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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Are All Signed Back On Except Lisa Vanderpump

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting ready for the next season and started off by firing Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia after they felt like they weren’t a good fit to the show. So who exactly is returning next season? Well, an insider reveals to AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY that Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Foster, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards have ALL signed back on and what about Lisa Vanderpump? Our insider says, “As of Friday, all the women except Carlton and Joyce have officially signed back on to the show. Everyone keeps asking Lisa if she has really quit or not, but she is taking her time before she confirms her return.”

And why is Lisa continuing to hold back? Our insider reveals, “Lisa feels genuinely sad by how the other women treated her last season, and so does her family. Although she is the only housewife who hasn’t signed back on fans can expect to see her back on the next season. Filming is set to start pretty soon and potential new housewives have been testing on camera, but Lisa is having some playful fun knowing that the show wants her more than she wants it. She is keeping busy with her spin off show which has been filming it’s third season, as well as promoting her new LVP Sangria.”


I think Lisa is just trying to have Bravo panic a bit but in the end will decide to return. Lisa isn’t the only housewife to feel bullied or attacked. But she is the first housewife to handle it the way that she has been. Thoughts on Lisa being the only housewife not to sign back on..yet?



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  • I hope Lisa doesn’t come back and they give Mauricio the air-time that was scheduled to go to Lisa, instead. Just saying..

  • Lisa does not need the show when she has another show on Bravo and owns all those restaurants. They need her. I expect very low ratings for RHOBH. Andy Cohen and Bravo-Hire Joanna Krupa. Then after the low ratings this season that will happen-Fire Brandi and Yolanda.

  • Not gonna happen. Andy released a statement saying the Housewives are hired to do their jobs, and must attend the events scheduled and will tolerate no more diva behavior.

  • Let Lisa sign back on. Next season she can decline every freaking invitation she gets and makes sure she is seen around town on the day of the event! That would so burn Kim! And she can buy Yo a Starbucks gift card. hahahahaha!!!!

  • She’s being a drama queen. She was people to want her. That’s pretty much what narcisstic people do. They want to feel special. She’s tiring.

  • Lisa is getting back what she has done. Smiling in the cast faces behind their backs. And then pretending she is their friend. Lisa wanted Ardrienne off of the show. Everything has to be about Lisa and she wanted her gone. Ardrienna is more richer than Lisa. And Lisa does not like for anyone to outshine or outdue her. I hope she does not come back. She is just fake. And she is no one friend. She want’s everyone to bow down to her. The way she kept speaking about Kyle marriage and her husband cheating. She is one to talk. that old man she married. Deal with your own marriage issues and stay out of Kyle marriage then say you are her friend. Again Lisa is no one’s friend.

  • If a no talent like NeNe Leakes can get one million dollars per season than why not Lisa? Adrienne was the nasty one in all the fighting and she started it. Also, Brandi may have been playing two ends against the middles between Lisa and Adrienne and we all know how much she tells the truth…NEVER. I like Lisa and not the rest of the cast so if she doesn’t come back I will have no one to watch that I don’t find to be a lying creep (Brandi, Kim, Kyle and Yolanda The Lemon Face.)

      • I read an article about the RHOA ratings and the article said they enhance the RHOA ratings for some reason by doing a +30 as opposed to a +7, meaning that on a +30, they count ALL of the viewings of the program, not just when it aired originally, but all the viewings for the next 30 days. That would certainly boost the ratings over a +7. RHOA is my least favorite mainly because of Nene, followed by Kenya.

  • I REALLY hope that Lisa does NOT sign back on to RHOBH. She does not need this show. She needs to concentrate on VPR and her new business. The other ladies treated her horribly last year and they need to see how well the show does without her. Not very good, I would imagine. Plus, if Lisa is not on the show next season I will never have to watch Brandi, Yolanda, Kyle and Kim ever again. And that would be a good thing!!!

