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Brandi Glanville Says She’s Not “OBSESSED” With Eddie Cibrian And Leann Rimes’ Marriage; Says They’re Still Fighting In Court!

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Now that Brandi Glanville is finished filming Celebrity Apprentice, she’s back to her old Twitter ways and letting us know EVERYTHING that’s going on in her life. Brandi was recently called out for being “Obsessed,” with her ex husband’s marriage, and Brandi responded that she’s “over it,” and the two are still battling it out in court! Check it OUT!

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Do you think Brandi is still obsessed with Eddie and his marriage?

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  • Does Bravo pay for all the PR in the media for Brandi or does she also have good friends that work at some of the gossip sites like ROL and TMZ? Probably both because it makes no sense that Brandi get any media attention. I bet Brandi gets paid for some of the articles on her and she gives them information that she is paid for on Leann and the other housewives. Also the trolls on twitter that Brandi has as attack dogs to Leann are just crazy. Kind of like Brandi is.

  • Just goes to show you that your spouse is more involved in your life after divorce than you were when you were married.

  • Yes, I think Brandi is still obsessed with Eddie and his marriage..That’s all, carry on.

  • I have noticed the ONLY two housewives from Beverly Hills ALWAYS on these gossip blogs, and giving interviews are Lisa and Brandi! Lisa has said she hates drama and is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy with her businesses. Kyle, Kim, and Yolanda must be busy living their lives and taking care of their children.

  • I like how Brandi, Kyle, Camille all went out last night and went to PUMP, LOL!! So.. is that support Lisa, or nah?

          • Lisa never even acknowledged on twitter or anywhere else in the media that they(Brandi Kyle Camile) were at Pump. No pics of them with Lisa. Joanna and Joyce(who both should be on BH) were at the opening of Pump a few weeks ago and Lisa had pics with them. Good for Lisa. Lisa does not need them especially Brandi-they need her. She did send out this tweet after they went to Pump. Very Telling- Lisa Vanderpump @LisaVanderpump May 31
            Don’t believe it unless you hear it from me:) Good morning tweeties. X. X

  • When you look a Leann you understand that the obsessed one is Eddie. Leann looks like a downgraded version of brandi! Same face, but not as pretty! Poor him!

    • Eddie is hardly OBCESSED with Brandi, Eddie has traded his rusted out Pinto for a brand new Bentley. Look at the photos. Brandi is looks old , face looks lop sided and bloated. LeAnn looks fresh , young, gorgeous something Brandi is Not. I’m sure the boys Love the stable environment that Eddie and LeAnne provide. Brandi is a drunk Slophound that probably is an EMBARASSMENT for the children. Kids can be so mean to each other ,I’m sure the boys are teased about their Mom’s drunken tramping behavior. Brandi loves to play the victim card, it’s her only story line in life. Most women in her situation get over it and move on. Apparently that is her Cash cow and she’s milking it for all it’s worth. Eddie did the right thing Scrap the pinto and upgrade to a Bentley.

    • They are both blonde, Brandi by bleach. After that there are no commonalities anywhere. Why would Eddie want someone who looks like his ex-wife when he hates her with a passion. Is Leann 6 ft tall with huge feet and hands? No.

  • I think that Brandi missed the big clue/red flag of Eddie wanting an ” open marriage ” from the start. If any thing says: “I don’t want to grow up and be exclusive to you” that does! It was inevitable that he would not only cheat but find someone else he wanted to be with more then Brandi. And let’s face it Leanne has the added benefit of a big bank balance. Leanne also is infertile, so a man with young kids was a plus for her. Eddie may be a handsome actor,but he doesn’t earn the big salaries of some, and is sort of set dressing. He would never make enough to satisfy Brandi’s desire to spend nor would he be working as often without the pull of his wife’s name (Brandi is not known Leanne is). Brandi may have had some success as a model ,so why isn’t she working? JMO!

    • Her last job when she was married to Eddie was as a make-up artist. They used to say that in her resume, but it has since been forgotten. Now she was a high-fashion model in Europe who gave up a career to marry Eddie. Uh-Huh.

  • If anyone is obsessed its Eddie! He loves having Brandi still in his clutches. He and Leann are both sick puppy’s!

  • I’d hate to go the Gwyenth route and say a custody battle is like going to war for real. But it does feel like life and death and for most parents, male or female, losing your kids is worse then losing your life. Brandi get hurt bad in this war, but still, it is up to her to Women Up and fly right for her kids. It’s done. There is no going back. Be the best mom you can be which might include shutting up on Twitter!

