opinion it’s getting so scripted. The more violence, the more watches the show. So it happens more. Although it happens, NJ is the one with the family shit. Melissa seems to think housewives are about mending the families, as her family needs it, and Dinas. All the other shows are fighting with the so called friends. I don’t think anyone would watch without it now. I would, I liked housewives because they seemed so rich, and trips. Loved the style. Now it’s hitting, breaking, the more violent they get, the better I guess for other ppl.

  • The only violence I’d like to have seen, between the “ladies”, was when Booze Bag popped Large Marge in her shaved face.

    Course that was before Housewives.

  • I am so glad to see this being discussed! Great article Alex. Much like you felt sick after the Kenya/Porsha fight, I remember feeling physically ill about the Stassi/Kristen slap. One second I’m saying “you tell her, girl!” then the next second I’m being quickly reminded that these are all just TV shows and it doesn’t matter was side you’re on– violence is so uncalled for. I remember feeling like on WWHL and the VPR reunion, Andy and the castmates were talking about the Stassi/Kristen slap in a way that made it seem like they were trying to figure out if it was deserved or not. It made me so sick! I also couldn’t stand when Heather, Gretchen and Tamra were making Alexis feel bad for using the word “bullying” because basically, according to them, bullying is only something that exists in school aged children. I remember thinking, “yeah, and you’re sending the message to young girls that bullying never goes away, regardless of what age you are.” I remember when the OC women held their reunion shows in a backyard, wearing jeans and kindly discussing their issues that popped up over the season. Now for the reunions, these regular women come in dressed like they’re going to a ball and screaming at each other. Andy makes each reunion like a 12 part deal with each next one promising more violence. I love this franchise but I have been debating for awhile letting go of reality tv– it makes people lose their dignity for the promise of 15 minutes of Twitter fame. It affects how the rest of us think we should act around other grown people. I am not weak by any means and will always defend myself and my family and loved ones but I will never lay my hands on another person. I think the new women that come onto these shows feel like violence is their ticket to stay on the show and I think it’s audience is in big danger of changing how we treat people.

  • I’m going to go ahead and blame Teresa for the escalation of violence withing the Housewives. Not only did she flip a table, she chased a woman through a country club, thumbed her nose at the cops in the same episode and then went on to toss her boss (Andy) at the reunion. Once Andy let all of that slide, he pretty much set it up to reward any housewife that was willing to “go there.” Interestingly, he didn’t speak out until Porsha snatched Kenya by the hair, and that was only because of backlash.
    To be fair, we also need to blame the viewers a bit on this. Teresa became a STAR after her table flip – its most likely why she amped it up to chasing Danielle through the country club the next season. And her fan base only continued to grow after that. It wasn’t until her fraud indictments that people truly started calling her out.

    As for the Beverly Hill trailer, I am going to reserve judgement simply because that “slap” looked like it was completely faked. So, the circumstances could totally be that they were rehearsing a “soap opera slap” and not an actual turn of violence.

    • I am a huge Teresa fan but I do agree with you. The difference between Teresa and the other women is that I think Teresa is truly hot-headed and reacts without thinking about the camera being there. I am not using that in her defense because that is not a good quality at all… I am just saying, I think the other women of all the franchises see how much attention Teresa gets for her hot-head and then they put on shows of violence and hope for the same reaction. Every one of them should be ashamed. I always think, “would these women still be acting this way if the cameras weren’t there?”

    • So we gonna forget Nene jumping up out her chair ready and get in Kim Z’s grill at the S1 reunion huh. Andy let this go and guess what Nene is still one of the biggest names of them all on that network and draws the most income.

      No matter who started the trend first, I do agree if fans were truly sick of the violence they would cut their tvs all together and let all these franchises die a slow death.

      But like what Dr said uppost there is something about seeing a bunch of women cut up and clown for an hour of a week because you know it’s not you so you keep watching.

    • To be fair – Atlanta had several physical/violent scenes that were promoted and highly rated on Bravo before RHNJ even began airing – the physical fight between Nene and Kim, and then the wig fight outside the bar between Nene and Sherri. Nene became the breakout star after these episodes – wasn’t this when the famous Boo line happened.These epsiodes were the talk of the reunion and highly rated. Yes, Teresa had her table flip – but a precedent was set in Atlanta way before.

      • Yes, there were those fights as well. Sad to say, but Nene and Teresa were the first to engage in this nearly (if not) violent behaviour on the HWs, but the police were involved in many of those cases.

