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Tamra Barney Reveals There Is Not A Chance She’s Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County!

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After being the center of all the drama going on this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County and blaming producers on certain scenes (like saying producers made her call Lizzie last minute to tell her she’s not coming to her birthday) there were several reports claiming Tamra Barney would not be returning to the Real Housewives next season! BUT Tamra says there is not a chance that’s happening!

A viewer tweeted Tamra saying, “I hope those rumors are not true about u not being on next season. You are the BEST sh*t-stirrer around!”

Tamra quickly responded saying, “haha not a chance”

Another viewer chimed in adding, “YES I’m sure she’s real happy about being the villain all season & post season geez..”

Tamra replied “I’m happy every time I go to the bank!”

Joy! Another season with Tamra. Truthfully I could never see her leaving the show unless she is fired and I’m sure one day, that will happen! I don’t understand why she would be on the show when she has bigger things to worry about like the custody battle for her children against Simon…#justsaying!

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  • ncjo

    If Tamara wants to show a child custody court that she has the best interest in mind, she should want to leave the show. It is sadly apparent that her overwhelming need for attention and fame come before raising her children. I hope Simon takes some reels of her behavior and histrionics in for viewing by the court officials. Thank God he doesn’t let them film! (Remember how ticked Tamra was about that.) It is not good for children to see the type of behavior she exhibits.
    Let’s not forget that even though they weren’t filmed, they were there to witness the aftermath of Tamra’s antics. MAYBE she should tell her bestie HEATHER to quit reminding us that most of the real drama took place OFF CAMERA and on the TELEPHONE. HMMMM, are you listening Simon?

  • ncjo

    If Tamara wants to show a child custody court that she has the best interest in mind, she should want to leave the show. It is sadly apparent that her overwhelming need for attention and fame come before raising her children. I hope Simon takes some reels of her behavior and histrionics in for viewing by the court officials. Thank God he doesn’t let them film! (Remember how ticked Tamra was about that.) It is not good for children to see the type of behavior she exhibits.
    Let’s not forget that even though they weren’t filmed, they were there to witness the aftermath of Tamra’s antics. MAYBE she should tell her bestie HEATHER to quit reminding us that most of the real drama took place OFF CAMERA and on the TELEPHONE. HMMMM, are you listening Simon?

  • mtrae9

    Tamra is to narcissistic to think of another other than herself. And it appears the money is to tempting to turn down.

    However, I don’t think Tamra was totally to blame for everything that went down this year. I think Lizzie, Shannon and Vicki did their fare share of shit-stirring.

  • Valerie

    I’m so over this bitch. When she first came on I liked her. But after past couple seasons she has become this vile person. She’s like a snake or disgusting human being! Bitch is not aging gracefully that’s for sure.

  • Jo

    Gosh we’re going to have to keep up with her bullsh every year… yay…

  • MP


  • jen

    She’s on this show for the paycheck. Without she’d be on the welfare line, that would not look too good in her battle for custody

  • mimi

    Well this is an epic disappointment

  • Scatty

    It looks to me that Tamra is starting to take on a mannish appearance, especially in the face. I wonder if it’s the testosterone supplements she’s taking to try to stay youthful (that’s what she thinks anyway)? One would think Eddie would complain, but then again, maybe he prefers a younger manly-looking woman to an older-looking womanly wife. Key emphasis on the Manly part.

  • Stacey

    Of course she’ll never leave the show. She’s totally irrelevant if she’s not.

  • chelsey

    oh my lord puuuuulllleeez leave Tamra I wouldn’t miss her one little bit she is so awful…..

    and it speaks volumes that she is happy every time she goes to the bank even if she earns a pay cheque for destroying peoples lives !!!!!

  • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll

    That hair.

    • Jarlath


  • karen

    Well, they just lost this viewer. I watch TV for an escape – not to be tortured with that vile witch.

  • Kris

    Hahaha she needs the money cuz CUT sucks!

  • Oahu Stacey


  • Janice

    And this is where Bravo loses me. Bravo would fire the cast members that were truly hateful. Danielle, Jill Z, etc…That made me, the viewer, feel like there was some justice in all of this! If they take that away then I just feel like schmuck that helps this loser go to ‘the bank’ and no can do…Come on Bravo grow a set of balls!!

  • Tanya Phillips

    I think Tamra is a toxic person to the show. I believe she should’ve been fired instead of Gretchen.

    However, the OC duo is Tamra & Vicki… they are the ones that the show revolves around… therefore I doubt she will be fired.

