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Wendy Williams Says NeNe Leakes Is BITTER And Needs To Be FIRED; Says NeNe Loses All Her Friends On The Show!

wendy williams and nene

Wendy Williams has just as many opinion as she does wigs when it comes to the housewives, and now, she’s revealing who she thinks needs to be fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta. On her Hot Topics segment, Wendy gave her list on which wives need to go, and it just so happens to be everyone, EXCEPT Kenya Moore! Check out what she had to say

“I’m to the end of the road with Cynthia. I love her, but she does need to go. I’m to the end of the road with Porsha, she needs to go. Who else needs to be fired? Kandi. Kandi, I’m sorry — Yeah, but you too Kandi. Phaedra needed to have been fired. And now, might I say, NeNe, needs to go. I understand that she’s the highest paid housewife and all that other kind of stuff, but in the course of NeNe being on this show — And I know that she’s the only original housewife left, but, you know, she stayed so long that she went from being likable and loveable, and comical, to being mean, jealous, vindictive, childish. Just childish, bitter — all that. NeNe needs to go.”

Wendy went on to comment about all the friends NeNe has lost on the show, she says,

“NeNe loses all the friends that she’s made on the show. Now, granted, maybe Sheree (Whitfield) wasn’t a nice person. I don’t even remember back that far, but remember NeNe and Sheree were friends. NeNe and Kim Zolciak — I know. Kim fit NeNe’s life better when Kim was opening her legs to married men. I think NeNe only wants to be friends with people who she views as beneath her. Including people like Marlo (Hampton).”

Lastly, Wendy reveals who she would like to see receive a peach, and you might be surprised by her answer. Wendy revealed,

“Somebody at Bravo, give Marlo a peach and make her apart of the cast. I mean, I don’t know what Marlo does for a living, the word on the streets is “sketchiness.” But we need somebody new on the show who will make us not miss NeNe, and the rest of them when they go. And I think that Marlo is perfect. We’ve met her enough to know, we need more of her shade. Give that girl a peach, and let’s roll.”

I kind of agree with Wendy saying NeNe only wants friends who she views are beneath her, but I think NeNe mainly wants friends who will jump when she says jump. Who do you think should be fired from the show? Would you like to see Marlo be apart of the cast?

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  • I get the critique of Nene – just not sure how wendy williams is portraying any different character from the one she is critiquing.

    Get real.

  • ok, now Kenya is a man and compare herself with Beyoncé. now, we see why Cynthia speaks out of her butt because she desires ashy Kenya,. Really. Kenya really is a bully and chose what she thought was the weakest link who happen to be Porsha. nonetheless, she wants Porsha to pay her bills ie-rent, etc. the way that I deal with sticky crap clinging on is to wash with extra soap….bam!!!!then flush that crap. Kenya had no right saying Porsha cheated on Cordell when she was sleeping with someone’s husband. she has no reason to ask for respect and truth when hell requires her nasty soul.

  • I thought Wendy was done with housewives , yet she continues to talk about NeNe and all the others. Could it be Wendy need them more than they need her.

  • First of all I don’t understand all the hatred about Nene no one seems to realize these other women always throw digs at her in confessionals then act all innocent, if you truly watch the show they all talk about each other so get over yourselves and be fair Kenya is nothing except a troublemaker she needs to go period, Nene is the cause of this show being broadcasted everyone is always coming at her,,,,she has a right to feel whatever way she wants,,,,,Wendy is just jealous of Nene period,,,she needs to worry about her husband running around sagging which he is to damn old for that!!!!! I do not watch her show mainly because the way she blasted fantasia!!!!!!so for all you followers of Wendy’s show your haters too,,,you say Nene needs to go well let it happen and see how much rhoa you will be watching I AM TEAM NENE EVERYDAY!!!!!!!she’s Real

  • Umm, Bravo does not need anymore criminals, who have violent histories. And ya know what Wendell, you need to be fired. Always talking about everybody else, in everyone’s biz.. pfft.. Some of us are just not hat in to you anymore girl..