    • I was thinking the same thing-the slap looked very much like a slap for the cameras. I wonder if it will even be shown?

    • really blaming Teresa? did you notice that Teresa didn’t touch anyone. she did make a scene with the table and so called “chasing” Danielle but Ashley is the one that pulled Danielle’s hair. Teresa didn’t invent violence on tv. it was already here. bravo and Andy just milked it and saw the ratings and decided hmmm…this is a good idea. everyone is responsible for their own actions. notice Teresa hasn’t done anything “violent” since the table flipping? it’s not her fault that others are fighting each other. with or without Teresa, Kenya would’ve still gotten her ass kicked, Ramona still would’ve thrown the wine glass, joe gorga and joe guidice still would’ve fault etc. I’m sure all those people didn’t become “violent” because of Teresa.

      • IKR rukidding .

        Lets blame Teresa game again. SMH

        How does one blame Teresa for others raising hands or throwing glasses when she has never once done anything physical besides assault a table and push two wusses off her when they were TRYING to restrain her .

        She has never laid her hand on another person on the show.

        Last year Messy tried to get into a altercation with Teresa when Slojo attacked Juicy. Messy even put her hands on Teresa. She wanted Teresa to hit her so she could play victim.AGAIN !!!
        Teresa turned her head and walked out.

        I wouldn’t have had that self control after watching that whore scratch my husbands face while my husband was being held back by 3 + people and one person SLOJO with his mouth attached to juicy’s balls ..

  • People need to get over Teresa and the table thing. First of all, she tipped a table. To flip something, it has to be up-ended. Being from Jersey myself, and having a crazy family on both sides, table tipping is child’s play.

    Sadly, humans are a violent race. We are the only species on the plant that will screw each other over for personal gain…not survival. We can negotiate until the cows come home, but people don’t seem to listen until a show a force is introduced. Look at our history…it ain’t pretty.

    It would be hypocritical for Bravo to chastise the wives for aggressive behavior when they are the ones that constantly poke the hornets’ nest.

    I’m not going to lie. I loved seeing Kenya get what was coming to her. Is violence wrong? Yes, we should try to work things out in an appropriate manner. But sometimes, the only way to put a bully or nasty person in her place is to knock her on her ass. If you do chose to engage in a physical confrontation, you also have to be willing to accept the consequences as well. Porsha was an easy target. She should have waiting and nailed Kenya off camera.

  • If you remembered correctly, Tamra actually didn’t push Jeana. She did throw the wine, but some other woman at the party pushed Jeana.

  • Compelled to comment again. I just love the idea suggesting that Bravo place a violent clause in each of those classless idiot’s contracts. First, it would just be amusing to see which skanks continue to show their brutish, animalistic, downright low class personalities. Second, for most of them, they actually NEED the money, so it would particularly scintillating to watch, from a sociological perspective. Third, I personally would find it charming to watch Bravo re-line their pockets with the cash they dangled out there, like smelly cheese to dirty rats. Talk about irony!
    Watching the RH shows makes me feel fabulous — truly fabulous!!! — about myself. I am normal, and so are most people — who would never abide by the “real” “housewives” behavior. Fine line between fact and fiction, my friends!

  • The franchise has obviously run out of ideas for each show. I have quit watching all but NY and BH but it appears BH now has to be axed from my TV viewing. Life is too short to waste time watching trash shows. I find the violence boring too.. It is totallly encouraged by Bravo and these little reality “stars” will do anything for their 15 minutes. B o r i n g.

  • Up until Andy made a statement about not condoning or allowing violence has made it even worst. Watching the RHOBH trailer, there was more violent scenes than there were verbal. Obviously what Andy said was full of shit and he just loves to have his viewers tune in so he can his fame and wealth.

    • Yep! For me, Andy lies to save face like he did with Porsha vs Kenya. He wasnt ready for the media backlash he got with that one. But when it died down it was back to business as usual. Bravo is getting away with all this because I believe in those contracts they clearly state they withhold responsibility of any injuries clause etc. If they never had that in these Bravo stars contract the network would had been bled dry years ago. So instead of Bravo being sued the “actors” sue each other and Bravo is right there filming them (ie Brandi vs Adrienne) for storyline.

      RHOBH is pimping the violence in order yo attract new viewers and some older ones.

