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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Amber Marchese!

When Bravo decided to shake up the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey for season six I’m sure they weren’t counting on finding someone quite like Amber Marchese!  Straight-forward, educated, and outgoing are just a few of the traits that have made Amber such a great addition to the cast.  Amber took the time this week to exclusively speak to us about her first season as a NJ housewife and throughout our conversation she struck me as a very real person.  She was enthusiastic about sharing her experience, the good and the bad, and was open about her feelings towards her castmates as well as the drama on the show.  Her blunt honesty was refreshing – especially in the world of reality TV where facts and truths can easily become fabricated.  She didn’t hold back as she opened up about her regrets, where she currently stands with Melissa and the twins, and what to expect the rest of the season!

AllAboutTRH: Is being on the show everything you expected?
Amber Marchese: No.  I knew there was drama, I just didn’t think it was..I don’t know.  I thought it would be all fun and games I was going to come into the show, I was going on with my girlfriends, and I really felt we would have a blast!  Here we had this opportunity to be on TV, show our families off, and show the world how much fun we could have and it didn’t end up like that at all!  People can be very manipulative, very cruel.  I just feel like the show has the ability to catch the beauty in people and the downright ugly.

Have you remained friends with the ladies since filming?
I talk to Dina, I talk to Teresa (Giudice), we will catch up once in awhile.  Dina is like Mama Dina to me, you know, if I have something about the show she’s always there to talk me through it and you know she has experienced a lot of it. Same with Teresa. She’s been through hell from just the past shows and her personal life and the legal issues.  She always reminds me that no matter how bad it got for me it wasn’t my family.  Which is true.  I can go home to my family and it’s not like my sister-in-law is doing something to me.

Speaking of that, you were once friends with Melissa right? Back in the day?
Yes, you know.  Yes.  Back in my 20s.  And I’m not saying I’m not friends with Melissa now, I am just definitely not as trusting with her now.

Were you hoping the show would bring you two back together?
I was definitely hoping that her and I would have each other’s backs.  I am a firm believer that longevity in a friendship means something and she knows me from my 20s, she should have my back and I should have her back.  We never argued or fought and I never saw Melissa do any type of manipulations or gossiping behind someones back. We always got along very well in our 20s, I am just disappointed in the way it all unraveled with her.

So speaking on that, basically the talking behind people’s backs and gossiping, what do you think of Melissa telling the twins about the conversation you two had in the car?
In my opinion if Melissa was so concerned about the twins and had such an awful conscious than she should have came back to me and said “You know what Amber, I don’t like how you did this, maybe you shouldn’t have done that, let’s go talk to the twins and give the twins an opportunity to hear the rumors and find out exactly who said it”  It wasn’t me! I said through the grapevine.  The grapevine is not gospel, it’s what people said.  I just think Melissa could have handled this so much differently, she knew what she was doing.  She knew she was causing trouble and saw how enraged they were, stealing clothes from the store and sitting outside of my house.  Why not just call me for coffee?  Just call me up!  Nicole could have come to my house and we could have talked about it.

How has this situation affected the friendship between Jim and Bobby? Are they still friends?
Jim will never speak to Bobby again.  We saw a side of Bobby that we don’t ever want to be faced with again.  There has been complete disloyalty and distrust and he really screwed us.  You have to understand, Jim didn’t even want to be a part of the show. I dragged him into this and he did something for me.  And actually he did that scene for Bobby, so he [Bobby] could have more airtime. That scene was only supposed to be about Jim and the kids.   Bobby then took what he said – which wasn’t even all that bad – he didn’t say mean things, he wasn’t cruel.  He never met the Joe’s at all.  So for Bobby to take the words Jim said and tell Rino and he tells the guys and Bobby just stands there, it’s just not right.  And then the fact Bobby knew how mad the twins were about this.  I even said to Bobby I knew something was wrong because they weren’t picking up my phone calls and he said “Well you’re just going to have to deal with it.”