  • Hmmmm considering the Irene Sybil is “allegedly” one of the luck dragons alias twitter accounts I think someone is trying to take everyone’s attention away from the star article and “leaked” VH1 clip. The overpayment of alimony is the most boring story to come out of this budget Bermuda Triangle. At this point it seems like they continue this court drama to exert control and annoy her, which even the non- famous do in these sort of situations.

  • She took the money knowing that at some point in time there would be an accounting. It is money that doesn’t affect her-it is a retirement account. She constantly claims she wants to be self-sufficient-part of that is paying your bills.

    • The woman deserves every dime she can wring out of the cheater whether she has become self sufficient or not.

      She had his babies and kept house for him for 13 years. He threw her over for a sugar momma and left her out on the street.

      More power to any woman who can capitalize on the sucky situation and get back some of what is hers and her sons.

      • But it doesn’t work like that. You don’t just get all the money you want because a man wronged you. Eddie gives both child and spousal support. He’s not like Slade finding sneaky ways to avoid supporting his kid. Men and women makes mistakes in marriage…doesn’t mean you give up rights to your money. You don’t have rights to a cheating payment. And Brandi has been able to use eddie’s cheating as a way to make money so she’s been able to capitalize fame and money off of it where Eddie sill can only get the same bit roles he’s always had. So id say he’s received his karma by having everything aired out in her books and on tv and in the tabloids.

        And let’s be for real. Brandi wasn’t a normal housewife raising the kids alone at home all day. She has stated as much herself. She lived the high life as she and Eddie lived off credit pretending they were rich. She was a “rich” housewife with nannies that shopped, partied and lunched with the Jones she’s was trying to keep up with. She didn’t stay at home and keep the house.

    • I don’t see how she would know she was being over paid. She was taking what was ordered for him to give her, wasn’t she? I thought the story was that he was paying what he was ordered, but later went back and said he didn’t think he should pay that much because he wasn’t working very much, so he had the accountants audit it all and retroactively asked for a discount basically. Or am I wrong? I find the topic very confusing, actually. It’s all convoluted.

      • Her support payments were subject to an increase or decrease in her earnings. Very common. She continued to take the money knowing her earnings had increased. Essentially she was borrowing money from Eddie. It is a fairly common occurrence in divorce settlements.

  • Well she sure made it her storyline. If Eddie never cheated on her and married Leann Rimes, she wouldn’t be on RHOBH. It’s also what her books are about, her restating the fact that Eddie cheated on her and married Leann. She basically makes money off their marriage. She also stated herself that she only joined twitter to keep up with Leann and Eddie’s marriage.

    • You are correct. She would be married to the man she’d been with for 13 years, living in her nice home and raising her two children full-time. One would guess she’d be fine with that.

      • I think Brandi was bound and determined to have her own fame married or not. She is the one that started this whole new line of crap about the accounting. She originally said Eddie was demanding child support-an outright lie. Now that she has been outed for lying she makes it all about something else.

        • Yet in 13 years of her being with a guy who was an actor on two known TV shows, as well as being friends with people who were famous and had many connections through that, we never heard of her or knew who she was. Personally, I don’t see the evidence there that she always had a yearning for fame vs. taking advantage of the situation she was later thrust into.

          Off-topic: Lisa fans are trashing Kyle thinking she put out a tweet about Lisa leaving the show because they don’t know what the word bygone means. It’s really funny. Did anyone else see that?

          • “Personally, I don’t see the evidence there that she always had a yearning for fame vs. taking advantage of the situation she was later thrust into. ”

            As Brandi said before, she gets back at people. Her ex cheating on her, and being famous, of course tabloids wanted to hear her side of the story. And her ex being famous, that put her in the spotlight.

      • Ellen- are you talking about the same attention loving Brandi that is on RHOBH? She would never be satisfied living a quiet married like that. Brandi is the one that was photographed in the media drunk with a tampon string hanging out and has written a book about all the men she basically had one night stands with. She thrives on attention and will do anything to get it. Her fans are as delusional as she is.

        • Yes, it seems like you are not really following along very well. My comment only had to do with whether she was fame hungry prior to the affair being leaked by Leann and US Magazine.

          • I agree Ellen, on all points you have made. Good for her for not laying down and dying( so to speak) after the 2 home-wreckers did what they did. I dont get why its so wrong for her to do and say whatever the hell she wants after what she went through, while the cheating pigs can do no wrong in some eyes? She can do what she wants anyway, doesnt need anyone’s permission. She got screwed over royally, still does, so I hope she handles her biz and comes out strong.

          • Brandi is no victim. I don’t blame Eddie one bit for leaving her. She is a drunk attention seeking tramp.

