AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Joyce Giraud Reveals What Inspired Her To Launch Her Own Shampoo Line!

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Last season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, newbie Joyce Giraud’s hair may have even gotten more attention than she did!  She was constantly complimented on her long locks, and spent a ton of time flipping and twirling it on camera.  It looks like she decided to run with the hair-fame because Joyce has announced on her Facebook page that she will be launching a shampoo!



Joyce took the time to EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH how excited she is for fans to try it out and what inspired her to start a shampoo line!

Joyce shared,

Everyone always asks me what I use so I wanted to share my secret with all the wonderful fans, I’m so excited and I can’t wait! Still working on it as I want it to be perfect for everyone, I feel very blessed and grateful!

She does have some pretty fabulous hair – I’d give it a shot!  What are your thoughts, would you try Joyce’s shampoo?

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Comments (41)

  1. Jayla says:

    Didn’t she say that her haircare secret is that she only washes her hair once a week? Seems like not such a good promo of shampoo.

  2. mtrae9 says:

    If my hair would look like Joyces I would definitely try it.

  3. Taco Tuesday says:

    One trick to only shampooing once a week is “washing” it with conditioner after a work out or whatever. It’s also not a hard goal to achieve if you also have a chlorinated pool to swim in once or twice between shampoos–then rinse off and condition.
    That said, anyone this day and age who still believes a shampoo can fundamentally improve the basic quality of hair is delusional. Your DNA, genetics, are what determines how thick, shiny, straight, curly your hair will be. It even determines how long it can get. You can ruin it with too much processing or caustic products of course, but no shampoo on the planet is going to give you hair like Joyce’s or Kyle’s if you were born with hair like Kim’s.

    • bonnie says:

      Hi Taco Tuesday

      I totally agree – for me when I choose a shampoo – it is not based on name celebrity/bravolebrity endorsed or not.

      What is a win-win for me – washing my my hair once a week.

      I have never bought products to “look like the person selling/promoting” the product.

      But this woman, has shared her childhood pics and even at 8 yrs old she had thick below shoulder length me.

      So she has experience in the crap we go through and if there is a product that is not hurting animals and does not cost a million dollars a bottle – I’m in.


      • Taco Tuesday says:

        Yep. Organic/natural/cruelty free that’s the way to go these days in all things IMO. And for some products price is not a major factor either for me. 🙂

  4. michers says:

    So basically, she was approached to help a company lift off and make money so they noticed her hair flips and reached out. She is just using her name no effort put out besides flips and tosses. I personally do not think she is a big enough recognizable person for such a thing.

    • jayden213 says:

      Pretty much.

      • samael says:

        OMG Michers

        Off topic:

        right now I am watching Judge Judy Prime time – one of her “isms” is about M..

        Don’t teach a pig to doesn’t work and it annoys the pig.

  5. Debbie1 says:

    I would try it! Her hair is gorgeous 🙂

    • michers says:

      No offense Debbie, but I HIGHLY doubt her hair is from whatever company is using her as endorsement.

      • Debbie1 says:

        None taken 🙂 I meant that I would try a product with her name backing it. She is intelligent, and is involved heavily in charities, which I respect. I do not see her backing something that was not of the highest quality.

        • michers says:

          Good 🙂 And I respect your comment . She is just not my cup of tea ! ( I will just leave it at that!) I do think she has pretty hair especially for not really washing it LOL

  6. MzVicky says:

    I’d purchase a hair shampoo from someone who washes their hair only once a week before I would someone who says they have to wash it every day. In my opinion, the less you have to wash your hair, the healthier your hair is.

  7. Gimme Pizza You Old Troll says:

    A woman who washes her hair once a week has created a shampoo? Oh my god.

  8. jihan says:

    I love Joyce and all but I doubt if I purchased her hairline products my hair will be anything close to her. It in the DNA.

    Good for her that she is taking something positive about her time in RHBH.

