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Lisa Hochstein’s Husband Sued For Selling Botox Samples

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Looks like there’s more legal trouble for the real housewives franchise!

Lisa Hochstein’s husband Leonard is being sued by two of his former staff members! The two claim that Leonard, who is a high-profile plastic surgeon, was selling free samples of Botox to make a profit.

In the lawsuit, the former staff members claim they were fired after they questioned Leonard about selling the free samples he received.

Leonard tells Gossip Extra that the claims aren’t true: “They just concocted this cockamamie story to get me to settle,” he said. “Neither were good employees. They’re hoping to make some money off of me so they looked for something before they left. I sell a lot of Botox, but I give out a lot of free samples.”

Who do you believe?

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  • I believe the ladies in the office. This guy is a shit-weasel. Thank God he is never invited to any good parties or meetings. I’d like to see him do some free cleft lips and palates or do some skilled cancer reconstruction. Fact is, he sucks.

  • Hmmm. . . sounds like maybe the fired staff members were helping themselves to the free samples.

    There is more to the cost of Botox injections than the price of the product-you have to pay for the professional injecting it.

    • It will be interesting to see if any witnesses or customers go to court an testify, and for what side! If they have list of people that bought the samples, he may be in trouble. Or if he is lucky, and telling truth, this will be squashed an no proof surfaces.

  • two scumbag ex-employees they got fired and trying to steal money. Two imbeciles that don’t know how to do their job correctly. Congratulation losers now you probably never get a job again because anyone that would think of hiring you will now know you are scum.

      • I agree Buck Henry! Lenny has to buy his ex escort wife a new Hermes bag! I don’t think she will settle for a Knock off like NeNe has. I think he did a horrible job on Kim Z. Real SHOTTY work Lenny does. If Lenmy was a Good surgeon he would Never have to stoop so low to sell his samples.then again he married an ex hooker I mean escort.