  • Who that nene she queen it’s what it’s the world what people to welcome in h re a queen. So what at the end of the day he going to loss his life to Satan. That goes for anyone who the gay. And Wendy nobody like u big man I truly think under that wig and dress is a shoe brush, if anyone need to go Kenya and cynthia what would they bring some one like Marlon to shame us out more I know why u don’t like nene or phrase da or Kandi because they are smart black women.

  • Wendy u need too go nobody like u show.
    The only person that need to go is Kenya hoes .

  • I cant stand Wendy Williams she is always back stabbing somebody. Nice when she wants them on her show and then acts like she could be Kenya’s sister behing their backs. Cant stand her and I have not watched her for months and months, Last time was before I seen her on Andys show and she just dished on everyone like she is somebody. Look at her wig that does not look real at all it looks like a 30.00 wig from the back of a magazine. Team Nene Porsha Kandi and Padera. Peter needs to go away far away.

  • I agree nene needs to go and go fast shes boring and annoying shes old abd tired bravo should listen to the fans with the fans there is no show and I am talking from experience as I am obsessed with all the housewives franchise and I represent a large dynamic of people and everyone wants nene gone

  • I’m not Nene’s biggest fan but I don’t think she needs to go. She’s an actress after all so she could make herself be any way she wants to be. You have to admit she was a different Nene last season vs. this season. With that being said, Wendy gets on my nerves. She wanted Phaedra gone last year and told Andy that and guess what Phaedra is still there. Like her or not but she is best of giving shade and making it sound eloquent. Honestly I see everyone returning and Cynthia will be cut back to Friend of the HW. I think they’ll bring on someone entirely new. On another note, if Southern Charm is not renewed and they bring back Millionaire Matchmaker, then we’ll know it’s because of Andy and Bravo have their favorites. Shows should be renewed because of ratings and popularity on social media and views over the internet only, not because of an executive’s friendship with a host or main character of a series.

  • I do not agree that Marlo should come on the show. I do not like Marlo in terms of representing “what or how” America views African American women. Yes, Ne Ne’s time on the show is over as she is a bully. She needs to see a therapist to determine why she has to be right all the time and talk over people. Kenya Moore is beautiful, but why cant she get a man? plus, she needs to get a life and is appears to have bad credit and is a slut – not the traits of Ms. America mind you. Additionally, KENYA MOORE BULLIED PORSHA STEWART DUE TO INSECURITY. Kandi should stay. She is even tempered, fun, and a true entrepreunuer who in my opinion, sets a good example of a African American woman. Phaedra, I like Phaedra as she also is an entreprenuer. Too bad its so hard for African American women to find a decent man who is also a professional. Cynthia is sweet, beautiful and unfortunately, not very assertive with her husband. I think Cynthia should stay. She does portray what I think, is a great example of an African American female for all girls to look up too.

  • I believe since Wendy and Kenya are close, it would be fitting that she’d want Nene fired so that she won’t have to pay the high maintenance for Kenya any more. misfits who flock together…..check the side by side pics above. Nene has a better face to view. Wendy on the other hands has to much to watch.

  • I might be in the minority but I want Kim and Sheree back, and Nene and Marlo gone!
    I personally think the dynamic between Sheree and Kenya would be hilar!

    Nene might be a drawcard now but her 5mins is almost up. Bravo knows it won’t last forever. They’ll milk it as long as they can but they’re also smart enough to pull the pin BEFORE it sours.

    Save your pennies Nene.

  • Well…I’ve been thinking that based upon the last few seasons that Nene needs to go. No one on or off the show wants to see her anymore. I’d rather bet that based on her unwarranted diva attitude, and her over the top phony persona…now more of a charactorture…sp…than anything else, Hollywood will tire of her soon…if not already. Comics are using her in unflattering jokes and gags, clearly, her 15 min are up. I’ve been sick of seeing her. I like Kandi..hate her mom. Cynthia… Boring! Phakdra…laughable. Poortia….dumb. Marlo…thug. This show needs new blood. Bloop!

