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Andy Cohen Reveals His Picks For Bravo Housewives With The Best Body!


Allure Magazine caught up with Andy Cohen this week where he was hosting the CLIO awards.  Since Andy will never answer who is his favorite housewife, they asked him which housewife has the best booty, best fashion, and most fun to have dinner with!  Check out what he had to say below.

Best hair? “I think Cynthia Bailey on the Atlanta Housewives has the best hair of any housewife. It’s totally versatile. She wears it differently in every scene. It’s beautiful, and she’s so chic and glamorous.”

Best body? “Um, you know weirdly, Tamra [Judge] from the Orange County housewives. She owns a gym and really works out.”

Best dinner partner? “Heather Thompson is pretty fun. Radzi [Carole Radziwill] is always good for a laugh. NeNe is great. You know what, I would be happy next to any of them at a dinner.”

Best booty? “Lisa Vanderpump. She has a great tear drop beauty.”

Finest milkshake? “Oh, my god, so many boobs. The O.C. used to win. But now I’m going to say Atlanta.”

Most athletic? “A lot of them are. Ramona [Singer] in New York. And I see Heather Thompson at my gym all the time.”

Best dressed? “Cynthia Bailey, again. I think that Cynthia is very chic. And Carole Radziwill. In L.A., they’re all very fashionable, but I would pick Yolanda [Foster].”

I think these answers sound pretty fair – although I would say Heather is most definitely most athletic! What are your thoughts on Andy’s answers; would you change any?  Any guesses on who his favorite housewife would be?

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  • Michelle

    I can’t believe he would want to sit to dinner with nene after the way she treated him at the reunion! Have some self respect Andy!

  • mtrae9

    I think Joyce on RHOBH has the most beautiful hair. And, I don’t think Yolanda is most fashionable in any way, unless you like skin tight spandex pants. That seems to be all she wears when she is on the show. And when she does dress up, I do not think she has a very good sense of style at all. To me, on RHOBH, Lisa is by far the most fashionable.

    • Debbie1

      IMO Lisa V is the least fashionable in the BH franchise. She dresses frumpy and shows waaaaay too much cleavage for a woman her age.

  • Sackem

    I understand that this is a visual medium so of course we’re going to discuss looks but it makes me kinda sad – it’s already high school enough without nominating “prom queen” – can’t we talk about other important traits in women???? I remember the first few seasons of the OC – when it was a sneak peak not this crap.

  • Kari

    I agree with Andy on a lot of them although I feel he could have threw a few more names in there. That’s the second time hes mentioned Nene, Lisa and Heather. During the hurricane they asked if he could have 3 there who would they be. He said ofcourse Bethany as he asked her but she was sick. I think Kim Z and Kyle Richards would be a blast. Definitely Cynthia for hair! Kyle has beautiful natural hair. Style , Love Yolanda and Cynthia. Both dress classy without showing skin all the time. I would add Kristen in that category. Best body, Tamra is okay! Kenya has a perfect body,like her or not. Taylor also had a great body. I would have to say Teresa Guidice , Melissa Gorga and Yolanda have the best bodies.

    • Kari

      I forgot Miami so…
      Best Bod… Joanna

      Best dinner date from Miami.Leah

      Best booty Lisa if its real, not much is

      Boobs No clue hahaha All have fake and different.

      Athletic Miami Joanna, she’s a super model

  • Terry

    Does Andy realize, TB uses surgery, liposuction and tummy tucks to get her look. Why credit a trashy person who lies to the public? Porsha has a way better body

    • Kari

      And check out pics of her in the sun. That woman ruined her skin. There is a picture that is not edited and her skin on her legs, arms and stomach were hanging really bad. I don’t like her but did feel bad for her as the sun is what did if to her.
      The pics I am talking about I believe is at like a hard rock cafe and some in a blue suit on the beach.

  • Jood

    How about the housewife with the best legs? Why is there no category for that, they are just as important as boobs.