So you have answered this question several times, however it has been asked a lot.  Obviously Jim felt some discomfort when it came to hanging out with the Joes.  Knowing he would have to interact with them why would he decide to join the show? Yes.  This was my dream, you know to be on TV and this is what I get.  I feel bad because Jim is getting hurt for something I pushed and I wanted.  He’s trying to make me happy and this is what happened.  He lost his best friend and now his name is getting dragged through the mud.  I owe him a lot of sex! (laughs)

So has he warmed up to the Giudices at all?  Or does he feel any negative feelings towards your relationship with Teresa?
Not at all!  He never had anything bad to say about Joe Giudice or Teresa, he thinks that they are good people! I mean it’s tough to watch now because Joe was talking trash behind his back without even knowing Jim, but at the end of the day he thinks they are very kind and he knows the kind of relationship I have with Teresa and he supports it.  You have to understand he made a professional judgement call. He just thought it was not in their best interest nor his best interest to be in a social setting with alcohol and drinks,  he didn’t want to put anyone in that position and that is his decision! Everyone should just respect it.  It’s not like he said he didn’t want to be around them forever.  He wanted to wait until things settled.  At the time they hadn’t put in their plea yet it was still an open case.  While it’s an open case anything can be brought into court, anything.  Jim just didn’t want to be put in that position.

Do you have any regrets since being on the show since it has aired?
No, I mean I don’t regret anything.  I just wish I would have told Jim definitely not to be anywhere near any of the filming.  I think if anything I should have listened to Jim and respected the fact that he didn’t want to film and not push that.  I really regret that.  I regret bringing Jim onto this show on any level.  I can handle it!  I don’t like how vicious it is.  People are vicious. It’s hard for me to wrap my arms around that.

Do you feel that you were ambushed or ganged up on at the First Responder’s Party?
I feel like I was absolutely ambushed.  At the time you have to understand I had no idea why they were even mad. And their way, their forceful way, I am not going to back down. I’m going to stand my ground I don’t care who is coming at me. If you are coming into my personal space you better be careful.

Do you feel like your relationship with the twins and Melissa, even just the trust with her, could be mended in the future or maybe at the reunion?
With Melissa, I didn’t notice while we were fighting, how much Melissa was sticking up for me in that moment.  You know how she said to the twins, “Oh no she didn’t call you a whore”, and I think she also said to the twins, “Why are you all of a sudden going right to  a negative way?”, like she was saying this to the twins.  It kind of gave me hope that yes Melissa might have jumped the gun by telling them and for definite insincere reasons, but I don’t think she realized what she was doing and the outcome it was going to have. Any rational person would have talked it out.  And you know what?  I would have said sorry.  I shouldn’t have said a darn thing I’m sorry!  …Even though it’s true!  I wasn’t lying, no one ever lied.  What I truly feel is, I normally don’t judge people, but physically attacking someone over something I know to be true is offensive to me. I don’t know if she wants to beat up Colts Neck and all of the surrounding areas because they are saying this about her?  I didn’t say anything that she hadn’t already heard previously.

As far as the twins go, honestly, I don’t they’re bright enough to move on and say, okay it’s a show we were heated, we got caught up I’m sorry let’s move on.  They’re not that type of people.

How was it coming in as a new Housewife?  Were Melissa, Teresa and Dina welcoming or was it difficult to join the group?
I think they’re tough.  I think first of all Teresa was very preoccupied with her personal issues at home and I think the girls are just tough in general.  I definitely took some notes from those girls.

Who would you say is the most authentic housewife on and off camera?  Who is the least?
Can I say me? (laughs)  I know this sounds cliche!  But I feel like I do my best to stay true to myself whether the cameras are on or not.  I will say, I do know the twins and Nicole is different with each person in general.  She is one way with the guys, one way with the girls, and who is not different is Teresa (Aprea).  She’s just miserable all the time. So she was authentic.  Dina I feel like has two different personalities, Melissa does too, and Teresa doesn’t count because she was focusing on her personal issues.

Do you feel like Melissa’s personality is different on camera than the Melissa you have known for the past 10 years?
You are seeing a hardened version of her.  She was definitely more light-hearted and easygoing, and less manipulative.  I think she knows how to work people, to me she was the puppeteer for the twins.

The First Responder’s Party was definitely the first major drama this season, should viewers be expecting more of the drama?
There is going to be some more light-hearted moments, and also there is also something big that goes on with me and my five-year mark.  A lot of things for breast cancer, it was a tough time, it really was a tough time so you are going to see things happen with that. And then there is also a lot of drama!  A lot more drama – but it doesn’t involve any more physical altercation with me!


I loved the honesty and emotion Amber had when sharing each of her experiences on the show; she is not one to hide behind her feelings which is a respectful quality.  It seems like she has hope for her relationship with Melissa and does seem like a loyal friend.  I’m excited to see the rest of the drama unfold for Amber and the other ladies this season!

What are your thoughts on the AllAboutTRH interview with Amber Marchese?

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  • For a woman who constantly brags about her education, she drives me crazy saying ‘_____and I’ when it should be ‘______and me’!!! They all say ‘I’ all the time and have no clue that it’s improper grammar! Call me the grammar police, but we learned that in middle school! Why do these women speak so poorly? Also, it’s ‘conscience’ not ‘conscious’.
    That one’s on you, dear author!

