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Brandi Glanville’s Ex-Husband Turning Down Roles For His Current Wife, LeAnn Rimes!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has one stupid ex-husband. The ex who is currently married to the very obnoxious country star LeAnn Rimes recently revealed on his VH1 reality show that he was actually offered a role on TNT’s Dallas but turned it down to stay in LA. Who needs to make money when your wife is bringing it in anyways? At least that’s how Eddie looks at it.

The show that he was offered allowed him to have a three day weekend once a month to travel back to LA to be with his family but after filming The Playboy Club back in 2011, he realized relocating for WORK is just to tough.

Eddie said, “It was the first time I had to make the decision to be away from my children. The kids would be with Brandi during the week. She would have take them to school. She would have to make their homework was done, my kids suffered. I suffered. It just wasn’t good. Oh man, being a working actor and a father and spouse, they’re battling each other all the time.”

So what did Eddie do? He turned down the role telling LeAnn, “I am totally okay with it. Even if they could have worked it out it would have still been very difficult.  There is no way that I could do it.” LeAnn’s response?  “It breaks my heart to see you have to compromise as much as you do.”

I’m sure LeAnn was thrilled Eddie turned down the role. You can tell LeAnn wants Eddie close by at all times. Are you surprised Eddie is turning down roles?

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  • First of all even if he did just turned the job down for leann what buisness is it of ours if HER husband works or not! His children are financially and physiclly supported and taken care of .and I’m sorry but the way child support works they go by both the parents income it can be lowered or raised yearly and either party can petition it to be adjusted if Eddie was such a greedy money hungry asshole he wouldn’t be handing brandi the same amount of money as when they were together him and leann have those boys 50/50 which Eddie would receive a substantial visitations credit that would lower the monthly child support.brandis not Intitaled to extra child support just because eddies married to leann a millionaire her income has nothing to do with those boys it’s not her job to support them nor would the courts look at her income when adjusting eddies child support but I’ve heard Eddie say on a number of occasions he is not and would not ever ask to Payless child support if the children are taken care of have and what they need and brandis receive child support what does it matter to any of you if Eddie works or not I think that’s Leann’s buisness and only her buisness.there is absolutely nothing wrong with Eddie not wanting to leave his family for 7months being away 210 days and only seeing his family for 21 days if he did take the job .you all would be talking shit about him skipping out on his resposibility and he’s a p.o.s of a father to be able to leave his family for so long to selfishly fullfill his own wants and dreams and see I told you he couldn’t wait to get away from leann blah blah blah the two of them can’t win no matter what they say or do so they might as well do what they want and what makes them happy and f*ck everyone else and their opinions period.too many people are blinded by their hate for them because of the affair to look at the situation fairly people attack them no matter what.

    • Are you kidding me? How much more obvious could it be that Eddie is just thrilled to get rid of cup of crazy Brandi and be with Leann. Eddie is not going anywhere and I don’t blame him. Watch their show on VH1 and you can see that. Brandi will always play the victim card but that woman is no victim-she is a predator.

      • Eddie appears to be a great father and Leann is a great stepmother. Brandi on the other hand has obvious issues that effect her ability to parent

          • Oh you mean the one that loses viewers each week? That one? Don’t even think it had 300,000 last week. Yep- thats the one! Funny .. even her OWN fans ( the rational ones) cannot even stand how they bash Brandi and they continue to be shown as liars and contradict EVERY they have spewed! I think its hilarious myself 🙂

  • Wow what a negative post. Why should he work if he doesn’t have to? How is he stupid for putting his family first. Sounds like some people are jealous that he can choose to spend time for his family instead of working.

  • Why don’t folks just leave Eddie and Leann alone. I love their new show on VH1. Eddie and Leann are happy and in love. The truth is Eddie traded up with Leann. She is young,very attractive,has real talent, seems very nice, and has some money as she is a country music star. All the things that Brandi is not. Eddie was lucky to get rid of Brandi. He made the decision to stay for his children not Leann. Everyone knows Brandi is a very unstable mother. It is sad that folks twist that around. The ones that constantly slam Leann are all just jealous of her. Why don’t folks go harass Kelsey Grammer and his new wife or Brad and Angelina or any other countless celebrities that left their wives for someone else. Please. Get over it. 🙂 Another point-Why can’t Brandi find a attractive and wealthy man in BH? Because something is wrong with her.