  • Ok, no Lisa, no viewers!! Not to mention having to listen to the ramblings of Kim! Ugh! Yuk!! She’s poor, not a housewife, and crazy-whether she’s sober or not. Her dependent relationship with her dog is not a storyline!! BH is going the way of NY…

    • Maybe for you it’s no Lisa, no show but from reading the other posts, most of us don’t care if Lisa is there or not, we will still watch. Many of my friends and their spouses watch the show and I don’t think a single one of us will be tuning out if Lisa isn’t on. She’s quite replaceable.

  • Lisa loves to attack people she did it to Adrienne, she did it to her “best frien “Kyle and shes done it to other castmates she just used Brandy most of the times to help her do the dirty work. She thought she was untouchable and did not like when it was done to her. But karma truly is a bitch. She’ll be back on the show she does love the attention.

  • Speaking of Lisa, I would love to know what the whole “blackmailing” discussion was referring to when Mauricio was golfing in Puerto Rico.

    Why did Bravo use it as a teaser yet never air it on the actual show?

    • I think the blackmail accusation and also the scene where brandi yells that she has checkmated lisa and can destroy and another scene where brandi shouts at lisa that “you dare not or cant wriggle out of this one” were all deleted because bravo saw that the outrage against wat was happening to lisa was going to get out of hand. Tge accusations from brandi and yolanda were so outrageous they decided to cut them out in the end. Joyce had fun reminding us of those scenes on twitter just so we would remember how crazy brandy is. These are d women who started googling lisa to dig dirt got her husbands bday wrong and were upset he celebrated on his actual bday becoz yolanda was otherwise engaged. Wat with brandis fake credit report of d vanderpumps. Bravo needed to calm things down by deleting those unnecessary lying explosive scenes.

  • I truly beleive lisa doesnt want to do the show. It may not be a good move, she didnt enjo last season, and the reason for the attackes was not anything she really did but jealousy which never really goes away from peoples hearts so they will still give her a hard time, if she misses an event or laffs at the wrong time, or makes any comment out of place. She will be in danger of upseting the women without sometimes realising and also the greatest danger of all, allowing the women to turn the fans against her. I am not sure the fans will defend her so vehemently second time ina row, even if the reasons they are upset at her are frivolous, it may just become tiring for fans. So lisa has to really consider what she would gain from coming back. she doesnt have any real friends there, she may loose a good chunk of her fans from all the tediousness of defending her , her family did not enjoy watching what happened and she was probably very depressed at the time when she was unsure how it would all pan out during the season, so she could end up in a worse position tan she was before the new season. I trully beleive the girls will subtly try to trip her up and get the fans to dislike her, they have had one year of practice and they may be better sharpened at how to make it happen!

    My advise as a lisa fan is dont go back on the show! but i think as a human being she is naturally flattered that Bravo so wants her back and the fans are saying they wont watch the show without her, but fans can be fickle.

    • All of your reasoning flies out the window simply because Lisa could NOT duplicate the attention and publicity she receives for her restaurants and her own quest for fame that all comes courtesy of RHOBH. Out of that came the awful spin off VR, which does bring attention to her restaurant but not for the reasons an owner should want.

      No one ever heard of Lisa VanderPump before Bravo so I don’t know who that egomaniac thinks she is kidding. She’ll be back playing the same wounded person she has been playing season after season. She is so lacking in self-awareness she doesn’t get that she is the one always trying to hurt other people. The way of the narcissist….

  • so Lisa is okay with watching the others bashing each other and now she feels “genuinely sad” by how they treated her last season ? I call BS.

  • Lisa is a total diva who can dish it out but can’t take it. It doesn’t matter to me if she returns. I don’t watch the show just for her. If they add an interesting lady in to replace her, I’m cool with it!

  • I would bet my right arm Lisa is holding out for more money.

    I am sick of her behind the scene shenanigans and wounded dove act.

  • I haven’t read all of the posts but if I were Lisa, I would be negotiating with a bravo a guarantee that that she doesn’t get the bad edit again. She would also be trying to figure out how, if she were to come back—- to stick it to the others before they stick back to her.

    • Funny, people forget Lisa made her own bed with a lot of what happened last season, but she takes zero accountability (yes, she apologized to Kyle at the reunion but back tracked on twitter the next day and has played the only wounded party since).

