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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Why Didn’t Teresa Giudice Attend NBCUniversal Cable’s Upfronts?

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Last week NBC held their NBCUniversal cable upfronts where several Real housewives were invited! Bravo selected certain housewives and castmembers from Bravo shows, to attend the event and while Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa Gorga and Dina Manzo were in attendance, the real star of the show, Teresa Giudice was noticeably absent!

We spoke to Teresa Giudice’s crisis manager Wendy Feldman who gave us an EXCLUSIVE statement on why Teresa wasn’t present. Wendy tells AllAboutTRH,

“Teresa Guidice didn’t attend the Bravo upfronts this year. It was a mutual decision between Bravo and our team due to the fact that the scope of questions Teresa would be able to answer is limited due to her legal case. It was also decided that it would be an unfair distraction to the promotion of the show at that particular event. She will be attending other events on a case by case basis and looks forward to the resolution of the legal issues. Now she is focusing on her family.”

I respect that Teresa is taking this time to focus mainly on her family. I understand why she wouldn’t want to be able to come given the circumstances. Thoughts on Teresa’s decision on not attending the up fronts?

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  • That is a ROUGH picture. She should never wear red lipstick. She’s too homely to pull it off and it only draws attention to….how ugly this woman is. She really should stick to 5lbs of dark eye make up and neutral colors to try and blur the ugly. Ouch.

    As for her not being at this event, it makes sense. She can’t do a cash only, no receipt autograph signing and then lie and say she’s giving it to “charity”.

    • Wow, very mean comment.You must be perfect! Let’s see a picture of you and we can all judge just how gorgeous and perfect you are!

      • Lol. She’s a homely woman who looks worse with the clown paint. Sorry, truth hurts.

  • If Ms Marco didn’t show up no-one would notice. If Kathy did not show up no-one would notice. But Tre is the star of the show and everyone noticed! Love it!

    • No….it is common sense she would not be there. Many wondered why NONE of the entire casts of the shows did not show up. She is not a special case.

      • Hi September 24

        I agree with you – if only Dina showed up to represent RHNJ -phew..one less pick of M…everyone wondered about the someone that was missing in different RH fav’s.

        So many idiot dumb ass rumors went around about Teresa not being there…

        bottom line..no one would miss M if she wasn’t there!

        • I do find it interesting myself Sam soon as Teresa misses one of these major promotional events certain blogs looses there crap. Teresa has promoted this show for how long now. She misses one huge event in the last 6 yrs – CHAOS. Lol..

    • @September24,
      After reading you comment something dawned in my head that I think Teresa’s fans have missed.

      Ok here’s food for thought we all know Teresa and Joe love their kids to infinity. This whole indidment thing makes no sense why would Teresa and Joe not choose a trial where there would have a chance to to be found not guilty? As much as they love those children they pleaded guilty, ok stay with me here.
      I think this whole thing has been about a paper trail but not on Teresa and joe but about her brother. Think about it maybe the feds used them to indide slojoe. Ask your self this question why would slojoe Joe brag about being a contracter where he builds expensive homes for millions of dollars and then becoming a trash man?? Maybe Teresa and Joe were charged only to lead the feds to slojoe’s dirty ways of making a living. Slojoe becoming a trash man is like an executive changing his career to working atcDonalds.
      We all know Slojoe is the king of scammers , he used his parents house behind their backs as collateral with out telling them and in the end he lost his parents. house. That’s the lowest of t lowest.
      There’s nobody that stupid on in planet to go from

      • Sorry having trouble with my android.
        My point is Teresa and Joe would never allow themselves to be away from their girls yet they pleated guilty, that makes no sense they would of chosen a trial every parent would. And now we see in the previews that Slojoe is now a trash man. And knowing how he caters to Melissa’s having her way as far a expensive things go Slojoe demoting himself to a trash man Melissa’s shopping habits have to drastically change and we all know Melissa would never go for that.
        I’m really starting think this is all about Teresa’s remedial brother! I mean the guy has an IQ of 0 and you mean to tell me he builds million dollar buildings no no no no no you have to be very smart and intellectual to be able to do build expensive buildings, last season when he was helping his kid with her math homework and he even got that wrong lol.
        I’m just saying I don’t really think Teresa and Joe are going to be found guilty. Now I’m not saying they’re rats, I just think the feds used them to get to slojoe.