  • There is very little “reality” to these RH shows anymore. Maybe there never was, but now that things are so over the top, it has become blatantly obvious. When I heard they had hired two soap stars for this season of BH, I immediately thought that this will be an incredibly over- the- top, contrived season. Who better to bring the drama than soap stars.
    I am aware there have been many “actresses” on these shows but this has to be the most in our face to date.
    I am against violence within this franchise, period. As long as the ratings are there I expect it to get worse.

    • When I heard the news about the soap stars as well, I had a bad feeling too. Soap stars are completely different than other actors, and I knew that the season would be a lot more over the top and contrived. It is weird, since most of the cast says the season is fun.

      • Agree Jayden, I guess we’ll just have to see. They all know by now they need to bring the drama for ratings. Fake soap slap, no problem. They may all get along IRL, not like Jersey with the family tensions. BH really can fake it and laugh about it all the way to the bank.

  • Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine is accused of getting in a “cat fight” with her co-worker? And Jerry explains that men like cat fights because there is a chance the fight will eventually turn into kissing?
    Well, the Housewives shows have a lot of male viewers–so there’s your answer! It’s not going away.

    • Then they’ll lose most of their original audience. I don’t want to see some well- dressed version of Roller Derby or World Wrestling.

      The original promise of these shows was to show the lives of “The Ladies Who Lunch.” High-ish society, beautiful homes, the fashion, the charity events, and —yes—the simmering rivalries and pressures that go with that life.

      But, obviously, very few women who are actually part of that world were willing to sign on—and now what we have is a reality based version of “Desperate Housewives.”

      • I think they already have lost a lot of the original audience. I didn’t watch the first seasons of OC but from what I’ve heard it was more of a documentary when it started.
        I wish it still could be, but you are right, the vast majority of the wealthy elite want to protect their privacy. Bravo doesn’t really have a choice in the matter at this point because there are no “normal” socialite types who are willing to participate.

        • Yes TT.

          OC definitely felt like a documentary series the first few seasons.

          Then the original premise of HW was suppose to these wives and divorcees living luxury and extravagant then the premise changed to draw in my viewers at least for the more well popular ones in ATL, NJ, and now BH.

  • While most, if not all, dont condone violence in our everyday lives – this is reality tv. These people will do crazy behaviors for attention, fame and money. We viewers sitback and watch the trainwrecks and grill them in the blogs. And a network like Bravo gets their ratings and ad pay dollars. It’s almost like a win-win-win.

    That being said, I dont believe there is such a thing as a “Classy Housewives franchise.” If there were those days are now long and gone. HWs is part of the trash tv culture whether one accepts it or not. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the incident that happened between Porsha and Kenya, the other half of me recognizes it made good tv and again brought in large ratings, which is what it all boils down too. If the housewives were still filmed like a documentary series (ie like OC was in S1-2) I doubt seriously HWs wouldn’t be part of the reality tv spectrum for as long as it has. Other than storylines being a bore it seems like more tweets claimed this year that NJ was even dry because the cast didn’t have their heated drama and violent bursts every 5 or so episodes in S6. And I hate to say, but Im immuned to them as well being idiots and acting a fool too. They tried the conservative approach, like the other wives franchises, and it was a bore.

    I personally believe why RHOBH has decided to join in the party. Their ratings were went down a lot last season because of changes and snoozeville storylines. Im pretty sure the producers of that show told those women it’s time to up their games. If the shit has worked for ATL and NJ (who tend to be the biggest offenders) all these years, they too can get down and dirty for ratings. And you know they have a agreed and getting paid. And please no one say “Lisa is a classy woman” jive. While I like and respect Lisa, shes also a company woman. She even has violence on her Vanderpump Rules. She knows what is up!

    But thats my opinion. Sorry if this post is too long and might be all over the place. 🙂

    • I think RHOBH is at a point where they are all desperate to keep their jobs, so they are acting up at every chance they get, which is why we have so much of the violence seen in the trailer. It comes off as extremely contrived.

      • They know the violence would bring in eyeballs! And guess what if the ratings stay the same like last year or go down I believe several could loose their jobs. Hopefully for Bravo they are not pulling the wool over people’s eyes like they did with NJ this season. We thought it was gonna be a much better season but it ended up being more boring than last season.

  • I quit watching RHONJ after the attack on Amber, quit watching RHOA After the attack on Kenya, same with RHOM. Only kept watching RHONY to see Aviva’s leg toss (best HW moment lol) but thought RHOBH was above the violence. Every franchise needs a villain but these women being attacked need to sue, It is the Hollywood way to fight. These reality shows needs to take a page from TLC who cancelled honey boo boo. Brandi is the mama June of BH, WISHES SHE WAS MOLESTED, who wishes that? Trashy, just plain trashy.