  • Isn t Wendy Williams a de facto mouthpiece for Andy Cohen? Nene ought to be careful before she falls on her fake teeth. I wonder how BRAVO feels about her revelations about production, like that tweet she then quickly deleted. Maybe she’s begun to believe her lies that she has million-dollar contracts on offer lol

  • First of all Wendy Williams’s opinion doesn’t matter to me or probably anyone else . I find what happened on the reunion show par for the course. Like this hadn’t hapoened before with other housewives ? Come on!!! Bravo loves drama and so does Andy. The way Kenya was behaving was immature and confrontational. She deserved what she got. Porsha is on the edge anyway with all that’s been going on in her life and Kenya exploited that fact. I do not approve of violence or women behaving badly, but Kenya was deliberately trying to provoke someone / anyone. She is a bully and she behaved like the average bully when the tables are turned, she became the victim suddenly. You can’t have it both ways! If you’re going to dedicate yourself to constantly being a ” bad ass” you better be up to suffering the consequences. As far as who should leave the show in my opinion( as mine is just as relevant as Wendy’s ) I think it should be Kenya , Cynthia and kandi. They bring nothing to the table but negativity. And marlo should definitely not be on the show. There’s enough felons involved what with Apollo and all. Lol! I think there is a lot of jealousy because NeNe has been the “breakout” star of the show. Ladies, including Wendy, save the green for St. Patrick’s day. Ok? Put on your big girl pants , quit “hating” on BeBe and get on with your lives. One of the best lines I’ve heard on any of the housewives shows was stated by Alex from NY and its certainly applies to Kenya Moore …. She is a thug in a cocktail dress!!

  • I don’t like most of the cast of RW Atl but if they fire Nene the show will tank. No matter how “bitter” and “mean” she is the attraction to the show is her. Marlo is NOT a HW by any stretch of the imagination and if I want to watch escorts and sketchy people I will watch the various shows about rappers and basketball wives. The HW shows should have cast members who have husbands and children and who live an over-the-top lifestyle. Fancy houses, expensive cars and trips and expensive jewelry are what make the series fun to watch. I don’t want to see a woman like Marlo representing housewives and even though I believe that Kandi, Cynthia and Phaedra have become boring they are housewives. Porsha adds nothing to the show and neither does Kenya who is also not a HW. If they are only going to keep people who fight and lie about themselves then change the name of the shows to The Single Women of Atlanta, etc. Or maybe The Wannabe Housewives of wherever. It’s probably time for most of these shows to come to an end anyway becausae the formula is obvious and the “scripting” is also obvious. Pick a character to hate and have everyone pile on is happening on every single HW show and it’s getting old. The weddings are also getting old and so over the top that they seem ridiculous. Andy Cohen has served his purpose also. He started something successful and now he’s turning it into something distasteful. He needs to go and do something else. Watch What Happens Live is a silly show that embarrasses the guests who are desperate enough to appear on it and Andy acts like the nerdy kid who hangs on to the coattails of celebrities…..a male groupie or roadie. His behavior is insincere and offensive. I have cut out a couple of the shows from my viewing schedule and will cut out even more as time goes by and they keep repeating the same crap every season.

    • First comment is to @DIANE, ma’am you say your NOT racist but every word in your comments are saying the opposite!You need to go check the woman in the mirror,The RHOA cast act no different then the other don’t make it a color thing (racist)..uhmmm!

      Now to @ MERI, WOW…you are taking this way too serious, your comment is almost personal, like you know each one of them…it is just a TV show…WOW!!!!!

      Andy Cohen is doing a GREAT job, these are reality shows he has no control of how these ladies act, that’s what he pays them to do.

  • Just a thought-my guess is if Nene decides her time has come to leave she will go out with a bang not a whimper. I think she is waiting for a spin-off—-in the coveted Sunday night timeslot after RHOA.

    • Zoeysmom…..makes a lot of sense. I say, give her the spinoff. Then and only then will she see how despised she really is and her show will get cancelled. Proof positive she doesn’t have the juice she thinks she has!

      Bring it on!

  • Hopefully Porsha is already fired, so next should be NeNe. Next Season could be a try out with “friends” of the HW’s…and Cynthia could probably be phased out. (Altho’ Cyn COULD step it up with NeNe gone – ya never know.)