        • I’m just saying a person Melissa’s and Joe’s story doesn’t make any sense. According to Slojoe the new house he’s was going to build was going to out do the Mcmansion they supposedly sold. There is no way a trash man can afford to build a multimillion house on a trash man’s salary. Something is very shady about those two! And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
          In the preview Melissa asks Slojoe what if this doesn’t work out his answer is then we loose everything. So that means they lied about the amount of money they made selling that spec house.
          But that’s so Melissa anyways to lie anyways.
          What do you think?
          And, Teresa and Joe were found not guilty of that situation with the partner and that mortgage situation already. So perhaps this is what this whole thing has been all about!

      • So you believe the Feds compiled this case with charges going back several years, all in an effort to force the Giudices to turn State’s evidence against Joe Gorga, a man who you say has zero IQ?

        LOL,you really believe that Giudices would risk jail time and deportation simply to not testify against Joe Gorga? WOW!

        Seriously, you need to face facts, the Giudices pled guilty! Move on.

  • Oh please! She wasn’t invited….PERIOD. Had she been invited and DECLINED than I would applaud her but it was a “MUTUAL DECISION BETWEEN BRAVO AND TERESA’S LEGAL TEAM” means it was HER decision. I know Teresa was FUMING that Melissa was invited with Dina. I don’t believe Teresa had a say in anything at all. And Wendy, she’s a criminal herself! PR my ass!

      • I am going to respectfully disagree with you. Teresa makes the 2nd most money of any of the HWs. If you saw the who’s who that was there: Nene, Ramona, Sonja, Melissa, and Kandi all make about 400K+ a year and was there, you really think NBC Universal wants any of their big money earners not making promotional premieres. They want these women to earn every cent. Not just on actual TV shows, but also hitting the trails pimping this stuff out. Like what has already been mentioned Teresa wouldn’t just sit at home neither wasting an opportunity to market herself especially being she’s one of the more well-known face on NJ.

        • None of us really know how many everyone of these hws make. The only exception would be Teresa and that’s because of all her fraud and withholding of $ that’s come to light in her court docs. The fact of the matter is, had Teresa been formally invited, legal issues or not she would have been there with bells on. Bravo’s not stupid and although I’ll admit she does garner a lot of attention, it isn’t for the right reasons. Not only would she have to answer questions about her legal woes but so would NBC. They would get a ton of backlash for having a convicted felon promoting a show. They’ve already gotten a ton of backlash for still allowing her to film. Even the meatball company she and Joe are working with in NJ had to take her pic off their facebook because of all the negative comments and backlash and had to release a statement explaining that they aren’t “business partners”.

          • I never saw Teresa make one comment about the meatball place. Has anyone else? I tend to believe it was a BS story all along

          • @Hopeful

            The meatball company has been promoting everything with Joe Giudice. There’s pics all over the web of them promoting it on a NJ radio station with Joe sitting there with them smiling. They sell Teresa’s cookies and the the owner has already said Joe has been teaching his staff how to make Teresa’s meatballs soooo yes, it’s absolutely true. Not a BS story.

          • https://www.facebook.com/jerseymeatballcompany

            Hey I knew there is a restaurant that Teresa is working with as they will be using her recipe’s from Teresa’s cook book.

            Thanks guys – I never knew about the Jersey Meatball Co.
            yes, blogs/rags are spewing bs..there is zero negative feedback

            I get that the person who runs the facebook MAY have deleeted the negative feed back – but they kept Teresa!

          • @Samael-Yes they had a TON of backlash and negative comments about working with thugs and frauds. Some blogs have screenshots. They also had Tre as their profile pic but deleted it along with the negative comments. I guess they put her pic back up but there was so much backlash that they had to post a statement about their exact relationship with the Giudices.

          • hi rhonjaddict

            while looking for the information you were sharing, yeah I ran across about 5 blogs that I have never heard of before and they ramble on and they are basically “let’s hate Teresa sites” ( I have heard these referred to before-never actually read one til now)

            I guess my point is, if it existed at all the owners know their money maker is Teresa and there are so many cute pics of the Giudice’s on this facebook account.

            I assume that the facebook owner deleted the bullshit and kept the Giudices -the money makers.

            That’s business…Teresa brings in $,ratings, reviews interviews…that is not her fault.

            this is Teresa providing for her family, she is succeeding no matter what is happening and is excelling no matter what.

            Bottom line – Teresa is chosen and she is the money maker..bashers not welcome at these establishments.

          • @Samael-I’m not trying to prove anything to you or anyone else and please don’t take this the wrong way. I know what I’ve seen both on the FB page before it they deleted the comments and on other blogs so I know for a fact that the negative comments did exsist. Again, I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion, I’m just relaying what I saw. The owner has said the following:

            “I own the business, I’m not worried about anything from the past because I’m not expecting anything from them. We’re not business partners. I don’t get involved in their financial stuff. Money-wise, I don’t talk to them about things. I noticed some businesses are staying away from them but they’ve been good and they didn’t do no bad to me.”