  9. Truth says:


  10. September24 says:

    Still love Kyle saying she uses Pantene. Doesn’t need any fancy shampoos – yet back in the early 80s Pantene was a luxury brand sold in high end department stores! Now you can buy it at your supermarket.

    But good luck to Joyce. I hope its a nice product.

  11. itsjustme says:

    Yes she does have beautiful hair for sure, however I personally wouldn’t purchase a product simply because someone “famous” puts their name on it.
    I’d want to know the ingredients, who manufactures it, is it made without testing on animals. Those are the things that are important to me, not who put their names on it.

  12. Patticakes says:

    As she should. Joyce has gorgeous locks so kudos to her.

  13. zoeysmom says:

    Is Joyce coming back to RHOBH?

  14. brittany says:

    funny because she said herself that she rarely washes her hair. but yea, go “launch” a shampoo line.

    • brittany says:

      Joyce Giraud, one of the two new women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is already known for one thing – her great hair. She has the kind of hair, thick and glossy that many women spend loads of money and time trying to have. What’s her secret?

      Surprisingly, she credits her awesome hair to not washing it. She admitted that it sounds totally gross but swears that washing every day, or even every other day, is not necessary.

      “I wash my hair once a week. You can do that. I swear. My sister-in-law and all of my friends were like, ‘I can’t do that. It sounds gross.’ Once you train your hair it will do whatever you want it to do. And on day seven when it’s too oily you just put it in a ponytail,” she told OK! magazine.

      • bonnie says:

        you just provided us what we all knew..she washes her hair once a week..and that is what she is sharing with us….I don’t understand the disgust towards someone that is making money out of what people made fun of.

        So yeah, me with my long locks to my waist..feels thicker than a duvet..would love to have a solution that allows me to wash my hair once a week?

        Why shouldn’t Joyce make money off this….I just don’t understand the disgust.

      • Ellen says:

        “Train” your hair? LOLOLOL.
        No. I can do the once-a-week thing because I have thick, curly dry hair and I don’t use a lot of product. It’s the consistency of my hair, and hers, that allows that, not because our hair is trained. She is so dumb.

        • michers says:

          That is hilarious!! I need to ask her how long training takes.. LOL

          • Ellen says:

            @Michers: I want to know if she gives her hair treats if it behaves. 😉 Positive reinforcement training and all that.

          • michers says:

            OMG Ellen!! Weird thing is, I can totally picture her speaking to her hair like that!! EEEEKK

  15. Cheryl says:

    Good move Joyce! She has beautiful hair. Why not make money for what shes known for. 🙂

  16. samael says:

    She only flipped her awesome locks min..4 times and of course it blew up into ALL THE TIME!!

    Now this is the way to succeed, make the best of a situation, I hope Joyce returns.

    And yes my Bonnie will be pre-ordering Joyce’s Bonnie has hair to her waist..and thick…apparently it is a pain to wash..

    Congrats joyce


  17. Jules says:

    She has beautiful hair but she always claimed the secret was she only washes it once a week. Coming out with a shampoo line after those statements seems odd.

    • Hopeful says:

      I doubt that everyone that only washes their hair once a week can achieve hair like Joyce.

      • Jules says:

        I’m sure but when that’s what she tells everyone a shampoo line seems odd. I personally couldn’t do it. I work out everyday and my hair gets sweaty. Plus in the heat, it would be gross.

    • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll says:

      I said the same thing, Jules!

  18. Aunt Sadie says:

    She is such an awesome woman! If she does this like everything else she does, it’s sure to be successful. Congrats Joyce!

  19. Mzjulesaz says:

    I wouldn’t try it just cuz her name is on it. I would need to understand who she partnered with, what makes it a stand out, get a money back guarantee and steep initial discount … Like free. If then I like it and reasonably priced, I would buy it. PS .. I would have to integrate well with Milania as I Love my Milania!

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