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EXCLUSIVE: Is Teresa Giudice Working On Writing A Tell-All Book About Family And Legal Problems?


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has patiently been awaiting sentencing for fraud charges against her and new reports reveal Teresa is planning on writing a tell-all book about her family, problems, and jail fears!

Radar reports,

“Teresa is working furiously on a book about what’s going on now with her. She’s been approached and offered big money for her tell-all. There are a lot of publishers who want to get her locked down and make sure they have the book in-house. Teresa’s covering all of the tough times that she’s going through. Everything, including how she’s prepping the family for jail time for Joe and maybe even her, which she is praying doesn’t happen. And she’s going to admit everything that really happened as well as her fears about jail”

We decided to get to the bottom of it and ask our RHONJ sources if there is any truth to the latest report in which they tell us EXCLUSIVELY that it’s absolutely false!

Our RHONJ sources add, “Teresa is not focusing on writing anything at the moment. After this all ends, she may consider writing a book but it would not be personal or about her family. Instead it would be about how she personally has had to deal with what’s been going on and her feelings on the case.”

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  • I just wish I could shave her forehead. I’ve never in my life seen a forehead that small!

  • I love how awful the moron looks in that photo. The 40 lbs of clown makeup, the cro magnum hairline, the expression of complete stupidity. Classic.

  • Tre writing a book on this time in her life, is yet to be seen. I really don’t put much credence in either ROL or this “exclusive source”.

    I really don’t think a true tell all is in the works as Tre isn’t the type to TELL ALL. She is the one who was offended a few seasons ago that people said JoeGi was in jail. She wanted people to say he was “away”. While I get that is the old school Italian thing to say, and if I were in the same position I would want say “went away” too, this is not the mindset of someone who is going to reveal all their challenges in a book.


  • @Hopeful you keep saying IF when her bankruptcy papers are public record. You’re just going to ignore them to try and argue. Lol. Whatever floats your boat. Btw his business partner had already won a case against Joe and a judge ordered Joe to pay him back. Again, public record and it’s been reported on this site as well. I guess that’s another detail you and others would love to ignore! As far as the tenants, how quickly we forget the news story that this blogger reported herself couple years ago when Joe left them with no power an rigged a generator because he owed the electric company so much money. Apparently the tenants paying him for their electricity was Joe just pocketing the money. But of course this is another detail you and other Teresa fans would like to ignore. Lol! It’s all out there. Acting like it doesn’t exist further proves my point. Talk about blind following. And no honey, no one is obsessed with you. Do you call everyone that replies to your comments obsessed? Or only the ones who don’t eat all the bullshit you’re spewing? I posted on another article last week and from what I recall YOU came at me telling me to stop looking for a fight. How bout you follow your own advice.

    • Well its a good thing Joe never paid him cause that was the same suit with the ex partner that was completely thrown out of court a couple of weeks ago . The Ex partner is entitled to 0.

      Yea i remember a story where one of joe’s building that was in FORECLOSURE had the electric turned off . It was a news story reported once years ago. Way before last October LOL One story.. You must have “gave a shit” LOL. Were you a tenant in the building? The bank owned the property. Maybe they should have payed the electric when they repo a building? Blame the bank .

      If/when i am looking for a fight …you will know it…

      Your far from worth it

    • Besides You ADDICT are so ready to defend Amber (who we know next to nothing about) From anything her husband might have done. Right??

      Yet if Joe did something Teresa is guilty too in your opinion SMH and LMAO

        • Really ??? I am not the one accusing someone of spewing BS all the time.Like above .. Aggressive ?? OK !! Because i stand up for myself and my opinions ..Too funny.. Many ppl don’t share my views. But they don’t attack my posts as BS being spewed. Who’s aggressive?

        • @Kyle YES he/she is! As soon as I hit this blog “it” has been telling me to stop looking for a fight yet “it” can’t engage in a simple debate. Instead, “it” is nasty, rude an condescending. Just so unnecessary.

      • First of all what you’re spewing is BS. Absolute BS. Joe and Teresa have BOTH plead guilty to fraud! BOTH! I’m not making things up here, it’s public record sweetheart. Second, the article about Amber’s husband’s company included NOTHING about fraud…at all! Yet YOU and this blogger along with other Teresa fans are trying to compare a due dilligence issue with this massive fraud the Giudices have been committing since BEFORE they joined the show….again…all public record. I guess I should believe YOU over the Feds! LMAO! OK! Lastly, the ONLY reason this asshole was cleared of those charges against his former business partner is because they have bigger fry. The judge probably thought it was a waste of time considering all the other serious charges pending against him.