            I don’t care what Teresa’s doing but I do think it’s disgusting that she uses her children to make money. She exploits her kids on the show and even in her businesses as you can see by the fact that her daughter’s faces are all over that businesses facebook page. Not cool at all in my opinion. And before anyone jumps on me to blame bravo, they don’t force these hws to bring their kids on the show. We know this because of other franchises. Teresa has always made her daughters a spectacle to sell her products and it’s really sad for those poor children.

          • I appreciate your words rhonjaddict

            We each have different view points – in no way am I saying that the negative posts did not exist.

            I too am not trying to change your mind, it’s okay to disagree and it’s ok to share view points. That is what we are doing.

            Through this I did learn that not only is Teresa busting her butt to prove to her children, this is how to make thins better.

            We also, do not know who chose the pics – if the owner of the business does this – how could Teresa say no?

            I don’t use facebook so I don’t know if the owner of Jersey meatball Co. “blocked” the negative input. And the owner made a business decision.

            Teresa has excelled in work and has been given many business opportunities no matter what.

            Thanks for the conversation.

          • Like i said i never saw Teresa make any comments about the meatballs . Has anyone else?

            If Teresa was involved i would think she would tweet something. No?

          • Teresa is not a convicted felon. She could very well become one after her trial but as of now, no. And it makes no sense to me as to why it would be okay to leave Joe’s pictures up as if they took hers down. There was only backlash about Teresa’s pictures and not Joe’s? He’s the one with the mugshots floating around.

          • Sugarlump-she IS a convicted felon. She plead guilty to 4 counts. There will be no trial, just sentencing in July. Granted she may not go to prison but she will always be a convicted felon.

        • Not surprised Teresa wasn’t invited, this is probably her last season on the show so BRAVO is sidelining her. People on here may fawn over Teresa and her kids but outside of this place, not many people share the “love” for her.

          • I agree. It baffles me but everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I can’t really say much. I agree with your comment though. Outside of this particular blog, not many people are love love loving Tre.

    • Teresa is doing what is best for her family, keeping a low profile before the sentencing is best for her, and I am sure on the advice of her lawyer

    • Hi RHONJaddict,
      I agree with Cheryl. I understand what you are saying, but Bravo has no conscience. They would want Teresa there. It is like a train wreck you can’t look away from. Bravo wants the publicity – good or bad.

  • Maintaining a low profile is Tre’s best option. Not attending the upfronts was in everyone’s best interest.

  • Appropos of perhaps nothing, but Teresa really rocks jewel-toned colors. She looks stunning, resplendent in emerald, ruby, sapphire, garnet, topaz colors.

  • I don’t actually think it’s her decision. Her lawyers and Bravo’s probably came to that decision. We all know that Teresa would show up to the opening of an enveloppe for promotion.

    • Yes Teresa would show up for anything her bosses wanted her to. She has that kind of work ‘ETHNIC” ( In my best Messy voice) lol

      She has always gone above and beyond any other HW for Bravo

      If her legal issues weren’t it play she would be working her ass of promoting Bravo and the show

  • I think I see what Wendy is saying. Had Teresa went all the attention been on her on not on the other HWs. Because it’s Hollywood, they want the hottest story there. I think thats a humbling move.

    However I thought Teresa couldnt go as NY/NJ. Even in the previews I dont think she went to the wives trip in Fl. Unless she totally skipped it this year for more family time too.

    • It should not have even been a question. She is awaiting sentencing on felony counts. Why would the advertisers want to see her? Upfronts are about selling future advertising-her future is unclear.

    • good morning Cheryl

      Teresa did go to Florida and had to get permission from the judge..not sure if that is the holiday you are talking about.

      While the RH were in doing the upfronts, Teresa was promoting new contract with restaurant that will be using one of Teresa’s reciepe’s from her cook book

      cool huh?

    • Hi Cheryl

      No Teresa didn’t go to the FL trip, but if Teresa wanted to go anywhere outside of NJ and NY she would have to ask for permission.

      • I see Teresa’s Twitter feed & she has not been outside of NJ except for NYC in a LONG time. Not sure why she didn’t go to this thing but probably a smart move.

  • There were quite a few people that stated they read this online.

    I guess it would be distracting, geez, with all the loonie bins in RH – how did anyone make it to the upfronts.