  • the twins just want to be on television that is all they are so fake and trashy acting I would be embarrassed to see myself or my family member act the way those girls do. as far as Melissa and Teresa go melissa is still hating on her sister in law she is just trying to cover it up so sad.

    melissa has the mean girls on her side this year since teresa has Diana. so it’ll be interesting to see how the attacks come across I’m just happy Dina’s there to help her friend Teresa.

  • Did anyone heard Amber saying her husband is a attorney in this last episode?? This woman so delusional? They lied up and down they are a bad joke

  • Amber is growing on me. I like how she is calling Melissa (who I also like, but wouldn’t trust as a friend) out on the same things Teresa complained about during previous seasons.

  • How unintelligent do they think the viewers are? I would not want to be in the way of either her or her husband trying to answer the phone to accept Bravo’s offer to be on the show! They are obviously not as smart as they think they are if they thought they could just come on the show to promote their hack mortgage company and the press would not dig up any background on that sleezeball. He probably need the business sine the government clamped down on these mortgage lenders writing no doc loans and otherwise not verifying information on loan applications. In other words what the Guidices are accused of – the lenders and banks were just fine with all of this as long as they were making money! Douche waffles!

  • First, of all Dana filmed two seasons of the is show married we never ever saw her husband Carolines Brother in law. He refused to sign a release. It was mentioned that he had falling out with Joe G. (at least one of his friends). So the wife can be on the show and the husband not participate. The husband is not getting paid for being on the show, they have no legal obligation.

    Business wise it would have been better if he had not come on the show. I know for a fact if you work in certain professions you can not associate with a person who is being sued or case pending. Jim is a lawyer and a mortgage banker. He has worked with the Federal government. I think that what he said was not that bad if people actually think about the contest it was said in. Remember they edit thinks to seem worse then the way it actually happened. As a teacher you are not suppose to be video taped with alcohol are you can be fired. In a majority of jobs there is something called moral turpitude. I know a lot of teachers will say I have pictures holding beer. Well, I for one know that that is something you can be fired over because it is a rule. It use to be a rule that if a teacher had a child out of wedlock she could be fired. A lot of school systems no longer recognize these laws of morality, but some jobs do. I think that the Gorga’s and Gudices are just cray. I mean they do not really like each other. and Melissa is messy. I think that some of the things Teresa said about Melissa were true, she just could not prove them.

    • One major fact your missing .. Jim made that shit up ! He’s not a lawyer he’s not a prosecutor and the attorney general never heard of him ! He’s being an asshole just to be an asshole . He may be all those things in his mind but in reality none of it is true

      • If you made a typo in your name or signed in under another e-mail address, your comment will go into moderation. It’ll post later. I just did that last week and signed in as Maru the Bravo ha.

  • I love this site, best blogger out there.

    I like Amber, and I thought this was a great interview. I even like her husband Jim, who was not afraid to stand up to Joe Gorga, when we all know he is prone to violence. We all know what a hothead Gorga is, and if anyone is a douche, its Gorga for calling his own sister unmentionable names on national TV. He must of made his mother proud. If Jim doesnt want to hang with these lowlifes, then why the hell should he?

    The TWINS…nost irritating stupid twits on TV. I cant believe Nicole is almost 50 and still pulling hair. They belong on Jersey Shore with Snooki & the crew. I also think that Amber is so much more prettier than Melissa.

    • I, too, like Amber. Maybe by default because I can’t stand the Gorga’s. Joey can defend his sister all he wants this season but I think he’s doing so to make himself look like a good guy. I’m more than positive he helped Monica, help the Feds, in securing the indictments against the Giudice’s. Joey and Melissa are rat, bastards who turned on their family out of jealousy!

      Jim seems to be taking a lot of crap for the way he talked to Joey, calling him a dumbf—! At least it wasn’t a female he was talking to, like his sister, mother, or his sister’s friend! I believe Jim talked to Joey that way because Joey told Jim, to tell his wife, Amber, to keep Melissa’s name out of her mouth! What an idiot! Melissa played a big part in the hair pulling fight! She could have warned Amber she told Nicole. Instead she waited for the confrontation to go down. Then tried to play like a referee!

  • Congrats on the interview

    Something that has been bothering my for the last few years. Why does every single person that knew M when she was wild and worked at Lookers years ago also get the bad edit or lose credibility? Why is M past life always protected much like the Manzo and Jac never had their dirt broadcast on the show.