      Lisa saw and stood witness to how Brandi trashed and attacked Adrienne all of season 3 and didn’t say boo or have any sympathy for Adrienne’s kids and got angry at both Kyle and Camille for having sympathy for Adrienne. Lisa stood shoulder to shoulder with Brandi through it all. Many people warned Lisa about who Brandi was, but Lisa was stubborn and liked having Brandi as her ally to go after Adrienne and make snide comments about Kyle (and even Joyce early thus season) and the others while her hands remained safely clean. That Brandi turned on Lisa and gave her a turn was a surprise to basically nobody, only Lisa.

      Also, if Lisa did not initially trash Kyle’s marriage on camera several times early in the season and accuse Mauricio of possibly being a cheater (even yelling at Ken about it) Kyle would have never been motivated to ask Lisa why she did that (the supposed big ambush –a housewife wanting to know why Lisa wanted to hurt her husband and marriage – how evil for Kyle to dare ask a question.). Bottom line is that if Kyle had not heard Lisa with her own ears making snide and hurtful remarks about Mauricio, she never probably would have believed a word Brandi said about Lisa wanting to go further at Kyle by bringing up the cheating rumours and tabloids again.

      While Lisa may have hated how things turned out, she did have a hand and set much of it in motion by her own actions and decisions of who to stand with. Yolanda treated Kyle like hell all of season 3 for no real reason, and Lisa saw it herself and still sided with Yolanda (even after Paris). So I just don’t get the shock and surprise by Lisa that housewives she saw be Crappy to others (Brandi and Yolanda) ended up being crappy to her too and giving Lisa a turn of what they dished out to the others.

        • I agree too Happy.

          Lisa made her bed with Brandi. …and she was warned about Yoyo a couple of times.

          She was so into getting even with Kyle and Adrienne she ignored the fact that she too would be a target for brandi one day if she dared hurt Brandis feelings. AWWWWWW

          Did Lisa actually think she was immune from Brandi’s wrath ?LOL

          Question is now what?

          Does Lisa return like the successful business woman millionaire HW she is?

          Or as the Poor me victim of an ambush orchestrated by Yoyo and Brandi?

          I really think Brandi threw Lisa for a loop. I don’t think she expected Brandi to turn on her. I think of the whole cast Brandi was the last one Lsa would think would turn on her . The fact that Brandi turned in such a fashion had to have hurt her. I would be hurt too.


          Lisa is not appealing as a victim IMO I want the strong business woman millionaire HW . Or nothing. JMO

      • Happy days, I too agree TOTALLY with your assessment on Lisa. Thank you! I couldn’t have said it any better.

        I hope she doesn’t come back, and if she does (we all know she’s coming back)I hope she stops with being the victim, it doesn’t look good on her. Kyle IS NOW the QUEEN!lolol

    • I think youre right, Laurie. This may not be the same thing but I remember when Teresa handled out up until the first day of shooting of S3 on NJ. Then the production told her surprise your SIL and cousin are now on the show. Now, Lisa might not have to worry about in laws joining the show but the production can sure make her look bad if they chose too. If I were a betting person she’ll probably sign her contract, along with her extra $$$ she might be holding out for, the day of shooting and be like I’m back bitches.

  • Bye, bye Lisa
    Bravo would be dumb to continue begging. Make this vandepump rules last season and stop any tapping of her new place and see how quickly she changes her tune.

    I do hope she doesn’t sign, after last season who would want to film with her?

  • Keep Lisa and Kyle…get rid of Lemon cello, Kim, dirty and classless Brandy. I wished they kept Joyce…she may have been too young for the other ladies to hang out with. The only problem I had with her was when she would say her “husband’s pee pee”….so immature. It turned me off so much. It was like she was talking about a child…who says that.

    • I agree, Kim and Yo bring nothing to the table..and Brandi is freaking mess.

      I wish they kept Joyce too.

      • I agree that they can et ride of everybody and start over with just Lisa and Kyle and the show would be better regardless of who they add. As long as the additions are new and not the same old .

        • I loved the bantering with Lisa and Kyle when they were acting and behaving like friends.

          I think Shiva would be an interesting addition.

          • I think Sheva the gold digger would be a complete bore. Why she is even with Mohamed is obvious.

