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Lea Black and Jacqueline Laurita Defend Kathy Wakile!


On the RHONJ reunion last night, Bravo showed a clip of the Wakile family discussing Teresa’s legal issues. Infuriated that her family would talk about such things on camera, Teresa left the room and waited off set until the conversation ended.

Both Teresa and Dina tried to explain to Kathy why she should have kept her comments to herself, but not everyone seems to agree. Both Lea Black and Jacqueline Laurita tweeted that Kathy and Rosie had every right to talk about what was going on.

Lea said, “How can u blame @Rosie and @KathyWakile for the aunts comments? Why is everyone tip toeing around the elephant in the room? #rhonj”

No one would expect Jacqueline to side with Teresa, so it’s not surprising that she tweeted: “I don’t think @KathyWakile said anything harmful or negative at all. She felt horrible for what Teresa & her family was going through.”

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Everyone has a right to an opinion. Yes, Teresa and Joe made mistakes and people are welcome to blame them for the situation they are in. The problem with Kathy, Rosie, and Jacqueline is not that they have an opinion on the Giudices’ legal issues, but how fake they are about it. Instead of honoring Teresa’s wishes not to discuss her situation on camera, they all did just that… because it got them attention. Then, when Teresa and Joe were sentenced, they filmed their reactions and appeared to be devastated by the results. It was all very obviously faked for attention and I do see why Teresa is so upset by it.

Do you think Kathy and Rosie should have kept this discussion off-camera? Or do you think they had every right to discuss “the elephant in the room”?

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  • It’s not about talking about the situation it’s the facial expressions that show them being insincere Why would Kathy roll her eyes at Jac reaction to her texts. I’m sorry I believe it’s cause they wanted air time. If my family asked me to not talk about something I wouldn’t. It’s about respect and true feeling for an individual.

  • All of you are just so angry and want so much to just blame blame blame….. The point is that Teresa and Joe are guilty and they are paying the price. THis was not something that was just a MISTAKE… they knew exactly what they were doing.
    I NEVER once in all the seasons that Kathy has been on heard her say anything that was a direct negative to or about Teresa. She has thrown her digs in here and there every one of them on the show has done that. She has tried and tried and tried to get Teresa to understand that she is her cousin and she loves her and she would never do anything to PURPOSELY hurt her. She never made up stories about Teresa she never told other people that Teresa was spending millions of dollars of money she did not have she just didn’t. Whatever the reason for Kathy being on the show bottom line is she came on the show who the F%$K cares….. Teresa takes everything out of context blows everything out of a proportion and holds grudges better than any narcissist I have ever met. Everyone can blame Kathy and Rosie and Jaq or whomever I saw real emotion with Kathy and she does not want this for her cousin in any way shape or form. She is not sitting back going Ha ha Teresa enjoy Jail bitch. No she is concerned about this kids and she is clearly worried about her cousin. It’s so funny to me that all these people can take a situation and make it mean 10 different things. Kathy is a nice woman who has kept her mouth shut with the exception of answering questions from people and everyone jumps to conclusions about what she really means. I see nothing Fake about Kathy not one thing. Same with Rosie, Rich, none of them.

    • I respect your opinion. That being said, I’ve heard a few direct low blows from Kathy towards Teresa. But, her real MO is to be passive aggressive and then act like “what? You misunderstood”.

      I think she’s the worst. Even more than Melissa, and that’s saying something. These two came on the show to hurt her. Bottom line.

      Kathy is the Jan Brady, and it’s probably painfully obvious to her that her husband has a weird obsession with her cousin.

  • Why hasn’t anyone ever talked about the Laurita’s “situation”? I’d love to see Jac watch Dina talk about her and Chris’s significant legal problems which are just as bad, if not worse than Teresa and Joe’s. I wonder if Jac would just get up and leave the reunion if she saw Dina talking about it on camera with another sibling or other relative.