  • Ms Williams we all need jobs. Maybe u need to be fired. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Every talk show host can have a replacement. You talk gossip and comment on people. How easy is that. Reality is reality. Actors can work until they r well into their 70 or 80. Especially men. Women do not have that luxury. So pray that when u want someone fired, it won’t be you.

  • Crap I hit wrong button. Any way she makes black women look like what a lot of ppl already have stereotyped them as. Also she is only the highest paid due to her color otherwise Vicki gunvalson would be making the most since she is the first original housewife and has always had decent storylines each season.

  • I couldn’t agree more. Nene makes black women look bad. She makes it seem like they are all hateful and spiteful. I am not racist at all. I have a mixed grand daughter, niece and two nephews along with a black brother in law. The show has become too black. They need another white person on there to be friends with. The show was very likable when Kim was on there. Nene is bitter and makes what m

    • The show is “too black” isnt that stereotype too! All the other housewives all have white faces lets not play that card. And if it’s “too black” why the hell has it smashed every ratings mark this season alone minus Kim Z. I liked Kim Z but it has been rumored shes dropped the N-word on several occasions especially last season when she finally left the show mid way. And piggy backing to the ratings were the ratings every this impressive when Kim Z & Sheree was on, no. But at least Nene had someone to have storylines with that I can agree with.

  • I completely agree with what she said abut nene. She was so funny and lovable at first but after she got a few small rolls in Hollywood, her ego just grew and grew and she is really an ugly person now. Sad. She needs to go.

    • I have never watched that show and I never will. Who cares what this bottom feeder thinks.

  • I actually for once agree with Wendy.

    Phaedra and Porsha w/o a doubt need to be GONE.

    I like Kandi & Cynthia but yeah there boring , although Cynthia now released from her friendship contract with Nene would be an interesting dynamic

    Nene is full of herself , holds herself to a higher regard and plays dirty , she needs to be HUMBLED , she’s always been a hater since season 1.

    Kenya is playing chess with all these chicks and the general Porsha supporting public are dumb enough to not realizing this is ALL an acting Job to her , she was hire strictly to TURN UP and she does just that.

    Bring in some new girls , Sheree can pop back up , Keep Kenya ,Nene, and Cynthia if you have too and four new girls .

  • Wendy Williams is hosting the empties most uninteresting show on TV. She needs to go!!

  • The problem with Nene is this. She believed that she could crash onto TV and be a black “golden girl” aka Bea arther. Start out cute and witty,
    Have some bumps in the road, and then marry her golden boy.
    The truth, from where I sit, is this: she had her 1/2 hour in the sun. She wasn’t that funny or interesting then nor is she now. She seems to me to represent all of the stereotypes out there that most intelligent women of color want to avoid.

    • Exactly! Most prominently is that Nene is “a hood rat in mink”! Not trying to hate! Believe me, I wish she would choose to be better. She simply hasn’t.

    • love to keep Nene. hated watching her bully Kim in the beginning, but the transformation was good to watch. as for ump-I think that Malory should replace Cynthia because she won’t let Kenya or her like minded person’s. now I also believe she is not longer on the show because she put her hands on Kandi. perhaps they would so a spin off with Malory, Kenya-so she can pay her bills and Marlo. yeah! you have a trick, fighter and dog name Kenya. on another ugly note; I believe Kenya was negate in caring for her dog and such as karma, she tossed the doll baby on the chair after it was left in her care. this is why she needs no child, just imagine the abuse it would face. now Kenya, twirl that in the toilet u selfish piece of crap.