          • Agree that Shiva would be a complete bore but the ratings will be low anyway. Honestly- RHOBH will have low ratings even if Lisa does return. Awful cast of Housewives on the show now.

    • That turned you off but not her saying how tight she was and how hung her husband was at every opportunity?

      • We were not talking how tight she was or how he was hung….a lot of the women talk about their husbands and how well endowed they are. I don’t particular care for that…one of the reason’s Tarzan discussed me. Its just her choice of words to use…99% of women don’t call it that. He’s a grown man.

  • I hope Lisa does not come back … that way I don’t have to come back to RHOBH either.

    • My thoughts exactly! I kind of hope she doesn’t come back so I can get that hour of my life back every week. I just watch because I love getting a glimpse into her life and her British humour cracks me up.

  • Andy knows ratings will suffer if lisa goes and it will go the same as New York mark my words. 1.2 to 1.4 and that’s for getting rid of the wrong cast members

  • I love Lisa and I hope she does not sign on because the show is nothing without her and I will not watch BH without Lisa.

    • Exactly, nobody is irreplaceable so Lisa needs to move on and dedicate her time to her restaurants where the servers run wild. It is in Lisa’s best interest to keep an eye on the circus that her restaurants have become.

      • NO ONE is irreplaceable. The show will be just fine without Lisa! In fact, the ratings may improve 🙂 They need to bring in younger HW’s to appeal to a younger demographic. Bravo knows fans can just watch VR if they want to see Lisa.

        • I disagree. If Lisa leaves and we are left with a Yoyo, the bitchy sisters and Brandi…the show will become a joke like RHONY. Lisa is the only one smart enough to really be funny!

  • Sorry but if lisa doesn’t come back I won’t bother with this show! Can’t watch brandi trashville act like a drunk ass bitch. Lisa makes the show fun with her comedy and whit.

    • Bet you loved Brandi when she was doing Lisa’s dirty work though didn’t you? Lisa fans are funny. They loved, loved, loved Brandi when she was attacking on behalf on Lisa. Now that she outed Lisa, all her “fan” suddenly hate Brandi. Says a lot about Lisa fans….and none of it is good.

      • You hit the nail on the head!

        When Brandi had Lisa by her side in solidarity and was going after Adrienne, mocking Joyce and saying rude comments to Kyle, Lisa fans praised Brandi and made excuses left and right with how ugly Brandi got each and every time it crossed the line. I would criticize Brandi during Season 3/beginning of Season 4 and loyal Lisa fans would respond to my comments in droves justifying the Brandi-Lisa team every time.

        Once Lisa moved into Brandi’s crosshairs, talk about a 100% flip-flop. That is ok– they just follow Lisa’s lead. When Kyle was complaining at how rude Yolanda was to her season 3 and was always trashing Kyle in her blogs for no real reason, Lisa said at the reunion to get over it and that she still sided with and trusted Yolanda. Now that Yolanda pulled her nastiness on Lisa in person and in her blogs this season –now it is an total ambush against Lisa and the end of the world. Such hypocrisy.

        Lisa is not the only housewive who has had a difficult season due to the actions of the other ladies.

  • I guess they don’t fire people for boring the hell out of the audience, and being repetitive (Are you my real friend or my Hollywood friend.)

  • I really like Lisa and would be truly unhappy if she doesn’t return. I wouldn’t have had a problem with several others not returning… namely Brandi, Kim, and YoYo.

  • So, last season Lisa was treated “badly” by the cast, big deal!

    Lisa was in the gang up mode against her castmates in previous seasons, her reply was that it was a joke, no big deal, blah, blah, blah. We didn’t see her delay in signing on because she felt bad. Lisa should either sign on or not, nut she should take her own advice and remember it’s not that serious

  • I am not excited for this new season…….like AT ALL. Not only did they fire the wrong people, but the drama and the issues with the other 5 are what the fans have been complaining about since Season 3. Lisa needs to make a damn decision already. I highly doubt Bh would be ready for November. Thee would have filmed for 2 months by now.