    As soon as Teresa’s family got on the show they were discussing their problems, i.e. bankruptcy saying some pretty disgusting things. Every single one of them are horribly ugly people to do that to family. Shoot, Teresa didn’t even say anything about Melissa, but of course the producers made it look like she was guilty as hell. Yes, the one lady from last season said that Bravo chopped up the conversation to make it seem like Teresa was the one that told everyone about Melissa cheating. Melissa and Joey sat there acting as if that’s what they were talking about – they filmed it AFTER the season was filmed. Bravo of course shut her down, but she got it out there before they did. Yet Teresa was given hell from many of the same people saying it’s okay for family to talk about Teresa. The double standard is what bothers me the most.

    None of their hands are clean yet they all talk about Teresa and Joe as if they themselves are pure as snow. How can Jac and Chris come on the show talking about Joe and Teresa knowing they are going thru the same damn thing. It makes me sick. Don’t know how anyone can think it’s okay.

    We all see Teresa and Joe’s reality. Now let’s see everyone else’s reality, their TRUE reality for once.

  • I think Kathy and her family have every right to discuss whatever they want in their own home. I saw the episode and I did not get the feeling they were bashing Teresa. If Teresa did not want to discuss the issue she should have stayed home. She had to know it would come up.

    And, is Dina now Teresa’s publicist. Every time Andy asked a question about Teresa and Joe’s legal problems, or anyone else said anything, Dina tried to shut it down immediately. I think Teresa can take care of herself. Dina did not need to be her protector. And, did you see the look she gave Kathy when Teresa walked off stage? If looks could kill! Maybe Dina should be less involved in Teresa’s drama and more involved in mending fences with her family.

  • My opinion, Kathy, Rosie or the auntie had no business talking about teresa g. Period. What’s leah black got to do with it? Is it because leah black, Kathy, Rosie or auntie have nothing to do but be in Teresas business? Kathy n Rosie talked on the show when no one cares what they think. I still think Richie is a pervert and I’m sure teresa said something about she didn’t like how Richie did her as she was growing up. Kathy is playing it anyway she can to keep her and Rosie relevant. Even pretending Rosie had a gf. Kathy, no one likes you.

  • Teresa and Dina can’t have it both ways. They want to be paid to be on a reality show but also want to dictate what “reality” Bravo should show. They both had a seat next to Andy so they feel superior. Andy needs to put these insubordinate employees/housewives in their places. This includes the Nenes and Tamras too. Teresa still shows no remorse for her crimes. It’s obvious she’s just sorry she got caught.

    • hopeful, love your post. It’s true, and notice most of us agree. Anyway, ty for your saying it straight out. Auntie, Kathy n Rosie need to get a life, and stay out of teresa g.

  • Maybe Teresa asked her family to shut up because her lawyers probably warned her not to talk and, if someone did talk, she might be compromised. I’m no lawyer, but if someone asked me to be quiet for legal reasons,I would UNLESS I had a desire to be on tv. These wannabes have to blab to stay relevant. It’s so sad.

  • Teresa didnt want them to talk about it on camera and Richard started the conversation sorry they knew what they were doing.

  • Ok, No offense but who is Tre’ to tell people “don’t talk about this!”? I mean seriously? She’s not a producer, she’s not a manager she’s one of the housewives. Yes it sucks the issue’s they are having and the fact that she is now something that Danielle Never was a Convicted Criminal. ( all though they blamed DS for that). This is called the “Real”housewives, Not the Tre’ and Joe show. This is suppose to be about the laddies living their lives “normally”(I use that loosely) with camera’s around. Kathy, Rosie, and Jac all responded to the verdict the way so many other’s did. They just happened to have camera’s there.
    As far as the “mother’s” comment, She’s 100% right. It doesn’t matter who she was saying it about! I think what really bothered Tre’ is that she know’s it was right. And it was probably the first “REAL” thing anyone has said to her through this whole ordeal, instead of tiptoeing around it and sugar coating things. And hat is what pissed tre off.

    • What the aunt said was true, but she shouldn’t have said it on camera. After most of her family (well, ALL of them that are on the show) have spoken so badly of her, I think hearing her aunt say that is why she got so upset.