    • I agree. I think that at first Bravo conceded to having M and Wakilie’s on to boost ratings. I don’t think they expected fan backlash, ie..first scene at Baptism. Then, they brought in or entertained the Greeks, Jen, Bryan, now Amber….At least we don’t have to see her Sisters on the show!!

    • Because last seasons Tre was being edited as the villain, so I guess other people’s dirt didn’t stroke with that. Now that storyline is over, Jaq and Manzo are gone. Of course.

    • I honestly don’t think the show focuses on anyone’s past .The show is about what’s going on now .I don’t see it making much sense to focus on rumors that supposedly took place way before the show started who the hell cares

    • OLdnj- I have been saying that for at least 2 years now! I was wondering that myself.. and if she alone does not do it, her hag sisters step in. Its quite pathetic . Even though she is not well received right now, I would still believe her over Melissa Marco..

  • Team Amber! Love that she is being candid. Ms Marco and Kathy could never do that. They spin until dizzy.

    Love how true Tre’s advice was – at least Amber could go home to her family and they are not the problem like Tre’s SIL is! haha! Good one!

  • I think Melissa was right to tell the twin what Amber said because she had had those same rumors spreading about her last year and she did not want to see the twin go through that. Also, I think Bobby was right not to tell the Joe’s the whole truth at first about what Jim said because he did not want to hurt their feelings. Rino was the one who blabbed the whole truth to the Joe’s so Jim should be mad at him. I think these two (Amber and Jim) seem like phonies and they think they are better than everyone else, especially Jim.

  • I’ve been fighting it, but I like Amber. Jim seems very arrogant but besides Amber being a little weird and over the top I dont really see anything wrong. she’s catching the heat from Jim. I like Amber more than the twins. I thought I would like Nicole but I find her obnoxious now. Same with Teresa’s husband Rino. Talk about arrogance.

  • Again with this one? At first I thought she might be alright,but no. What is this the fourth episode or so,and I can’t stand her already! She’s as self absorbed as Melissa and such a fake,and just wants the fame. She’s a great actress, lol. RIGHT. Her and her dbag husband need to disappear, nobody would care. He is such a scumbag with the cancer bs and his lying about working with people in Joe and Tre’s fraud case, just trying to seem like the big man he isn’t! Why come on this show? WTF?! He’s such a small,little man, his wife could beat the shit outta him no problem. What’s with the lawsuit to Roxy and his empty threats to people? So pathetic, trying to get their 15 minutes, it’s up! Little pencil neck geek. Hope this is Amber’s first and last season!!

  • Rox, great job I and several others have been telling her to go to you. You are the one blogger who is honest and has integrity. Great job I happen to love Amber.

  • Also, re: the second-to-last question – Amber hasn’t known Melissa “the past 10 years”. They knew each other 10 or 15 years ago. That’s not the same.

    • That, I agree with! I think in her mind, they would pick up where they left off. Due to my moving and travels due to hubby, I can do that with my real friends! I get what she meant, but I dont think it applies to her and Melissa. People change and not always for the better.

  • I just don’t like her. She contradicts herself and uses answers virtually verbatim that she has already typed out in her blogs. Super original.

    • 🙂 she looks like in front view a comedienne actress! And is older. I can’t put my finger on the name.

  • Congrats on the interview!

    As for Amber and Jim …. first she says it was a rumor and towards the end of the interview she says it happened? Smart, um I don’t think so…it is very clear she came onto the show for fame and for publicity for her husbands business (aren’t they all promoting their businesses?).

    As much as I do not like Melissa, I really don’t blame her for telling, there is no winning situation, if she wouldn’t have said anything then it is really a rumor by Amber and Melissa by association, and those always come out in Housewives situations, lol.

    As for the twins, they didn’t need to handle it the way they did, it could have been simply, what you said I did I didn’t do, etc. That’s what was wrong in my opinion, and I’m sure Bravo is happy about the outcome, bring a little violence and let’s see what happens!

    • Yep she sure did.. I didn’t catch that right away..I saw what rhfan posted then I read it again..Holy shitballs, she chic is something else. UGH!!

      Actually I thought the fight was freakin hysterical!!

    • She didnt say it happened she said the rumor was true and that Nicole knew about it. It wasn’t something she made up.

