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Jim Marchese Reveals That He Wasn’t Invited To The Finale Or The Reunion!


Despite not being actual Housewives the husbands seem to be as much involved as the ladies are and usually appear at the finale, reunion, and some trips.  However according to Jim Marchese that won’t be the case for him this season!  Jim reveals that after a drama-filled trip to Florida, which will air later this season, Bobby, Rino and the twins refused to film with him and had him banned from the finale and the reunion!

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This has me pretty excited to see this Florida trip!  Jim obviously is not a fan or cast favorite and can come off as a arrogant, however, I still would love to see him at the reunion!  He is not one to sit back and just take a beating from Bobby or the twins and would want to hear out every side of the story.  Either way this reunion could get pretty interesting.  Thoughts on what Jim had to say?

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    • It’s very clear that Jim is a closet case…out yourself already dude and take it up the____like the bitch you are. Amber dear…get out while you can!! Bobby, come out already too…it’s freakin’ 2014! Really pussy boys???

  • Please, the guy has a real serious job as a lawyer and some class… of course he’s gonna come off as arrogant next to these brainless vulgar crooks husbands.

  • This man is beneath contempt!
    He is not honest as we found out in the second episode! His claims that he’s a lawyer, he works with the atourney general , he works with people prosecuting Joes case, all were debunked sharply with statements from prosecutors office! He tries to feed us this story but we all know that if produces wanted him there he would be there. Bobby and Rino have no power over who is filmed or not! He is a whining child without an ounce if believability! I cannot imGine how anyone could trust him as their mortgage broker after seeing this guy act like a dishonest 4 year old!

  • I don’t like Jim or his wife I think he wants to be a housewife. My god please get this man a dress he is such a girl with all his ways. I just wish they would get them off the show . He makes me sick.

  • I don’t like Jim or his wife I think he wants to be a housewife. My god please get this man a dress he is such a girl with all his ways. I just wish they would get them off the show . He makes me sick.

  • Did Amber say in the last episode that her husband was an attorney when they met Victoria Gotti? He has a law degree but hasn’t passed the Bar so can’t be an attorney – is this correct? I don’t live in America!!

  • This lil man is sooooo delusional! He believes that ANYONE is afraid of his 5’6 behind! I mean REALLY! He scares NO ONE! Oh, wait maybe his family!

  • I can’t even begin to say how much this man gets under my skin.
    The only reason he acts like he enjoys being the man that does this to viewers and other cast mates is because he wasn’t able to win one person over, and clearly as most people would I’m sure to try and take the embarrassment outta it for him, he tries to pretend that being liked isn’t a concern for him, and blames the others for being cowards and pussies. It’s clear the hate he gets does just as much get under his skin as he does to us, he will just never admit that.
    I’m sorry you’ve been called out on the fake man and “lawyer” you claim to be, however…it’s your fault. If you were as smart as you claim, you should know what comes with being on reality tv…yes it’s your wife, but the closest family members get the grunt of hate and unwanted air time too, and facts about yourself you thought not one person would figure out or how a white lie the moment it comes from your mouth gets fact checked that second and than why yes…we all learn you’re just as much of a fraud as you call others.
    Be thankful that you won’t be on the reunion, it’s gonna save your wife just a bit more, and maybe save that tiny bit of dignity that you have left inside. I’m sure now there are those moments you look in the mirror at night thinking of all the lies and things you were called out on, and slowly are seeing that man that’s just as greedy as the guidances or liars like the gorgas or as flashy as the twins, don’t ever try and convince yourself your better than anyone. You thought it’d be easy to convince the viewers of this, since you’ve looked I the mirror and told yourself, wife and kids you were the man of the year, but thankfully reality tv has exposed you for who you are…if it’s come as far that you truly can’t see your own lies of who you try to perceive yourself as than I feel sorry for you…cause tv won’t stop showing and ripping you apart layer by layer until you do notice and become something different and more this arrogant man you’ve become. You want to teach your sons to become well mannered, true gentleman…successful from true hard work and not being greedy slime balls that try and take the easiest way out, than it’s time you change. I know it’s hard to swallow but sometimes others can see yourself better than you do…no matter how much wool you do try and pull over their eyes.
    I would love have seen Andy say this to you himself since he can be much more convincing and blunt, make you see things a tad bit more clear. But since you’re that despicable that bravo couldn’t convince the others to otherwise have you on the show…damn your true colors just keep blazing through. Stop acting tough, it doesn’t work for you. Good for you and your achievements but stop trying to act as the top dog. Having it all includes being a true good man, and a good friend….and simply good to others that aren’t…even if you think their are below you…a true man wouldn’t have to make any other person feel belittle because they know doing that isn’t gonna make them have any more than they do.

