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The Real Housewives of Miami will Return this Spring!

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The Real Housewives of Miami sure knows how to take a hiatus. Just like last time the show went off the air for an extended period, rumors buzzed after the Season 3 finale that the Floridian ladies may not return to our TV screens. Now those fears can be put to rest, as LALATE reports that RHOM Season 4 will premiere in the Spring!

It looks like Adriana de Moura, Alexia Echevarria, and Lisa Hochstein will reprise their roles as full-time housewives and Marysol Patton will be upgraded (she was bumped down to a “friend” for last season) again this year. This accounts for one side of the drama, but what about the other? Joanna Krupa and Lea Black, who formed a close friendship on Season 3 after Lea dramatically parted ways with longtime bestie Adriana, haven’t given word on whether they will return to the show. I guess we will have to wait and see!

It’s been a while, so where did we leave off with the Miami gals? Joanna and Lisa’s friendship was on the rocks after the bi-coastal model made way too many inappropriate comments about Lisa’s fertility issues. Adriana and Lea were wrapped up in their own feud surrounding the “secret weddings” they both might have had. OH, and Mama Elsa was still in recovery. Outside the friendship drama, we can look forward to catching up with Lisa on the status of her Star Island home.

Are you looking forward to Season 4? Would you watch without Joanna and Lea?

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  • Get rid of Lea and Lisa then bring back Ana and Karent. Joanna will stay if Karent returns and Ana had huge drama with Marysol. I wanna see that play out on screen.

  • Lea was my favorite. Can’t stand Adriana – I didn’t feel married. Who plays people like that?

  • Joanna is trying like hell to get onto the RHOBH but they won’t allow it. She would do better to get back on with Miami. I do like Alexis is back on, I always loved Alexis.

    • I like Alexis. Liked the show. But they change women so much I cant rem who is who. Lol. Alexis is a beautiful woman.

    • That’s not true. Joanna bas recently said that she is not interested in being on Real Housewives at all.

  • I watch all the franchises except Miami. No real reason, except just not interested. I even watched DC. Don’t know what means, just saying..

  • Marysol seems very nice but I’m not interested in seeing her Mother on the show. I think for sure that Joanna will be back, she seems to like the drama. I hope Lisa can have kids!

  • Other reports are saying that this isn’t true at all. The future of the show is still undecided and these four are trying to attract press to show Bravo that there is still interest.

      • If there were any truth to this rumor, Lea and Alexis would have been tweeting up a storm. We would definitely know if they were filming.

        Seems like Bravo is undecided, but the only way it’s coming back at this point is with a big cast shakeup. Too much time has passed to keep track of last season’s storylines.

      • I never liked Miami Housewives and I live in Miami. Can’t stand any of them except for Joanna. With the other women, especially with Alexia, everything is about being Cuban. I live with it daily do I have to see it on a show that supposed to be entertaining? Please don’t bring Miami back.

        • Only Alexis and Marysol, who wasn’t a housewife last season, are Cuban. Your comment makes no sense outside the context of spewing racism. Unfortunately, it seems to be a growing trend on this site.

          I don’t believe the rumor, since they would be already filming if the show were due to air this spring, but I’d be thrilled if the show came back. And more thrilled if the women were more culturally diverse and more Miami, since that’s really what would set it apart from the other franchises.

    • I’m with you guys. Lea and Joanna are the only entertaining ones to me. Adriana is so trashy and telenovela-fake I can’t even stand to watch her.