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“Bring It B*tch” The RHOC Season 9 Reunion Is Being Filmed Today!


The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Reunion is being filmed today, and it looks like the ladies will be brining the D-R-A-M-A! Recently on Twitter, Tamra Barney revealed she isn’t afraid of being “exposed” and Vicki Gunvalson told Andy Cohen “it’s go time!” Check out the tweets below!

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Any reunion predictions? Do you think Tamra should be scared? I think Lizzie and Vicki will call her out.

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  • Anyone have any predictions on who will be sitting where on the infamous sofas? I’ll bet Tamra will be seated closest to Andy on one side, but who will be on the other side of him? Heather? Usually it’s Vicki but she had a pretty drama-free season.

  • Nothing Tamra says can be believed. She’ll go overboard with the distortions and drama in an attempt not to get fired.

  • I can’t wait. I have always liked Tamra but dang these last few episodes she has been such a snake. I’m sure its going to be very entertaining since all the ladies I’m sure watch all of the episodes and see that Tamra was the Root of all Evil so to speak this season…

  • I’m thinking it’s going to be blondes vs. brunettes possibly…

    Heather, Lizzie, and Danielle will for sure be on the same couch. We know Heather and Shannon will be on opposite couches. I know Tamra has beef with Danielle and Lizzie, so maybe they’ll be putting them on opposite couches.

    Vicki and Lizzie had some tension during the season.

    Vicki & Shannon are besties, so they’ll be on the same couch… & Tamra doesn’t really fit in anywhere because she has tension with Shannon & Vicki and she has beef with Danielle & Lizzie… she’s only on good terms with Heather, so maybe they’ll just have her next to Vicki on the BLONDE couch.

    • When did Tamra and Danille have beef?

      I know one couch was Shannon-Vicki-Lizzie in that order because Vicki put out a photo.

      I don’t even know if Danielle was there…

  • I wonder if they’ll mention how Tamra and Miss Terry conspire together to create storylines and drama, for our “viewing pleasure.” I don’t doubt for a minute that’s why he removed her “Simon” tattoo for free (and obviously plenty of botox and filler, more recently), in order to cozy up to the psycho b!tch. Once the Dubrows are off the show, they will NEVER have anything to do with her again, KNOW THAT.

  • No. I am not excited about the reunion. It will be one BIG pity party for Shannon. I dont care for Tamara. She’s a shit starter.
    Shannon needs to take accountability in all this too. Some of you think she has done No wrong. How she approaches Heather or any situation is immature.
    Seriously over her. Just a dang pity party…somebody needs a waaaaambulance.

  • Yeah, sheesh, it would seem that Heather is actually the least mad at Tamra at this point, which can’t be a good sign. Other than everyone vs. Tamra, we also clearly get Shannon v. Heather, maybe some Heather v. Vicki, and some Lizzie v. Vicki? Everyone v. Tamra and Heather v. Shannon are definitely going to be the highlights (though Lizzie needs to show up big to secure being brought back)

    • If anybody watches “Defiance”, Tamra is starting to resemble the red-headed alien with the bizarre forehead.

  • I can’t stand Tamra. She comes off like she’s this badass, which is laughable, at best. One of the reasons she was on Heather is because Heather is smart, educated and full of class. Tamra is low class, not real bright and a liar. Oh, did I mention parasite as well?

  • Am I watching a different show than most people?!? I can agree that Heather is a pompous ass, but come ON! Shannon is a nutcase! She gives Ramona Singer a run for her money in the Crazy Eyes department. Shannon hasn’t told the truth yet in her recounting of her fights with Heather. I think she really does need some professional help. I don’t see how that hot husband of hers can live in crazytown.

    • If you really watch it, neither retells the story exactly how it happened. They each put their own slant on it to make themselves look good. Don’t they realize that doesn’t fly when you’re being taped?!?

    • Her husband seems like a really nice guy. He should run for the hills. You only live once and to have a partner who whines and nags and picks on you every five seconds is not good for you. Run for the hills. Her is a tip Shannon: If you go to somebody’s house uninvited to start a fight, don’t be surprised that they politely ask you to leave because they don’t want your crazy b.s. in their house.