        Also WHY do you care that I called out the blogger about the misinformation about Amber? You’re sitting here defending these criminals like they’re your family members. You know, the criminals who actually plead guilty!

        You know that everything I’ve said in my comments is public knowlege and public record but you choose to ignore it because you worship Teresa. Really funny and sad. I’m not trying to change your opinion of her, but you don’t sit here and act like what I’m saying is not true when it is.

  • Tre writing a book about this, from any angle, is yet to be seen. I don’t put much confidence in ROL or this source.

    I really doubt any book Tre writes about this time in her life will be a true tell all. This is the same person who was offended by people saying JoeGi went to jail. She wanted people to say he went “away”. While I get that this is the old school Italian way, and if I were in her position, I might say the same thing, this is not the mindsetof someone who is going to share everything. Even her own friends say Tre doesn’t share those things. I think any book about this would probably be just for the money and not a true reflection of actual events, JMO.

  • Now if Gia writes a book on her parents, when she grows up, I will read it! She knows all!

  • Hate to say it, but Caroline totally called this.

    Also, eh. I’m not a Tre fan at ALL. But I do have to worry about her kids. They never signed up for ANY of this shit. Those girls are scarred, no doubt. I wish this family would have the integrity to walk the hell away from the cameras already. This has already cost them so much. But Tre is too much of an attention whore to stop. SAD.

    • Caroline was talking about the DUI case and she implied that Tre would divorce him and write a book about single parenting without Joe. Not so much the story here. I mean, was it that hard to call it from someone that already had a 3 best-sellers? No science there but also, goes to show how much the Manzo’s may have known behind the scenes. Cheese…

    • Even if they did walk away from the cameras ???…. The woman is news and stuff will be written about her… true or false. Why not show her reality instead of just allowing others to make it up as they go along.

      • Her reality is “I did not do anything wrong. Everyone is out to get me. It’s Melissa, Kathy, Caroline and Jac’s fault. We’re good people. This could happen to anyone.”

        In other words, she will talk about being the eternal victim and how everyone is against her. She should not be allowed to profit from her crimes. If she wants to write a book about her life so be it, but all the money….every dime….should go to the victims of her and Juicy’s scams. Their tenants, his business partner, the fertility clinic she owes money to etc.

      • I have to disagree about her walking away from the cameras and everyone still being interested in her. If she were to walk away from the show, no one would care anymore. She is not that special. Maybe in HWs world but not in general and they ONLY reason people talk about her so much now besides the show is her fraud.

        • Really?? The show hasn’t been on for over a year. People have talked about her the whole time. She is a celebrity Face it. She is a fan favorite and a new york times best selling author. People will still talk about her.

          My recollection of TG’s plea has nothing in it about scams against tenants or anything having to do with anyone besides the bank and the IRS against joe.

          So the crimes she is guilty of have nothing to do with tenants or a fertility doctor .. Come up with something better. Like proof !! Or at least charges ..

          • Come on Jayden 🙂 Love her or hate her ppl love to talk about Teresa It’s been that way for a long long long time now. Way before her legal problems there were sites where ppl that hate her talked about her all day long everyday .. The same ppl everyday bashing the woman her kids her husband.

            Ppl praying she does 100 years in jail LOL

          • Give me a break Hopeful. The ONLY reason people are talking about her now are because of her NEW CHARGES from October of last year. Prior to that nobody gave a shit. That’s the truth! And if you need info about the fertility clinic she and Joe stiffed, read her bankruptcy papers. They are public record. Unlike Amber and all of your “if this and if that” there are no IF’s with the Giudices. The plead GUILTY to several felonies. But of course you already know this.

          • Addict you must be obsessed with me 🙂 LOL

            Your never going to change my mind. So save your breath.

            If they owe a fertility doc money he is supposed to file suit.

            And BTW where do you find a fertility doc that doesn’t get paid at the time of service? My friend spend $40,000 and it didn’t even work. There was no contingency plan.

            As far as tenant scams Where’s the class action suit? Why do you keep saying that. Where’s the proof?