    • It’s still a long season. And I cant make up mind yet if Im gonna absolutely enjoy or really dislike Amber. I do love her kids especially her daughter Isbella. I mean how adorable is she. Plus Im glad there is someone to call out Melissa FINALLY. Overall still on the fence but great interview Rox and co and to Amber for being quite candid. 🙂

  • Actress Amber, you repeated a ugly rumor on freakin national tv,( oh that’s “right gossip isn’t gospel”.) UGH, then why freakin repeat it you asshat? Did you really think that it wasn’t going to bite you straight in the ass? Freakin MoMo!! And the shit your husband said?? Come on!! That jerk off has a lot of damn nerve thinking HE IS ABOVE ANYONE!!

    You and your freakin weasel rat bastard husband can GO STRATCH!!

    • “Gossip isn’t gospel” and then two seconds later “Even though it’s true! I wasn’t lying.” Get your story straight, sister. You’re starting to sound like Melissa.

      • She’s using the Melissa playbook to secure her spot in the show: Target someone and feud with them until people forget what exactly the feud is about.

    • Ms. Connoli is in da house tonight folks! rockin’ colored sprinkles and chocolate chips! Yeah, baby!

  • I love how she acts likes her husband’s comments about the Giudice’s weren’t on camera. You can’t rewrite history, Amber. We saw and heard what he said and how he said it. Take off the Victim brand Rose Colored Glasses.

    • Things are recorded six months before they air so even though eventually it comes out its not in real time. If Bobby was as close to Jim as they claim he was I’d be pretty Pissed too. He had no loyalty. Loyalty is a huge deal in Jersey.

      • Thats what Im sayin’… Hardly any of these people on this show over the years have had any.

      • That has nothing to do with her acting as if her husband did not say those things, though. He did say them. We saw and heard it. This is not the first time she’s tried to act like her husband didn’t say what we actually heard him say. Hence my comment.

        • @Rach


          Oh and how in the freakin world is Bobby not being loyal, seriously? They were freakin filmed!! That weasel rat bastard said what he said on film..Jesus!! It’s not as if they had this convo off camera and the jackass said what he said and Bobby ratted him out..Come On!!

  • Still not liking this woman. She knew what she was doing when she came on the show, she had no intention on rekindling her friendship with Melissa. She knew a lot of the fans didn’t like Melissa, so she came on the show guns blazing and ready to suck up to Teresa. She seems too desperate.

    • ITA. Also I can not stand people that play the loyalty card one sided. If Jim and Bobby were such good friends, and Amber was probably good friends with Bobby too, in what world is it ok for Amber to destroy the reputation of Bobby’s girlfriend, Nicole on camera. Amber whines about how Bobby let down Jim, but Amber trashed his girlfriend out of the gate, and then Jim insulted Joe and Teresa in a very personal way.

      I think Amber and Jim have a hell of a lot of excuses for their bad behavior and something tells me they are very good at deflection, scams and will do whatever they can for their benefit and they don’t care who they walk over to get there.

      I don’t like Melissa either, but I am not buying the B.S. Amber is selling either.

      • Preach! Jim and Amber are attention-seeking nonentities with excuses to justify their bad behavior. There’s absolutely nothing to like. They’re as fake as Joe and Melissa Gorga. The only reason people are fawning over Amber is because she’s going after Melissa.

        • I agree I’m not buying her BS one bit .Shes a wanna be actress ..her scene at Teresa’s dessert party showed she has no talent as an actress.She likes to bring up Melissa & Joe to gain the fans of Teresa ,only a very gullible person would fall for this .

          • Pari I do feel that way about last sentence you said. Like I said, Im on the fence with her, but really Im not impressed with any of the new peeps so far. I think I can handle Rino the best and that is saying alot LOL. At least he can be naturally funny.
            Like when she tagged Teresa Gi in a tweet- I was like WTH?? And it was something not nice about how Mel has treated T. I think at this point though I would rather deal with her shenanigans vs. The Twins. Who knows? Season still young 🙂 Things can change.

          • SOB!! I messed up my email.. LOL. I am reposting my comment..
            Pari I do feel that way about last sentence you said. Like I said, Im on the fence with her, but really Im not impressed with any of the new peeps so far. I think I can handle Rino the best and that is saying alot LOL. At least he can be naturally funny.
            Like when she tagged Teresa Gi in a tweet- I was like WTH?? And it was something not nice about how Mel has treated T. I think at this point though I would rather deal with her shenanigans vs. The Twins. Who knows? Season still young Things can change.
            ** Please ignore double post when it comes in-

  • Congrats Christine!
    Ok… Im trying hard to separate JIM WEASEL from this so I can answer!!
    Aside from him, I like her. And not defending weasel rat here but I understand her answers here, when it came to the Joes. And anyway, why are adults so WAAAAA if they THINK/assume one does not like them? Not everyone will get along! But I do like how she answered those things. I also feel like Bobby started to like the tv time more then his REAL life friends. Shame.
    The twins are just messy IMO. They compliment Miss Marco very well.. not a compliment. There are moments I can almost laugh at them, but then Im like wow – will these 2 ever grow up ? I think they are auditioning to be in the HW gang LOL??!!As for the rumor: she is right. Is Nicole going to go through town(s) and beat up everyone who said it? Or only after one she feels is weaker then her, and use her sister too? I still say ( weasel wife or not) Amber would have kicked BOTH their asses.Who fist fights and pulls hair at their age? and a friend?