  • Teresa

    How does Cynthia Bailey have the best hair? He means the best WIGS, the best WEAVES. Sure you can be verstile when you have a different wig for every day of the week. I do wonder if Andy knows she wears wigs…men can be so ignorant sometimes. I think that Joyce has the best hair. And I do admire Gretchens also, unsure if she wears extentions.

    Best body…Porsha is tight now, but she is younger than the than the other ladies. Melissa Gorga has a very nice figure too.

  • Chanel

    Yolanda = Best dressed???? Is that a joke? She legit wears the same thing all the time (solid color shirt/sweater, white skinny jeans, Hermes belt, matching sneakers or heels and a Birkin… YAWN

  • myinfo

    Best Hair_Joyce
    Worst Hair_Nene

    Best Dressed_Camille
    Worst Dressed_Adriene

    Dinner _ Kenya to get the real deal about Apollo and Nene

    Body_Porsha pre boobs

  • Ice ice baby

    OMG I woukd gave beautiful hair too if I had all of Cynthia’s wigs. Nine of that is her real hair.

  • cat man do

    I think that Carol Rad. and Kathy W. Would be the best at a dinner party, because I feel like they are the most real, they are genuine and empathetic, just all around GREAT women. For the dinner party, throw in and now that’s a good time. I’m having fun just thinking about it.
    Best body and booty, Hmmmmm…so many to choose from….booty is Phaedra… voluptuous. Body is Lisa cause at her age, she is ROCKING it!
    Hair…Hmmmmm….hair. That’s tough…I like Kandys style, always switching it up.
    That was fun. I know of I think of it longer I’m gonna change my answers. It would have been much easier to do it by each location.

  • Nene’s piano keys

    Well, now we know why gay men are gay. Those were some off the wall answers. Ramona? You don’t say? Best hair goes to Cynthia? No, that would be best wig collection.

  • Debbie

    I agree with Andy’s picks except YoYo as LA fashionista…um, the same white jeans and blue long sleeve shirt (or orange) does qualify…Lisa V. always looks gorgeous!

    • Debbie

      Does not QUALIFY as a Fashion Icon…darn auto correct! 🙂

  • Aunt Sadie

    Hmmm who would be the best overall? No nips or tucks, injections, extensions, but all natural. How many REAL housewives are there?

    • holy cannoli

      I think Caroline is the most natural.. I don’t think she has had anything done except a tummy tuck.

      • Reveal

        Caroline is the most fake and just ugly on the inside and out. She is fake. Instead of her putting her nose in other people’s family problems . She needs to deal with her own family problems with Dina. Caroline is fake.

        • holy cannoli

          I don’t like Caroline at all. But seriously I think she is the most natural as far as never having anything done, except a tummy tuck.. Which is what I was replying with Sadie’s comment.

          • Jo

            Lolol I was like, why does everyone keep getting it wrong, her name is CAROLE. And then I remembered that Caroline manzo exists lol

        • Teresa

          I would vote Caroline as the most unkempt of all the HWs. She looks a hot mess most of the time. But I think that CAROLE from NY is the most unattractive.

          • holy cannoli

            I agree with you about Caroline, and Carole!

      • Nene’s piano keys

        Don’t kid yourself. She has had a facelift.

        • holy cannoli

          I don’t think so @nene

          Seriously if she did, she should freakin sue the doctor!!

    • Johanna M

      I’m mad that it was really hard to think of which ones are actually natural.

      But wouldn’t it be Kyle and Kim? I know Kyle gets Botox but I doubt any of them don’t get a little Botox. Seems like the two of the are the most natural.

      And I don’t think Phaedra has had anything done…unless we count the unnatural lifting of her breasts by her tragic bras.

  • THE TRUTH!!!

    Has anyone else noticed that when Andy is asked about his picks he usually only chooses housewives that are being aired at that time. He didn’t mention anyone from Jersey, Miami, and only one from BH.

    • holy cannoli

      No, I haven’t noticed that. He did say Lisa and Yolanda.

      Anyway I just think he is just giving his choices.