  • Thank god this asshole won’t be at the reunion…everyone should look this dicks name up on the internet so u can ALL see what skeletons he has in his little shitass small house closet. He’s just an envious jealous ass!!!!! He only wishes his house is as gorgeous as the giudices… I guess he regrets not stealing as much as he did in the scam he orchaestrated at.cell therapuetics..” We’ll shit ur wife supposedly has a college degree so get her ass out working too… most woman have too…

  • One would think he’d celebrate this, after all he didn’t want to be associated with such criminals or so he claimed

  • Here is what I think. Bravo had to find persons desperate enough to think they would become famous by being on the show this season. There had been so much negativity in the past with the feud between Melissa & Teresa, with Caroline & Jacqueline, with Teresa & Joe’s indictments, that Bravo had to change things up to take the heat off themselves after of all of this. So they (Bravo), found these desperate for fame people that thought being on the most popular Reality show on Bravo would somehow bring them fame & fortune. Well we all know how that worked out ! They were hired to look like the fools they were portrayed. All of them. Amber & Jim, the twins, Bobby & Rino they all were the fall guys for Bravo & didn’t even realise it. Jim thought he would be the shit stirrer & become famous but he became the most hated man in reality televison, embarrassing his wife & family with his behavior on national television. Rino nuzzled up to Teresa & Joe knowing they were the leading characters on the show making himself look like a traitor to his friends of many years. And the twins ? Well they just look like airheads period. Bravo played all these people & they fell for it. But what gets me is that the viewers can’t see this under the table, planning & deliberate methodology by Bravo themselves. (Sighs)

      • Yes, great point. I think all of Jim’s antics must be hurting his business. Who would want to deal with someone like this when you can get a mortgage anywhere. Not me.

        • Yes, really great post Just Me! ITA, Bravo knew the core fans were demanding they lighten up on Teresa, and even Melissa, so came up with the perfect cast to take the heat off of them.

  • I am not on twitter but it sounds like Jim answers all sent to him. No blocking people like Jax does. If this is the case I give him credit for it.

  • So who has an IQ of 12 now? Jim “I am attorney/liar” Marchese spells finale as “finally.” Well done. Slow clap.

    Having watched Jim in action on the show and read about his twitter feuds with some freaking kids, all I can say is that Jim Marchese is a narcissistic, self involved, liar.

    The most cursory background googling on this guy exposes him as a borderline criminal at worst and a con man at best.

    Talk about a guy desperate for 15 minutes of fame.

  • Well – this situation works out best for everyone involved – now the other men on the show won’t have to film with a he-bitch! And – Mr. High and Mighty Prosecutor/accountant/insurance salesman/lawyer/Governor/FEDERAL AGENT/ indian/chief won’t get in trouble with his employer for being at the reunion around a criminal/criminals! See – things ALWAYS work out best for Jim! Especially if he’s telling the story! BOY – this guy is cuckoo for coco puffs! – he’s also the BIGGEST MAN-BITCH I have ever seen! A criminal that doesn’t want to be around another criminal! And – an employer who allows you to be a criminal – but doesn’t allow you to associate with one! I use to believe Slade Smiley was the worse wanna-be househusband in housewives history – with Peter Thomas in second place – BUT – in just a few episodes – Mr. Jim has taken first and second place from both those idiots!

  • just my opinion but i call BS on the POS, he will not attend the reunion with the fear that someone might call him out on his scam that most likely caused cancer patients their lives. #lowlife#lowestPOSthereis

  • I don’t think it’s fair not to have Jim there. Are they afraid of him? When you sign up for these shows you are supposed to sign up for EVERYTHING including all your dirty laundry. To tell you the truth, I would look forward to see what Jim would say!

  • Jim and Amber are the best thing to happen to NJ Housewives. They are over the top dramatic and brutally honest a breath of fresh air on a show dominated by people who only share half their real opinion

  • And if he continues to run his mouth, he wont be invited back. Look at what happened to the greeks.

    He shouldn’t mind anyway because he didn’t want to film with anyone else. He’s a “lawyer”.

    • I hope they all keep filming. The longer these buffoons are on camera the more attention they draw to themselves. I’m betting it won’t be long before we learn the Feds have busted most of them for one illegal move or another. They’re are many, many more skeletons in these fools closets, and they deserve to have all of them exposed and aired for the masses to deliberate.