  • I think the law should be followed when handling violence. That being said, Jax, Stumpy Gorga, and whoever else that caused bodily harm assaulting another, should have been AXED right after the incident. Allowing them to remain on tv, make money , and given publicity, is not teaching them how to behave in the future. Sickening that adults NEED to be reprimanded for that. And the twins should have been axed as well. I think the instigators of the attacks need some kind of reprimand too- like pay a fine at least.

  • Teresa never hit annoying but she’s the only one who has grown and learned. Nene too when it comes to this stuff

    • I can give a pass to ANYONE who removes someone from their personal space, if need be. It can be considered threatening for one to get up in your face .

      • Andy was trying to keep Teresa from getting in Danielle’s face. All of the touching needs to stop. No one should have to be in the position to have to try and stop someone from getting physical.

          • Rite michers… Rem that well. That little lisa trying to hold her back. As I said, NeNe could hurt someone if she really wanted too. Andy didn’t help for sure. I don’t think he knew Teresa was as strong as she was. He still mentions it. Andy is an instigator. I guess he is supposed to do that to cause excitement. He sure needs help lately, he gets all tongue tied and can’t read. Last nite Valarie ask him if the shot got to him.

      • I agree Michers 🙂 Point something in my face or touch me i will give you a second to stop then it’s on.

        Other then that i enjoy good fight as long it’s one on one and not brutal .. LOL J/K 🙂

        It’s hard to discuss violence on the RHW … Violence in general is the question .

        Is it sometimes warranted YEP .

        Just this morning saw the Teresa table flip. Was she trying to throw the table at Stubb ?NO. Did she try to hit her? NO
        Has Teresa ever raised her hands to anyone on the show ?NO

        Did Teresa fling Andy and Christopher when they put their hands on her ? YEP

        She flung them both like rag dolls. Hahahahahahahahahahahah

        • Hopeful I watched that this morn too!! How different Teresa looked! I think her personal stress and last 3 years really aged her compared to her look back then 🙁 I cant believe Big Red either! I didn’t think she looked ” big” back then until seeing how she looks now. So she really needed to not say anything to Lauren about being a stuffed sausage. Frigin Crazy Danielle ..LOL . Those were the days! Dina has always been just beautiful. Sorry to stay off topic, but did you notice after table flip Jacaloon speaking to Caro? She kept talking about Dina to her ” You know what she is. You came to me and told me what she is”.. WTH did Caro say about her sister to Jacaloon??? And more importantly, why in the HELL would anyone confide things in her ????

          • Yep Michers ..Pretty sure Jacko said the clown even told her to feel bad for Dina or something to that effect. Not sure exactly the words. But Whacko went in hard. When Chris was brought into it Whacko said he knew what happened he was there. Does she mean he was in the salon when the book was passed around? I doubt that. So how would he know who passed the book around the salon ? Maybe she meant he was there when they ALL found the book on the internet? Dina might have found it on the internet? But they where all there.

        • I think the idea is one is not suppose to let another’s words have that sort of power over them.

          I can’t believe I am saying this but the person who handles people in his space and hands in his face best is Jim Marchese. I am sure it comes from dozens of encounters each year because he is such a twit but he does handle it lawfully and civilly. His wife did not-she grabbed and wrestled someone’s hands.

          • Thats true zoeysmom! He uses his ” words”.. But at times I can sense he is antagonistic, but still does not constitute violence.

          • Cause Jerkoff is a punk always on the hunt for a lawsuit. Someday someone isn’t going to let him get away with his BS. Some people don’t give a shit about going to jail and won’t think twice about putting him down on the ground . Or knock his teeth down his throat.

    • But I don’t think Teresa shoving Andy was deliberate, in the sense that she didn’t get up with the sole intention of shoving Andy or wanting to hurt him. I think she reacted to him trying to restrain her. Doesn’t make her right, but it’s different than deliberately slapping someone or yanking them to the ground by their hair.