      • Kari

        Fresh on his mind. Its just like Twitter and blogs. Everyone is pumped up and names are everywhere until new franchise comes out. The new OC girl is a beautiful gal!

  • holy cannoli

    My choices are

    Best body = Joanna K, Melissa G. and Porsha. Although quite a few of the others have pretty damn good bodies.

    Best hair= Joyce, Kyle, and Teresa

    Best dinner partner= Umm, can’t really pick. I think I would be ok with just about all of them.

    Best booty= Lisa, and Porsha

    Most athletic= Heather

    Best dressed. Joanna, Yolanda and Cynthia

    • Reveal

      Teresa wears wear extentions. Not all hers.

      • holy cannoli

        Really? Well maybe sometimes, but I don’t think all the time. :/ Anyway I still think she has great hair.

      • THE TRUTH!!!

        Teresa wears extension occasionally, not all of the time.
        Regardless, it doesn’t disqualify her for having best hair.

        • holy cannoli

          I agree

  • Lovely Givan

    Porsha Williams or best body! For hair Kenya Moore & Kyle Richards because it is 100% there’s! & Lisa Vanderpump just because!

    • Aunt Sadie

      Joyce is 100% real! I believe Kyle has extensions.

      • Jenni

        No. She doesn’t.

      • Reveal


        • holy cannoli

          I don’t think anyone was saying that Kenya’s hair is not hers.

          I think the one person was disagreeing about Kyle having extentions.. At least that’s how I read it.

  • zoeysmom

    I disagree about best body–I think Joanna Krupa, Yolanda Foster or Camille Grammer or Kristen Taekman, LuAnn have much nicer bodies than Tamra. Tamra has flabby legs. See photo

    • Hanky Panky

      I totally forgot about Joanna!

    • Aunt Sadie

      Yes, she is flabby. For owning a gym she should be more tone. Best body is def Joanna.

      • RHOAmbler

        For being in her mid-40’s, and having had 4 kids, her body is amazing. Just because someone owns a gym doesn’t mean that time, nature, and gravity all get in line with the program.

      • LaraM

        New rule, only Housewives with whom have given multiple births need apply! 🙂 for Best Bods in their 40’s!

        I think Kristen and Yo are great dressers, and both Heathers and Carole and Lisa!

        • LaraM

          And LuAnn amd Sonja!

    • Ryan

      Camille has a SICK body. She also has great style too. Miss her.

      • LaraM

        They all do! I forgot about her, and Kyle in my posts.

        • LaraM

          I agree with also Kenya amd Prsha’s bods. Kandi is natural, and I like netural. Damn, they are all beautiful. Style wise, or whom I would hang with…i added. However, I would love to hang with Kandi, as much as she annoys me, Vicki, amd all of BH, NY.

          • LaraM

            Just for dinner with Vicki, 🙂

          • LaraM

            And Heather from OC. I don’t like Miami, at all!

    • Johanna M

      Agreed. Tamra doesn’t even have close to the best body. Joanna blows her out the water. Even sick Yolanda’s body is great (especially at the age), Camille’s boobs annoy me but her overall body has always been great, Porsha has a great body.

    • Taco Tuesday

      Agree about Luann. Really great figure–perfect proportions.

      And Joyce has the best hair by a mile.

      And best dinner party would be Yolanda because of the entertainment, aka “My King, My Love” 😉

    • Kari

      I agree. There are other pics and they show even more of it. Ouch! Some women like Tamra and Sonja don’t realize their age. They BOTH need to wear their dresses a few inches longer. Hanging skin is not SEXY! Hahaha Vicki has some big boobs! Never noticed until this photo. I think she’s looking really good, now just get rid of Brookes!

  • Larry

    Cynthia for great hair? I would swear she’s wearung wigs!

    • Reveal

      How is Cynthia has the best hair. When all she wears is wigs and weaves. On the other hand. Kenya Moore is the only one in that cast who has long beautiful hair. NO WEAVE. I DON’T THINK CYNTHIA IS PRETTY AT ALL. FIRST SHE SAID SHE DOES NOT TOLERATE VIOLENCE. NOW SHE IS SAYING PORSHA WAS PROVOKE. NEVER LIKED THIS GIRL CYNTHIA. SHE DOES NOT HAVE A MIND OF HER OWN. SHE IS JUST WEAK AND NOT SMART AT ALL.

