Real Housewives of New Jersey - RHONJ Teresa Giudice

PHOTOS: Teresa Giudice Shows Off Bikini Body At The Beach With Her Family!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be premiering this July and while most of the ladies are busy promoting the latest season, Teresa Giudice is doing what she does best-spending time with the family! Teresa spent the Memorial Day Weekend at the beach with her daughters and husband! Check out the photos of the family below:

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Glad to see Teresa is continuing to spend time with her entire family!

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  • I think Theresa looks Fabulious! She looks toned and fit to me? Theresa looks much better than Melissa in a bikini !

  • omfg if this was the same body but someone other than teresa you all would be having a field day about how gross and disgusting she is!!! but since its perfect teresa she looks like a hot mom. ha.

  • She looks good for having 4 kids but her body shape is so ugly. She’s shaped like a teenage boy who got some but injections. She’s very square, not shapely like Melissa. Melissa might be thin but she has a nice shape. I think the fact that the bathing suit is better suited for a 25yr old makes a big difference. Maybe if she wore something that covered her more, she would look a little better. BTW, what’s up with her allowing Gabriella to tan?! Is she serious?

  • Looks like a fun day on the beach. Excited for the season to start. Hope we get to see scenes with Milania. She has so much personality, and she makes you laugh. Who can ever forget some of her scenes from prior seasons.

  • Dear Rox, Love how the new names pop up right before the season starts. I think she looks great and in person she looks very thin. She is holding her head high. Ps remember Martha Stewert

    • Yes, Lisa….I noticed the samething about the new names….I wonder if couple of them have 3 names aka

    • Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t aware you needed a membership to post comments on this blog. It’s pretty common and quite obvious that new people are going to post right before a new season starts because there are more stories. DUH. Anyway, what’s the big deal? Does this site only allow certain people to comment? Funny because I was told the other day by Hopeful to stop looking for a fight. Seems to me others should take the same advice.

      • Wow now i am being quoted . Too funny ..
        Is it the same person that is quoting me on another thread?.
        If not? please take no offense
        There is a nut on this site using multiple names saying outrageous things. Taking things way too far. It’s only a show!!.
        I understand that unstable ppl will stumble onto the site. I am not looking to get into BS with a nutcase. You know someone that has nothing really to say worth listening to so they resort to name calling and provoking .FOR ATTENTION Someone that is so demented they would come to a site just to start shit cause their life is so F”ed . Someone so twisted she changes names like the staff at the hospital changes her soiled bedsheets

      • Know one is looking to start a fight….if you’ve been on this site long enough, you know whats going on with a certain few. I can count on my hand just some of the names that a few have used.

        • They are so creative with them…I surprised that haven’t run out of names yet…oh, well! Both Tre and Messy have boy shapes…the fake bubbies is the only thing helping them. I think Tre’s are much better. Messy must have received lemons or got a 2 for 1 sale. She should have got her money back.

  • She looks horrible. Flabby and made up like a hooker. You’re at the beach moron, take off a couple layers of the clown paint. I really wish this woman would quit wearing clothes/swimwear designed for thin 20 somethings.

  • This is the most out of shape I have ever seen her. I mean, she still looks decent but her gut is big now. She has never seemed this heavy. Just saying…

    • Hey stress will either make you lose or gain weight.
      She isn’t flabby or anything . But she does seem to have gain a few in this pic compared to normal . Again it isn’t photoshopped and it isn’t bad ..It may be the ill fitting suit that doesn’t help

    • Could be just before the time of the month….can get quite bloated just before…she still looks good for 42(?)!

  • I have to admire her pluck. If it were me going through her legal mess I’d be a bloated mess. I’d be living on bon-bons and vodka at this point. LOL!

    • Haha Taco Don’t forget a little xanax LMAO
      Also these photos aren’t photoshopped like you know who.

      Messy Best body my ass.

      Bigg Ang won US magazine list for best lips LMAO

      • a “LITTLE” xanax??? 😉 LOL!

        Messy…blech don’t get me started. She could be built like Gisele fricken Bundchen and still be ugly as hell due to her rancid, incoherent, dreadful personality.

  • Teresa looks fantastic even from an unflattering take, looking up at her body. I can’t believe she has 4 kids! I like her body more than Melissa’s. Maybe because I know how ugly M is on the inside.

    • I agree. Ive always known Teresa’s body to be curvy since the show started. I tend to appreciate a woman with curves since I have them.

  • Teresa is being a mom. This is what she is doing now. At least every picture she takes isn’t a cheesecake pic of herself flaunting her bikini body. It all about her kids with T

    • They actually looked the same before… Looks like Tre is packing the pounds and getting a gut. Cant blame her.

    • Yeah, cause she is supposed to keep a romper on at the beach while tanning because you think her suit is not flattering… smh

  • It looks like she is going about her business, not posing or flaunting anything. Her and that guy look good together. I think he’s audriana’s godfather but I could be wrong.

    • ITA … I like how’s she’s going about her buisness. I also like how she looks good even when she is not posing after having four kids.

  • I’d prefer to look at Melissa’s body.

    I do love how thick Teresa’s hair is though.

      • I cant speak for the stomach part, but maybe it’s not thats gained weight it’s more of shes getting her body “toned” for if she goes to prison. You want to be ready especially if you new fish.