    • There are at least 20 + different examples of violence on the shows and the Teresa table flip was included. Ashley was criminally prosecuted for goodness sake for attacking Danielle and that was left out. No worry about these being left out —

      VPR – Stacci slapping Kristen at full force very hard, Tom attacking twice Jax and and punching Tom this week

      Atlanta – Nene going after Kim in the trailer, Nene pulling Sherri’s wig, Nene and Kim choking each other in the parking lot, the Pajama party brawl, Mamma Joyce attacking at the wedding shop, the reunion…

      NJ – the Baptism fight, Joey Gorga tackling and fighting with Joe and Melissa scratching Joe G.’s face and eyes, Amber and the twins, Ashley attacking Danielle, Joey Gorga, Jac (stiletto attack to the head) and Chris attacking Jonny last season (police called – prosecutors reviewed), Danny threatening Chris Manzo at the Brownstone…

      OC/Miami – several wine throws, pushes, shoves over the years

      NY – least violent overall

      • RHBH – no “physical actions/violence” to date (I don’t count Yolanda’s accusation against Ken for grabbing her “hard” last season), but it looks like Lisa R. and Brandi will change that this season.

      • Hello Happy!

        Lets not forget Ramona throwing the wine glass. While it’s not violate perv George trying feel up on every woman.

        You may not watch this show but Blood Sweat Heels are gonna have some violence in S2. Apparently one of the castmembers threw a bottle at another to the point she went to the hospital a few weeks back. And the chick that threw the bottle wants to sue the victim for 25M dollars… HAHA…money she’ll never see but again Bravo will be there with cameras rolling.

      • Andy recently said that was his favorite reunion moment of all time and his favorite reunion of all time HA

  • Bravo purposefully seeks unhinged narcissistic women who will gladly do anything for some fame. Bravo LOVES when they act like wild animals– and they reward the animals by glorifying them.

    • I agree; you can tell by some of the questions Andy asks that he is instigating the fights. Then he acts shocked when they happen.
      Also, am I the only one who literally laughed out loud at Andy’s face in that first pic?

  • RH franchise is turning into the Bad Girls Club. Years ago when the Bad Girls Club premiered, there was a zero-tolerance policy for violence and the perpetrators were immediately sent home. Now, (and I think it’s on season 12 now?) fighting on that show is not only acceptable but expected, and you’re only sent home if the victim was hurt really badly, e.g., you bit a chunk out of her arm or scratched her eyeball. (I’m not making this up.)

    This is the direction I see the Real Housewives Franchise heading towards, and it’s 100 times worse because the RH women have children and businesses, and thus, a lot more to lose than the rudderless 20-somethings on the Bad Girls Club do.

  • I think RHOBH has become that because of the soap actress, let’s be honest. That’s what they do. But I don’t mind it! I believe that, if you wanna slap someone who’s being a dick, you have every right to! They’re not like breaking each other’s teeth, noses and chins, so you guys can all relax. It’s part of the game. As Brandi and many others have stated, there’s a lot of alcohol served at those events, so let’s not blame anyone, please.

  • I think most of the HW franchises have become Jerry Springer shows just with peope who aren’t married to their sisters! When Scott Dunlop started the OC franchise, I highly doubt this is what he intended.

    It’s ridiculous to think that normally respectable upper middle class and higher class people stoop to violence in their daily lives. It’s not normal. Do your neighborhood bunco nights and July 4th block parties turn into slugfest, hair pulling and drink-throwing fests?

    Producers have a huge hand in inciting this behavior up manufacture drama and America eats it up for some reason I prefer the mind games and intellectual manipulations to a chick fight. It’s ghetto and classless the way these “ladies” go at each other.

    • Dont think Im attacking you Laurie because Im sure youre not the only one. Yet I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all to see some of 1-2% individuald be violent and show they asses on TV. At the end they are human and I think why it might be shocking for you and several is because you’re use to seeing or hearing about it in the low to middle class environments. Only “out there” is where it happens. It reminds how some dont want to believe wealthy/rich people might committ spousal abuse. Uhh it happens it just kept on a way more secure lock and key. But to see rich people do this, oh my, this cant happen. Nope. The Pandora’s Box is open – wealthy and rich people do have their issues.

      • Anyone can see violence at the funeral home when ppl die, always some of the family fighting and cussing. Lol. I don’t like violence or I would go to watch at the hospitals and funeral homes. Always family’s start there. I feel like housewives are half put on violence. NeNe could have hurt someone bad, didn’t. I didn’t start watching the housewives for violence. I liked seeing housewives living really nice lives. Stylish. Trips, the pleasures all housewives do not have. Now it’s violence, money problems, bankruptsy. Things we all have problems.

