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Slade Smiley Bashes Tamra Barney! Calls Her A Liar And Phony!


Despite no longer being on The Real Housewives of Orange County the drama between Gretchen and Tamra is bigger than ever!  As we all know, if there is drama surrounding Gretchen, everyone’s favorite Mr. Housewife, Slade Smiley, is going to get involved!  Using his live 365 radio show (which he says has 4 million listeners) earlier this month Slade decided to voice his opinion of Tamra by slamming her personality, contribution to charity, her parenting, and more.  He also discusses the text messages made public from her daughter as well as reading off comments made by his Twitter followers.

After calling Gretchen narcissistic on Watch What Happens Live on May 5, Slade stands up for his fiance saying Tamra is actually the narcissist, is a liar and phony!  He said Tamra’s gym is not actually doing well and she takes pictures of the parking lot next door to make it look busy as well as staged a fake office for Wine by Wives for the show.

Slade ends his segment with a personal message to Tamra:

I suggest before you go out and offer any idiotic advice about getting someone’s life in order you should take a close look in the mirror, ’cause it seems like you’re the one who seems to need to get their life in order and you can’t deny the evidence is out there. And if she can just shut her big fat mouth she wouldn’t be in trouble!

On the show Slade also claims Bravo “just can’t let them go” by continuing to use images of Gretchen on the show and website, he also said the two of them have a scripted mini series coming in the near future.

Check out the full radio show below!

So I do think Tamra should mind her own business and stop mentioning Gretchen and Slade in the media, especially since they aren’t on the show anymore. Some of Slade’s comments are pretty harsh, and while Tamra has spent several years bashing him and his parenting-it’s hard for Slade not to be fed up.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think Slade was right to use his radio show to bash Tamra?  What do you think about the two of them being in a scripted mini series – would you watch?

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  • I have to hand it to Slade. He has given himself the job title of Douche for Hire and he just keeps on f*ckin’ that chicken as they say.
    He’s right about Tamra and she’s right about him. I think they secretly dig each other. They’d make a good couple. Why are they fighting it I wonder?

  • Slad really misses being on TV . Him and Grechen on Hungry. NO one will hire them to do anything. Slade
    must be really broke because he is hanging on to Grechen for deal life.

  • I think Slade has every right to bash Tamara whenever he can. Tamara has made Gretchen and Slade’s life miserable for years bashing them, and in particular, Slade’s parenting. Well, it sounds like Tamara has no parenting style, except to try to cover her ass and deflect the attention away from her. Karma is a bitch! And, Tamara is now BFF’s with Brooks who went to jail for failing to pay his child support.

    I have not watched RHOC this year because Tamara and Vicki are such mean girls, but I would watch a show with Gretchen and Slade. I miss Gretchen.

    • I guess, if listing Gretchen’s smelly old tennis shoes and other used apparel on Ebay is a job.

  • I will watch Gretchen’s show just to burn Tamra! haha! Hope it pulls in the ratings versus RHOC. Just like how Vanderpump Rules overtook RHOBH! haha!

  • So ironic to know that Tamra is getting a big ole helping of crow for her own parenting issues from none other than Slimey. I mean who could have predicted that?

    • Well to me there is a huge difference; It is a fact that Slade is a douche parent- its very well documented and hello, have you seen him on the show doing nothing but kiss G’s ass instead of working to help his kids ( or visit them)??? And secondly- the stuff about Tams is not fact. Just Simon getting his ugly gossip out there to STILL, years later, being a bitter betty to his ex- wife. Control freaks just dont ever let go apparently. Look at the sources of trashing a MOTHER( G, Slimey, Simon).. wow.

      • Believe me, I know Slade is a massive douche, but that doesn’t make Tamra an automatic good mother. Simon wouldn’t go through the time and expense of a custody battle without something to base it on. And any info that’s been made public looks like it was obtained legally and not leaked through tv and social media. You may call Simon a control freak, but I call Tamra a straight up liar and fame whore.

        • Simon is a snake. It was all fine and dandy to have the kids on the show , as long as he was on it- how convenient. Tamra moves on ( kids not allowed on tv), and he tweets nasty things. When all gets quiet- BOOM here comes Simple Simon. Now what I found very interesting is something you said about him saying things- just because he, the bitter cruel control freak says it, does not make it true. Tamra was a ” great Mother” to his kids, when he was in control and married to her though? Then, all these nasty accusations come out, we know he released them, and he DENIES he out it out! He is not a good example of how man should treat his wife( to his son) and yes he most definitely would spend time and money to fight Tamra, just to do it to be nasty and screw her.

          • Don’t forget, that Tamra acknowledged breaking up the family for the show, that shows you where her priorities are at right there and it was all over Twitter, no Simon involved. And why should Simon stay “quiet” if he believes that Tamra has been neglecting and abusing their kids? Tamra’s OWN DAUGHTER accuses her of feeding her fans LIES about her dad. Is she spreading gossip too now?

  • I don’t dislike Slade. I think that he has every right to bash Tamara because she has made his life miserable for a long time. I actually enjoyed his sense of humor and wish him and Gretchen the best of luck. Tamara is a mess and I do NOT see her marriage to Eddie lasting. Eddie already seems fed up with her and the fact that he doesn’t want a child with her says a lot. I wish that Slade and Gretcehn were still on RHOOC and thta Tamara and VIcki were not.