      And as far as dictating what can be talked about, why has the Lauritas’ legal mess never ever addressed? Ever. And when the cheating (Al) was about to come out, Caroline immediately shut it down. The only ‘reality’ shown was the Giudices’. And I’m sure her lawyers said to keep details off of TV. She’s been asking her family and so called friends to not bring it up for years now, because it could legally hurt her and Joe. And they just couldn’t wait to blab at every opportunity.

      And their reaction to the sentencing was fake, so fake.

  • Every time katfish’s jackass husband was shown in any season he always brought up Teresa… they recently appeared at an event in my area, she got $5000 for 2 hours & the organization had to purchase 300 of her books..the kicker was that only 20 people showed up to see her…guess her 15 minutes of fame is over…good ridden!!!!

  • What Kathy’s mom said wasn’t incorrect, it was just a nasty thing to say about her niece ON CAMERA. But that’s one thing I tend to enjoy about old people: no filter! (sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s mean, but it’s usually true)

  • Kathy, Rosie and Jacqueline all need to just step out. Teresa doesn’t want any of them as friends and most people don’t give a sh*t for their opinions.

  • Keeping ones opinon to themself would make since if…. She wasn’t on a reality show that captured her legal issues all of the way up until sentencing. Tre’s storyline was about her going to prison. So, for them to have a high level conversation about it is natural. The aunt was speaking truth.. Its unfortunate the situation but sometimes you have to deal with the things you do. Very general and very true. To think that the rest of the family has to get a gag order about her situation when she’s still on the show and probably getting bonuses for her appearance is quite hypocritical. You don’t want your family talking about it? Guess what.. Decline to do the show until all of your matters have been resolved. THEN if they remained on the show you could hold some weight about being mad they are discussing it.

    • on target comment. Teresa G knew she was not getting along with her family and that they might comment so if she did not want it discussed then she should not have filmed. Also, I think Teresa has embarrassed her family by what she did and the have every right to not only discuss it but to criticize her as well.

    • Absolutely and Teresa should not be dictating what subjects the others can discuss. All these people were paid to be on this show and talk about relevant topics. Teresa knows this is how the game works.

      Maybe Teresa should have been more respectful of other people’s families before she engaged with that gas bag Victoria Gotti.

    • Why are we such animals that we can’t respect the wishes of our blood not to discuss our own troubles on TV ?

      Really we aren’t talking about just cast members or viewers here

      We are talking about a family that wouldn’tt even be known if not for Teresa and the lengths that family will go to to hurt each her even when she asked them not to do exactly what they have done.

      Too bad their is nothing even remotely interesting or real about any of the fishkilis and Perris . GARBAGE

  • Ya know, somethings are better left unsaid.. In my opinion it really was not necessary for Kathys mother to say that on camera, especially. Not nice. 🙁

  • But it was RICHIE aka DICK who ask Momma how she felt! Their momma wouldn’t had said anything had not been for Dick trying to make it the subject for convo while the cameras were rolling. He wanted that to happen because A. He doesn’t like Teresa. Hes hated Teresa the minute since The Christening episode (maybe longer but it seems like he has lowkey crush to all ways make her the subject of convo); B. He’s scorned that his bore of a wife was downgraded. They used their momma to try and hurt Teresa. And Kathy and even Rosie couldn’t see it.

    • Cheryl I agree. And, if not for teresa g, why would Kathy, Rosie, Richie or the aunt even be on tv? Right? I even wonder about ole melissa. But, even old ppl sometimes pull the age card… Also, Kathy and Rosie I think have pulled all the cards they can to be on the show. Jacq has even resorted to using her son. I still think about Rosie yelling like an animal, gonna kill them n stuff. Wonder what auntie said about that? Rosie n Kathy will go to any length to stay on this show. Even use their mother. Sickening. Teresa just went along so they would shut up. They kept digging a little deeper. That mother of Kathy n Rosie ain’t no angel herself. Bring it all out.

