Real Housewives of New Jersey - RHONJ Teresa Giudice

AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Denies Rumors That Joe Giudice Is Ignoring Family Days Before Sentencing

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe will be returning to court next month on July 8th for their sentencing regarding pleading guilty to fraud charges. Reports have since claimed that Joe Giudice has been ignoring Teresa and the family!

Radar reported,

“Teresa feels like Joe should be spending every minute that he can with her and their four girls, but he’s still doing his own thing, doing stuff with the guys and she’s getting really frustrated. She doesn’t understand why he can’t just stay home with their girls and with her. She wants to know why he’s ignoring them. She knows that they just have DAYS left with Joe and the fact that he wants to spend time away from her and the girls is heartbreaking for Teresa.”

We spoke to Teresa EXCLUSIVELY and she denies the entire rumor telling AllAboutTRH, “It’s absolutely false. Joe and I have been focusing on our family and that’s what is important to us. Rumors regarding Joe ignoring me and our  family are ridiculous and  just not true.”

The couple have been photoed with their family in the last couple of months so it’s no surprise this is a complete rumor!

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  • mtrae9

    It’s really hard to tell if this rumor is true or not. We know Teresa and Joe lie, so can we really believe Teresa? If it is true, shame on Joe!

  • Terry

    He HAS to get laid with all his mistresses before meeting his new boyfriend in jail.

    • Taco Tuesday


  • Jarlath

    OMG thank god! I had spent many a time awake fearing that Joe was distancing himself from his family!

    • michers

      I doubt this is true.. Someone just trying to sell a story.. Whether he is or is not makes no difference in our real lives does it? I would think that its not true considering that he does love his girls and knows what is looming.

    • michers

      Sorry Jarlath.. I did not mean to post under your comment. ( I did chuckle though reading it.and I am a T fan)!

  • Tabitha

    Very funny.

  • Cheryl

    Radar stink asses will say about anything for shock value and views. I laugh at their shit stories and keep it pushin.

  • Elizabeth

    Of course he’s out getting drunk and cheating on Teresa. That’s what he does.

    Funny, Teresa acts like she spends time with her children, considering how every chance she gets, she’s out “promoting” her shit products or doing “date nights” with Joe.

    Those poor kids. They never stood a chance with these two pieces of shit for parents. I can’t imagine knowing your parents care more about money than they do about their own children.

    It’s WAY past time for these wastes of flesh to be behind bars.

    • Virtually Real

      Yay Elizabeth!

    • rhonjaddict

      @Elizabeth-Well said! These 2 dumbasses will do anything to make their family seem perfect. I can’t stand them and hope they BOTH go to jail. Those poor girls have the worst role models on the planet.

  • Taco Tuesday

    Whatever happened to the attitude that life goes on even though one is bankrupt? I thought they were both trying to go on as normal and stay strong for their girls. Joe sitting at home all day is not normal. Joe moping around the house all day is not staying strong for the girls.

    I don’t know why they would even bother denying this.

  • mzannielv

    Its so annoying when people quote Radar….they are so notorious for putting out such inaccurate b.s.

  • jen

    The only reason I’m not believing this is because I thought Teresa & Joe were being sentenced on July 8. The way this is written is as if teresa knows she’s not getting jail time only Joe.

    • LaraM

      I know, right? We are talking about ROL, like the Enquirer. I say fan or not, leave them be, period. It is inevitable there lives will change on July for the kids!

    • Hopeful

      Wendy did about 10 minutes of this story this morning in hot topics She too spoke as if only Joe and Apollo are being sentenced the same day in July. She failed to even mention that Teresa was also being sentenced

      It really something that both Joe , Teresa and Apollo are being sentenced the same day.

      What a discussion for the day after sentencing .

      • jen

        Wonder if Bravo will be in mourning that day. Andie might even have on a black vail

  • jenni

    y didnt u report the original story from radar?

    • worldgirl

      You must be new…. you don’t know why…lol

  • JackaBee

    I can not bear to watch NJ Housewives anymore. I dont like Teresa at all. I think Bravo showing her and this whole thing is bad. Why should Teresa be compensated for all the bad they did. They are trying to get the sympathy vote bringing the children in on all this for TV. SHAME on Bravo and Tthem.

    I dont like Dina and dont know about the new girls.

    Since seeing the promo I have removed this show from my DVR and will NOT be watching.

  • jayden213

    Radar Online is not an accurate blog. We all know that by now. The SMART thing to do is to spend time with one another before justice is served, but Tre does like to paint her husband as the perfect husband.

    • holy cannoli

      Katfish, Cracker Jac, Meatball face, and Messy do the exact same thing. To them they are the perfect husbands. :/

      • michers

        Holy that is so true! And ALL of us have heard and have seen how gross, conniving, perverted and just plain icky those men are. Oh and destructive.

  • Jewels

    Of course Teresa denies these rumors. This is the same Felon who denied stealing millions of dollars yet is facing a Federal sentence for LYING in a few weeks! If Teresa is speaking, she’s lying. Come on July 8th!