  • Violence has taken the forefront, part of the problem is that the wives (I use this term loosely) have become less cordial and more provoking. BH, my favorite, used to be about these well to do ladies, who enjoyed each other’s company, getting together for outings. Then came Brandi, I agree the Richards sisters didn’t treat her well, but she took her payback to another level and it escalated from there. On Atlanta, they had there issues, things got worse when Kenya arrived with her provoking ways.

    Why can’t these women find a way to just enjoy each moment they spend together and not look for ways to push each other’s buttons? This world is full of volatile people who all have things going on in their lives, but are just looking for a little relaxation where they can get away for a while and find some enjoyment, if only for a moment.

    Yes, I would like to see the violence disappear.

  • I’m shocked with Beverly Hills this season, it used to be fabulous and fun now it looks like a wine throwing, slapping mess

    • Fab and fun, I remember things like when Taylor told Kim she would take her out back and Oklahoma her. Or when Kyle bullied , or when Kyle turned against her sister, or when Brandi told Kim she was on Crystal Meth or when Russel killed himself? Now Nene and Kim on ATL was fun until the first reunion.

  • Personally, I’d like to see Bravo and viewers discourage the violence now, because there’s always the chance encouragement will make it get worse.

    Not that it matters: violence is violence and it crosses the line. Viewers registered disgust towards Apollo for possibly being violent towards Phaedra…but there isn’t much difference.

    You don’t put your hands on people. Period. These women are wives and mothers, most of them, and are in the public eye. I actually winced seeing Lisa get slapped. They need to stop before they cross that line. They’re not children. They’re supposed to be adults.

    And the other reality is, people just don’t normally behave this way. Think about it. When was the last time you saw someone throw a drink in a nice restaurant? It’s getting too contrived.

    I want to see pretty homes and clothes and the occasional hissing match. I don’t want to see people getting hurt.

    Flip tables, not people.

    • I agree, and it is ridiculous!

      I also agree with @Michers with a mo tolerance, and I agree with @Alex post that it desensitzes viewers.

      Let’s not forget the Leg tossed across the room, could have hit someone, and was disgustingly immature and impulsive.

      Also, let’s not forget Jacqueline using her Stilleto for a weapon. Like @Michers said, legal action could be taken to stop this nonsense.

      Then again, Jacq punched Caro in face in the past, and Ashlee physically attacked Danielle. The Gorga Christening? Kim’s wig was pulled, as well. It is trashy, imo.

      Can you imagine Lisa or Yo, Carole or Lydia (when she was on OC), or even Caroline and Dina get physically violent? It says something about anger management and education in our culture, imo!!!

  • I can only speak for RHOAl RHONJ, and RHOBH. I would say that Teresa’s table flip was an intended violent act, since it seems like she was trying to throw it AT Danielle. I did not like it when the twins attacked Amber, and did not like it when Porsha attacked Kenya, with many here and on Social Media praising them. I found it pathetic. But violence is a part of Reality TV and it was about time it was inserted into HWs. People have watched HWs before the physical fights and still get high ratings.

    • Bravo needs to put a big $$$$ penalty in their contracts if a RH hits, slaps, punches, drags, pulls hair, grab someone’s hands, pushes the host, throw wine, splash or flip a table. In everyday life there would be real consequences if one behaved this way. The measure should be if they are angry-Lisa and Yolanda at the spa was not done in anger.

      • They should, but Bravo won’t. This isn’t supposed to be Love and Hip Hop, and things are too over the top.

        • I get you to degree Jayden but LHH has huge ratings for all three of its franchises. HWs with the exception of ATL have all went down or have shakey ratings. Mona Scott might scripts her clowncar but she has found the right ingredients to keep people entertained and the eyeballs in front of the tv. Andy is competing with this. He wants all his ‘Wives franchises to have that stability. Im not saying he needs to straight copy LHH but he needs to find the balance in all the wives to bring in, bring back and keep us watching weekly. Again most people know reality tv is scripted gulity pleasure, try harder to entertain us, Andy.

          • RHONJ and L&HHHollywood has been receiving the same ratings for the past several weeks, and the L&HH franchise has a benefit with the ratings that many of the HWs don’t have……..the Black audience. Sad but true.

          • RHONJ – 2.23 PT 1 Reunion Nov 2, 2014
            LHHH – 2.44 (Moniece slapped and pulled Amanda for trying it with her, lol) Nov 3, 2014

          • VH1 definitely does not have a predominantly African American audience. They’re viewers are a lot younger, like MTV, and they like the more drama filled crazy shows like LHH and Real World. Us older African Americans tune in to OWN, non stop.

