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Melissa Gorga Says She And Teresa Giudice Have Come A Long Way; Admits She Loves Her Sister-In-Law!

















We keep hearing that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga played nice on season six of the hit show and Melissa recently opened up about great of a place the two are in!

Speaking to the Sun Newspaper, Melissa says,

“We definitely came a long way while filming this season and the tables turned. Teresa and I are in a better place now, and at the end of the day, we’re family. When we love, we love hard and when we fight, we fight hard. I love Teresa, so when we argue, I have to remember that.”

I truly don’t buy a word Melissa says when it comes to Teresa. I just think Melissa got tons of backlash after how she acted last season that she is changing her image because that’s what’s important to her. Let’s not forget Melissa had admitted several times that people were getting tired of Melissa fighting with Teresa so she knew she had to change something!

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  • Even if they have to fake it, I’m glad they are being nicer to each other. Fake it until you make it!

  • She tries hard to look like JLow or Treasa. She has changed in look a lot, but she is still the same nasty crap.

    And I don’t care if she gets along with the devil himself, I won’t be buying anything from this stripper and her midget husband.

  • Lol. Yeah. Melissa defending herself against peabrain Teresa’s attempts at trying to drag her name through the mud is really Melissa “fighting with Teresa”.

    Teresa did more damage to herself, her parents, her children and her businesses than Melissa could ever dream of doing. Why shouldn’t Melissa be nice to the pathetic old crook, Teresa? She f*cked up her life so badly, even Melissa is taking pity on her.

        • Wow! I didn’t even know he was due in court. Who was the source, sammy? Whenever I try to acess that site, the browser on my phone shuts dow.

          • hey egg/Hopeful

            Just ready the actual item

            what is being dropped is the rest of the case that Joe was in business with.

            NOT the DMV case

          • Thanks, sam. That ex-business partner of his must be furious! How is he going to pay Monica Chacon’s husband now?

          • eggmitit – what a smart browser you have!

            First, Melissa keep quiet (unless you’re writing another book) – you’re annoying and from my perspective have little interesting to say (see book exception).

            As noted, not DMV related. I still can’t figure out exactly what this was. Juicy’s partner did already win a judgement against him. Maybe he was trying to attach Teresa again (failed the first time) and/or sue for additional penalties? She’s the only one with any possible money. It appears he filed the suit, so I don’t think it was the Giudice’s appealing the earlier court decision. IMO they don’t plan on repaying him – so why waste the money needed for legal bills elsewhere?

            If anybody has any idea what this suit was about, please share.

            Oh and again, Melissa for the love of baby Jesus please stop talking (more singing!).

          • Lol Monica isn’t getting paid and neither is her husband or client LMAO Good work Monica

        • Well heck if Juicy goes to jail in July why keep the DMV case going. It always struck me as weird that DMV case was always getting pushed back and brought back when the fraud sentencing could send him back to Italy to do his time. That’s just wasting more tax dollars keeping it.

          • what bothers me about the DMV case is Joe was never caught with the license. All they have as evidence is grainy footage from the DMV office. Pete and Joe are easy to confuse . I think that case will get thrown out too.

  • I will never trust, like nor respect Melissa. Scheming to get on the show then trying to destroy Teresa and her family for fame is just too much for me. If I were Teresa, even if I forgive her, I would careful of her.

    • Sometimes if you type in your username or password incorrectly, your comment gets stuck in moderation. It happened to me more than once.

      • That has happened to me as well@ eggimitt.

        Rox is not deleting posts, she never does that unless things get ca cra,( attacks, bad fights) and actually I have only seen her do it maybe twice. Once with a poster named samamtha, and another with this guy that used to post larry, and jpg,.. They have all been banned.

          • Holy bat shit cra cra that one!! She/ he was really nasty, her/ his comments were disgusting, especially about Teresa kids.. She / he was awful I mean really awful. She started shit with everyone, honest to God, she/ he made jpg, and Estelle look like freakin angels!!
            The there was this guy named Larry he was really bad too, he was buddies with Samantha.. Ugh, I’m glad they are gone

  • They would have been in a better place years ago if Ms Marco had never joined the show in the first place! What a spin!

  • Well Messy has not said a nasty thing( that I have read) about Teresa, a or Teresa and Joe legal issues, actually she has been pretty cool.
    They do seem to see each other from time to time, according to their tweets and tweet pictures of the kids etc.

