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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Yolanda Foster Films At Mauricio Umansky’s Real Estate Agency For Season 5!

yolanda foster and mauricio umansky

Well, well, now isn’t this interesting! Last season Yolanda Foster was cackling with Lisa Vanderpump about Kyle Richards befriending certain women to help her husband’s real estate business, and now, a source EXCLUSIVELY tells AllAboutTRH that Yolanda was recently at Mauricio’s office filming for season 5!

Our insider reveals,

“Yolanda filmed with Mauricio at his offices last week. They filmed a goodbye scene and they had to reshoot it a couple of times. It was really awkward. Brandi (Glanville) was also there two weeks ago looking for a rental.”

Hmmm…it seems RHOBH filming is already off to an interesting start! Thoughts?

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  • I quess Mauricio and Kyle are not just “Hollywood Friends” to Yolanda. Can’t believe they are including his real estate business in this season. Guess he needs to business. Yolanda would do anything to get her face on TV. Of course, it does not appear that her husband was there.

  • I don’t care for Mauricio. Tired of the stupid real estate ads of his on this show. Like the episode where they sold Marissa Zanuck’s (sp?) inlaw’s house? That was all I need to see of Mauricio’s wheeling and dealing.
    He’s annoying. And he’s a terrible actor. His scenes all seem so fake.

    • No kidding. Maurice eats up the HW’s publicity, it’s what he needs to sell houses. Ugh, go away!

  • Yolanda is a sour lemon drop she conveniently shoves aside

    – cackling about Mauricio with the three other witches
    – saying to Kyle “where there’s smoke there’s fire”

    Mauricio has his own company and a reputation with the realty world..

    I wonder why sour lemon drop didn’t go to the Million $ listing dudes..oh that’s right..Mauricio is involved in that too…

    oh well..”hollywood friends” at it’s best..Yolanda sure isn’t good at anything ..example..her dream team imploded..she now has to have a buffet of sell her amazing hoome.

    ha ha ha ha ha

    • Despite all the flaws you’ve pointed out, I still like Yolanda. She’s a really good clown

      • I just watched pics of Yolanda and Lisa taping together – her short hair is way better she looks great.

        • As always, makes a comment & sucks up to any retort,& changes the story, lol! From one whom has dated even Mohammed (waaaay back), no love lost & the man’s a gent, but a total arse. To the one whom commented @ Malibu, IMO, the homes up in ANY of the hills/canyons are MUCH better than the ones right on the beach…and CHEAP!!! (unless you’re in a certain pvt. community). On the beach, you are LITERALLY 3′ away from your next door neighbor. You hear EVERYTHING & people are basically in your yard. I live on the beach now & except for my ocean view, I abhor the noise of the plebs that traipse the beach. How do you think Johnny Carson met his last wife? She dragged her body w/ a wine glass up & down the beach over & over until he finally saw her. Period. True story.

          • Lol, Sammy the man~You JUST noticed her hair??????? Now? She’s had it short for over a year!

    • As annoying as Yolanda is, she wasn’t the one that said ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’. That was Lisa. Yolanda said “sometimes these stories come out” and Lisa immediately jumped in and said “What you’re saying is, where there is smoke there is fire”. Yo annoys me but I find it really annoying that she gets the blame for that a lot.

      I’m intrigued to see how Yolanda acts without either of the dream team. Maybe she will be less of an ass.

      • Actually TOA

        Yolanda tried to blurt it out “as rehearsed with dream team”..Lisa stepped in a made sure it was clear “we are now going to bash Kyle” – and Lisa blabbed the complete statement.

        • Hi Samael 🙂 We will never know what Yoyo was going to say. Maybe she was just gonna say you need to ignore these stories? Or something to that effect .. Lisa made the point not Yoyo.

          • I agree. If that was the case Lisa could have let her finish and kept her hand clean, instead she butted in and showed her ass. If she knew Yolanda was going to say that then she shouldn’t have felt the need to say it, unless she was trying to stick the knife in Kyle…again.

            Personally, I think the way Yolanda said “exactly” after Lisa said it made it seem like that wasn’t what she was going to say but was going along with it. She said it hesitantly, rather than her usual direct Dutch manner. Not that I doubt Yolanda was going to say something bitchy though.