      • ITA!

        Also too, too far with the men attacking each other – both Atlanta and NJ have crossed the line.

        What bugs me the most is how inconsistent and pious Andy is – he went after the Atlanta crew very hard after their season and was very critical of them (Portia reunion episode), but the very next week aired the episode of Tom on Vanderpump Rules smashing a glass into Jax’s head and laughing about it with Lisa in the Reunion episode after. He never once criticized Joey Gorga for twice attacking people very physically on the show or threatened his job. It is just too much hypocrisy – be consistent Andy and stop playing favorites where physical violence crosses the line.

        • Omg!!! You are so right!!! When Tamara threw the glass in someone’s face, also Ramona, also the Miami chicks, also Ashley Holms getting into the fight with Daniel and have a huge court case that planned out on TV……there not these huge detailed public service announcements about violence. Very hypocritical.

    • Thanknyou . I dont see how someone could say flipping a table is not violent. Everyone was lucky to not hqve the table injure them and I cant believe I m saying that but kuddos to Danielle for keeping her cool in that situation. But yeah it is violence and that s how things get escalated . But i think some people just like and orthers just are pushed to their limit . I dont consider porsha a violent person she committed a violent act. Brandi I m not sure I can ssy the same because three different act with three different people than you are the problem. But the environment that those show create pushes some of those women to go somewhere they may not have in a real life situation. Also when the table flip wss so outrageous but today we seem to excuse it and want to see it happen , that s how crazy things have gotten. It should never be okay to Flip a table in public and if we keep making excuses for the table flip instead of saying we wont stand for it , the envelope will continue to get pushed. Next it s no longer a table flip , it’s getting in someone’s face, after it’s a little pull of an hair, after that it s a full drag and then a brawl. Stop it at the first hint of violence so it doesnt find an environment to escalate to something more serious. And the instigating needs to stop.

      • I think everyone is forgetting that Teresa did not actually flip the table over. She raised in on her side and it thumped down again. It has been exaggerated out of all proportion for publicity for the show. It was tacky though, because there were other people at the table as well. If my dinner or drink spilled before I could finish it, I would have been pissed! Then, when she shoved Andy back in his seat (although he put his hands on her first) at the reunion, I think that was her wake-up call since she was lucky it didn’t cost her her job. She learned, but unfortunately no one else did. Instead, they try to outdo each other in violent behavor.

        • She committed an act of vandalism and assault-I hope the servers were left a very large tip. It was the grunting and having to be held back in front of kids that disturbed me. Someone even Danielle, saying “pay attention pleaz” should not incite that kind of reaction. Teresa seems to have backed down from that type of behavior this season.

    • Speaking of violence – have you all heard the news that the dog attack that Kyle’s 18 year old daughter Alexa suffered- it was at the hands of Kingsly – Kim’s Dog. I knew it.

      The dog bit and clenched onto her hand so bad her hand and thumb bone were completely exposed. Alexa has had to have two surgeries just so far and maybe more.

      This is horrible – shame on Kim. This was an accident waiting to happen.

      Now here is the kicker – Kim still has the dog and has done zip about it. Kim – get rid of that dog. I am a huge dog lover, but on the episode with the trainer Kingsley tried to attck the trainer, Kim said Kingsley did have a history of biting and now this attack. Also the whole Richards family was at Kim’s house – what if it was Porshe who was attacked – her whole hand/arm would have been ravaged. I feel horrible for Alexa and Kyle – Kim has made that dog a family member and once again I see Kim making Kyle the evil, bad guy in Kim’s eyes because she had to give up her “beloved” dog for Kyle. I can anticipate the twitter hate Kyle will get her way.

      That Kim has not giving up the dog the day her niece was attacked is just unbelievable. Shame on Kim!

      • No way! Poor Kingsley, he’s just a dog. Stop judging animals by human laws. Kim needs to keep him leashed or muzzled or separated when she has visitors. Obviously, he is unpredictable in that way and she needs to take that into consideration. But not get rid of him! He loves her, and she loves him, but he’s like a child that doesn’t know better. Parent’s job to see that he doesn’t get into trouble or cause trouble.

        • I’m sorry but Kingsly is a pit bull that has attacked and bit several times and could have permantly injured a girls hand for life. What if Alexia was a musician or wanted to be a surgeon – this dog attack could change the path of her life forever. If your dog attacked and injured your child seriously completely unprovoked – took out an eye, or permantky scared their face or damaged a hand in this instance, would you continue to keep that dog in your household?

