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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives Season 5 Is Off To A Boring Start; Renee Graziano Still Has NOT Filmed With The Ladies!

Things aren’t looking too hot for the ladies of Mob Wives. They are currently filming season 5 of the hit show, but a source close to the ladies EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH that filming is extremely dull right now and Renee Graziano has not at all filmed with the rest of the ladies!

Our source revealed,

The show is boring right now. The only storyline they have right now is Big Ang with her grand babies. Renee hasn’t filmed with any of the ladies. She is off with her sister Jenn trying to be famous and sell their cookbook.

Our source continued,

Producers are still reaching out to Alicia DiMichele to come back to the show. They miss her, but she it’s not happening right now. She’s focusing on her family and has no desire to film.

I for one miss seeing Drita and Big Ang on TV. I wish Alicia would have stayed, but I’m glad she’s focusing on her boys and being a good mommy.

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  • This show has gone downhill since last season. Why does Renee feel so entitled that she cannot film with anyone? That big overhaul was a mistake I think. We will see how things go.

  • So Mob Wives is THE NEW BIG ANG SHOW now? Oh well.. Where’s Karen? My money is on her coming back. Renee must be filming with someone? Why wouldn’t Renee film with Ang?. So It’s OK that Angg can help her sell her books by making appearances with her, but she isn’t good enough to film with ? OK Renee Hustler is calling next Get ready!

  • UGH ! Renee, always the drama queen.Has she learned nothing ? I used to really like her, feel sorry for her, but the way she has acted last season, and in personal intervies since the show has end has really turned me off. I will be watching for Drita & Ang but thats about it.I could care less about Renee’s slutty book, or the sisters cookbook. Renee acts as if she is above everyone else, like she is some knind of freakin mega-star or something. She needs to stop talking about her co-workers it’s not a good look.