    • Just me

      Wow, what a hateful thing to say. Regardless of innocence or guilt, there are children involved here.

      • Elizabeth

        Yes, there are.

        Too bad their own parents didn’t give two shits about what their lying, stealing and cheating would do to them.

        Come on, July 8th!!

      • Virtually Real

        You’re supposed to think about your children before you commit the crime not use them as your public relations shield after you plead guilty. It’s the Giudices who were supposed to protect their children.

      • Jewels

        Hateful? LOL More like truthful! July 8th is right around the corner, better buckle up now.

        • Hopeful

          I hope you have medication handy when T is sentenced to house arrest .

          • Hopeful

            I mean if she is sentenced to house arrest .. God willing.

          • Jewels

            Don’t you worry about me, Hopeful. Prison time would just be a bonus in my book. I’m looking forward to her allocution, esp. because she took a plea. She’ll HAVE to ADMIT to the Judge and the whole world that she’s a complete lying, thieving, POS, fraud and give details about the crimes she committed. More importantly, she has to state WHY she committed those crimes. Considering the woman can’t string three words together correctly, that shit is going to be hilarious!

            Like I said…Come On July 8th!!!

          • Hopeful

            ACTUALLY all she has to do is admit guilt to the 4 charges. She doesn’t HAVE to explain anything.

  • holy cannoli

    Swear to God..Radar of lies comes up with the most ridiculous shit!!

    • LaraM

      They sure do, @Holy. Sorry. I hadn’t scrolled down more with my last comment. 🙂

  • LaraM

    I say give her above Radar of Lies, the benefit of the doubt. None of us knows what happens between a family in home. It is disgusting to speculate. They have less than a month where their lives may change drastically!

    We should support any of their decisions right now. Even if Joe does see his friends, and go out occasionally, I as a wife, would support that with impending sentencing. Teresa and Joe for almost a year have had consultants, family and friends, attorneys prepping them for the upcoming trial, in all Media, filmed this past Season, help out still Sandy Hurricane Victims….give them some Peace these next few weeks! My, God! Compassion lacks in tabloifd journalism!

    • LaraM

      **upcoming Sentencing, not trial, I meant to say.

      • Hopeful

        Hi Lara 🙂

        I agree the story is BS. Joe is always with his wife and kids. He does all Teresa’s appearances with her ..
        Did someone see him out without his family ? Woopdeedoo.. The man is going to be locked up for up to four years. He is entitled to have some time out of the house before incarceration . As long as he isn’t neglecting his wife and kids there is nothing wrong .

        • jayden213

          It is interesting to everyone that it is a big issue when Joe Gorga makes all appearances with Melissa, but it is no issue with the Giudices. Well, the two definitely need to spend as much time together as they can. No joke.

          • NYGirl

            “It is interesting to everyone that it is a big issue when Joe Gorga makes all appearances with Melissa”

            The reason is because the nut nibbling midget’s wife is a hooker who will sell her ass for $1.00.

          • Hopeful

            I wasn’t aware anybody even wanted Messy for appearances.. Good for her .

          • LaraM

            LMAO? @NY Girl and Hopeful! Hey, I wrote all night, literally, for a political gig. Haven’t slept, in Phx heat tillining soil, and fighting flies! New to be in thos oven heat! F**k. And kids had an 8 am ortho appointments. If Rox doesn’t mind….can any of you from NJ or NY ive one description of Gov. Christie. All the interviews I see, he is funny, loves Bruce, worked with Clinton to revitalize/structure the shores now with Clinton on all 3 Coasts. But he is on my opposite team. Not that it matters.

            Just one adjective for Christie if you feel like it. Thank you!!!!

          • Hopeful

            Sorry Lara i don’t know much about him. Except he fired Al Manzo and his police chief buddy that got Al the job on the water board fraudulently . And there was a fiasco on the Lincoln tunnel of one of the bridges going from to NY to NJ because he had a beef with the mayor of Fort Lee NJ ( I think) ..Which is right over the bridge . Supposedly he is denying knowing anything of the shutdown and some aides of his to the fall and were fired .

          • Hopeful

            took the fall ..Sorry

      • LaraM

        Hey Hopeful and Jayden,

        I would say the same thing if it were the Gorgas.

        Also, Samael asked me to tell all that,

        “He misses all here. Is spending time with Bonnie, and hope all is well with his buds, here. He is doing great, otherwise.”

        I miss a lot here, Sam, Lola, Irish, Shipp, Bryn….

        • LaraM

          Hell, I would even give Laurita’s, Manzo’s and Apollo Nida the privacy. ROL is awful!

        • jayden213

          I have been wondering about where Samael has been. It is sad that Lola left after she got into a confrontation with Rox about always complaining about the blog.

          • LaraM

            I know! I speak with Irish Tara and Sam, use to with Lola….she hasn’t responded to our texts nor emails. Sam wants to post. Tara is just too busy, and I knew that Lola was as well.

            I think Roxy, as I told our buddy, wants commenters to work out differences. It gets hard when your friends or yourself being attacked to not want to let Site Owner aware.a lot of people run away, but SOME didn’t want this a hate blog like others out there.