  • Why? Just why? Why is the hubby getting more airtime, and for HIS work? So irrelevant doing this.. and of course its scripted and re-done over and over.

    • I was under the impression that there’s going to be a show/spin-off called The Agency, so maybe this is why they’re doing this. Maybe Mauricio can have a party for his business at Sur/PUMP/Woe is me to cross promote all three shows!

      • Haha! As funny as that seems Jar, I can see Bravo doing some idiotic waste of airtime for that! ( The really funny part is that would probably happen!)

    • Hey michhers

      I agree, this is a mis-step..Yolanda needs to tape something else…watering her lemon visiting her girl in NY..etc.

      Umansky is not RH…WTH?

      • Yolo has flaws, but they are very minor IMO and I can deal with it. I still like the Lemon Queen 🙂

        • I loved her third season. Last year, she became very petty but I am glad she’s back. I hope her and Lisa can move forward.

          • Yea I was disappointed with her pettiness last season. I was surprised she wasn’t more cautious with how she came across, especially with her experience being a clown …. I mean ‘reality’ star. I guess she got too comfortable and so allowed her true lemony queeness show. She better rein it in, not good for her brand

    • “Why, just why?”. Poor lil’ michers…you sound as if you are begging for mercy from the judicial system! GROW UP! It’s only a TV show! Calm down!

  • We’ve heard they reshoot scenes on these shows, and here is another confirmation. Would love to hear an interview with a producer on these shows to see how they script/film/story lines play out.

    • Hi Maru the cat, I will tell you exactly how they film these so called reality shows. I have family that work in that business. Oh my when he told me that everything is I mean everything is put together before filmimg my jaw dropped!
      Let me explain ok you know how when we are watching a reality show and the HW’s, etc. Are eating at a restraunt every single person in the restraunt you sitting at their very own table, or waiter, bartenders, the civilians as they’re referred to have already signed waivers, the lighting has been set up, everything is set up to make us think these reality people starring in shows are just walking in somewhere. Some of the time the patrons at the tables around them are extras.
      Next the producer for each woman you know on HW’s has already had a discussion with her or him about what subject they should bring up, sometimes they bait them and tell them so and so said this about you or thinks this about you how do you feel about that,,,
      That’s why for the HW’s shows don’t do much for as far as entertainment, now if these people actually gotffollowed around with cameras and we were shown actual reality that might get me to think of these shows as more believable. However that’s not how it works.

      They make it seem like every establishment they walk into has a camera in incase a hw walks in, but everything has already been arranged as far as lighting, cameras, etc

      • Re: Penilane. She’s exactly on the mark. Having seen the business (my dad was a film director in LA) & having worked on MANY shoots (backround only!) and having lived there 1/2 half my life, I can say she is correct.

  • Maybe Yolanda is looking for a new hone in 90210? Yolanda’s David seems to like Mauricio. Kyle has never done anything to Yolanda so it is time for Yolanda to step up and realize that she needs to be a little nicer.

    • I agree.

      Yolanda’s issue was that she went for Kyle and Kyle exposed her as a liar. I’m glad they’re getting along now. This will be an interesting season with all the shits in alliances. She needs Mo because she can’t sell her house with her current Realtor, and that’s with a $3million price cut, so why not get California’s number 1 in?

      I hope we get to see her house hunting…bring on the house porn!

      • Malibu is pretty far from BH… of course, I only know this from Million Dollar Listing. However, it’s more likely Yolanda will get exposure going with Mauricio. Bigger chance to get publicity on the show. I don’t know… guess we’ll find out when the show airs.

        • Probably less than 30 miles but in LA traffic you can spend an hour or more trying to get there.

      • They were asking too much for a house that’s on the “wrong” side of PCH. Blue water views just don’t compare with a house on the sand, so they really can’t expect to ask the kind of price that they typically get on the other side of the highway — no matter how much (not level) land it sits on. No wonder they haven’t had any offers. The Agency are still only realtors, not magicians.

        • There IS no “wrong” side of the PCH, depending what city/town you’re in. It goes from almost Mexico 500 some odd miles north.

  • A goodby scene? Confused, thought yoyo was staying. And I can’t believe The Agency helped Brandi out after she publicly bashed them after she was forced out of her last rental for failure to pay rent.

    • “Goodbye scene” had me baffled but I am guessing they were filming as Yolanda was walking out of the office or outside of The Agency.