          • Brandi was a model, she acted in a commercials. She had an agent before she contacted Cedric and made her appearance on RHOBH. Obviously she wanted some spotlight.

            That is what I base my statement on Brandi seeking fame.

          • Brandi is an ass for continuing this “oh poor me, my hubby left me for this cross eyed witch”. I feel sorry for anybody who after all that time is still stuck with the past. Not to mention, Brandi deserved to be left by Eddie (just as her so called one night stands left her), even though I think should have at least waited until she had given birth.

            So, Brandi>> SHUT THE F UP! And move to Orange County, Bish!

        • Yes, Beth, I’m well aware of your hatred for Brandi. That’s not exactly the topic of conversation, but I realize you can’t help yourself. Tunnel vision is an interesting thing.

          • Ok. I don’t get it. In America the divorce rate is really high and in Hollywood even worse. If someone is married 5yrs it is concidered great.

            Brandi has proven over and over how vengeful she is. This couple has had 3somes. He has fooled around on Brandi tons of times before Leann Rimes. Brandi has prided herself on being a sexual woman book after book.

            How does she rate as the housewife whom was taken advantage of? No way. It appears to me that Eddie was fully aware of her evil ways and loved his sons. Apparently Leanne Rimes was worth all the hell he knew he would be put thru.

            I have known marriages where the wife was awesome homemaker exspecially in the 70’s on where the man was selfish and totally disrespected what the wife gave to the marriage.

            This simply doesn’t compare. So if Eddie divorced her then met Leanne all would be ok?

            Common. Brandi is a handful and devious and vintictive. And remember she participated in threesomes! Is it ok that she takes advantage of her situation to make money and be famous … Sure. I don’t care and don’t buy her books but if folks out there are still interested in her, good for her. I just don’t buy the poor housewife routine a bit.

            Move on chicky!

      • Boo hoo.. What is everyone complaining about? She has gained notoriety from something tragic and absolutely disgusting that happened to her.. MOST people would do so.. Look at Carol what’s-her-name from New York. As well as Aviva, Taylor Armstrong.. The list goes on and on. If you say you would do otherwise Given the opportunity.. Your a LIAR. Good for her for turning it into something positive for herself. She should milk it as long as she can, which she clearly is.

    • Truth-Exactly. Brandi would have no career if it was not for the “Leann and Eddie and Brandi drama” that she created. Brandi is an opportunist.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth – and I couldn’t have explained it better – ALSO: the court issue concerning Brandi being overpaid has been going on for over a year now – Brandi is holding it up by filing additional paper work etc trying her best to get out of paying Eddie back what she was overpaid in alimony – IF EDDIE OWED BRANDI SHE WOULD BE CRUCIFYING HIM IN THE MEDIA ETC – AND SHE WOULD STOP AT NOTHING UNTIL HE PAID HER – (Brandi did try to turn this around on Eddie by telling everyone it was child support Eddie was trying to say she owed – but the truth is Brandi lied about her income which resulted in Eddie being charged a lot more money each month for alimony – Brandi’s lie was finally discovered – but even though she received a lot more money FOR HERSELF than she was due – now she refuses to pay back the money!) – I don’t like Leanne either – BUT – Leanne doesn’t and still don’t owe Brandi alimony – and we all know Eddie doesn’t have a dime to his name that he actually earned – and no job that I know of (other than the new reality show that’s coming to tv) so – what Brandi deserved and what she received was unfair to begin with because it should have been based on Eddie’s income ONLY! Why should Brandi use Leanne’s indiscretions as a means to live a life style fit for a queen – The public didn’t even know of Eddie or Brandi until Leanne came into the picture – and the way I see it – Brandi came out on top in more ways than one when Eddie left her – it gave her the opportunity to have a career and job – which both were nonexistent before this – and the means to live a life she would have never had the chance before this to live – plus it opened doors for Brandi to write books, podcast shows, appearances, material to use and abuse (which she has done to its fullest for over five years now!) to make money! Plus she got rid if a scumbag husband! BUT NOW IT’S PAST TIME FOR BRANDI TO GROW UP – AND MOVE ON! SHE NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM – AND STOP COLLECTING MONEY ONLY BECAUSE SHE WAS CHEATED ON!!! Why do you think Brandi has no intentions of getting married again? Because she receives more money and attention if she doesn’t marry – but I can guarantee this – if this money well dries up and she no longer can collect money by using the cheating scandal – instead of getting a REAL job with REAL wages – she will hook up with some sugar daddy so fast she’ll make everyone’s heads spin!!! PAY YOUR BILLS BRANDI – YOU AIN’T NO BETTER THAN THE REST OF US !!!!!