    • This isn’t directed at your in particular, but people (in general) complain how boring and fake RHONY is for their clearly fake story lines, but then you have genuine drama and issues amongst these returning ladies of RHOBH and people (again, in general) complain that it’s too much. It’s like there’s no happy medium haha. Personally, I think the drama of RHOBH makes the show more real. Even though these women (3/5 of the returning ones) are extremely wealthy, you can still relate to them. If we saw them only on exotic vacations, buying extravagant things all the time, most of viewers would never be able to relate. The real issues these women have with each other make them more relatable to fans, and allows fans to pick favorites. Even the drama on RHONJ was (in my opinion) overkill, and completely masked by the producers to cover up the jealously of Teresa’s success (at the time), so we go “magazine drama” instead of the actual issues. RHOBH and RHOA give people the actual problems of the women, nothing to hide, and for that, I commend RHOBH for being more of a reality show than most of the other RH franchises.

      • No problem. I don’t watch NY, so I cannot comment like that. RHOBH seemed VERY producer-induced the last season, and some people has brought down the show. Brandi needs to drink a damn ocean because she is so thirsty, Kim has no value or story, Kyle and. Lisa milk the hell out of the victim role, and so many more. People have been complaining about the same thing since s3, and getting rid of Joyce and Carlton is NOT fixing those issues.

        • I think the only reason Brandi went after Lisa was because she thought it would be a good storyline. Clearly it wasn’t. But really nothing else went on in the entire season

        • I respect your post and agree with most it Rebecca. However S4 of BH did resort and relied on to the gossip rags over Kyle’s husband and who had knowledge of them in the group. I’m with Jay on this part that S4 was the weakest season of BH. Something about it was off or they were trying too hard to make each other enemies. Unlike BH, I can buy into the ATL women not liking each other because it’s way more organic (even if it one can question the validity of it). Even in the case of NJ, family members disliking each other over one’s success is not uncommon. But I do agree the overkill can some times be annoying and hurt ratings, look at the crap they been pulling on NY this season.

    • Since they got rid of Carlton, they definitely got rid of one of the right people. I kind of liked Joyce. I’d like to see Camille and Adrienne back on, especially Adrienne after what Lisa did to her. Lisa can leave as far as I’m concerned.

  • I like Lisa in the show. All the girls are the same, they bitch a little, cry a little, argue a little etc etc. look that’s what makes the show. Weaker girls that don’t go out, dress up, fall out with each other, or lead crazy lives are not entertaining.
    I think all the girls are the same, & I hate seeing regular cast members leave. !!!

    • “Weaker” girls? Don’t you mean SMARTER girls? 😉

      But I agree with you, totally. And also If I were Lisa I would be holding out for some sort of control over how I was edited on the show. Because that’s where the real money is for these women. Because generally, people don’t buy things from HOusewives they don’t like.
      I might also want to see my husband shown in a better light. AND I would want a huge payday for Giggy and Rumpy-pumpy LOL!

      • Why should Lisa “hold out for control over the editing?” You really do think she is special don’t you? Why is she deserving of the special editing she HAS been receiving, that none of the others have had? She already has Andy Rump up her rump but ALL the housewives on all the shows would quit if Queen Lisa got to edit herself. How utterly unfair and disingenuous that would be. Very, very bad idea. Zero reality in allowing a narcissist to “edit” herself!

        • Because it would be the smart thing to do. I don’t care if she achieves it or not–I’m just saying that getting a good edit is what is probably going to make her the most money in the long run. And the reason she is on this show, like everyone else, is to make money.

        • Oh and if you think these shows are even close to being about “reality” I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn! 😉

  • Lisa has more dignity and class in her tea totling little finger than either of the Richards sisters, can not stomach them anymore…..I don’t blame her one bit for not wanting any part of the Jerry Springer of Beverly Hillls, why would she do it to herself. Kyle has tried to take her down for the past 3 seasons, enough is enough Kyle, if she doesn’t sign on you still might not get to be the queen! Take you mean spirited sister and crime partner Yolanda and join Jerry Springer and get off BH!

    • Kyle plays high school games. She isn’t the issue.