    • I thought producers pulled the plug on the Greeks because they didn’t have the goods (provable gossip) they promised?

  • This guy is all kinds of crazy, but you gotta love that he’s blowing the lid off all the fakery that is the RHONJ! Who cares if half of what he says isn’t true. Half of what they film and air isn’t true, so even Steven as far as I’m concerned. If Bravo didn’t want him Tweeting they’d be pulling legal action against him. This is all a part of the game that is RHONJ. Now we have the big tough guys crying they won’t film with JM. So tough! They claim they brawl in the streets like “real men” but they won’t show up in the same place and time to film with him? What does that say about them being “real men”? If these tools are the type of “real men” you find in NJ, I thank God I only drive through that state to get somewhere else. Real women and men of NJ, stand up and denounce these losers…ALL OF THEM! Not one single one of them is any better or worse than the other…all scum.

  • I doubt that Bravo didn’t invite him to the reunion because of the others. I bet he threatened to “sue” someone and Bravo is not asking him or his wife back.

    • Stephanie
      that sounds like something this idiot would do. Why is he even talking about any of this, he supposedly didn’t want to be on the show in the first place
      I dont think bravo production is someone he wants to mess with in a court of law.

  • One thing about Jim, he talks/Tweets off the top of his head and I have to give him points for that versus the ones on these shows that try to do things to get camera time.

  • So maybe BRAVO is honoring Jim’s insistence that he can NOT be anywhere near the Guidices and since it’s certain atleast Teresa G will be at the reunion, Jim shouldn’t be there. Wouldn’t want to tarnish his shining professional reputation, right? I don’t even like Joe Gorga but I would have liked to see him cuff this moron up side the head. This little worm needs to crawl back into the hole in the dirt he crawled out of.

    • Joe & Teresa should be the least of this POS worries. I’m not a fan of what they pulled but they didn’t put anybody’s life at risk

  • I have no desire to see this guy ever, so not coming to the reunion does not bother me. I am interested in what happened on the Florida trip though.

      • Hey, is it during the FL trip when Dina is telling Jim and Amber that they need to pack their stuff and leave? That scene was shown during the First Look awhile back. Just wondering.

  • Just cuz he acts like a girl doesn’t make him a housewife. What a whining cry baby. Put your big boy pants on and get off twitter Dude.

    • Wow! Thanks so much for the alert. I think she very funny. Nothing off limits. People have to realize she is from the Lenny Bruce days when a comedian could be arrested for obscene jokes and they were fighting for Freedom Of Expression.

    • update

      8:49 AM PT — The NYPD tells us … Joan is currently in critical condition.

      We’re told … at one point, Joan’s heart stopped beating.

      It’s unclear if doctors were able to restart the comic’s heart.

      8:15 AM PT — We’re told an emergency call was placed to 911 at 9:39 AM ET and the caller said, “We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest.”

      Read more:

      from tmz..

    • This has preoccupied my mind all day long! I love Joan Rivers. Just last weekend, I did a marathon on TV/Youtube of Joan & Melissa and other Joan videos for light-hearted fun. I was thinking to myself, she has to have another 10 yrs in her….she looks great, and is a comedian Icon, who adores her daughter and grandson.

      I hope for a speedy recovery….and no damage. The world can’t lose 2 comedian giants in one year, let alone one month! :-/

      • Hi Laura
        i also wish her a speedy recovery. She works too hard for someone her age or even younger.
        Saw an interview with her and you would not believe the busy schedule she keeps. Hopefully she has a full recovery and slows down a bit.

        • I know @Bryn, I wish she would slow down, and not live a Bi-Coastal life as much. My God, she was filming the Emmy’s, Fashion Police amd Im Bed with Joan just two days or so ago…show Friday Night in NY. And an endoscopy in between? I had an endoscopy, and in my forties made sure I was near home with family. Why didn’t she do this at a hospital at 81? Not outpatient? And why not in LA where her family is?

          • And the twins, Jim, Rino and Santa stories are all disgusting, and not entertainment to me, except for little bitch boy on twitter, and thinking he can go after Gotti and Bravo at same time….he better have mirrore behind his little head, if you know what I mean. Such a Rat in eveeything he does, and a little tattle tale. Agajn, disgusting!.

          • Joan can’t die bc she just interviewed Eddie and LeAnn in bed, this week on her web show. Last interview, oh hell no!