      • CIRBgirl

        I think he picked Cynthia because she can pull off ANY hairstyle fake or not… Not many women can do that

        • holy cannoli


          That’s probably it, and if that is why he said that, then I agree with him.

          I think Cynthia is a beautiful woman.

        • Maru the Cat

          ITA CIRBgirl – Cynthia always has a different look, that takes planning and effort. Plus, she has been doing this for, what, three seasons? I can see why he picked her and I would too.

      • Park Ave Princess

        Reveal you are So Right!! Kenya has the Most beautiful REAL HAIR! I think Kenya has the most beautiful body and Gorgeous face!that is exactly why they are all JEALIOUS of her! They all call her a bully but wasn’t they all totally gaining up on her. Nene is sooo JEALIOUS of her toucan see it on her man face! Kenya classy, intelligent and kind. . It was a joke when Porsha was calling Kenya old when Porsha is only 3-4 years younger. Porsha is coming up on Forty so she is an old girl her self! Cynthia has no back bone. Cynthia ‘s wigs don’t compare to Kenya’s beautiful hair. Porsha has a Horse face. Lol .my husband doesn’t watch any of these shows but he walked into the room saw Porsha he said” not to be mean but DAMN that girl has A HORSE FACE WITH HORSE TEETH TOO ” he NEVER comments on any one like that! I have to Agee , Porsha is a horse face so Jealious of Kenya!

        • Annoying

          Jealous….You’re spelling it wrong. I know they have dictionaries on Park Ave, but I doubt you live anywhere near there.

  • Hanky Panky

    I agree with some but as said before – Joyce has beautiful hair and Kyle is a close second.

    Best body – yeah Gretchen has a good body, but I always felt Alexis had an incredible body! Especially since she had kids!!

    And HTH does he get Ramona as athletic? Heather – absolutely, even Tamra, but no way Ramona.

    And not so sure about Atlanta for best boobs, I CANNOT stand Phaedras smooshed, pushed boobs…they look terrible.

    • Aunt Sadie

      I believe he’s talking about Porschas new boobies.

      • Park Ave Princess

        You mean Porsha’s BOTCHED BOOB JOB? Wow even a sight impaired person could see Leftie is 2 inches lower and 350-4 cc larger ! Porsha could get the face most like Mr Ed award her teeth also go with ?mr Ed Theme.

  • holy cannoli

    My thoughts on Andy’s answers..Well they are his answers so , that’s cool.

    I think Andy’s favorite housewife would be a few.. Bethenny, Caroline, and Nene.

    • mtrae9

      No, I think his favorite would be Lisa.

    • LaraM

      I agree with his Fav’s per you @Holy. It is obvious. I do tjonk he is ga ga over Cynthia, who wouldn’t be. I eish he had Teresa, if said Tamra as athletic, and Heather. Shit, they all have great bodies. Lol! What about LuAnn, Ramona and Sonja on last episode at that aerial yoga place, damn great asses for late 40’s!

      I just love both Heathers. i think beaides you, Lola and IrishTara, we may be the only few.

  • Queen Vee

    I disagree with about half of this.

    Best hair: Joyce (RHOBH)

    Best body: Gretchen (although she is no longer a housewife). Porsha is a close second

    Best dinner partner: Lisa Vanderpump (because that rich bish can pick up the tab)

    Best booty: Porsha. Lisa Vanderpump is a close second

    Best dressed: I’d say the whole MIA cast

    • Fan of the Show


    • jihan

      I love Cynthia but come one. Anybody can put on different weaves or wigs in every episode. I agree with you, Joyce definitely has the best hair.

      Porsha has great body, but she is one of the youngest housewives in any of the franchises, so it is not right to compare her to Lisa Vanderpump

      • Adia

        Good point! Comparing a 32 year old body to a 40 plus year old body (which most of the housewives have)is not a fair comparison.