      The problem is Brandi. She has no boundaries, no ethics or class and is paid by Bravo to lie. She used her podcast to say that one of her friends felt ripped off at one of Lisa’s restaurants. The friend denied it, but Brandi repeated it.

      IMO, That is the kind of thing Lisa does not want to deal with. Lisa should know that Brandi isn’t going to change. People don’t suddenly develop character in their 40s.

    • “kyle has tried to take her down.” What utter nonsense! Take her down to where? LISA is the one trying to harm Kyle and her children as well as Mauricio. Lisa is a jealous, vindictive, spiteful woman. Kyle has never done anything to her other than try to be her friend.

      • I agree. I never understand why people are so die hard for these people. I take them as they present themselves. If they act inappropriate then I call then inappropriate therefore my feelings are not set in stone but is dependent on their behavior.

    • I LOVE Lisa and if she leaves the show (which I hope she does), I will never have to see these other crazy, mean and vindictive ladies again!

    • Kyle has NEVER tried to take Lisa down! Lisa is the one who was helping to spread vicious rumors about Kyle’s marriage, and did the same thing to Adrienne, and Taylor! Kyle had every right to defend herself and want the truth from Lisa. Brandi said on camera that Lisa and Kyle’s friendship basically fell apart because Lisa only likes weak friends she can manipulate and Kyle would not put up with it. Lisa has the LEAST class of anyone on this show because she is so fake! Lisa just needs to quit whining, be done with the show and focus on VR, and her other bars.

  • she plays the victim as usual I’m tired smh she’ll sign for the next season she just wants to make people talk about her

  • I get that Lisa didn’t like she was ambushed and how she felt betrayed by her friends, but I really think Lisa should just make up her mind. Stop playing hard to get. Plus, she’s not innocent in all of this either.

    • I agree @Andrew.

      I’m sorry Lisa, but you seriously have to let this go. Enough!

      • Lisa also loves the attention and never ending sympathy she attracts nonstop on twitter daily or she would have settled all this or walked away by now. She clearly wants everyone begging to have her back or pay her more money, or this would be settled.

        In my opinion if she doesn’t like the show or other ladies, have the guts and integrity to walk away. But don’t keep crying how awful it is only for her since she willingly took part for three years in collusion with Bravo in the nastiness and drama all these ladies have dealt with from season to season. If it is so awful – simply walk.

        I think Lisa is demanding Bravo bring on some women she wants to film with now that Carlton and Joyce are gone. (Something tells me the morning phone calls that Lisa was making to Joyce and Carlton since the season ended and their photo opps together may be trailing off now since those friendships won’t serve the purpose Lisa had hoped for – just a guess based on Lisa’s past actions). Lisa has been having lunches with ladies like Shannon Tweed, Gene Simmons wife, and reaching out to meet them, all ladies who have expressed interest in joining the show. None of this is a coincidence.

        • It would make sense if that was what she is doing. Getting all the fans to build her ego, then make a decision.

          • Exactly – Lisa is no different then the rest of them craving the attention, taking part in the drama and being snarky with the best of them. That is why the poor “only me suffered by being on the show,” innocent victim act is getting so tired and old.

      • Yes, it seems like a stalling tactic purely for a higher paycheck. Kyle called it when she said Lisa was a master chess player. It is weird how much ‘sympathy’ she seems to get, people keep mentioning how poorly she was treated. Lisa acted like she didn’t even want to film through most of the season. Don’t be a Nene or Caroline. Do it or take a season off.

        • I think it crossed the line once Brandi started lying about Lisa’s businesses and about where Lisa lived. I don’t blame Lisa for being wary. She has something to lose.

          • Oh please. How do you know that Brandi was lying about what she said? it sure struck a nerve with Ms. Andypump didn’t it? seems that the truth hurts. Lisa just likes hurting other people and she doesn’t expect to be held accountable for it since Andy Rump was always kissing her rump until the union when suddenly he grew a conscience or a set and would not let her wiggle out of all the crap she has pulled. Of course, that enraged the Lisa fans beyond measure although everyone else has gotten that treatment in the past.

          • Any business owner is going to be upset over lies about their integrity. Everyone knows that if you repeat a lie often enough a certain number of people will think it’s true.