  • I agree with Paula. I hope he twins and Rino and Bobby won’t be bashing him at the reunion then. Why tf would they even blame them? I cant wait to see the new episodes no wonder he was so pissed and tweeted the mother in law fucker thing LOL

  • I will believe it until I see it. When has a cast member or a husband banned from the reunion because of a few cast amtes? They are ALL contractually obligated to appear at the reunion. Wtf?

    That is a bitchass move, definitely. I am sure Bravo will find a way to make Jim be there at the reunion. It is funny how they blamed Gooti’s messiness on him.

  • Why bother having him show up. All he does is threaten lawsuits. Back to the bottom of the barrel dumbass.

  • Not only does Jim think he is a housewife, he also thinks he’s the casting director, producer and editor of the show. Jim, YOU’RE DELUSIONAL!!

  • Well i don’t know about anyone else but i was kinda looking forward to it all kicking off at the reunion i really wanted jim there so everyone could go at him

  • The Reunion has not been filmed.

    According to Jim, the Twins have quit the show. If that is true, why would Bravo honor the request to ban him? This Jim is full of bullshit and inconsistencies. It seems to me that he is trying to stir as much shit to ensure he gets invited.

    • Jim just is thirsty for attention. These reunions are usually recorded a month before they air. Of course he’ll be invited because the men once again have found a way to make the show about them mostly instead of the wives. Jim, Rino and Bobby all act like 7-9 housewives via Twitter and the show.

    • Maybe the twins and the guys said they wouldn’t show up for the reunion if he was there. Other HWs have not shown up and no legal action was taken. They probably gave a ultimatum or him?

      Bravo would be F’ed if nobody showed up to a reunion.

  • OMG… his TL is a riot. I think if Andy wants a SHOW and good reunion that deters us from last 3 of T getting bashed, lets have old Jimmy on ! Why not? He is a total drama queen that brings it LOL. And I cannot believe that Booby and Whino would not want him there- is that telling or nah? What a freaking mess these newbies have created!!! Bravo still does not really do background checks I see. What the hell theme are they going for with NJ? They are sabotaging their own show LOL

    • I agree Michers. Andy will find a way for him to be at the damn reunion, because him and the network would want him there. Rino and Boby need to drop their testes and suck it up. The men have ONE SEGMENT. Why is it such a big deal if he is on there?

      • I would conclude, due to the way things have been going down, that they could possibly be worried of some truths or hints being outed.

        • I think Jim is a riot too! He and Peter definitely ‘bring it’ and I am enjoying it. I love the Twitter stories this site shares with us each day. What else are we gonna talk about? I assume that Andy will definitely do a one-on-one for the reunion with him or bring him to the clubhouse. He has to be loving this too, we know he is messy. LOL

          This franchise was in a troubled place and I think the male drama is helping it. The Rino gossip is gross, no doubt, but the Bobby/Jim/Joey stuff is funny.

          • I think the funniest one so far was when he answered a tweeter about a cheating allegation ( Rino) and said he cheated with Bobby LOL
            Maru Im not si sure if he would talk with Andy! It is my understanding that his rants came to light for a couple reasons: he agreed to something that was not carried out by Bravo, he was betrayed by his BFF, his wife was attacked, and HE gets all the hate. On the other hand, I think he should be around to defend himself or prove/disprove what the other asses say.

          • Yes Michers! That’s my favorite Tweet so far too, the joke about he and Bobby! ha You don’t think he’d talk to Andy? I think he would, because he is head of the food chain. And it seems like Jim wants his voice to be heard, that’s why he’s all over Twitter.

    • I agree He would make the reunion. He is the one doing the publicity ..Let him come. He is only gonna look like the jerk off he is anyway. I could use the laughs

    • I;m sure if they did a background check on JIm they would have seen what a low life POS he is. I’m sure thats the reason for not attending the reunion, he’s scared shit of what he’ll be asked

  • He is an entertaining douche. He talks to his followers like he talks to Amber…

    approx. one hour later (from the tweets above)..a couple of people were tweeting docs proving he is not registered in new jersey…and then another person tweeted he has been convicted of domestic violence-

    he did not deny this -this is his response

    James Marchese ?@JLMarchese111 16h
    @NFW22b @TeamHouseWife @Chrissyshg @AmberNMarchese Plus DVs are given like parking tickets in NJ. Bad judgement yes, DV I dont think so.


    then the same person said “this explains your ex wife’s restraining order”

    Jerk off is getting a taste of his own meds.