    It’s almost like Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards on RHOBH… I doubt either of those 2 will ever be fired.

    • Taco Tuesday

      I agree that Gretchen should not have been fired. They should have kept Gretch and not hired Lizzie or her mute side kick.

      The fighting between Tamra and Gretchen was 100% pure mean-girl. LOL! And then add Slade to the mix and Vicki’s hatred of him and it was solid Housewife gold! 🙂

      • Just Sayin

        I cant agree with that, mean girl is not housewife gold, I fast forwarded through all scenes with Tamra and her robot baby, I had zero interest in her made up story line and I know I am not the only one. She is annoying and actually aggravating to watch. Lizzie is interesting and smart, which is why Tamra wants her gone, plus Tamra is almost 20 years older than Lizzie and Tamra has a history of jealousy for any woman she sees as more attractive. She is not entertaining at all, and I am going to say she is mentally ill and it is starting to leak out on TV now. Shannon has a lot more money than Tamra and her Target decor and she is very obviously jealous.

        • Taco Tuesday

          Tamra and the robot baby had nothing to do with Gretch. And of COURSE Tamra is jelly of Lizzie’s $$$. duh.

          • Just Sayin

            Taco I have no idea what you are talking about, and I was not responding to your post…I usually dont because you dont allow others to have different opinions than yours without making snarky comments to them. However, Lizzie is a very smart person, you dont succeed at school as she has done without being smart. As for her chest size, she was born with what she was born with, I dont comment on the housewives looks usually just their behavior

        • Taco Tuesday

          Lizzie is not smart.

          and unless you are a dude into triple D tits she’s probably not that interesting either.

      • Jarlath

        But Gretchen did not have a storyline.

        • Taco Tuesday

          Gretchen’s storyline is that she is prettier than Tamra. And that Vicki hated slade. It’s the same exact storyline that is happening this season. Same day, different players! HA!

  • zoeysmom

    Tamra’s cockiness is exactly why she should not return. Give her a season off and let her reflect. Stirring the pot should not be a full-time job. People’s feelings and families get hurt in the process.

    • Jarlath

      But thing is, this is all a job for all women involved. They know how this thing works. They cannot take anything seriously, if they do, then they shouldn’t be on this. Same goes for fans who go overboard and take things personally.

      • LaraM

        On a roll, Jarlath, saying what I see, or am trying to say!

      • Taco Tuesday

        Exactly Jarlath. And that is the role for which Tamra was made.
        Us WOMEN get it. But does Andy?

        the answer is yes. he does get it. Andy gets it—and that is why Tamra is queen of the OC. :o)

  • Taco Tuesday

    Tamra is one of those people who was born at the right time in the right place– to really take financial advantage of the age she lives in. She is a natural for reality TV and I doubt she could have been as successful at anything else in life, past present or future.

    She’s the perfect villain for this show and Bravo would be a FOOL to let her leave.

    • zoeysmom

      Cemeteries are full of indispensable people. Especially the RH cemetery of former housewives. Bethenny left NY and the ratings went up.

      The ratings are up this year because of the Shannon storyline-something Tamra keeps trying to clamp on to.

      I think a season without Tamra would be a good gauge of how important she is. I think there are plenty of interesting people out there that don’ have to be so brazen about playing a role.

      • Taco Tuesday

        I never said she was indispensable. I said she is in the right place at the right time and is the perfect villain for reality TV.

    • Michelle

      What cost does Tamra feel is great enough to play a villain? She has ruined an over 10 years marriage, her own children don’t want to live with her, she has no real friends, and she has said some not so nice things about her mother and father. Her third husband, Eddie, doesn’t even look like he enjoys being around her.

      At some point, Tamara will look in the mirror and realize she isn’t playing a villain, she is a villain.

      • Taco Tuesday

        Yes, that’s what I mean. She is perfect for this genre because she just doesn’t seem to care. In any other place or time she’d likely still be a single mother struggling & trying to sell real estate.

        RHOC was a godsend for her, she knows it, and she’s not going to let it go without a fight. And that is the reason I believe she is the perfect villain. And that is also why Bravo is not in any rush to let her go.

        • LaraM

          Good points, Taco!

        • OhWell

          Great, Bravo is making being a sociopath lucrative. They can milk that cow all they want. It’s going to come around.

          • LaraM

            They already have for most HW! None of us would join a show like this, I’m certain.

