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Joanna Krupa Reveals One Of The Best Things About Appearing On RHOM!

karent and joanna

Although we are still not sure whether The Real Housewives of Miami is returning for a fourth season, Joanna Krupa is revealing one thing she loved about being on the show! Joanna posted a picture of her and former housewife, Karent Sierra and she had the following to say about their friendship. Check it OUT!

photo 1
photo 2-1

It’s nice to see that these two have remained friends. BTW how fab do they look in their bikinis?!

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  • I loved Joanna and Karent too. I hated the way those other housewives treated Karent. Her smile made them angry? I didn’t understand it at all

    • Joanna gets along with Karent because Karent is such a pleaser and an ass kisser.

      Serendipity, I get why people like Karent, but I am one of the many who just can’t stand her.

      She is just too phony and needy. She seems very envious and says these oddly egotistical yet insecure things–telling people she works as a doctor when she’s a dentist. A dentist is a great profession, no need to play it up! She was always whining and making herself out to be a victim, complaining when some of the other women didn’t like her. Pretty much all of the housewives are overly self-involved, but Karent just took it to a new level.

  • It always amazes me that Joanna isn’t extremely embarrassed of her behavior on the show. I would be mortified.

  • I liked Karent on the show. Thought it was awful to ambush her and say her boyfriend was seeing other women. And I don’t understand Adriana at all. Pretending to be single because she didn’t feel married in her heart for all those years. What?

  • awwwww! I loved Karent and Joanna. …and RHOM is one of my favorite cities… i wish all three of them would come back! 🙁