      • Of all the ladies, I think Lisa is the one that really does need the money, and would not come back just for the money, unlike Brandi and Kim. Who, by the way, are not even housewives, and are crazy as loons!

    • Lisa was never ambushed, ambushed is what she wanted to do to Kyle with asking Brandi to bring the magazines to Palm Spring, that is an ambush.

      • It’s obvious at this point that there were no magazine. Brandi’s already proven herself as someone that has poor comprehension skills. There were no magazine. Can we stop beating this dead horse already???

      • Excellent point. Lisa’s plan didn’t quite work out as she had planned. It is great to see her getting a bit of what she has dished out season after season.

  • I think Lisa is saddened the way the way the girls attacked her, but I also think she is just so busy with all her restaurants & her other show PumpRules and promoting that she is trying to figure out how she can fit filming in without exhausting herself.

    • Lisa didn’t seemed saddened when she was leading the attack on Adrianne nor was she too busy for that.

      • I honestly don’t know what this so-called attack on Adrienne is. Anyone care to inform me? I didn’t see anything particularly bad.

        Good on, Lisa. It’s great to be holding the cards. Like others have pointed out, she’s already got money and if it’s fame she’s seeking, she does have VR. I expected her to get flak for holding out but who wouldn’t be envious of having better and better choices?

        • I don’t get this Adrienne attack either. Adrienne attacked Lisa’s character – Lisa did not continue a friendship with her. I did not see Lisa rallying up the whole cast against her. It was Lisa’s decision and Lisa’s alone.

          If anything Brandi wedged her way in between Adrienne and Lisa. Just like she did Lisa and Kyle this season.

          • Hi Cracker,

            It was Russell Armstrong who first brought up the accusation of Lisa selling stories. At the reunion, other cast mates confirmed they were told by a rag editor that it was Lisa who was dropping the dime on them.

            So if it is a lie, then it’s the editor who is to blame.

            I personally don’t think its a lie, I am sure they all sold stories about each other.

            And Lisa made Adrienne grovel then still froze her out.

            Lisa can’t handle one fraction of the crap she tosses at anyone else without running off with crocodile tears down her face.

          • Errr @ rabblerouser, think if you watch the reunion again you will see Adrienne make a point blank accusation at Lisa, even suggesting how much Lisa could have been paid for each story, and she kept on saying she doesnt beleive Lisa has not sol stories… She did give a limp apology at the end when she realised she may have overstepped , but I dont remember Lisa attacking Adrienne ever. Brandi revealed adrienne had tole her theer was a plan to “go for” Lisa at the reunion, anyone who hears that about a plan against them would keep a distance with the priginator of such plan. thats all i saw, i also remember Lisa sat down with Adrienne to iron it out and they were mainly cool at leaset visily to each other after that. Brandi was the one who kept on at Adrienne, calling adrienne a liar etc, many of those thongs the viewers felt was jsutified at the time, as there semed to be evidence adirenne was sometimes untruthful

          • Hi eolad,

            The ‘story selling’ accusation started well before the reunion. Kyle and Mauricio were having dinner with Russell and Taylor was the first time it got brought up.

            I do also remember it being discussed at the reunion, and it was Lisa that said she wouldn’t sell a story for a few dollars…and that is when A said…”It’s more like 20K”.

            Camille also confirmed that the unnamed editor told her the same thing about Lisa but that she chose to dismiss it.

            Who knows what was really said to Brandi about the reunion. I am sure they all go in with their talking points in mind.

            When they were in Vegas and Lisa and Brandi were trying to strong arms Camille into saying that A planned a set up, she said it wasn’t exactly way Brandi described.

      • Thank you for that. Lisa will sign on again, she is just such a self-absorbed narcissist that she wants the extra attention. If she doesn’t resign, I will not miss her at all.

        • I agree, she will not go anywhere. I really think w/o the BH, PVr would lose a significant amount of their audience.

      • That’s so right. She seemed to encourage the stupid Brrandi to go after Adrienne. That was really unforgetable.

      • Nor on Kyle. I would respected her more if she didn’t keep pretending that she was innocent.