          I am a huge dog lover but if a dog has gone thru training, is being given wonderful treatment and zero abuse and is still viciously attacking unprovoked –that is a very dangerous dog. Kingsly attacked out of the blue according to reports – if it was a toddler, a child could be dead now. I will pick a child over a pit bull who attacked for no reason, and has a history of attacking any day. Kim on the show said Kingsley was violent with other dogs and he could never be with other dogs, but she believed he was fine around people – clearly not the case when a girl has to have major reconstructive surgery on her hand and repeat surgeries.

          • Sorry, but my first priority is always going to be the dog. Kim needs to keep people away from Kingsley. If Kingsley was mine and bit the mailman, I’d have to invite the mailman in, then dispose of his body. Well, maybe not that extreme. I’d probably try to buy him off. First.

          • Not trying to be rude Scatty, but Kingsley is not people friendly.. he may be super loyal to Kim, as some dogs are only good with their owner but I dont see how he passed a behavioral test. I worried for Kim with him at one point. She cannot control him if he ever got out of control, IMO and that is no bueno.

          • Last point – in California now the law is if your dog has seriously bitten and physically attacked a person/child, and you as an owner are aware of this and they escape from the yard for instance, or attack another person/child a second time –you are now not only responsible from a civil suit, but now criminally responsible too. Two months ago in Palmdale, California a women was killed by a pit bull that has escaped from a fenced back yard, and because the dog had a history of attacking another person, the owner has been charged with involuntary manslaughter (and possible years in jail).

            California is really cracking down on repeat “offender/attacking” dogs whether or not people have sympathy for the dog more than the victims hurt, and Kim will be both criminally and via civil judgement be held responsible if Kingsly bites or attacks another person from here on forward- guess she will have to decide if she wants to take that chance no matter how much she cares for the dog.

          • That’s ridiculous to say he doesn’t need a loving environment. It just has to have the addition of an owner with common sense that can protect both her dog and the people that may come around him. Plenty that can be done to prevent harm to dog and stupid humans as well. This was KIM’s fault, not Kingsley’s. If someone doesn’t think that every animal needs love, that’s just alien and soulless to me, and not worth any time.

      • Happy- weird animal control didnt just go and take him!! I read she had surgeries, and when that is reported, isn’t animal control supposed to seize the dog? Check for rabies, and so on?/ Unless, Kyle kept it quite to protect Kim??? My oldest was chased down an attacked by a pit years ago.. went to hospital , filled out paperwork, they had MP’s go right to the owner’s home. Turns out it was NOT the first time that dog had attacked- it was his third 🙁 The owners were more vicious then the dog though and even though I wanted to freak out due to the dog, I ended up pitying him after dealing with those rabid owners!

        • I have been checking with my local paper to see if they have any follow up. California has toughened its laws big time against dog attacks because of the number of high profile court cases of death by dog attacks in the state. (I.e The Mastiff that killed that young female doctor in San Francisco – owners went to jail.) So far the story is Kyle didn’t report it (probably to protect Kim) – this may be because of the criminal issues I addressed above and she wants to be sure Kim doesn’t get in any real trouble.

          However with all this in the media now Los Angeles or Ventura County (she is right on the border) Animal Control I would guess will step in. It is too high profile. Plus Kim lives in a wealthy area, big family community, and I can see the neighbors easily expressing concern and contacting Animal Control –we are not talking about laid back neighbors here.

      • Touchy subject . This is NOT the first person Kingsley has bitten . Didn’t he bite Brandy too? How many others?? The thing here is Kingsley can kill or maim someone. Anytime a dog has 7 tons of pressure in his jaw that’s a problem. He needs rehabilitation . NOW .. Before it happens again Cause if it does happen again Then the dog will be taken and euthanized . Then it will be Kims fault that the dog was killed and someone was hurt . She has a problem that needs addressing before it’s too late . A muzzle ain’t gonna solve the problem unless it never comes off .

        Socialize your puppies people. With kids and other dogs …cause when it goes wrong and the dog bites ..police will take your pet and kill it .

    • Teresa aimed for Danielle? I think you need to watch that again because that is not what I saw. Teresa flipped the table upwards. it was a violent act but it wasn’t towards anyone. that table flip was awesome.

      • Actually it was a tilt. She banged on the table then tilted it. she could have easily tipped it over if she was so inclined