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Lea Black Tweets Support for BLK!


Well, that was nice of her!

After the Manzo clan posted pictures of Albie stocking shelves in Wegmans, Lea Black Tweeted support for the Manzo-Laurita venture.

“You go guys! Love it. #florida finally,” Lea said.


Now that Jac and Caroline are off RHONJ, I haven’t heard much about that black water they were marketing. It looks like things are full steam ahead for the Manzo kids and their Uncle Chris! I still can’t see myself drinking the stuff, but good for them I guess?

What do you think about Lea supporting Caroline’s family? Have you tried BLK?

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Gabby Cuzzola

Gabriella hails from New Jersey, and currently lives with her boyfriend and two adopted four-leggers just north of all the Real Housewives action. In her spare time, Gabby enjoys photography, soccer, cooking, and anything and everything DIY. Once upon a time in a Connecticut dorm room, her Bravo-loving roommate introduced her to The Real Housewives franchise. Now her biggest guilty pleasure, Gabby is excited to bring the gossip. Namaste, readers.

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  • RHJunkie83

    BLK water tastes like tires and costs about $4 a bottle. I like the Manzo’s hustle, but no to that nasty water.

  • Nonnie

    I think if Lea’s last name was “White” she wouldn’t have commented on it!! Lol!

    • September24

      OMG! Good one!

  • Jood

    They are probably paying an allotment fee to put their products on the shelf. Competition is very big in the beverage industry and every square foot is rented to the vendors. If the product doesn’t sell well, the grocer can discontinue it, but at least gets some $$ for the space.

    • Cheryl

      Can you imagine walking into your grocery store and say you never watched HWs ever, and saw this water in the your face… my curiosity would kill me to know how the hell someone can call water “Blk” without thinking of something dirty, filthy or I’d ask if Kool Aid has a new flavor. LOL.

      • Teresa

        Lol you 2. It’s true. So funny.

  • alice14

    one thing I can say is every time I pass by the shelves BLK is always on stock–always full. I wonder if it is selling well? I would have tried it if they didn’t want to make it “cure” everything…like really?

  • zoeysmom

    Lea Black is a good person to have supporting your business endeavors. Good for her for being supportive.

    • Nutnibblergorga

      Yes she is, to two other thieves (laurita’s) that stole and committed fraud that make’s the Guidice’s case look like chump change.

  • Cheryl

    The coins at la casa Chris/Jacqueline must be running low for them to pedal mud water in Fl.

  • Andrew

    Ha, they’re trying to promote infused alkaline water. It’s bogus and not good for you at all.

  • Hanky Panky

    I am curious- has anyone tried this stuff and what is in it that makes it black? Not sure why anyone would want to drink “black water”…..

    • Queen Vee

      I was going to ask the same thing. Does it have black minerals in it or something?

    • I Believe

      A couple of years ago I bought 3 bottles (3 for $1.00) I still have 2 left. I let some dry in the sun and what was left looked like black chalk,the same as when you boil it, I also dripped some on a coffee filter and it looks like black ink. It has a gritty after taste and the only thing it can cure constipation, I spent the next 3 days running to the bathroom. LOL It’s funny now but it wasn’t then. Also my doctor said, “your kidneys have enough work to do, this stuff doesn’t sound like a good idea”. I wonder if you drink enough of it, will it tarnish your teeth? One thing I don’t wanna find out. Lets just say I will not be a repeat customer.

  • Fan of the Show

    WOW!!! I’m not interested in their water product either, but bleach.

  • Jihan

    I would rather drink bleach than buy whatever it’s that they are selling. They probably started this venture with money the defrauded from hard working decent folks.

    If lea is smart, she should stay away from the Jersey criminals aka Manzo/Lauritas.

    • jms

      @jihan They probably started this venture with money the defrauded from hard working decent folks. _you got the wrong housewife mate …

      • Nutnibblergorga

        jms, the Laurita’s court date in 11/11/14. I think you need to check your facts mate. Their fraud and theft is sooooo much bigger than the Guidice’s. And fat Al Manzo defrauded the state of New Jersey, read up on it mate, mine and all the other tax payer’s in New Jersey paid for Fat Al, Fat Chuckie and Fat miserable Lauren’s lap bands.

        • jms

          might be the case ( and I don’t know not that interested)u also paid for Teresa and joes lifestyle mate..funny how no one feels sorry for them tho ,no offence but a lot of you on here take this stuff way to serious

        • Bella

          I wish Andy would bring that up about Jac & Chris taking money from people. Teresa everything was out there.

    • Teresa

      Maybe Lea is missing the HM and trying to get in with Caroline or something. Lea is a pretty woman. She has Caroline beat big time, Lea is prettier than NJ or NY housewives. Except for a very few.