  • This little puke punk needs to shut his pie hole. I doubt there is any final decision by Andy/Bravo who is, or is not invited to the reunion yet.

  • Most likely, Andy is going to have a one on one interview with Jim and show it in the reunion. So any accusations that Jim decides to throw at Bobby , the twins and Rino. They will most likely have to answer.

    I really don’t like Bobby. I honestly think he’s a user. Just wanted throw that out there. Sorry if I offended any fans of Bobby’s.

    • I honestly don’t think Bravo will give Jim the time of day. He’s been tweeting that the twins quit, that Bravo staged that scene between Teresa, Amber and Victoria and that it was filmed AFTER everything wrapped. He’s also been saying he hates the show and that their contracts state Bravo can edit and even create fake storylines. So in other words, they could have easily used this “rumor” from Victoria to cause more drama and try and bring in more viewers-even if it’s not true. That hasn’t stopped Jim from spreading it all over twitter. He’s disgusting.

      • “He’s been tweeting that the twins quit, that Bravo staged that scene between Teresa, Amber and Victoria and that it was filmed AFTER everything wrapped”

        Does he even remember what he says the other half the time? In another tweet, he said that Dina wouldn’t fim with him at/after Fla because she was pretending to be offended by the ‘rumor’ Victoria told- and blamed him for it. How can she be offended by something that had not happened yet?

        • See that i don’t believe . Teresa G is the only one that refused NOT to film scenes after the season wrapped.

    • Darling, don’t worry. I don’t think Bobby HAS any “fans” except his family and buddies.

  • Take it as a compliment. It’s your wife’s show not yours. These new men on the show are a bunch of wusses anyway. No, they are not smarter than a 5th grader!

    I love Juicy at the reunions – all he says is cliches. So Jim, you are not missing anything. Let Amber handle it.

  • Wait a minute, this jerk off says he has a law degree but he doesn’t know the difference between there, their and they’re, or your and you’re and doesn’t know how to spell finale? Finally?! LOL! His ranting on twitter was so pathetic yesterday it was sad to watch. He’s such a little bitch.

    • Not only does he have a law degree- he is ‘expert’- whatever the hell that is suppose to mean.

      • Jim Marchese is the worst husband they have ever had on any of the RH shows. He is worse than any of the wives with all his bitching, moaning, lying and “look at me I’m important” speeches. He should
        1)learn to STFU
        2) learn to spell
        3) learn to lie so that he doesn’t get caught out
        4) put on his big girl panties and be a man instead of a wuss
        5) stop behaving like a spoilt child who needs to be the centre of attention at all times

      • I work in a preschool so I change about 60 nappies (diapers) a day so I am therefore an “expert” on what is in those nappies and it is very similar to what comes out everything Jim opens his pie hole. 😀

    • I was reading his Twitter timeline, and this man can’t spell for shit! Like you said, not something is expect from someone with a law degree (I doubt he has that, or a penis now that I think about it). I believe he’s tge one that doesn’t have an IQ above 12. Also, hilarious that he calls the other men cowards. Someone that threatened to Joe Gorga with calling Colts Neck police. What a pussy! I rather doubt at this point, there wouldn’t be invitation to the reunion. Either way, I don’t care to hear his side of any if his bullshit lies.

    • ITA! The husbands and wives always whine when they are portrayed badly on the show that it was “the producers” or “editing” to make them look bad. The few fans Jim has, (or him posting anonymously, which I actually think is the case since he is obsessed with his image, this show and commenting on social media every 2 seconds) keep blaming the editing too for Jim’s lack of fans/support.

      Well the truth is that Douchbag Jim’s twitter feed portrays him 10 times worse than even the show. That is all his own writings, opinions, thoughts straight from the famewhore’s mouth. How did Bravo find this loser.

  • The reunion isn’t even close yet, the probably haven’t done any invites to the husbands yet. And maybe they will do it like they did the view segment where him comes out and speaks then the other guys (or vice versa). Jim should be given the platform to speak, especially if he is the center of the drama

    • Seriously, what a little b!tch Jim is…-at this point no one is invited to the reunion- other that it being assumed the housewives are going be there.

    • Good morning Honnie

      I will never forget your first comment about the newbies..a little more salty than this one.

      You were spot on..holy is like they work for the enquirer.

      • Hello, lovey! I hope you and your beauteous Bonnie are going to enjoy an amazing holiday weekend!

        You and so many others on here are such a breath of fresh, happy air to me.