  • I get why Slade speaks out. If someone attacked you or your wife, you would defend yourself as well.

    Tamra has attacked those two for years. Now we see the truth about her and it proves Tamraa’s a liar. Her accusations about Slade and Gretchen have never been proven. Regarding Tamra , loads of evidence against that bitch.

    I listen to Live365 and the web report about it was all wrong. Since. Radio Slade was aquired by the Live 365 radio network he has recorded 4000 hours of content , not 4000 listeners.

    Thier press release shows they have a global audience of almost 5 million.

    While people can use their service to create a radio station, That RadioSlade show is part of the Network. He is far from pretending to do radio. Live365 offers the live stream to terrestrial radio stations all over the country and they re-air Slades show on regular radio stations and then it airs online Globally.

    He has fans of that show posting from Paris France, London and even Dubai.

    Haters, get your facts straight.

    • Hello By

      Gretchen is not Slade’s wife.

      Slade has been brought before the family court time and time again for failure to pay his child support and being in arrears. This is a documented fact.

      He also stated in court documents that he sees his son something like 3% of the year, approx 11 days (?). Gretchen tried to defend this with two blatant lies, distance…but in actually it’s a maybe a couple of hours drive…and that because of Gray’s illness his mother has first right of refusal which results in Slade not being able to see his son. When in actually ‘first right of refusal’ clauses mean that if the parent who is suppose to have physical custody of the child in that given time is unable to do so, they must first offer the other the parent the opportunity to care for them.

      Given that, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that many of us conclude that Slade is a deadbeat dad and that they are both liars.

      I am not sure where your reference to 4,000 comes from when the article refers a claim of 4,000 000.

      I am also sure that people from all over the globe read our comment and/or the blog…but I would hardly say that would me and international phenomena.

      Don’t get me wrong, your entitled to share your opinion of him without being personally attacked, just us the majority of us who posted don’t have to justify our distaste.

      • Thank you Rabble, nicely said and factual. And that is just a tidbit of why he is a POS. He has been scamming this show since season one. He is pathetic, IMO. There is nothing manly about him whatsoever. Im not even going to comment about supposed fans so far way…

    • Thank You for setting the record straight. I don’t know what show the other people are watching but it is clear their comprehension is lacking. Barney has attacked Gretchen from day one. Gretchen only wanted a friend and was very naive the first year. She has a right to defend herself against the foul lies and rumors Barney spread with only her lies as proof.

  • Gretchen and Slade are continuing to prove themselves wrong by talking about Tamra. Granted, she hasn’t been nice to them but speaking about her is only giving it power. They both need to shut the hell up and move on.

  • GTFO out of here Slade…

    Who do you think you are fooling.

    There is no way your show gets 4 million listeners…that more than double the ratings for the crapfest of the show you used to be on.

  • This is getting ridiculous. 4 million listeners my ass! More like 4 period. Show me the Tapscan reports!

  • Tamara is an always been the biggest problem of all the Housewives on OC an I don’t blame Slade for Telling Tamara where to go an how to do it at all an that also goes for Vicki as well these 2 are so jealous of Gretchen in every way that it’s not even funny not more but Tamara is a liar an a fake she lucky to have Eddie in her life, I’m sure Eddie sees what Tamara is more so now then ever an he better watch himself with Tamara she’s nuts.

  • I think Slade is just trying to stay relevant, as Marriage Boot Camp is airing soon & he just wants to stay in the public eye. He is the LAST person in the world to be talking about someones eles’s parenting.

    • Agree!!

      Gosh, Slade and that horse fiance of his need to shut up already. I hope Marriage Bootcamp ratings tank.

      As for Bravo showing scenes of them… SO WHAT?? It’s their network! They can do whatever the hell they want. Gretchen is still irrelevant, and I laugh when they show shit scenes of Wretchen. Lol

  • Noneof these people have room to talk. Tamra bashed Slime Boy for years, Slime Boy has been bashing Tamra for years. Give it up!

    • Slade and Tamara both are crappy parents that put themselves first, so both should just shut up. Slade should worry more about getting a real paid job to contribute to his kids and his life with Gretchen instead of playing pretend radio host.

      By the way –Slade’s radio show is a web based site any Joe shmo can set up a “show”/code for talking into a microphone in your bedroom and ask gullible people to pay to listen. When Gretchen made the ridiculous false claim that 4 million people were paying to listen (which would make it the top rated radio broadcast in literally the whole country considering Howard Stern doesn’t even reach that many listeners daily), a media site ran a numbers scan of the web site and listeners and Slade’s show had fewer than 4,000 listeners total for total span of the radio show over the last year. I guess Gretchen can’t count. When will these two ever be truthful about anything?

      • Most of us don’t believe a word these idiots say. Gretchen is always so full of shit, and Slade is the lowest form of shit.
        4,000 people tune in? Lmao! More like 40. Only his family and close friends would tune in. Lol.

        • I dont even think his own Mother tunes in. And she was his only ally ( I think ) besides Gerty. I will never find it tolerable that a HW whore hopping , so called man, picks fights, instigates, and degrades women for a living . Especially a douchebag dead beat father. Talk all the shit you want about Tams to deflect from Slimey..Does not change what type of person he is.