    • someone saying they don’t want to or can’t be around me is insulting. that is not exactly a compliment. I would be annoyed too and also confused as to why this person is trying very hard to be around me even though they claim they don’t want to. also, I’ll find them a hypocrite too. jim is not innocent. he’s shady too and has done a lot of questionable things. he already had a bad reputation before he joined the show and if it gets worse after this it’s going to be because of his own stupid actions.

      • Yes, it can be insulting; depends on who says it, why, and situation, IMO. Im no fan of Jim. I love T but I think she knew at least that some may think that before personally knowing them. Yes it can be taken as insulting but on the other hand , what would any of us think prior to getting to know them if in same position? Out of all things said on this show, I dont think that is the worst or will be the worst!

      • If I’m a police officer would it look good if I am hanging out with a known drug dealer? Try looking outside the box. Could have hit been handled a different way? Yes, but certainly you can understand his position. At least I can.

        • Mooch- yes. I agree with your example and that is why I get what he said, even though he rubbed others wrong way.

        • While I agree he shouldn’t be “close” with T & Joe, his way of explaining himself was dead wrong and made him look like a complete douche! Why call Gorga a dumb ass? Why wasn’t he all in Rino the Whinos face saying that!? Gorga was just sitting there! Then you act all big and bad and get in people’s face FIRST then threaten to call the law when they retaliate? Amber has no reason to feel bad her husband made HIMSELF and continues to make himself look like the douche he is! I wouldn’t do business with him or hang around him due to his behavior!

        • if you were a cop then I think you wouldn’t be caught dead on the show. jim is a different type of person. if he was so concerned by being associated with the guidices and gorgas then there is no way he would step foot on the show. he knew who they were before the show. besides jim’s job is not that important and I think people wouldn’t want to be associated with him knowing what type of shady reputation he has. so he really has no room to talk.

          • This Jim guy is a doofus. He is so self-important. Big man get’s in Joe Gorga’s face and then says I’ll sue you. Joe, leave him alone. He’s a joke and not worth it.

          • Hey now.. neither if these 2 guys are BIG men..LOL
            While weasel comes off as douchey, some on that show are not used to people using their words! if someone does not like you, or does not agree with your life or opinions, do you get violent?

          • Ok I can see it if he was working for the attorney general prosecuting the Giudice ‘s but are we all forgetting that was a lie he made up to seem like a big shot ?? He had nothing to do with the case he’s just an asshole who thinks he’s better than everyone.Amber has her own “acting” agenda these two need to go

        • Thinking outside box? No, thinking inside the box gives us the obvious answer here. We know ambers hubby thinks he’s some big shot and that the DA is depending on him, so he feels he can’t be around the guidice a. We all got that, but here’s the thing, the DA s office already made a statement saying that they do not work with or know Jim.. Also him never passed the bar and sues people all the time, defends himself and loses.

    • I agree Michers! I do like Amber, too, not crazy about Jim. I do think what Jim said about not wanting to hang with the Joe’s because of the past isn’t anything to get panties in a twist. The twins are completely annoying, I absolutely cannot stand them.. I can see how they gravitate toward Messy…

    • I have to agree on everything you wrote, as much as I dislike Jim I can’t help but like Amber,I really do think she is being real in this interview,And also I just keep having a gut instinct that Jim and Amber are gonna be the ones looking good by end of season, not sure why I think that just do, We shall see!! =)

    • Somebody who has been told that a table flip led to two NYT Bestsellers and a hair, wine and food line.

  • Excellent exclusive – nothing worth suing about.

    At least she is being honest about why she is doing this..she said many be on TV.

    Teresa and Joe’s news broke July 2013 and the news was throughout north america in print and world wide on the intenet..there is NO


      There is NO way that she and hubby never knew about or read about Teresa and Joe. LIE

      So good to know TV show over friendship..awesome

      Good interview.