        You know, I just thought of something interesting here — maybe Bravo choosing these people, who look and act like they are wealthy but really have underlying serious issues is a way of showing viewers that money and possessions are really not everything. At all. Instead, it shows us to be grateful for the loving relationships and clear consciences (always trying to do the right thing) that we do have.

        Or maybe I’m wrong. Who the heck knows! 🙂

        • Hi bud,

          Geez, I remember laughing at the idea of “reality” shows..

          then the ET/Extra started showing how crappy celebs/celeb children can be..

          the worse example for me was a video sent to ET by the Hollywood kid who took the video..teens (children of celebs) getting into limo and screaming at people “my dad could buy and sell you!”..then this group started sending clips of what this crew does for giggles..

          they would drive around in their limo’s (kids of celebs) find couple of homeless people and offer each $5.00 to fight each other.

          Suddenly reality shows popped up..first ones were only with celebs…then ta da..RH

          RH is an odd phenonmenon

          • Technically Cops was the first reality show. Reality t.v is a crazy phenomenon. It’s addictive! I can’t remember what I watched before Bravo I find it a interesting Social experiment.

          • Actually “reality” TV goes back to the 1940s believe it or not.
            But there was a documentary on PBS in the 70s which showed a family going through a divorce that is probably most like the RH on Bravo. There was a movie about it recently starring James Gandolfini. Pretty good movie. (could be HBO, I don’t remember)

    • Which people? Rhino & Bobby?
      This loser completely disrespected their women..why would they film with him??? Has ZERO to do with cowardice. Jim thinks he’s tough but only a lowlife scumbag twit RAT threatens another man with lawsuits & arrests in a fight. Because he CANT fight, Bc he knows he’ll get his feminine a$$ KICKED. So he threatened Gorga that he’d call the police hahaha who does that? You want to fight we FIGHT, we don’t call the POLICE and we don’t threaten to SUE. He is the coward and he is the lowlife RAT! Sorry I’m with Rhino on this one..we don’t hang with RATS. Go call the police crybaby…I’m from Jersey…maybe in Missouri, Oklahoma, Maine, maybe in Utah or South Carolina people call the POLICE when they feel like another man is about to beat their aaa but in NJ??? We don’t in once the fkin police. You’re a little scared woman Marchese…”making him your bitch by deposing h for hours” OH JUST STFU you scared little girl.

      • I truly LOLed when I watched that episode and he confidently assured he’d sic the Colts Neck police on him. I know quite a few folks on the force and I can say that the CNPD is a dignified, above-board department who do a terrific job of keeping residents and visitors safe.

        • I agree

          That speech he gave about deposing him for 3 years was the funniest moment EVER in RHONJ history.

          • Especially since he has a law degree and never passed the bar. And because he is involved with many frivolous law suits and he defends himself and loses every time.

          • Let’s call that a tie with the moment that Joey Gorga placed his mouth on Juicy’s balls and got hair in a can all over everybody.

          • Nah, Mego, the nut nibbling scene by far was the funniest. Ever. Nothing can top “the black shit”. The added bonus is Melissa trying to gouge Juicy’s eyes out while screaming, “Teresa, help your brother!” Reality TV Gold.

      • Fredo is the wuss! Why didn’t he go for the cops being called and a lawsuit being filed? Cause he is losing the lawsuit he has going on right now! Couldn’t beat up Juicy. Can’t win against Jim. Losing against a tenant. Welcome to Fredo’s world.

      • Oklahoma is an open carry state so no need to call the police here. People take care of justice themselves. And no, I’m not saying that’s the right thing to do but the gun toters walk around like they’re freaking Wyatt Earp or something, in Walmart no less!

    • I agree. I don’t miss Caroline nor Jacqueline and I wish Melissa was gone but these newbies makes feel like taking a shower every time I see them.

    • I wonder if they will bring up that Jim was banned from the reunion because of the twins husband and boyfriend.

    • I stopped watching NJ. Just horrible wanna-be famous douche bags. I don’t agree with putting the ugliest, nastiest assholes they can find on TV just to get people to talk about them. If everyone quits watching, these Cretans wouldn’t have a platform.

    • @Honnie Badger

      So, these people are bottom of the barrel pathetic? OH, OK! What does that make you who not only views this program; but, yet in STILL you comment!

      • What does it make her? A viewer posting her comments, that’s what!

        No need to attack, especially over this sleaze.

        Honnie Badger is one of the nicest posters on here, so just stop.

        • Exactly eggmitit
          Not only is she one of the nicest posters here, she is one of the most knowledgeable and honest posters.