            Damn, I am surprised I haven’t been banned, as I am one of targets here.

          • rhfan

            So, Sam, Shipp, Lola were banned?

            If so, that is too bad. I have never been a fan of banning folks unless there was some credible threat.

          • holy cannoli

            They were banned? Really??

            I didn’t get that from Lara’s post.. I got they decided not to post for a while/ taking a break?

            Whatever the reason, I hope they come back.

            The only time I think someone should be banned is when they come on threads just to start trouble/ attack, use a person’s user name. (and does this a lot not just one time).That’s just wrong. I think they should be warned first, and if they continue, then they should be banned

          • rhfan


            I don’t know what happened, is happening…

            Lara’s last statement about being surprised she hasn’t been banned, led me to believe that maybe some of the ones mentioned had been?

            Oh, and I agree with you if someone is “impersonating” another user, they too should be banned. I forgot about that happening.

          • holy cannoli

            Hi rhfan

            I don’t know what happened either. I see what you are saying though with Lara’s last statement.

          • Hopeful

            I agree Holy..

            I wasn’t aware either. WTF?

        • Hopeful

          Tell samael Hi to him and Bonnie for me please.. I miss his posts 🙁

          • Hopeful

            And Tara of course 🙂

          • wicked

            @ Lara M,

            Hi there. Could you say Hello to Irish Tara for me??
            I know her in real life.
            Dude, she is sweet, beautiful, uber talented, hot, funny.
            Yep, have a major crush.
            Haven’t seen her around town for Months!
            Since you talk with her, could you give her a message?
            “Wicked & the Celts, Miss her. Come out & Jam with us soon”.
            She’ll know. I hope.
            She turned me onto this site.

          • LaraM

            Will do @Wicked. She just got back from biz in Europe and isn’t home yet with other obligations in States. I will text her now for you!!! 🙂

        • DebV

          Wondered why he suddenly disappeared. Tell him he is missed. In fact, I miss the contributions from all the people you have mentioned!

          • eggmitit

            Hello, cousin! I don’t live in NJ, but I’m right next door. I know Christie isn’t well liked by the civil servants. Can’t remember exact details, but I know teachers pay thru the nose for health insurance. Hope this helps somewhat. I find him kinda doofy on those Restore the Shore commercials. OT – say hi to sam, bonnie & our Irish cousin. I wondered what happened to Lola. I didn’t know she had a beef with Rox. I try hard to ignore those who start trouble, but sometimes you can’t help yourself. Its just so goddamn stupid to come & attack people you don’t know. If we all ignore them, maybe they will just go away.

          • LaraM

            I certainly will! Thanks All! 🙂

    • Virtually Real

      Hey LaraM, what the heck are you saying? That they helped out Hurricane Sandy victims or that they are Sandy victims? Don’t you remember, when people lost their homes all over NJ, Tear-eesa was moaning about her SECOND home? And don’t you remember they both pleaded guilty to fraud? Why don’t you find someone deserving to lavish all this compassion upon.

      • LaraM

        I think you misunderstood my post. I like Christie, I am not his constituent. And am a Democrat. I like him, and despite Bridgegare from his office, am pleased with his works with Sandy, and now all three coasts. Was asking from people here that live in NJ, Tri-Stare or PA their thoughts on more local issues with hom as a Govenor.

        • LaraM

          *oops, spelling. 🙂

    • allgoodstuff

      LaraM Nice to see such reasonable and mature posts on here.

      Nasty posters seem to invest a lot of their time hating a perfect stranger because of untrue rumors they read about.

      • Shipp

        Hi LaraM, Holy, Michers, NYGirl, Hopeful, Egg, Sammy, Lola, and rest of my “pals” (you know who you are).

        I HAVE NOT BEEN BANNED!! I’m just not interested in BS right now.

        Happy weekend 😉

        • Hopeful

          Happy weekend Shipp 🙂 I figured you took a break. Crazies were out.. LOL

        • LaraM

          Hey Buddy, glad to see you!

          You are correct @Holy Cannoli, not ALL the peeps mentioned are banned. That wasn’t what I was implying.

          Hey Cuz, Hopeful, etc!!!!

          • LaraM

            Bingo, RhFAn!

        • michers

          HI SHIPPY!! I get it…. I have been through BS last 2 weeks, but its whatevs.
          I was wondering about the others LaraM mentioned because it has been a minute since “seeing” them here. Lola was a great contributor on the threads and insightful even when disagreeing. Sam makes me laugh! I just noticed recently he has not been here. In any case, most of you here are awesome sauce and I enjoy commenting with you all.

  • Just me

    I don’t believe this for a second

  • Why Are You Buying Into This?

    LOL, Teresa is like “of course my husband never lies or cheats or insults me. he’s a family man that always does right by me and our family. he’s the husband of all husbands, the father of the year.”

    Oh Teresa.. never change.

    • lily drake

      LOL! Hey Joe probably thinks he deserves to do whatever he wants since he lied to protect Teresa and took the whole rap himself! LOL!

      • Buck Henry

        Yep, he certainly believes that.