        • Jarlath

          You raise good points, she needs the money and will do whatever it takes, i.e., production wants, to bring the drama. But this is a double-edged sword. Because she knows how to play the game, a sense of naturalness is lost and it all becomes too-manufactured. I know it’s mostly scripted but the reactions to a large extent are natural. Tamra’s behavior doesn’t come across at all natural. It’s as if she’s gotten to the point where she will say and do whatever it takes and hope it sticks in her attempts to produce drama. She needs to rein it in a bit.

          • LaraM

            Great post, Jarlath! Well said!

          • Taco Tuesday

            No Jarlath, that’s what Lizzie is there for. 😉

    • Jarlath

      Tamra’s drama is just too sloppy. It’s as if she’s gotten too comfortable and careless. There’s an art to reality TV and if people can see she is doing shit because that’s what the producers want and not maintaining the charade that there is some reality, she’s going to get the axe.

      • LaraM

        I agree! She is “sloppy”? i always said cockie! In either case, though entertaining to watch, it will catch up with her!

      • Taco Tuesday

        No she won’t because the viewers get it. They get that Tamra is the fourth wall. She’s downright Shakespearean.

  • Sarah

    I would describe Tamra as a team player.

  • MissLucie

    Of course they won’t fire you, Tammy. You’re too talented, gullible, and a pawn. I like her, btw. She needs to get herself together though!

    • rich

      Three words that do not apply to Tamra in any way are “talented, gullible and pawn”.

      • MissLucie

        I thought this forum was partial to satire? Ahem.

    • penilane

      I respect everyone’s opinions, but Tamra has no talent. A woman that lies to pin people against each other isn’t called talent it’s called pathological liar, especially when tamra sits back and enjoys the trouble she’s caused then tries to play victim.
      I don’t know who could possibly think that’s entertaining because it’s not entertaining. It’s disgusting!
      Tamra is delusional to think people love to watch her start trouble and when caught plays the victim!
      Let’s think about this for minute tamra is out there that even though she’s fighting for custody of her kids she still behaves this pathetic way!
      Does Tamra honesty think the judge doesn’t watch this show, or may ask for footage to see what type of character this woman has!!

      Bravo please get new hws this world has enough vile in it, and Tamra being so vile makes it very hard to watch this show!!
      This woman needs to get her anger in check she has a serious anger problem!!
      Tamra said herself in one episode to Eddie she said something a long the lines of that’s how I am when I’m angry I raise my voice etc.

      Tamra is so embarrasseing to watch when she’s shouting fu at the drop of a hat when she’s called out on her behavior!!

  • eyeroller

    The vast number of celebratory comments that flooded social media about her firing was the sweetest public bitch slap that could have happened to her. It was FANTASTIC! Someday, she will get fired for real. I can’t wait to witness another collective round to glorify her embarrassing demise.

  • Hanky Panky

    I think if Bravo wants to have a successful drama filled show they need the Real Housewife Villians show and have Tamra & Heather, Kenya &Nene, Lisa & Brandi, Adrienne & JoAnna and Ramona & Aviva all live in a house and have competitions where they compete against each other and get voted off each week.

    • Nonnie

      Your idea sounds much better than me watching this season of Big Brother!!

  • Shaw

    Bravo loves tamra the villain let’s be honest if they fired her they would probably think it’s boring

  • chris

    this woman is deranged. I like a crazy housewife to watch but this womans life revolves around RHOC and nothing more. She’s more delusional than Teresa G.

    • db

      Yes and she consistently screws all of her “friends,” over. I wonder how happy Heather is, now that everyone hates her and is calling her filthy names (not that she ever was the most likeable person on the show), on nearly every blog I’ve read?

  • Michelle

    Tamra might want to take a seat. She can not film with her kids and her husband barely speaks a word. So, how in the world does she even qualify to film as a housewife? That IS what the show is supposed to be about. Surely, Bravo can find a better replacement with a housewife who films with their kids and husband and can bring more to the show than just being a jilted beeotch.

    • BM Barbie


      I am completely over her, she’s BORING. All of her drama is manufactured and fake, there’s not a like-able bone in her body, and she has no one to film with besides the other ladies.

      YAWN, Tamra. You’re 15 seconds are up.

      • BM Barbie

        *your 🙂

  • lucienne

    For a few season now, Tamra has proved she’s a horrible person to be around and probably one of the most amazing housewife of the franchise bringing the drama each and every season.

  • Aunt Sadie

    Tamra is under the false impression that money is what people dislike about her. Maybe that’s her priority and what she consideres happy but I’m with you, she should prioritize and put her children first, for once.