    • If Eddie and Leann want to be left alone maybe they should get out of show business.

      • Leann has been a country music star for years and has the money to prove it. Brandi is just another no talent on a reality show and her 15 minutes are up. The only thing Brandi has going for her are a bunch of nasty twitter followers but that does not obviously equal high ratings for a reality TV show. Brandi should be embarrassed but of course she is not as she created all the drama to remain relevant and on a reality TV show.

        • Doesn’t have too much of that career left and will not be one left at all very soon if she continues every year canceling the gigs she does get.

  • Rimes LOVES $ddie to be totally financially depended on her..I dont believe he was offered anything..maybe a bit part at best on Dallas!! Neither 1 of them EVER gave the kids a 2nd thought while having affair! She is/was so fugly compared to all the other women he had going on & I will always believe its all abt her $$..she bought him & she buys thoes kids affection.May Rimes & $d rot in hell…

    • I agree Debi, she likes him dependent on her. Did you catch their interview on Wendy Williams, she said something to Leann like, ‘You are the sugar Mamma’ and she smiled big and proudly and confirmed, ‘Yes I am!’ Whereas Kandi Burress proudly says that Todd Tucker works and is great at his job. What a contrast.

  • Honestly cannot blame him..he chose family over work, if a WOMAN did the same she would be lauded as a great Mother. Seriously, he has never been accused of being a bad father, nor has he had a history of leeching off of more famous, wealthier women…that is a BRANDI accusation…why can it just not be that, despite the ugliness of HOW it started, the man loves his wife and puts his family first? Brandi’s not exactly a neutral observer, every year we hear that he’s leaving, but yet they seem happy. Not a fan of Brandi or LeAnn, have the rare honir of being blocked by both, but just MAYBE, he is not the man Brandi makes him out to be (colored by hate/love/cheating) or the man people expect him to be, maybe he’s a Father/Husband/Happy man who changed and grew up, now married to the RIGHT woman, and making the best choices for his family

    • Really? He never thought about his kids when he cheated, did he? He never cared that he destroyed their family. Brandi may have said things about him and rightfully so. He is a CHEATER! He is DOUCHE!

      • I agree, as I said, it started out with ugliness, but BRANDI herself has said he is a good father….did he cheat, yes, he has not denied that, is it possible that the man has grown as a person, changed, matured and NOW puts his family first, absolutely

    • Because men and women are different. I know it’s PC to pretend we are all the same but we are not.

  • If Eddie has come to the realization he can’t go on location, then why isn’t he trying to get a hosting gig on a show like his cheezy pal, Mario Lopez? Come on, there are lots of things Eddie could do to earn an income. Why not open a restaurant, something? Things are not adding up.

    • His job is to follow Leann to her shows and make she sure she doesn’t cancel. She needs a babysitter and a way to keep tabs on him at all times. He needs an allowance.

      • Ellen Im not sure if you saw this or not but do you know she is still canceling shows??? I cant believe others are so dumb to still purchase tickets for her! She has been canceling concerts she has been with him! Also I have seen the ratings for second episode are even lower than first- if I read correctly. Sorry not sorry WeWe!

          • 😉
            It’s the venue’s fault. They keep booking her knowing she only shows up half the time. She canceled all of them this weekend. Her and Ed are both lazy. Bottom line.

  • I saw this on a rerun and my jaw dropped when he said it would be too hard. Children need to see their dad working, making sacrifices, and earning a paycheck. He teaches them nothing.

    • Exactly. Especially boys need to see it. Men are hard-wired to go out and earn. Pretending that nesting is just as valid for them is completely denying human nature.

  • LOL…LeAnn probably paid him double of what he would have earned…from what I hear she is afraid of him cheating all of the time so who knows of whatever private agreement they have, I am sure it involves money!

  • @bunnyluv, I agree. If this was a woman who had a wealthy husband who chose to leave her children for seven months to take an out-of-town job when the last time it happened the kids had problems at school, she would be raked over the coals!!!