    • Sam- they were filming( starting to film) this season when the news broke; everyone saw at same time on tv and internet. So , no its not a lie! Sorry bud ! 🙂

      • Hey Mich

        I am so ok with it not being a lie.

        in this sites “archives” December 5 2013 it posted the exclusive that taping started.

        maybe I am reading this wrong..right? please help me

        • Sam, I may be wrong, but the cast knew of the situation before we did. They were filming prior to the exclusive. If you look back on couple episodes so far, they were filming before Christmas and December I think.

        • Im sorry- Im confused LOL.. not hard to do here! Are you thinking/saying that they are lying about not knowing about T? I think she knew of the situation before we did going into season but not knew of her and Joe personally. Her husband based his opinions, as he admitted, based on what was put out publicly, before getting to know them personally .

          • Holy crap Michers

            I think I left a big chunk outta my post

            James/Jim tweeted last night he didn’t know about Teresa and Joe..

            my point was, Amber is trying to do the same, by saying “Teresa and Joe did not plea yet”..I think that was the lie..cuz in July this was all over the world and Amber signed up- knowing this existed.

            sorry won’t believe how much trouble this use to get me a child!!

  • Hey all,
    I watched all my HW episodes now so I’m all caught up lol. Heres what I’m confused about,

    When did joe guidice talk shit about Jim? The only thing I saw Joe say was Jim is a geek (lol) and that he didnt give a shit about hanging out with him.

    Jim not hanging around Joe makes sense business wise, lets all keep it real. Doesnt mean its disrespectful or they don’t like each other. The thing I’m confused about is why let your wife join the show knowing you cant hang around certain people?

    Next off, why spread rumors but not approach the twins about it first? The twins were her friends, and Jim and Bobby were friends for 10 years. its common sense for an “educated” girl that if you open your mouth, theres a very high chance your words will get twisted and get back to the other person.

    I watched WWHL with Joe and Melissa, funny how she doesnt condone violence but it was okay for her trying to scratch the shit out of her brother in law last season lol.

    Overall, I love this season. The twins are feisty, tre is so down to earth this season, I wanna be dina, melissa is same ole shit, but I love how Joe genuinely is looking out for his sis this season. Crazy how he was such a prick and now he really seems worried a out her. I love Rosie and Rino!!! I think bravo did an amazing job with the cast!

    • Hey Lapband!
      I think Jim did not want to and Amber forced it because she wanted it , so he gave in. ( being on the show) I agree with your point about it being wise for business, I just wish weasel would have addressed it alittle bit more respectful or something, because how it came across .

      • Oh forgot ro add: yes about Teresa, love Dina, Messy will never change( blah) ,not really feeling the twins, Amber I go back and forth!

      • Michers I agree, how Jim went about it was nasty. Then the way he approached Joe Gorga was disgusting. To call him a “Dumbass” and then not expect Joey to retaliate and wanna kick his ass? Jim, sit your ass DOWN!!!!!!! I watched WWHL and Jim threatening to take everything away from them if he touches him? Jim, how about you learn to use your words. I don’t blame Gorga for getting mad at him AT ALL.

        Secondly, I love how Juicy didn’t give a rats shit and just sat in his seat, hahaha.

    • if it’s good for business to stay away from the joes’ then why be on the show?? nobody forced amber and jim to join. they wanted to because they wanted fame and thought it would be good for business. if jim was really so damn concerned then he wouldn’t be on the show at all. I don’t give a crap about what type of excuse amber is giving. jim did not need to be on the show to be supportive. for someone that doesn’t want to be on the show he really tries very hard to get a lot of cameratime. jim shouldn’t be worrying about the guidices or gorgas or alcohol making him look bad. jim already looks bad. he already has a shady rap sheet.

      • When it comes to someones work, I think he should be protective over it, but how he’s come off and how he’s being an arrogent dick is another thing. He’s rude, and too cocky. He shouldnt show his face if he didn’t want to be seen but you see him doing the one on one interviews (Talking head) and i’m like WTF? He’s more of a housewife than his own wife. Makes you wonder what his intentions are!

        • First of all the guys a liar he’s not protecting his ” business ” he’s not working for the attorney general .Secondly he’s more corrupt than the Guidices ! ! They look like legitimate ethical hard working people compared to Jim the scammer !!

    • Good post! From what I saw on episode 3, Amber told Melissa about the home wrecker rumor she heard through the grapevine. Then we see Twins T and N meeting Melissa at a clothing boutique. From there Melissa starts to wonder out loud what Amber’s intention is at reconnecting with her. Twin N or T wonder why, too, since Amber speaks bad about her. Why did the twins turn on their dear friend, Amber,for an ex-stripper, turned backstabbing reality celebrity?

