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Andy Cohen Shuts Down Rumors Of Tamra Barney’s Spin-Off; Says A LOT Of Housewives Want Their Own Show!

tamra and andy cohen

Sorry Tamra Barney fans, but the rumors of her getting a spin-off are NOT true. In a segment of “Ask Andy,” Andy not only said, “No,” to Tamra getting her own show, but he also revealed what does qualify a housewife to get her spin-off.

Andy says,

“Someone needs to be going through a serious life transition that will take them out of (the franchise). They just have to be able to hold their own for an hour. It’s a lot of time. A lot of Housewives—almost all—have asked me for spinoffs. And I always say you should be so happy to be in this ensemble show. You get paid so well. You can all fall back on each other and rely on each other.”

I would LOVE to know what other housewives have asked for their own show. Which housewives do you think it is? Are you happy Tamra isn’t getting her own show?

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  • I wasn’t even aware of any such rumor. Tamra probably plants them herself, hoping Bravo would take the bait.

  • I am thrilled Tamara is not getting her own show. If anyone does NOT deserve one it is Tamara. And what would she talk about for an hour, her feud with her ex-husband, and the fact that her daughter hates her. Or maybe we would get to see her and Eddie taking baths together, or maybe even more. Yuk!

  • Yeah..NO Tamara spinoff! The girl ain’t all that interesting only bravo seems to think so.

  • How on earth could trailer trash hold her own for an hour by herself? There is noone else to stab in the back, or fall prey to her horrible, immature, classless behavior. That is her only shtick, and Andy is well aware of that. She is a parasite who only survives on that show by harming others. I will never get over that scene of her kicking Alexis out of that dinner party. That woman is pure trash, and she should be thanking Simon for all the years he held her leash and prevented her true colors from showing. Ultimately, he could not save her from herself.

  • Even if her spin off was a half hour show all you have is her whining about Simon having their kids, whining about wanting Eddie’s baby so Simon can’t have it, and her working all week cause she’s a business owner. Please.

  • TAMRA JUDGE!!!! At least be respectful of her last name All About TRH!!! I get others aren’t however your website is devoted to them, get it right!

  • Watching her last night with that boy-child son at the office of a “youth doctor” was kinda sad. With Tamra, there’s no there there.

  • I would love to see a Tre Gu spin off. She has a lot going on with her family, even before the legal issues. Her parents, kids, friends, husband….Joe’s side of the family is also big. She would have an excellent spinoff. I also liked Nene’s wedding show and think she could have a show of her own. Kim’s is good with all those kids and her crazy parents. Bethany was good. Tamara’s is really the only special that I thought was super boring.

    • I agree. I always thought it would be a great if Treasa had that pizza shop, with the family live in the apartment above. The kids are funny, and Treasa is really entertaining. I think she was offered her spin off, but with the legal problems, she had to decline.

  • “And I always say you should be so happy to be in this ensemble show. You get paid so well. You can all fall back on each other and rely on each other.” – he’s such a condescending ass, isn’t he? He should be thanking them as much as they should thank him.

    • He should be thanking them? Because it’s oh-so-hard to find women who will act like bitches on TV for a few bucks?

      • Well he didn’t. He chose them and they made the shows the successes they are. So yes, he should be thanking them or Bravo would have booted his ass years ago. Plus no his only job for Bravo is to do with housewives and his shitty chat show that has housewives on most nights.

    • I agree TOA. His contempt for these women is sickening. He’s a smug little bitch who owes his career to women like Tamra. Can’t stand him.

      • Tao & Taco, I also agree. I am not an Andy “hater”, but he is so full of himself sometimes, and that was a shitty thing to say to the women that pay his salary, helped build his career with these shows and humiliation, fame for all of them, as he acts like the Grand Wizard, smh!

  • Tamra got her wedding show. She is not terribly interesting. She can’t even show her three minor children which leaves a huge gap in her “real life”. I think Tamra should be happy to have a spot next season.

      • Wow, did it? I am surprised. I thought she is one of the most hated HW. I find her boring, to be honest. She can only be nasty for so much. After that, it gets boring.

        • I can guess that Vicki, Heather Condescending, all of the Atlanta housewives and all of the New Jersey housewives have asked for their own spinoff show. But top of the list would have to be Trashy Tamra. I keep waiting for her to get fired but her nose is too far up Andy’s arse. She is one dysfunctional piece of garbage. I’m so glad I can fast forward through her segments

    • I agree! Talk about a boring and stupid show, the woman has the vocabulary of a 6th grader and the mouth of a sailor. BORING!!!