    I don’t think that it’s in Eddie’s best interest to be Leann’s househusband, so he should work, but I’m OK if he takes guest star roles versus regular roles, if most of the jobs he’s offered are out of town.

    @michers, there is a difference between shooting a movie on location, that usually lasts for a month or two. For the Dallas role, Eddie would have to be in Dallas for seven months with trips back to LA every three weeks.

    • Beggars should not be choosers, as employment is slim pickings for him 🙂 I know its different but he is no Matthew Mc, Tom Cruise, etc… Its not like he has full custody and he is their only parent. He got and rep for touting WeWe around set, others put out stories about it, and this is him TRYING to save face. She is super afraid she will lose him how she got him!

      • I think that the story about Eddie being a problem on set were planted by his bitter ex-wife. There were not multiple stories, in the case of the story about him being a problem on CSI, it came from one story in a tabloids and other tabloids and blogs repeated that story.

    • @ tcc have to agree 110%. If Eddie was out of the country or state working and only seeing the kids on holidays?? People would than say what a bad dad he is b/c he is never with the boys.
      I for one would have loved to have had a dad that wanted to be around to raise us but her. My dad divorced my mom while she was caring me b/c our dad (4) left my mom for her brothers ex wife (yes my aunt) she had 4 kids & had 2 kids with my dad. My dad was not made to pay us 4 child support b/c he was supporting my uncle’s kids. He worked about 4 blocks from where we lived, lived about 12 miles from us. But he never came to get us, never got us nothing for Christmas, or our birthdays. My B/D is 8-13 and when I was 33 my dad was dying of cancer and b/c I did not have kids I was expected to take care of him and I did b/c he was my dad. Well on my B/D I said to my step-mother (ex-aunt that we still called aunt and her kids called daddy uncle) “All I ever wanted daddy to do was sometime in Aug was just call and say I know your b/d was and I just wanted to call and say happy birthday” his wife looked at me and said well your not going to get it this year either” and my daddy pass 1 week after my b/d.
      So if LeAnn wants to pay his ex’s & child support so Eddie can take his boys to ball games or set around and play video games, or hinging out at the pool. Well good for her and if Eddie don’t mine being a stay home baby setter (we all knows they have a cook,& maid so while we call him a househusband he is not he baby setter. Because all of us women knows being a wife, mother, of housewife is a heck of a lot more work with no pay.

  • Apparently exactly what every “wife” wants to hear..”no go work, I’m okay with removing lint from my bellybutton still”

    Glad he is with LR..who needs a deadbeat..apparently it is her dream come true!!

  • I think he made the decision that was best for his children, it is sad people turn it into something else.

    • He is a liar and just trying to get sympathy for being fake, IMO. He did a movie last year yes? Was he concerned about kids then, or only now to drum ratings up for shit show? He is not really sought after because of Leanne and her antics so he should not be so picky with work. The boys have their MOM and they are taken care of no matter what liar cheat face tries to imply. Also 2011 is 3 years ago.. the boys were how old?? He is ridiculous!

      • I agree Michers
        I call BS on him turning down this job. He would rather live off of Leann’s money.
        Leann loves taking care of him cuz this way she can keep a eye on him.

      • In his defense, filming schedules for tv shows are more demanding than movies and he wasn’t a major character in that movie. I doubt he filmed that much. I’m sure it’s easy to do bit roles in films as far as scheduling.

        I didn’t sound like there was any implying theta the boys wouldn’t be taken care of, just that they need their father around and involved in their regular lives

        • what a hogwash he is. i bet if he was offered a big role in film or tv he would not blink an eyelash. truth is there wasn’t any offers since he shacked up with that looney bin.

          • Eddie’s issue is with taking roles that require him being out of town for long stretches, he said that he will take jobs that shoot in LA.

    • He does not want to work, mooching off a women is his style in life. How sad that Leann is so insecure to see that all she got was a deadbeat Dad.

      The court frowns upon all of this, so hopefully the kids can just live with their Mother now. It’s time to stop him in the rags, he loves the attention, but bad attention is not good for the boys.