    • Reveal

      Gretchen is just too damn thin. No way she has the best body.

    • Kari

      Oh yeah, forgot Miami! The whole cast is beautiful, great bodies and the best dressed. Too bad more people don’t watch them n they haven’t been renewed. I really enjoyed those ladies. Maybe that’s why he didn’t mention Gretchen or Joanna.

  • lora

    Good answers except for the YoFo comment. She sucks and her style is very vanilla, very boring.

    • Bobby

      Yeah I also was like uhh what?? I don’t think she dresses bad but I think Lisa V is the best dressed on the west coast

      • Jo

        Hmm I don’t know, I feel like Lisa’s not very versatile and that sometimes her cap-sleeved satin dresses are a miss. Remember what she wore for Ken/Mauricio’s birthday party? No bueno. Either that, or she’s wearing a short-sleeved, modest, pencil-skirted little black dress or a white barely buttoned blouse paired with black pants/jeans, pumps, and a blazer. Snore. I expect more from someone with her closet.

        Now putting my personal feelings about any of the women aside, Carole radziwill and aviva, IMO, are the best dressed. Loved aviva’s outfit for her housewarming. I think luann’s outfits over the years have been pretty great as well. (And I’m strictly talking about full-on outfits, as opposed to the boring simple spring dresses they all toss on when they go to the hamptons.) Then again, I’m a manhattanite so I’m probably biased.

  • Rach

    I agree with a lot of his answers although I think Porsha has the best booty.

    • Bobby

      I agree Porshas figure is amazing. But in all fairness a majority of the housewives have excellent bodies (a lot thanks to plastic surgery) but still they all make conscious efforts to look good fitness wise.

    • Reveal

      Bobby did you know that Porsha behind is fake. Implants.

      • Reveal

        Oh Yea and Porsha has breast implants. Fake behind, Fake hair. Nothing on her is real except that she is very hood.

        • Bobby

          I know her boobs are fake but judging from her prom pictures that booty is real. CAKE. If you see her instagram she STAYS in the gym working on her ass too.

          Also I think Teresa Giudice’s body is very underrated for four kids and such a busy mom and she did it the right way by working out. She’s always toned out

          • Rach

            I think Teresa has a great figure. Her implants don’t look good to me, but she’s got a nice donkey booty, lol. And she’s really lean and toned.

          • Adia

            That’s right. Porsha had that behind when she was a teen.

        • yolanda

          So what? If someone wants to get plastic surgery how is it any concern of yours? I highly doubt that you are as good looking as her so you might want to cut down on the judgment.

          • Vita


      • Queen Vee

        Porsha’s body was nice even before the implants. I don’t believe that her butt is fake. She’s always had a booty, she’s just put on a few extra pounds this season. And her booty actually moves, unlike Kenya’s.

    • TD

      Porsha doesn’t have any muscle tone on her body. at least that’s what appears based on what I saw on show and pics.

      • Park Ave Princess

        Porsha has FAT LEGS as evidenced while she was having a temper tantrum, WOW that’s what Split her dress and she was carried off stage.also in case you did not notice Porsha got a BOTCHED BOOB JOB! The left boob is 350cc lLarger and approx 2 inches lower than the right .she should have gone to a real plastic sorgeon.

    • Kari

      So what other categories can we do here?
      Best eyes Dina Manzo

      Bitchiest Tamera

      Fakest body Lisa from Miami

      Most natural Richard Sisters

      Most intelligent Lisa Vanderpump, Lea, Luann

      Delusional Sonja

      Needs more work Carol or Caroline?

      Most likely to be a true fun friend Cynthia, Kyle

      Non trustworthy Tamra

      Funniest Nene when she’s not NAYNAY, Kim Z

      All around awesome Teresa

      Personal favs Kim Z, Cynthia, Kyle, Teresa and Joanna

      • Park Ave Princess

        Who is Kim Z? I can’t remember who that was. Apparently her 15 min expired!