    I’ll wait for the season to see what’s what.

    • I did like hearing that Milania and Antonia got to cheer together and both Teresa and Melissa posted pics of the girls and themselves at their competitions. Those little cutie cousins love each other so much.

  • without teresa,messy has no story line. she came on show to ruin teresa, become the star. well it didn’t work.kathy,richie,wacko jacko,chris and all the manzo’s are gone. so she is alone.maybe melissa will read us her bedside story from her book this yr or sing us a song.will have to put new battries in remote,so i can mute her.

      • Yes very true. With no Teresa storyline, and every viewer thoroughly grossed by and over-exposed to her and her atrocious husband’s in-depth and exhaustive commentary on their oh-so-sexy and hot love life (eeeuuuggghhh) there isn’t a whole lot more to explore. However, she could scrape a season’s worth of camera time by emoting about Teresa’s legal situation, how she is so sad and scared for those poor babies etc. etc, – if you want to take the cynical view.

  • Melissa is a lot better than I am. I could never forgive someone who targeted and bullies me like teresa did

  • Who says they have to remember they love someone that is family? She has spun this story so many times that I just think she is trying to convince herself and the viewers that she is not really the bitch we all saw her as. Too late. I hope for the kids’ sakes that she is able to finally act like a decent human to her husband’s sister and that Teresa is more humbled in accepting the wanker is not going away any time soon….

    • Gotta agree, mich, but I do commend her and her husband for keeping it quiet with the Giudice legal drama.

      • For sure. But I will keep my bitchy comment to myself LOL . I just dont think its them being caring and sincere for once…But glad its being done

    • Exactly, Michers , Melissa and Fredo showed their true colors. Also, she doesn’t have back-up anymore.

      • LOL… no.. I just use that word for NJ, usually Rich Wakile. I try hard not to use potty words here. NJ really brings them out of me.

        • LOL you had me going there for a minute, it’s just such an Aussie word. However, you are right, wanker is absolutely appropriate for (shudder) Rich Wakile. Please spare us from him this season. I was watching an old episode including him the other day, and before I forwarded past the tedious drivel he was bound to spout, I had a moment of absolute disbelief as to how such an unappealing misogynist could be included in a show with a hugely female audience. He just gives me the creeps.

  • I am willing to bet that the dynamics within that family have changed drastically due to the Giudice legal problems.

  • Thank you Jesus! I’ve been praying for seasons so that this family would come back together … NOT! Do people honestly care if these two biddies are friends? Teresa has bigger problems to worry about and why would Melissa want to spend time with an older version of herself?

    • No one cares if they are friends, but 4 years of rehashing the same old BS is annoying to watch.

  • I’ll say it once, twice and fifty times over – I dont care if these two dont get along. The damage the last 3 seasons has been done. I still say when the new season starts they’ll play nice in the sake of what the viewers care to see and thats for them to fake it til they make it. Even last season during S5 when they had glimpses of being nice it was so awkward to see.

    • Hi Cheryl

      I’m just tired (you are too) of Melissa vs Teresa. It’s ridiculous to keep shoving it down our throats as viewers and we’re only giving the same reactions. The preview for rhonj should be arriving soon and from what was said and told to me, there will be new feuds and it won’t be between these two.

      • I hope so, Andrew because I’m over it. At the time I thought their would be hope for the them in S3 then when it got real nasty S4 I was done with them making it work out. I just hope they can get along for the sake of the kids which it seems they have been from what we’ve seen in picture with Antonia and hanging with her cousins which is nice.

  • Sick and tired of their feud. If they don’t have to be bff, its better than them being total enemies.

  • For the past three seasons…Bravo tries to shove M down our throats…and the PR always sends M out to interviews..blah blah blah..

    And originality is not a strong point of Bravo.”we are in a good place” says puppet M- “we’re Italian..we love hard and fight hard”..another original from M…then the backstabbing and nut nibbling begins.

    Oh well, at least they are in a good place and love each other..that is a nice feeling.

    • Hey samael.

      Is there anyone else to send for PR runs? Teresa is not allowed to thanks to her lawyers, Dina and the others are too new to carry PR runs.

      She took that saying from Caroline.

      • Good morning jayden 213

        Actually Teresa would kill it on any PR..she draws numbers always. Even right this second- one interview from Teresa would be money in the bank – M not at all

        And these interviews are not in Europe, Bravo could easily apply to the courts for permission -but M is the one that needs the help.

