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Dina Manzo FIRES BACK At Reports Of Her Not Inviting The Manzos And Lauritas To Lexi’s Grad Party!


Now that Dina Manzo is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it seems the Caroline and Jacqueline stories and sticking to her even more. Well, Dina is actually tired of finding her name in the headlines alongside her family she is feuding with and she called out Radar Online for its recent story about daughter, Lexi Manzo’s graduation party.

A source for Radar told Tom Murro,

“Caroline Manzo was not there and neither was Jacqueline Laurita. But Teresa Giuidice was there and she looked like she was having a great time. She seemed so proud of Lexi and she and Teresa were happily chatting. The whole night was perfect and thankfully there wasn’t any family drama at all.”

It was also reported that Dina is happy that she doesn’t have to “scrap” with Jacqueline or Caroline on RHONJ, to which Dina responded with the following tweet


I’m sorry, but these stories have Jacqueline written all over them! She’s friends with Tom Murro, hates Dina, and for sure wants the Manzo show to do better than RHONJ in ratings now that Dina is back. I predict more of theses types of stories to come out to keep Caroline and Jacqueline relevant. What do you think?

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  • I just read on Stoopid Housews, that TMZ is reporting that Joe Guidices father just dropped dead of a massive heart attack… OMG, this is just awful!!!

  • Jac and Caroline invite Dina and Lexi to nothing, never congratulate either of them on twitter for anything – so why the blame always on Dina. Because the stories generate from Jac and her coffee buddy Tom Murro from TMZ and it is all she has to go after Dina. So pathetic.

    • The WHOLE family is mad at Dina because she will not tell the truth about her marriage! They will not say anything because it would hurt their brother who is Dina’s husband. Dina is nothing but a big PHONEY who married for money………..PERIOD!

  • I just hate that there is so much family drama with the Manzo’s. I just wish they could all put their differences aside and get along. Families should not fight like this.

  • I’m with Dina on this one! Also, I would’nt go blaming Jacqueline either until you are positively sure! Cuz, this how MESS GET STARTED!

    • Jac has a history of being a messy woman. Twitter-liquor rants,cutting out most the convos of she and Tre’s infamous text beef and going against her friendship with Danielle when she knew what her family did to her was dirty. Behind that giggly, bubbly personality of hers is a woman who is not right and is mentally unhinged.

          • Not BFFs true – but they sure have been twitter buddies for a long time and Murro has admitted many times Jac is his source for RHNJ stories.

            Jac and Caro don’t include Dina in any of their parties or family events and so neither does Dina. They all 3 own that, not just Dina as ROL was trying to pin Dina as the bad guy.

            The media and fans should accept that these family members do not want to be family right now period. Yes, it shows what a total Jackass and hypocrit Caroline wAs repeatedly demanding Teresa talk to her brother, reach out to her brother, forgive her brother on the retreat….when Caro does not hold herself to the same standard she bullies others to follow.

  • I’m so over all this family drama. I’m also glad the Gorga’s and the Giudice’s worked out they’re issues because that was getting old too. I’m excited for the new season of RHONJ because it won’t be about stupid family drama.

  • On one hand, Dina needs to realize that now that she’s back in the limelight, Radar and everyone else can and will right whatever about her and her family, source or no source. But, I’m glad you called Wacko out. She loved calling Tre out for being in the tabloids, but was more often times than not the “anonymous source.”

  • Of course it’s Jacko. Who else?? I also love Dina’s reply.. The party looked beautiful. Congratulations Lexi !

  • Im over the Dina/Jac/Caro around the world nonsense. Not like they are going to tell the people the real reason why there is a divide in their family unit. So whatever, carry on.

  • I think Dina’s response was accurate, and not snippy at all.
    I love that she is calling out Jac for continuing this family drama she is clearly the ROL insider. The whole story should be told, if she is going to continue to comment on Dina’s life after all this time!

  • I’ll actually watch NJ this season. I turned it off two seasons ago because there is nothing entertaining about watching a family destroy each other. Manzo’d I wouldn’t watch with someone else’s eyes. (Yes I know I say this all the time but it’s the way I feel :))

    • Couldn’t agree more. My eyes & ears will not be tuning into the Manzoids either. Nothing interesting about these people. The adult children are nauseating & Caro is a complete bore. Don’t need to see Jax either!

  • Regardless of who fed the story to ROL, these stories are part of being on a reality show. Dina knows this. She left the show because it was “toxic”, per own words. Reality TV hasn’t changed, if anything it has gotten worse. If she truly wanted to “move on”, she would not have returned.

    Sorry, no sympathy here. Dina knew what she was signing up for.

    • Dina has been brought up at EVERY reunion since leaving the show, she might as well get paid if they are going to keep bringing her up

      • Excellent point. It just confirms what I said. This is the nature of reality tv. Stories are going to pop up.

    • Definitely agree, rhfan. I cannot for the life of me understand why she returned to reality TV after throwing such a fit about her sister and sister-in-law not leaving with her.

    • I agree, rhfan. When she “moved on”, she was still Mrs. Manzo. Now that she is getting divorced, she can’t “move” too far without his money. That’s my take on why she came back.

    • However I have a STRONG feeling Dina knows the “spy” is Jac… hence the quotes. That changes the fact that it’s “just” reality tv. I do agree that Dina would be better off foregoing the tweets.

  • I don’t think that Jacqueline, who I can’t stand by the way, is behind the story. Overall the story is positive, they are saying that Caroline and Jacqueline’s families weren’t there, but that it was a “perfect” party.

    To me anyone could have planted the story, the discord in the Manzo / Laurita family is well known. Dina is being a silly twit to address with such a snippy tone what was mostly a positive article. Even moreso she’s also being a bit sleazy by saying that it is not the whole story and then not telling the whole story.

    • Saying it was “perfect” isn’t so nice if you’re a member of the family. It doesn’t make Dina come off good at all, unless whoever reading it doesn’t like Caroline and/or Jac.

    • Yea it was a “perfect party” because it was at the Brownstone… Get it ? It’s Jacko feeding her troll Tom

  • I have lost interest in the Dina and Laurita family dynamics. Either tell the story or go away.

  • Dina is nasty spiteful. And wants desperately to be important. She and that criminal Teresa. deserve each other.

    • Amen to that Delaney! Dina is a total B! Her show on how to throw a party was the most arrogant and stupid show ever, that promoted nothing but wastefulness. It was a recycler’s nightmare! Not to mention BORING because Dina is so BORING and nasty.

  • If it is Jacqueline, then she is doing even more damage to Caroline’s show. I don’t think many were going to watch and with Jac sticking her nose in, there will be even less. The Manzo show is going to tank either way.

    • Jac doesn’t expect anyone to know that she’s the “spy” and likely most people won’t. However, I’m not most people… I believe Jac is the guilty party. Jac was a source for another blogger also.

      • Just want to clarify… most viewers don’t read the blogs, etc. So “most people” don’t even know there are stories being sold… err told. There are also those who read the blogs who wouldn’t suspect Jac either.