      • We know why the cousins wanted in because to quote Kathy they saw a big pie & felt entitled to a piece of it. Kathy wanted Teresa to write a blurb? Huh? She had not talked to Teresa for months. You trash your cousin & go against her with her brother & her sister – n law & the probably told the Manzo’s things to stir the pot & joined with Jacqueline & her poison. You plot & scheme then she gets in trouble like you wanted, her daughters have no mother or father or grandfather, her parents have no home, now her mother n law has no home. So you wanted her to fall, & she did, but hard. I guess you did not really think she would get prison time while you yelled hateful things with you compadres. So when you wish for bad it has a way of coming for you. I cut my finger the other night after I was trying to forget someone really evil I made a comment about what they did & that they would regret it. . Yes, they hurt me i nearly died which then would have been murder on them. But I HOPE that my God in his infinite wisdom will bring them down. I will make them accountable by law which is not only my right by spiritually I am entitled to. Because we have to follow the law, we can’t rape or murder people or hurt the vulnerable in society. ” What you do the least of my brethren you do to me.” Jesus Christ. But as Jesus was crucified he gave absolution to the man hanging beside him a bandit like him. He promised him everlasting life with his father in heaven. I do not believe in accidents anymore. I hate to say this because I do not believe in a vengeful God, but Kathy has her priorities screwed up. Victoria just nearly died again. Quit hating & fighting & concentrate on your life Kathy because stress can make any illness raise it’s ugly head. Your stupid distractions should make you, your husband, & your mother reaches why it is so important to be a reality star. Teresa is done you can’t ride on her coat tails. She will be in prison & her life is ruined. Wake up Kathy before you lose everything important to you in life. PS: I now officially see Lea Black for the phony she is. Roy Black reminds me of the Devil that Al Pacino played in the demonic law firm with Keanu Reeves as the son. Lea is like the women in the movie that Charlize Theron playing the wife sees, they are all dressed up smiling but she sees the demonic face behind the mask. That is Lea Black. What a perfect name she has Lea BLACK who sold her soul. She has a black heart.

  • When a family member is accused and convicted of a crime it impacts all those they have publicly acknowledged being related to. So yes they should express their opinions.

    I think Teresa should hear the good from her family and their support. I do think they would be there for her if she wanted support. Not offering would have been unfortunate. Her aunt was just stating the obvious it wasn’t mean spirited. Teresa has even said she has made mistakes.

  • I think Rosie has a genuine friendship with Joe and cares for him. Not convinced of Kathy’s sincerity and Jac is transparent in her attempt to stay relevant.

  • Dude really? Comprehension is lacking everywhere with these fools. Its not Nonna that is the problem!! Its the fact that the Wakiles/Rosie , whoever could not respect even ONE THING- to shut the hell up on camera about Teresa/ legal stuff!!! Teresa had asked them for how long to not discuss her shit on camera and that is ALL they have done. In fact in years they have done nothing but speak of Teresa. what does that tell ya? So no Nonna did not say anything wrong but its the fact that they just had to keep discussing Teresa ,and they dont even really care for her ! The families on this show have been just awful to watch, listen to , support! Manzo, Laurita, Wakile crew- terrible!!!!! Horrible examples to set for the younger generations of what FAMILY means.

    • Michers, you are so rite. It’s hard for me that some ppl don’t get the point. Good job. Ty. Because what you posted is so true.

  • First off, I think the aunt should have kept her opinion to herself on camera. I can’t see Teresa’s father ever commenting about his sister’s children on tv. Having said that, in my opinion, the real fault lies with Kathy and more specifically her husband for putting the mother in that position by asking her the question on camera! How they can’t understand why that would be upsetting to Teresa is beyond me.

    The thing that kills me about these people is that they spend all of their time making fun of Teresa and Joe, making nasty comments and jokes about them, bashing them on social media, then they want people to believe that they genuinely care what happens to them and are devastated by their sentences?!!?

    Seriously who are they kidding??

    It is painfully obvious to me that they are using Teresa’s situation to their advantage to stay on television and prolong their 15 minutes of shame as long as they can.

    It’s sad and I can’t blame Teresa one bit for being hurt by it.

    • Good points. Ever since the bitch got demoted she has become more bitter….I just didnt like that Richie set up the talk. He really had no reason to go there since it isnt any of his business but we all know he cant leave T alone.