            BTW A judge just threw out Joes ex partners claim that he owed him and his lawyers money LOL

            Something tells me you’re one of the ppl that have bashed her and her family for years. Just a guess. Do you troll the sites to bash her?

            Don’t tell me ppl haven’t been talking about her since she flipped a table.

            You’re just kidding yourself not me.

          • @Hopeful, like you said to Holy, Michers, Sam, and I ….certain people…ignore. If KimG’s fans and others, including Marco Fans and other bloggers. troll this site…ignore it…Roxy’s numbers are way down from the votriol here, and some bloggers have closed “shop”, if not gone.

          • Hi Lara I miss samael I hope he is just taking a little break and will be back soon

            Please say hello for me 🙂

          • And for the record having a debt is not a crime or i am sure we would all be in jail LMAO Aggressive enough??

    • While you may loathe her, she has a lot of fans who would be interested in her story. She definitely needs the money, so why not? She really has nothing to lose at this point.

  • Off topic: Teresa is the first person I have seen with hairline that low and it is amazing how even it is. As for the book, good for her but it is not something I would not buy, only because I am not big on reading biographies. I do however love Milania (the child and hair product).

  • Omg I can not wait till Sunday the 8th. This season is gonna be so good!!
    Back to topic at hand I hope she does. The reason being the other woman that were on the show would never let her talk or finish a sentence so maybe now she can get her truth out. Right or wrong it will be her truth… I love Teresa and her family. I know others don’t but, that is their choice and my choice to love her if I want… You go Tre write that book and stay true to you and your family. Wishing you nothing but the best.
    Oh and btw Thank God your back on my TV SETI was getting really bored with all other shows.

  • A memoir about her life of crime? about Juicy Joe scams?

    I am not sure she is allow to profit for her criems and she has already plead guilty to it so I am not sure how this would work.

    Now, if she goes to jail and writes about her experience in it that could be a best seller. I imagine Teresa flapping her eyelashes and teaching the immates to cook Italian style, she can teach them her fabulous recipes and make the best of it.

    Teresa is not done by a long shot.

  • Thanks for clearing ROLies Rox and co. Bloop’d they asses.

    To me who cares. I never questioned she wouldn’t do it though if she does. This is nothing new with entertainers who write memoirs about a certain troubling experiences they have faced. Not to mention if that psychic friend is right that Joe will be the one going for a long time and/or Teresa does little to no time she will be paying the legal fees and whatever fines that comes their way. Simple as that. I would read if it happens to be that type of book. Cautionary tales tend to allure me anyhow (i.e. Orange is the New Black).

    • I can see it. BTW, do people know that those Law & Order and NYPD Blues episodes come from real life stories? The writes obtain records of cases and tweak the stories and change the names of the victims, etc.

      They can do it and it doesn’t have to be identified as her.

    • Thanks Cheryl for mentioning that psychic scene. I know it is a bit off topic, but I wish that Bravo didn’t include that for the promotion of the new season. Teresa and Joe’s sentencing is July 8th and the new season starts a week later. Seeing that scene play out on tv before the legal judgement would worry me as to how it might influence the outcome. Call me paranoid, but I wouldn’t want it to taint the decision in a negative way.

  • In the overarching scheme of things, I DO believe that her autobiography will be of interest. Of all the HWs, and of most reality TV characters, she is one of the most talked about, and wondered about. I’d like to know how she grew up, what influenced her, how she met and married Joe, and how they handled their finances, etc., and the entire experience of blossoming into a reality TV character — from the very first idea through the results of the indictments.

    I do believe, if written the right way by the right professional ghostwriter, she could have quite a compelling book.

      • Nope, not at all. I am a ghostwriter; have done a few book projects. Most recent is a local Jersey Shore cookbook, still in its final phase.

        Expressing one’s self is easy — but in the written form is very challenging and needs someone who keenly understands the significant and numerous differences between spoken language and written — without losing the person’s original voice. I’m a word nerd and it’s quite fun for me!

        • Why does so many folks think a ghost writer is bad? They r educated and understand the value of a word, sentence and path of the story. The folks that r not journalist need ghost writers or a terrific editor and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

          She has a compelling story and if written well it would be interesting to hear her point of view from being a docile housewife then turn into a educated business woman marketing her brand.