  • Heather is a pretentious ass. Did she forget about her marriage problems being aired last year? When she speaks I cringe. She is funky looking as should really checked her pompous attitude at the door. Tamra is just a rat faced asshole. I like Vicki this year and I like Shannon. She looks nuts because she does not know how to deal with Shannon, who is treating her the way she does because she is so jealous that Tamra and Vicki accepted her. Shame on her for creating all of the problems just because she was jealous.

  • I just hope Heather gets called out for being so evil. I hope Andy will read some good viewer comments to her to show her what a punk she is.

  • I hope Tamra is the target this year. After so many seasons of her treating everyone else like crap, she deserves it.

  • I THINK the reunion was taped last week. I have seen other Bravolebs tweet about being in New York and I think there are there to be guests on #WWHL 5 year Anniversary show tonight.

  • i can’t wait how the narcissistic bitch heather will spin her lies and stick to her “you yelled at me” when she is the condescending arrogant bitch!

    • ITA- When does bitchy, puppet-face Heather stop yelling, being condescending and judgemental to everyone around her and most especially her husband. She is the only woman in the free world that would yell and scream about a bow smudged on a cake for a whole episode, but she has the gall after screaming at Shannon with Terry joining crying victim – “she yelled at me act.”

      I can’t wait until Andy airs the clip on the reunion with Heather defending herself by defiantly proclaiming that Tamra doesn’t lie, and then Andy will joyfully run the clip of Tamra lying about Shannon, and then admitting she had lied. Then Andy will play the clip with Vickie confirming Tamra did say the “take down comment” that Heather and Terry lost their minds about. I can already predict that Heather will flip it around somehow again that she is right because she never admits she is wrong, ever.

      Shannon should also gossip away on the reunion and ask Heather if her husband still brings up divorcing her like he did on air on camera last season. Maybe Shannon can ask around the OC if her friends think Terry will leave Heather since he did talk about divorce. Isn’t the new argument by those bagging Shannon and defending Heather that if the ladies talk about their marriage problems on air that then all gossip is free game and Shannon gets a free pass to talk about Heather’s marriage problems to whomever she wishes. Shannon please gossip away because Heather thinks it is fair game so give her a taste of her own medicine.

      • To “Happy Day”. .. Yes, yes and yes to EVERYTHING you just said. I couldn’t have said it better. I hope Shannon has a tall one before she goes on and has the guts and strength to give it to all of them once and for all. And that Vickie better come to her aid and not be intimidated by Tamra concerning Brooks. Shannon; YOU GO GIRL!

      • It’s pretty obvious to me that Dr. Dubrow worships the ground his wife walks on.

    • There’s a video clip at Bravo that shows Shannon referring to herself in the third person, over, and over, and OVER! What does that mean and why does she do that? Hmmm? In order to refer to yourself in the third person (as Shannon does), you must first think of yourself in the first person, and then imagine someone else, exactly like you, expressing that same thought . . . about you. By doing so, you are then referring to yourself in the third person. Now, what does it mean? Illeism is the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person and is considered narcissistic behavior. Speaking in the third person is an obvious sign of narcissism, meaning an inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity; self-centeredness; smugness; and egocentrism! Sounds like Shannon to a tee!!

    • Uh oh, Gimme PIzza is going to be counting the # of times “spin” is used in reference to Heather. I think it’s a perfect word for her devious, deceptive tactics myself.

  • Love how Andy told Tamara the other night that Bravo pays her to be real not fake when she answered I’m paid to bring drama. Then she back pedaled and said of course that’s me insinuating she is a trouble maker. They really need to do over RHOC and RHONY because at this point they both seem so scripted. IMO RHOMiami was so much better than these two and then the can it and keep bringing these two back. I know ratings dictates most of it but I wish they would show RHOMelbourne over either of these two if they need to fill a time slot and it not be so expensive.

      • I enjoy New York and Orange County. New York needs a new production company to freshen things up, then we can discuss the cast. I don’t feel Orange County is that staged this season – other than Tamra’s stories. I feel like all the drama is legitimate from everyone…other than Tamra who is stirring to get the ball rolling.