      Now, Melissa has come out with differnt excuses why she backstabbed her old college pal. I think when Twin N/T told her Amber talks about her behind her back is when she decided to turn on her. Anyway, I see it that the twins betrayed Amber, too.

      I wish Bravo didn’t cut the scene out at Teresa’s dessert party where the twins and Amber argue. I think that could explain a lot. I do recall in one of Nicole’s TH’s, in a preview, she said something along the lines of,(paraphrasing), “I didn’t break that marriage up. That marriage was broke up long before I came around.” When I first seen that, I assumed she was referring to her sister’s marriage.

      I will admit that I side with Amber because of Melissa stabbing her in the back. Yes, Amber stabbed Nicole in the back, just like the twins stabbed her! Except, it is shown that Amber’s knife went deeper because of the homewrecker title!

      Bravo has a new episode 5 preview on their website. Amber calls Melissa a liar, then Melissa calls Amber a liar. I LOL because Melissa said something about never lying! The lady is shameless!

      • I agree i side with Amber. I don’t like the twins. The twins, Mel, bobby and the husbandsare trashy people. Joe Gorga backstabbed his sister and Bobby did the same thing to his friend for 15 minutes of fame,

  • So, on the show Anber said she just heard Nicole “broke up a family”. Now she is saying it is true. Wow!

    So, if Jim is suing AARTH, why would Amber give an interview? Both Jim and Amber seem so desperate for attn, it seems they’ll do anything. Not a fan of the Mar-cheezeys!

    • Oh and speaking of being “authentic”, giving an interview to a site your husband has a prob with seems pretty crazy. , Talk about disloyal, unless the suit is for show.

      • I am interested in why Jim had a problem with Rox and how far it went legally. I imagine not too far if interview was done on both sides

        • Hey guys

          Jim had a opened a twitter account yesterday – it is now suspended – don’t know why

          someone asked him this question – he tweeted – he is not suing this site- he wants to keep them honest

          he is a douche

          • What? I didn’t know Jim had a problem with this site. OMG. All we do is discuss what is on the show and what has been in the papers. He is reminding me of the attitude Richie has had with Rox.

            So basically, was this interview was to appease Jim?

            And did Amber really just say, once again, that Nicole did have an affair? With all the drama, why even mention it?

            Good job Christine, you asked good questions. 🙂

  • Great interview Roxanne .. She does seem straight forward . I think she is wrong about Jimmy the weasel’s skeletons staying buried if only she came on and he stayed away from the cameras. His horns would have come out anyway. More will come out too. . She wanted fame… This is the price she has to pay.

    I agree with her about Messy.
    IMO The very least Messy could have done and still kept her illusion of doing the right thing (Yea right) was given her a heads up that she told Nicole what she said. Messy was being Malicious and worked the twins up, not once but twice.

    I also agree that the twins are not very bright. The impression they gave the viewing public of themselves is not flattering to them. Did they think those actions would endear them to anyone? They lost me.. I wanted to like them. I thought Nicole was nice.. NOT ANYMORE!!. They are like two Chihuahuas together … To me that wasn’t a confrontation . It was a setup.
    I hate setups!!

    I wish there was more questions about Messy back in the day. That’s all i really want from Amber… The Dirt on Messy.

    I am still liking the show 1000 Xs better then the last years ….since Messy’s debut.

  • It’s great that you snagged this interview @ Christine, good job!

    But I still can’t stand this woman..I think she is a trouble maker, fake, and a bitch!! 🙂

    • Congratulations on the interview. Quite honestly I think Amber and Jim are desperate phonies. Jim think she is way more important to truth, justice and the American way then anyone else on the planet does. Wannabees.

      I look for these two to be showing up in the sleazy business practice section of the news in the near future.

          • With all due respect calling a male a ‘her’ should not be and is not an insult in my eyes. Aren’t most of us women here? Nothing wrong with being a ‘her’. Sorry but I have an issue with men being referred to as women because they behave badly. Dina is the worst culprit for referring to men as ‘she’ firstly as an insult and secondly insinuating that if one behaves appallingly they are acting like women. WTF?

            Common jump into the 21st century girl and stick up for the brillance, intelligence and all out awesomeness of women. This kind of thing continues to suppress and only puts women down. Just think about it hey?


      • Zoeysmom if you google ambers husband Jim you will find that he’s already been involved in some shady things!

    • Holy your right! She in one of the questions states that Melissa is manipulative but in another question she answers Melissa is sweet and stuck up for her. That maybe Melissa didn’t realize that her telling the twins would cause the drama it caused. WHATEVER!!!!! AMBER YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS