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Ashlee Holmes Calls Real Housewives Of New Jersey A “Sinking Ship” And A “Hot Mess”; Says Manzo’d With Children Will Be Fun To Watch And More Positive


After giving the Real Housewives of NJ season 6 ladies some advice for the upcoming season, it looks like Ashlee is still talking about the show!  Responding to fans that she has not been on the show for 2-3 years and that she is on to bigger and better things.  She also tells fans that her Aunt Caroline’s new show, Manzo’d With Children will be positive and fun to watch.  See what she said below,


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I don’t know about you, but I have personally never seen Ashlee as a positive person.  She was always over-dramatic and looking for attention and with these tweets, especially the one from the other day, I feel like not much has changed.  What are your thoughts?  Is Ashlee looking for attention or just being responsive?  Do you think Manzo’d With Children will be fun to watch?

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  • Lol! She’s such a joke! She was in the center of drama when she actually appeared on the show. How many times did the other cast members esp her mom have to lecture her about avoiding the Danielle drama but she still persisted on with it. Then of course let’s not forget all about her “struggles” of actually acting like an adult while being disrespectful to her mother. She is just a hater! She can say how she’s happy to not be on rhonj but actions speak louder than words and her tweets prove she’s just mad! Hmm I wonder what the gorgas will say since they are supposed to be friends with Jac, and her daughter is bad mouthing their show.

  • I will give Manzo’d a try. The trailer of the new cast of NJ looked boring, and I don’t want to hear Dina whine about her fake marriage that fell apart.

  • I doubt anyone cares about her opinion. I think she mentions being on the show all the time too try and stay relevant. She is and has been trying to ride on rhonj’s coat tail to make a living. She needs to grow up and get a real job! Although I can see why it would be hard for her to grow up, her mom hasn’t grown up either. Glad to not have to watch the lauritas and manzos anymore on rhonj! Of course I’m glad Dina is back though. Won’t be watching Caroline’s new show.

  • Manzoid with what children? Seriously they’re calling those overthrown buffoons children?

  • Ashley…..just be quiet! No one worth any salt will watch anything with those Manzo Minions! UGH!

  • I’m afraid Ashlee is going to be disappointed, you couldn’t pay me to watch the Manzo’s or Jac. They won’t be missed at all on RHONJ. When are we going hear about the Laurita’s legal issues? From what I’ve read it sounds pretty serious.


  • She is such a twit. Does she not realize that Bravo is behind both shows? I’m sure they don’t look at her bashing one show in order to promote the other a good thing. I’m sure they will give her a good edit. What a f’n moron.

  • Ashley has a personality disorder just like her mother. No, I am not some armchair psychologist. And if anyone reading this has been diagnosed with some form of it which can include variations on sociopathy of narcissism, pathological lying & a host of things that could drive a normal strong confident person to distraction. Run away & relocate to the jungle because once they fixate on someone or something it can get a bit tiring to deal with. Me, I just know how to deal with them but some came be in positions of power which is pretty scary. The only way to get rid of that is hope for a natural disaster to drop on their head. Research shows there are about 70 million people walking around with sociopathy. God, that just makes me never want to talk or listen to another person again. Sometimes if you get the message across in a way they understand they lose interest, but most people have their lives ruined by them. The Manzo’s & Laurita’s & Jackie’s family & her ex are some of that category. Professional neurological scientists in the world of studying human behavior just want to put in glass & say ” would you look at that” when of course we did not realize the numbers. It clearly shows the deterioration of our society in the last 5 or 6 decades & it is really picking in the USA, more than any other country. I mean yes you have insane dictators but the society as a whole in those areas are forced I to a general fear & fear induced psychosis. It is just stunning with how far we have regressed. I kind of laugh when people look at 3rd world countries & say OMG because it has literally become survival of the fittest. Even a really pragmatic preacher I had the utmost respect for said if you think their are not people out there that will harm you, you are being naive. I later intuitively knew correctly, unfortunately from other things in his warning his only son had been murdered. When your pastor has to warn you it isn’t good & that was 20 yrs. ago. I even may stop commenting, I am just tired of trying to take a break from the real world without someone acting if you say something about these soap operas & train wrecked personalities as if you were criticizing them, it just is getting tedious. But who knows I have to deal with serious crap every day, maybe I still can get a laugh. I know Caroline Manzo must have convinced ” Caroline Manzo” as she refers to herself in the third personality! Ha! That the show will be a fan favorite. I can only wait to see that real reality show in her mind get ” checked”

  • Wow, I used to feel sorry for this chick because of the way her mother treated her, but who in the hell does she think SHE is??? I haven’t watched RHONJ in years but imo, neither she, her mother nor Caroline were major contributors to the show. Yawn. I can’t imagine Manzo’d will last past 1 season, but then, I wish they were all eliminated.

  • Wow, I used to feel sorry for this chick because of the way her mother treated her, but who in the hell does she think SHE is??? I haven’t watched RHONJ in years but imo, neither she, her mother nor Caroline were major contributors to the show. Yawn. I can’t imagine Manzo’d will last past 1 season, but then, I wish they were all eliminated.

  • Wow, I used to feel sorry for this chick because of the way her mother treated her, but who in the hell does she think SHE is??? I haven’t watched RHONJ in years but imo, neither she, her mother nor Caroline were major contributors to the show. Yawn. I can’t imagine Manzo’d will last past 1 season, but then, I wish they were all eliminated.

  • Do yourself a favor and STFU Ashley (or however she now spells her name). You’re one of the most annoying people I ever saw on a reality TV show and that’s saying a lot.

  • Manzo’d with children can’t be funny or positive, it will have Caroline, Albie, Lauren, Christopher and Jacqueline on the show.

  • She sounds thristy and bitter her 15 mins is all but dried up. Now that her step auntie & step cousin are on the show again she acts like she wont be watching so no one else shouldnt watch. Please. She and Jacq will be at home tweeting they asses off come premiere night and throughout the season. Not worried about them.

  • Oh Ashley. If I had humiliated myself in front of the world the way she did for 4 seasons, I would be bitter too

    Wacko Jacko 2.0

  • Oh yeah let’s see these GIANT ratings the manzoids drag in–then let’s see your tweets miss positive Ashlee aka a BITCH

  • This is her only way to get attention. This and posting semi nude pics on twitter. Its a shame. Jackoff should read her a book on being a grown up lady. Cauzs we know Jacko doesn’t know herself

  • Did she forget how the Manzo kids talked to her? She is such a lap dog its not even funny.

    • Yes and they went out of their way to show what a loser she was with the T-shirt business and Lap-band’s cat-face store.
      Ashlee is proving to the world that her mom didn’t choose to leave RHNJ, she was fired, and she’s pissed about it.
      haha! what a dummy!

    • My thoughts too Jen. The Manzos took every opportunity to make her look the fool. Why did that not bother her or her mom? Was it scripted by Bravo? Move on ………..

  • Ashlee can have her opinion, but again, she needs to smarten up. Why say anything negative against Bravo? She is still young and may wish to pitch them or get on another show down the road. You don’t publicly slam an employer like this. She needs to learn that its best to keep candid thoughts for close family and friends only and not said to the public.

    Ashlee, there is a game to be played, and you don’t get how to play it.

  • Thanks Ashlee. Now that you’ve earned your dollar for the day you can go back to your aunt Caroline for that pat on the head you want.

  • I would rather watch butter melt than watch anything Manzo related. By the way, who is this Ashley girl with such stupid opinions anyway? She’s known because of her Mom’s reputation as a looney alcoholic nut on RHNJ. Not anything to be proud of in my opinion.

    • And we are failing to mention all we learned about Ashlee as she grew up and changed her name- that she is lazy, could not work enough to get even passing grades in high school, had no interest in working to make a career, or anything for herself- but was happy to have her step dad buy everyt8ihg for her form stolen funds, She had no desire to work at all, but wanted all the trappings- a car, Manhattan apartment, and believed she deserved it all- after doing nothing but exploiting her family.
      Her mother finally shipped her away to make her focus on reality- and she came back after missing the flight.
      I hope for hers sake that Ashlee gets her life together, but she has started out quite poorly, and is no position to judge anything else about others, let alone her only claim to fame- a show she looked ridiculous on.

      • Hey maybe if the blogging doesn’t work out she can join Alexa in her new line of work.

      • @CHi di my my you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WITH SUCH ACCURACY, IT JUST BLEW MY MIND! You are a legend! If you have a twitter account please post this comment to her, if not someone MUST, because you read this fool like no other. It is the ULTIMATE checking this twit could receive at this point. You explained every moment of consequence during Ashlee’s teen/adult years on the show, and how appalling they were! Did this dimwit moron forget how much of a humiliation she was to her parents on a national platform? Did that entire span of her life fly by without her acknowledging her failure as a student, a failure as a employee, a disappointing failure as a daughter and grand daughter to boot (remember her poor grandfather giving her advice patiently the poor man)? Oh and as a human being too?

        The girl has EPIC FAILURE written on her forehead and and was a huge player in all things negative, and if there was a hot mess it’d be her and her sidekick mommie dearest. They were embroiled in every aspect of drama, dissent, backstabbing, duplicity, slandering, vicious violent attacks etc. Yet the dipstick has the audacity to talk? This idiot should shut up her big lazy jowls that she inherited from her mother, and stop flapping them gums because a lot can be said of her!

        Okay rant over
        Brilliant assessment, I commend you!

  • Ashley is the hot mess on a sinking ship. What will she blog and tweet about when her cousin’s show gets whacked off the air?!

    • Exactly right. That girls still looking for attention. Sad really. As for the Manzoids, I won’t be watching.

    • Her own Mother did not want her for a while, the Manzos wanted nothing to do with her.. now she kisses all their asses. Oddly enough , Aunt Dina still was there for her.

  • Yes, RHONJ turned in a negative mess mostly due to Ashely’s family. Messy and Kathy came on the show with all their plan to take down Teresa. Caro and Jac believed all the lies from Messy and created even more negativity for the show. I never once saw Caro or Jac ask Teresa if the information the received from Messy was true or not they just jumped on the hate wagon against a Teresa, someone they had known for years.
    I am looking forward to this season on NJ after tuning out for the last few years. I think the fun will return to the show and the negative drama will be reduced to a small part of the show. I will not miss Caro, Jac and her soiled child.


      You are a freaking genius!!! I am revering you, and you have me laughing like a nut and my poor parrot was asleep and i woke her up! Bahahahahahaha!!! 😀

      The look on her terrified face…priceless. Poor thing. Hehehehehe.

    • I don’t think Caroline and Jac believed Mel’s lies and therefore turned on Teresa. I think it fit their agenda. Caroline had her own reasons for turning on Teresa. If anyone turned Jac away from Teresa it was Caroline. Melissa and Kathy coming on was perfect timing for Caroline and she used them to give her excuses to drop Teresa more credence.

      I will NOT watch Manzo’d (or whatever it’s called). Not even curious in the least. I’m not going to say I hope it doesn’t do well… if it does, great… but I still won’t watch it.

    • What’s gona b hard to watch on RHONJ is Messy & SloJo bein all fake-nice to Tre & her family. After last year & their hate filled vendetta against them, how do they expect to think fans are gona buy their plastic personalities being all loving & kind now? Aint gona happen! We all remember their famous quote to b cast on the show “We promise, we’re gona take the Guidices’ down” No one likes fake & this whole new loving family routine the Whorgas are gona fake is gona b disgusting to watch. No one forgot that the Whorgas were very friendly w/the atty (M.Chacon) that gave the info to the feds on the Guidices. They are so guilty of assisting that lady get sensitive info, its just disgusting & that’s her brother! I don’t condone what the Guidices’ did. They stole from banks & doctors & credit card co’s & tax payers have to pay their price 4 it. But Tre’s signature is clearly on the documents too. They should go to jail to redeem themselves. But how can Tre allow her girls trauma about it be filmed? Its horrendous! These girls have so much to endure & now all their friends will see it all play out too. This is gona damage them life! Messy & SloJoe have a rude awakening coming if they really think fans forgot about all the nasty deeds & comments they pulled on their sister & her family.

      • uy such costly items. New clothes and other items everyday for three littleAnyone with half attention paid to Tre and Joe paying for everything in very large sum’s of money for everything from the children’s clothes, to the furniture store man all the way to the men who moved the furniture into their new home. From Joe and his tip to the remainder of what was owed on only a few rooms in that house. Had to see this is not the American way of doing business. 99.9% of us either charge it, write a check or NOT buy such costly items. New clothes for those little girls everyday. Tre and Joe paid for everything in cash. Who walks around with 6 figures of cash on them? Avoiding banks no checks or credit cards that require back ground checks and credit checks. That was a big insight into the way of the way they conducted their business. If viewer’s picked up on this I’ sure the Fed’s did as well.

  • I agree. Ashlee has never been the picture of positivity. If she is trying to be, maybe she needs to try a bit harder!

    Isn’t she some sort of blogger for some magazine? If that is the case, I get the RHONJ talk. Building a following, negative or otherwise, is her job.

    If not for her job, then going on about a bunch of women you have “moved on from” is just sad. I’m sure the Buddha would agree 😉

  • Ummmm…. isn’t #RHONJ the way she got her blogging jobs????? HELLO if it wasn’t for the show she would have no job thank you very much.

  • Why is anyone even checking for this twit? She was a key player in a good deal of the negativity that occurred while she was on the show. Have a room full of seats.

    • Wasn’t she the one that chased and got physical with Danielle? She has a nerve to exclude herself from the negativity in the show. Last time I checked she and her mother were huge part of the Jersey mess.

      I am glad they are not coming back and I am not going to be watching the other spin off show, because I prayed for years that Caroline would be kicked of the show because she was a snooze-fest.

      Good riddance.

      • It’s funny that she still thinks she was part of the show. I have to say kudos to Jaqueliine for one thing and that’s for kicking her lazy , spoiled, rude, disrespectful ass packing. And I was so glad that Jacqueline and the rest if the family ere not coming back , and no I won’t be watching either