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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Phaedra Parks Wasn’t At Apollo Nida’s Sentencing!

As if being sentenced to 8 years in prison wasn’t devastating enough for Apollo Nida! Phaedra Parks has always remained hush hush when it comes to her true feelings about Apollo’s crimes, but actions definitely speak louder than words! Phaedra so close to Apollo’s sentencing, was partying it up in Mexico, and to top of off, she wasn’t even there when Apollo was getting sentenced! A source close to Phaedra EXCLUSIVELY tells AllAboutTRH why

Our insider reveals,

“Phaedra is pissed at Apollo. She is embarrassed by him and is trying to distance herself from him. As a lawyer being married to someone like Apollo hurts her career, and she spent so much time defending him — its made her look like a fool.”

If Phaedra does decide to divorce Apollo, she won’t have to pay him a dime! The state of Georgia has a law that protects you from doing so if your spouse goes to prison for more than two years!

Apollo will be back in court July 17, and the judge is demanding that he payback all the money that he stole from the victims!

Do you think Phaedra should get a divorce? Or do you think she’ll wait for Apollo?

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Terrie Blake

shame on you phaedra!!!! you knew what was coming, you should have been right there by his side during his sentenceing. your vows said for better or worse. his worse was at his sentenceing, where were you?


I’ve read all your comments, agree with all of you except those who came down hard oh Phaedra .

Gosh, she made a huge mistake but she us also the one who’s paying for it.

My goodness you 2 have you never made a misstate ?

Since I’m not sure when the law caught up to Opollo’s misdeeds but after watching how he treated his wife last year I wouldn’t need shedding tears either. He was rude to her, had no care in the world how he treated her, he was constantly protecting Kenya against his wife…..that’s bull crap. They had a history, married in lust now she’s paying a price for her part. However she should hold her head up high, she was not implemented in his dirty schemes, so go pay the price….no love lost here Dear lady, I think you have some ideas… Read more »

Phaedra should definitely get a divorce. This never seemed like a real marriage to me anyway. I could never figure out what Phaedra saw in Apollo. Even his looks did not make him a good catch!


The most wonderful thing that Appolo produced is his
children with Phadrea. They are beautiful, and I’m sure
Mr President will be as smart as his older brother.

Whatever Phadrea decides to do, is her decision. I wish
her well. Sometimes the “bad boys” are really good
looking….sorry 🙂


I wonder if Apollo will get love letters from Kenya Moore while he is in jail?

Texas thoughts
I always think you need to give people a opportunity to change and their past shouldn’t be their entire life. BUT he blew it. To go to that extent in stealing folks retirement is disgraceful and for me unforgivable. I also think that after all the Kenya bull s___t and him responding to Kenya was the cherry the topped the top. DUMP him in my opinion. She is a hard worker, a great mom and pretty. She can do allot better. He is good looking and has a great body – but he simply is a criminal at heart and… Read more »
Fan of the Show

Keeping it real, he probably won’t have to do all 8 years. Many times they will drop some time off due to good behavior or some other incentive.


sorry..not an exclusive. i read this a few days ago on another site.


Instead of responding to a friend of mine email that was much nicer my friend’s email got blocked from this site when she has never once used a curse word or been mean to anyone here. That wasn’t very nice and people shouldn’t be banned for not behaving like 90% of the people that come to this blog.


She married him because she got pregnant. She had a second child because he is pretty and she wanted to hit it. She will slowly bow out of the lawyer limelight and focus on the mortician path. It will allow her more flexibility as a single parent. I think she absolutely knew what she was doing when she went that path.

Lapband Lauren

She’s smart and educated. Unfortunately, we all make bad mistakes some times. She loved him, he was her college sweet heart. She took a smart route while he took a different one and you can tell she loves him. But last season she was sick of his shit. He wasnt helping her what so ever and I don’t blame her if she leaves. She shouldnt have to wait 8 years for someone who treated her like shit. I guess Kenya can go support Apollo and put money on his books!


What Apollo has done is beyond a mistake. He has no morals, ethics, scruples. When a man has character flaws you need to run from him and fast.


Here’s my question. When this guy gets out of prison as a two time felon, what’s he going to be able to do with the rest of his life? How will he ever make legal money? You know Phae Phae will be long gone and I sincerely doubt RHOA will still be on 8 years from now.


Smart women. She doesn’t need to be around that sh*t

Taco Tuesday

Smart? LOL! She MARRIED that “shit”!

That’s about as far from smart as you can get! 🙂


You got that right,she is not smart at all, she married that SH$@T. She knew what the deal was.


I really think these two have been living separate lives for a while.


It’s way too late to distance herself from Apollo, he’s still the father of her children. She should be very embarrassed especially when she knew he was spending 5-8K in strip clubs but she could never tell us what he did for a living.

Lapband Lauren
I don’t think she knew. When he said that to her at the reunion or wherever they were at she seemed shocked. Also, who spends 5k on a strip club? Seems like lies to make himself look good. The most you might spend is maybe a few hundred if you do bottle service and tipping the strippers. I don’t feel bad for him, even though I like him. He’s treated his wife like trash these past few seasons and I was sick of watching it. So I don’t think Phaedra is doing anything bad by distancing herself. He treated her… Read more »
Fan of the Show

Divorce is eminent.

lily drake

Absolutely! Of COURSE Phaedra’s mad and embarrassed. He used, abused and trashed her name. His children will forever bear the burden of his criminal behavior. That said I have no doubt that with Phaedra as a mom those 2 boys will survive, thrive and overcome their lying, cheating daddies ways.




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