          Teresa has done a terrific job with her cookbooks so obviously she knows and understands her fan base. Love her or hate her (like Nene and Lisa Vanderpump) they have successfully captured our attention and have successfully moved beyond just a housewife. I couldn’t do it

          So bottom line, she needs to make allot of money to take care of her obligations and her daughters. I say good for her for not crawling under a rock!

          • Good points! Look, many may call her all nasty things that they want but I bet if the same person faced the consequences of their bad decisions in front of America, most would take the easy way out. People love to talk extra and judge when they may do the same exact thing given the opportunity.

            My mom’s bingo friend was talking all sorts of things and name calling Tre, lol she needs to STFU! She has 6 kids with her first cousin. GO handle that lack of morals… smh!

            It is what it is. There is a market for everything. This book gets published as a bio, there will be hundreds of people buying it, including those that spew all the hate. There is a story to tell and a lot of people are all over her business.

            Did anyone care about the snoozefest Caroline pubished? No. Why? Because there was nothing intriguing there. She talks to much and doesn’t keep people wondering. Tre does. Stay tuned. I’ll read it. I read Karen Graviano’s POS book.Where she glorified her father’s crimes. He killed dozens of people and left hundreds without relatives, which one is worse? Her sold so have the hundreds of serial killers like the “Son of Sam” hence the law…

          • @ Texas, I think because most people have no idea how difficult it is to write well. It takes years of education, practice, and still most people never get there.
            Asking a lay person to write their own memoirs is sort of like asking them to paint their own portrait. There will be something on the canvas–but it will be awful.
            That’s why Carole on RHNY was so incensed when Aviva likened writing a book to writing a long email. It just isn’t the same. Sure, your book may read like a long e-mail. But if the point is that you want people to pay to read it, they won’t. So even though you have a book and it’s basically a long email, it’s still a failure because it didn’t sell.

          • Great comment Bionic I love it.. 🙂

            Only i wouldn’t spend 1 penny on Gravano’s book

        • Fabulous! Amazing work you must do, especially if you enjoy it. I wish! I speak 3 languages… I can’t keep my thoughts straight. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        • I was asking a question. I have heard many make fun of someone for having a ghostwriter, so I asked.

    • I agree with you Honnie. I never gave crap if Teresa wrote her blogs or not, if they are her words she’s speaking then they are her words. Again tons of reality stars and A-listers don’t write up their own blogs, tell-alls and memoirs unless they have always been a writer or has written on their spare time. I got done watching a filmdoc a few days ago how this author use to tell the stories of his pimping to his wife and she use to type them up and he became a hit novelist during the late 60s to 70s.

      • I would believe that the HWs are interviewed by a Bravo copywriter who polishes her sentiments. And, some may contribute their own for editing. The key is to ensure that the HW’s unique voice and style remain intact.

    • I might read a biography of a Real HOusewife. Not an AUTObiography. The Bravo shows are full of their spin–I want the truth (as in Kitty Kelly truth)!!! 🙂

      • Hey, TT, speaking of Ms. Kelley — I had found and read an expose-type book on her! I have it downstairs, and I’ll go get it to tell you who the author is.

        I’ll be back in a moment…

        OK I got it! “Poison Pen: The Unauthorized Biography of Kitty Kelley,” by George E. Carpozi, Jr.

        It’s really riveting.

    • I agree, my funny Honnie. It would be an interesting read. I wish you could be the ghostwriter. Seriously!!

      • What a beautiful thing to say to me! Thank you so very much. I would tell you that if I were, I would treat her and her story with respect. Be open minded. Guide her to elaborate more, etc. A good ghostwriter concentrates on the person and his/her subject material without any ego and without any preconceived notions.

        • Hope I am not butting inn, as you all seem to know each other well, but I do a “type” of ghostwriting also. I thought I would mention it only because it is EVERYWHERE!

          My boss has never written a memo, email, letter, presentation, etc, etc. without it being forwarded to me first to see to it that his syntax, grammar, humor,language (especially depending on his audience ).

          This is done whether is will be a speak or a written document. He is the C.E.O. Of a F500 company. He knows exactly what he means and what he is talking about, he needs me to make sure he is understood by ha specific audience.

          Believe me, I am WELL paid for this type of ‘ghostwriting’ , which used to be called just a great legal secretary.

          I guess It shows how common it is, for better or worse.