        Dina could easily do PR – as she is an original member..and can draw from past/present issues.

        Yeah, no matter what Bravo does, M still can’t draw a crowd or ratings.

        • That is what I read on a few blogs about her not allowed to promote the season. It would be better if the 2 promoted the season. Dina does have a good chance of promoing too. We will just have to wait and see.

          • Hey jayden213

            Wow I didn’t know that, odd that the feds can dictate your job, rags have been what if’ing all over the place.

            Can you imagine either Teresa or M on Wendy show..M would have to stand up for M to prove luv..and Teresa would just have to say “really”?

            That would be fun to see Wendy squirm

        • Samael the reason that T isn’t doing promotion is to protect herself from questions about her case and not do damage before sentencing . Bravo is going along with it to protect their cash cow

          • Hi Hopeful

            I understand what you are saying, I just have my doubts..Bravo is all about “use use use” but since M started, she just can’t bring it..she is no competition for Teresa or her fan base.

            Which I believe is why Bravo keeps trying to promote M. M goes on vacation and still can’t get front page …just eye roll..

            And Teresa just goes to the store and the rags go bonkers.

            This is why I believe Bravo – once again- trying to promote M..

            fell like a sack of cement.

          • Well it does help when Teresa sells stories to the press. I have looked around HW blogs and twitters, and I do not think ANY of the NJ cast has a big fanbase. They are promoting M because there is no one else. Tre is about to “go away”, and if you all are lucky, Mel will be tossed this season.

          • I don’t know anything about who sells stories, but if we are to believe, and I don’t always believe what I read at times:

            – Teresa is getting a divorce
            – Ass Gorga had sex change
            – Ass Gorga is bi-sexual (don’t know why that is a negative)
            – Teresa is being blessed by the pope
            – Teresa is crocheting blankie for hubby when hubby goes to “college”
            – Ass Gorga still has his penis on his tumblr account – that is true

            Teresa=jail is a – go to- but not a for sure

            which is why Teresa is still a ratings grabber and money maker.

          • Clearly

            M does so well at the slut/whore puttana category and her cherry on the top– her porn book that promotes rape…and the pride of NJ- Ass Gorga puts 3 pics on his tumblr account of his penis.

            M would have to kiss satan on the lips to claw her way up in the general direction of a human…usually M can’t stay off Teresa’s butt.

   can do..she will always be sloppy seconds…but she is first in the slut/whore puttana dept.

            M is so scared of Teresa – cuz her -go to bashers -are no longer there…now she is sucking up at the speed of who…to TERESA!!

            Sloppy second M…it suits her well..that is and all she ever has been since minute one..

    • I agree Samael I would dread seeing the Gorgas go after T AGAIN.
      Even if it’s fake for the cameras i want to see them get along . I just don’t want to see them fight.
      She never mentioned Slojo and his sister. Are they getting along?.. I hope so. It’s disturbing the way he has treated his sister.

      • Good morning Hopeful

        Seriously, I heart your name, I always smile.

        This season, there have been almost zero leaks about what happened in the new season.

        Which I like, but also is frustrating..

        There is so much to give on this show…I would love to see ONE family gathering with just giggles an pics being taken and all generations of guidice/gorga laughing and eating and joking.

        That would be awesome!

        • Hi Sam

          I’m sure the Gorgas and Giudices will be at dinners together. I’m betting these two will not bicker at all, but rather be more of a family .

          • That is what I can’t wait to watch..I mean I get that there will be arguments but – let’s stop nut nibbling and let’s not invite people so they can be jumped and beaten. Animals.

        • that could happen on show, but in real life, messy won’t have anything to do with teresa,since cameras atren’t on her

  • Exactly.

    Melissa is such a phony. She has no choice but to play nice. I’m pretty sure if the producer’s told her next season she has fight with Teresa. She wouldn’t think twice.

  • Wow, Melissa’s look has changed a lot since the pic above, and not for the better. I do not think her OR Teresa like one another much, but they are filming a show, and the audience got tired. It also helps that a few of the newbies are turning it up. I cannot believe we have to wait until July, but I think they are taking RHOMs slot (July to November), but on Sundays.

    • She tries hard to look like JLow or Treasa. She has changed in look a lot, but she is still the same nasty crap.

      And I don’t care if she gets along with the devil himself, I won’t be buying anything from this stripper and her midget husband.