      Leann’s fans should encourage to get rid of him, instead of praising her for marrying him.

        • well there’s a first time for everything. if your stuck with your stalker and married her, why not mooch her anyways?

    • The best thing he can do for his children is to be responsible for them. He should be setting an example to show them sometimes you have to do a job that isn’t ideal in order to pay your bills.

      He doesn’t want income because he doesn’t want to pay more support. He’s a deadbeat.

      • True Taco.. and where was all this newfound concern for his kids’ well being when he did this cheating so publicly and allowed and still allows his current wife to do what she does? He is an idiot.

      • How can you call Eddie Cibrian a deadbeat??!! He has his kids the same amount of time as their mother and he pays child support to his ex!

      • Oh please Taco Tuesday, Eddie is not the only parent in these boy’s lives that needs to show them a good example. How do you think when these kids go to school and the other kids pick on them about Brandi. We all know children do not have an off switch and hear their mothers talking about Brandi’s nasty mouth, about her getting drunk falling down drunk, kissing men she don’t know, talking about how she need to be f****d because the man that was her “friend” is no liked this month, are how she was falling down drunk and being put in a car b/c she could not or would not get in, and she had no under cloths on and showed her vjj to every one to see. And all of us know they do talk and kids do repeat what they hear. Children can be mean and cruel and love to pick and tease other kids.
        YES that is an example of a GOOD example.

    • So true, love is not measured my wealth, but need time you spend with them for good family structure. And these kiddos have been in the middle of drama for practically their entire lives. Nothing wrong with a househusband who puts his children’s welfare first. That’s a good dad and role model. They aren’t starving and have a nice roof over their heads. No one is hurting as the result of Dad deciding to put family first.

      • Love is not a proper substitute for not instilling a proper work ethic in those boys. It can’t be either/or. It has to be both. To raise successful boys a father needs to model WORKING.

        • If you look at IMDb, Eddie Cibrian worked steadily from 1995-2013, almost twenty years, there are times when he even did double duty and appeared on two TV shows or filmed a movie while appearing on a TV show, he has established himself as a role model when it comes to breadwinning.

          I can actually see his children benefiting more from having him around for a few years helping them with their homework, taking them to school, going to their games, coaching their little league teams and being a presence in their lives than off filming a TV show. What is there to gain from Eddie taking on more work, moving from a 10,000 square foot house to a 15,000 square foot house? more ipads? more game systems? more nannies?

          • They can sell whatever story they want. I firmly believe it’s a story to cover for the fact that the guy is not doing so great in the getting jobs department and that Leann wants him to stay under her thumb. She did that to her first husband as well. Every close person in her life is on her payroll. Her friends. Her family. It allows her to exert control. Eddie is pathetic as she is. How people find him attractive with such a gross personality is hard for me to fathom.

          • Going forward they will gain confidence from the security of knowing dad goes to work and provides for the family. It doesn’t matter how much money they already have, boys need to see their father acting like a man taking care of business.
            Working builds character and routine is essential for well adjusted kids AND adults. Dad just hanging around the house or at the baseball games all day is not a good example for boys.

            Not to mention, whether we like it or not, dad working is normal in our society–and those boys need all the normal they can get right now.

          • @ TCC love the facts you looked up on Eddie, and how he is a good example of a dad. So what if he stays home and becomes a housewife there’s hundreds of women that are a stay at home housewife, and that’s alright. And if LeAnn wants to pay his child support and ex-wife’s support its her money. Eddie has the boy’s over 1/2 the time so does Brandi pay him child support and husband support?

        • Taco, I have always been the bread winner in my family, and so is my daughter. She has a househusband who takes care of the three children, takes them to school, cooks dinner and cleans. What difference is it between a househusband and a housewife? They chose for him to be a stay at home dad so they could raise their children and not expect society to. And because I was active military and gone away from home more then at home, she wanted her children to have the stability of at least one parent home full time. Get with the times.

      • say that ifever your husband’s ass is buried in your couch and you get by with two jobs to raise 4 children lol.

  • Frankly, I’m surprised he was offered work in the first place! Wait…. That’s the whole “scripted reality” thing going on!! This is a comedy! Hahaha!