          Thanks for listening, I find you all really interesting, with very unique views that make me think

          • WOWo, you can sure tell I am off the clock!!! I anyone at work read this mess, I would be out of a job!!!, LOl

          • Karen, you make me laugh. I was an ” Executive secretary” for a number of years at a corporate office. I think it is now referred to as an administrative assistant or something like that. You and Honnie make good points about the ghost writing topic. Some people are not very good at expressing their thoughts in writing and others are not very good at reading comprehension. To have a person who is able to communicate in writing, to both of these, is valuable.

          • Hi Karen. You’re not butting in! There is no formal initiation/introduction here, you just jump in where you see fit. While not a “great legal secretary” anymore, I am still doing the same as you with emails, memos, presentations, etc. Never thought of myself as a ghostwriter. Thanks!

      • @Honniebadger, I agree as well. Your comments made complete sense to be about the ROL story at hand, and thereafter. 🙂

  • Couple of things … She very well may be writing a book but rest assured she will not be making any deals at this time to sell it because there is an issue with paying restitution and any profits would likely be taken for that purpose.

    The “exclusive’ statement makes very little sense. It’s not going to be personal but about how she personally had to deal with what’s going on ….

    Someone please explain to me how that is not personal?

  • T may be writing a book but the SON OF SAM law states that she can’t write about a crime and profit from it. So while she may be working on another book , I doubt it’s about her legal issues

    • Hi hopeful! I was thinking the same thing. How could she write a book about a crime that she may be convicted of.

    • It’s different with crimes having to do with financial regulations or even traffic crimes, etc. Celebrities often write books about DUIs etc and the Wolf of Wall St def wrote a book 😉

      It gives the right of the federal government to seize assets and give them to real victims. Not just to seize assets. And because the original son of sam law has been ruled unconstitutional it is usually dealt with during the plea bargaining phase of sentencing.

    • Which such law is a true joke. Look around your movie listings, shows like law & order and books published. There are loop holes and clauses, sickening but there are and people get away with it. All they can do is award the profit to the victims.

      • As i understand the law others can write about the crime just not the defendant . Nor is the defendant allowed to profit from it.

        As you say something may be in the plea deal ??

  • “Working furiously?” What the hell does that even mean? I know I never work in a state of potent anger. If I did — I’d do something else!

    Some oft-repeated phrases that are thrown around so wantonly and make no f-ing sense really piss me off.

      • Nothing to be sorry about, Jarlath! Just curious as to how. Definitions of “furiously” all have to do with angry and violent underpinnings.

        I would have used the words “working passionately,” or “working diligently.” In fact, if I were the copy editor, I would have most certainly altered that.

        • Just FYI–see #3 below:


          full of fury, violent passion, or rage; extremely angry; enraged: He was furious about the accident.
          intensely violent, as wind or storms.
          of unrestrained energy, speed, etc.: furious activity.

          …from Dictionary.com which is Random House.

          • Yes, it is number three. It still has an overall negative connotation, which is very important to consider when writing in context.

            I can see where the third definition may make sense when someone or a team that has to go back to the drawing board and redo their work, therefore they would be “working furiously.” Or someone is behind deadline and needs to “work furiously” to hand it in.

            Again, in context of this particular item, I would assert that Teresa is working passionately and/or diligently — because she wants her truth out there.

          • Well, if you want to argue with the dictionary I suppose that’s your prerogative.

          • Nope, not arguing with the dictionary. Just trying to teach about word use in context. Big difference.

            For our NEXT lesson … 🙂

          • If you are writer, as you have said you are in another post, you must realize that the dictionary is considered the last word in your profession. It is widely agreed that if we all go around making up or ignoring alternate definitions of words it is possible the whole idea of effective communication will devolve into chaos.
            And trust me Honnie, I don’t need a grammar lesson from you. 😉

          • Wow, TT, you are really being an asshole to me. Are YOU a professional writer/editor who can be independent (not living off hubby)? If not, F*ck you.

          • Yikes, and I thought teachers were supposed to be patient. Really not looking forward to my next lesson. 🙁

          • Taco you are absolutely right on this .I’m not sure what point is being argued here?

        • I agree @HonnieBadger. I thought the same thing reading the story, first on ROL amd now here. I laughed. In addition, this mother is spending, I am sure, the next month focused on her husband and children, if I made a bet!

    • Honnie Badger, just leave it alone. It’s no surprise that Holy-jobless-Cannoli is in agreement with your weak vocabulary.