      It would be perfectly fine had he admit he doesnt like/care for her but what bothers me is the fake vibe around it. Id respect Katfish Bitchie and Rottweiler if they admitted they dont care about her (at least not much)…if they did that then I would see no problem.

    • They all need to be careful because I doubt their hands are all clean either.

      People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

    • Sara, very true. And, teresa n Joe know Kathy, Rosie n auntie better than we do. Teresa knows their motive. Anything to be on tv. Makes me wanta cuss. What these crazy ppl won’t do to be on tv. Pretty soon Kathy, Rosie, auntie, Richie, Jacq, melissa and probably goofy twins will be on the knees begging. Practically already are.

  • If catfish and her family didn’t discuss T and her legal problems they would never get camera time. She is a big fake snoozefest. Gotta pay for that house on the back of your family’s legal problems. DISGUSTING

  • They used Theresa and Joe’s sitiation for camera time. Theresa is right it wasnot something family should do. She had every right to be upset.

  • Kathy needs to go play in traffic. She is the passive aggressive queen of backtracking. Every time she says something and gets called out on it, she pretends that the person took it out of context. In this case, her mother was obviously saying that Teresa and Joe deserved what they got. Don’t downplay it. It wasn’t a general statement. They were specifically speaking about Teresa and Joe’s situation. I mean damn, even if you deserve what you got, you wouldn’t expect your own family to kick you when you’re down on national television. And then Kathy acts like she doesn’t understand why Teresa doesn’t care for her.

  • They are just proving that they are insincere assholes and only care about their 15 minutes – plain and simple. No one cares about anything they do – yet they keep trying to be relevant by throwing Teresa’s name around.
    Kathy is passive aggressive and comes across as a complete bitch.

  • If it was my family, I would have kept it off camera. NOW if Jim, Amber, twins, or any non relative talks about then OH WELL but family should discuss it off camera. I don’t think Teresa’s auntie said anything bad what was bad was the way Richie brought it up.

    I think that when Teresa said she hadn’t bought Katfish’s book was damn funny!

  • teresa’s aunt was clearly saying that Joe and Teresa deserved what they got. The tears kathy and jac shed were for the cameras. Fake!

    • Yep that is exactly what that old bitch said. Show me your mother and i will tell you who you are.

      That woman is not a sweet old grandma

      • so its ok to say bad stuff about EVERYONE ELSE’S parents but not teresa right!?!? god you are a hypocrite to the fullest.

        • That old bag already told a BS story about Teresa’s parents. Katfish already called Teresa’s parents names.

          Bottom line Katfish and her mother are both bitter hags.

          they both were passed over and bitterness is eating them alive

          • It’s sad that her own aunt couldn’t control herself. No class just like her daughters. Old school Italian, my ass! We never go against our family and we would never give away a child like an old suit. They are an embarrassment.

        • Maybe you’re a lowlife that would bash your family on TV? I don’t roll that way..

          They tried to make Teresa look bad but wound up looking worse.

          When Exxon catches up with tricky dicky i wannna hear that old bag say the same thing. Doubt it though.

          How fast tricky dicky changed the story from Ellen the fake girlfriend to Teresa. Can’t have Ellen suing for Rodey drugging her and misrepresenting her as Rodey’s Girlfriend .. 😉

      • Hopeful, as usual I have to agree. That old woman is not sweet or innocent. I think that’s where Kathy got her ways. Also I have a feeling no one agrees with me about Rosie, but I have my own opinion about her and she to me is the same as Kathy and the mother. They try to act like they care, but the heart is telling the truth. The old woman told it as they really are, even the evil look and tone of the voice.

        • Yep Teresa

          Why didn’t they keep discussing the fake girlfriend that claimed she was drugged and The brother sexually molested the sisters?

          Why did that old bag mother already tells stories about Teresa’s parents seasons ago?

          Why did Katfish call Teresa’s parent names?

          Why did Rosie threaten to cut out Teresa’s tongue and killl her and go to jail?

          Cause Teresa said her father was there for them even more than their own father.

          Something tells me if that wasn’t true the bitter cousins would have laughed. i would have said Yea ok just like Teresa did when her parents were called liars and cowards. JMO