        I don’t think Gina should want that shown anywhere. She revealed herself to be an abusive, hypocritical liar by the end of the reunion – where she denied saying something that she was just shown saying 5 times. I liked her at the start but by the end of the reunion I can’t even respect her, never mind like her. Chyka was nice but she was like the Kathy Wakile of Melbourne. The whole cast were pretty much terrible. I liked Janet – she clearly took on the producers puppet role that every city has but got busted for it. I didn’t mind Lydia either. Andrea and Jackie were annoying as hell.

      • How do you get this show? I live in Miami and am dying to watch it. But I don’t see it offered, even online.

        • I, too, have really been interested in watching this RHOMelbourne show. I’ve heard lots of people talking about it, but have never seen it advertised or anything. I’m gonna have to Google it, and look further into, I guess. LOL 🙂

    • Tamra needs extensive therapy. She seems like someone who has relied upon her looks to be accepted, for her whole life. The outside is ok, but aging, and the inside is still a mess.

    • I used to lIke Tamara. But, she has been exposed as a liar and trouble maker. I like Shannon and thought that Shannon and Tamara would be fun together. But, Tamara threw her right under a bus as soon as she was caught in a lie. Remember how crazy Tamara was when she was going through her 2nd divorce. She is a mean troubled women that does not know how to be a friend. I was disappointed in Vicki for not opening her big mouth and exposing Tamara. Instead of making Shannon look like a liar. Vicki was too afraid of getting on Tamara’s bad side. Vicki never had a problem opening her big mouth before. I am disappointed in both of them. But, really see Tamara for the sick twisted women she is.

  • Will Shannon be wearing a straight jacket? because that is what she needs! This one will be good.

    • Will Heather be dressed in dominatrix/ sadist attire, equipped with whips, chains & slave bracelets, and will Terri accompany her on a leash attached to a spiked dog collar? Woof Woof!

  • Let’s see if Tamra will earn her paycheck and bring on more manufactured drama. It seems kind of early to film the Reunion aren’t there like 8 episodes left?

    • I’m guessing here but Bravo might have already mailed them the remaining episodes to watch ahead of time.

  • I hope Vicki opens her mouth this time. If she doesn’t stnd up for Shanon then she’s a big hypocrite

    • Lol.. Im sure she will.. Lets see how many times she will call Heather, ” Heather Dubrow” . And lets see how many times she will refer to her self in the 3rd person..

      • And I’m sure she will say how “Never in my life have I been…”. Seems like she has had a lot of firsts this season.

        • well have you ever been around such immature grown adults? I’m 21 and I’ve never fought over a chair at a restaurant with any of my friends.

      • Seriously, are there so many Heathers in Shannon’s life that she has to say Heather Dubrow every time? It’s so weird.

        • Actually I think the reason she calls her Heather Dubrow is because there was supposedly another Heather with the group. I read speculation of her before the season aired. I think there were pics of this other Heather too

          • Yeah, Heather MacDonal. I think she’s Shannons sister, or sister-in-law. She was add a load of events this season but wasn’t filmed other than in the background.

      • I’m going to also request a count for how many times she says “spin”!

  • I’m excited for this. I think it’ll be a great one. It can’t get worse than last years where everyone seemed tired and totally over it.

    I hope Shannon sticks to her guns and doesn’t pull an Aviva and back pedal. Mostly, because I believe Shannon is in the right.

    Bring on the crazy!

    • OMG! Shannon is delusional! She has not truthfully repeated what happened in any situation between her and Heather. At least Heather has admitted that she “felt” like Shannon was yelling at her but upon reviewing the show she can see that she was merely raising her voice and not yelling. Shannon is mentally and emotionally unstable. Hopefully they will carry her out of the reunion in a straight jacket and finally get her the help she so desperately needs in a mental hospital.

      • you’re the only person supporting Heather on this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Heather. Shannon is not delusional, she’s a sane woman who can not handle the antics of these really stars, understandably so. Heather was out to get Shannon from the Get-go. She didn’t like how quickly Tamra and Vicki warmed up to her and made every accusation in the book towards Shannon just so that it appeared she was right about Shannon. Heather is done, her true colors are showing, and dumb Tamra made everything worse.