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Former Mob Wives Star Alicia DiMichele Gets Four Years’ Probation!

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Former Mob Wives star Alicia DiMichele was recently sentenced in Brooklyn Federal Court Last week for diverting money from a tucking company owned by her hubby, Edward Garofalo, JR. AKA Tall Guy. Alicia’s sentencing was extremely tearful. She apologized for her involvement in the scheme at the Federal Court saying, “I knew that my husband and his partners were doing something wrong and I helped them. This is not who I am and I can’t even describe how embarrassed I am to be standing here today.”

Alicia’s hubby has been in prison of last year serving his seven-year sentence for murder conspiracy and Alicia was facing up to six months in prison under a plea agreement.

Judge Sandra Townes let her off the hook (sort-of) giving her probation and a warning that she doesn’t want to see her here again. That’s not all! NY Daily News reports,

“The defendant also agreed to pay $40,000 in restitution to the fund of Teamsters Local 282 plus thousands more in expected proceeds from a pending lawsuit involving her husband’s company.”

Glad Alicia got probation considering she has three children at home. I don’t think Alicia will be back in court after all this ever again. Thoughts on Alicia’s sentencing?

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  • So happy that she got probation. Thank god she didn’t have the jerk off judge Teresa Giudice had the latin bitch judge who actually decided to put Teresa behind bars. They make anyone a judge nowadays. A lot of them are Aholes and corrupt. Poor Teresa’s judge is probably both.

  • Now why is it that everyone is congratulating this girl on getting off, when everyone is hating on Theresa. Stealing, lying, etc. is stealing, lying, etc. no matter if you get off or not. Hypocrites.

  • Does anyone mind that these women steal? I know quite a few mothers, some of them single, and they work like horses to support their children. And don’t steal from union pension funds, and don’t swindle banks. I feel sorry for the children of both these women. I only wish they cared about their own children enough not to steal.

  • So, what does this tell you. You can commit a little crime and help some crooks and just get probation. Only in the good old USA.

  • I am so happy for her, I like how others judge people for what they think they know. Im sure if you were married to a mobster are you going to tell him no?? Hell no you wouldnt put yourself in her shoes and thats even if she even knew which she claims she did not know. I for one am happy she got probation, her livin in fear for 5 yrs is enough on someone, that alone was horrific

  • Has anyone heard if there will be another season of Mob Wives? Has Renee made up with any of the other cast members (aside from Big Ang?)

    I liked Alicia on the last season, her story line was real at least.

  • Alicia is very lucky! Could have been worse. Really hope she learned her lesson. Hope she comes back to the show!

  • I’m glad, also, that she wasn’t sent to jail. She does seem like a good Mom. We’ll see if she returns now to Mob Wives. I hope so. Getting sick of some of them

  • The judges sure dont play. My bf was on probation and violated it and got sent to prison. I hope she stays on a quiet path and just lays low with her sons. Thats a blessing in disguise to get probation. While it is for four years, its better than spending time in prison. I also thought she didnt know he was doing that stuff? Its amazing how people will do anything for money these days. Does anyone know when Teresas court date is??

  • I can’t believe how long it took to sentence the girl. I don’t think she is a threat to society . Wonder if she will return to Mob Wives now$ Her husband is the closet thing to a mobster as far as the husbands go on the show. I hear she is divorcing him though.

    • I dont think she is a threat either,but I always thought she was in the wrong somewhere. She cried on tv and articles always saying she had no idea, didn’t do anything.. now she admits it..It just always seemed on MobWives she was lying about almost everything she talked about.

  • Alicia should have gone to jail just like her husband. She was thinking about her kids when she was committing fraud. I guess all her fakeness and whining last season worked out for her.