  • Financially, getting rid of Nene would allow Bravo to cast 2 new women for probably half of Nene’s salary, combined. Yes this season was the highest rated, but I think Nene contributed very little to that. If I had to choose who stayed and went, I would keep Kandi, her and Todd are newlyweds, Kandi is finally a houseWIFE, so let’s see how she adjusts to that role. Kenya bc she is all kinds of crazy, Porsha if she agrees to make up with Kenya, and Phaedra if she allows us to go deeper into her and Apollo’s situation, if not, then I think she can go. I think Cynthia is boring and her husband was the only reason she was involved in anything this season and like i’ve said before, if your husband starts more drama than you, it’s time to go. And I think Nene needs to go. She is just overpaid for essentially doing nothing. I think she and Kenya have similar personalities, the difference is, Kenya isn’t afraid of anything, Nene doenst want to lose potential Hollywood roles so she is more reserved now, imo. I think with Kenya, you don’t need Nene. And fill the other spots with 2 newbies. Not Marlo, 2 totally new women to us.

  • OMG!!! I couldn’t agree w her more! I’m so sick of Nene Phaedra, Porsha (especially!), Kandi, and Cynthia. This show needs more umph and Marlo is the one to do it! I want to see Kenya and Marlo go at it bc I know that they will! Both have equally strong personalities and it would be so much more entertaining than seeing Kenya overkill the dummy I mean Porsha. Really hope bravo takes Wendy’s advice! LOL

  • Andy will never let Nene go. Wendy Williams’s opinions are just HER opinions, and I didn’t like when she said that “Southern Charm” should be cancelled. I happen to love Southern Charm and hope it comes back. She should report the news, period. Andy is the boss.

    • Ive been meaning to watch that show Frank. I wanted too being a southern girl all. Just hate it’s on a Monday like every other tv shows on the planet.

  • Yeah, bring Marlo back or Sheree, anyone that will stand up to the Moose and not be intimidated by her loud mouth and big body.

    • Sheree would be interesting to watch so that she can explain how women like her destroy their children lives with her personal spending. he expectations as a mom is beyond me when I saw an episode of her son wearing beat down tennis shoes in a apartment. I saw the interview sheree her ex explained about the money and how it was to be for the kids and she wanted to sue for child support and had me upset that he didn’t want to pay $150.00. really? turns out he left her more than half and most was for a trust fund for the kids. she spent it on portrait etc. yeah, I’d like to see something like that.

  • Hell no to Marlo First of all she has been on for three season She isn’t new. Plus she is dangerously violent.

  • NeNe was good on fashion police a few months ago, sitting in for Guilianna. She has the gift of gab.



  • Heck NO to the Marlo idea!! This woman is seriously a thug in designer clothing! Yeah nevermind her criminal background, Marli pretends to be “nice”, but we all seen how she reacts when even the smallest thing arises. Marlo IS ANOTHER Nene but 10 times worse. No thank you Wendy, if anything YOUR SHOW should be cancelled. While I really dislike Wendy, the only thing she said that rang true is, Nene looses friends all the time, every season, doesn’t matter, Nene looks out for #1 and that is her m.o.

    To be a friend you must listen, love and have a caring heart but yet, always be honest with them. Nene is a cold ice cube, she rolls her eyes, sticks finger in her mouth as to be pretending to vomit, walks away when you’re discussing something that bothers you. Yeah, Nene wants the whole world to treat her like a classic movie star & when she don’t get the roll- out- the-carpet-treatment, she dismisses you and friendship. That’s no friend. I don’t know if the other ladies should be gone from show, but, the ratings are high. Oh bty, Nene getting paid 1million is beyond ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Seriously.

  • Hmmmm, to spice up the show the way Bravo likes it, I can see Marlo back. Heard rumors that Sheree may be back as well…Now that would be interesting to see Marlo and Sheree back at each others’ throat. If they keep Kenya, which they probably will, to see all three together would be quite entertaining! LOL

  • Nene is jealous that Peter is shooting off his mouth about a spinoff. Nene has no spinoff, no acting rolls, no offers. All she has is a clothing line that other housewives have too.

      • Nene and her alter ego Nay Nay need to Go! Nene is a Aging . Bitter , JEALIOUS , childish , vindictive, ghetto arrogant ex stripper who has delusions of grandgier! Nene should learn to Eakins prer English .andY her taxes? Nene is pretending
        Ike she’s rich!

        • Speak prer English and pay her taxes!i need to get a key board that doesn’t change my words LOL

  • Wendy is money on this one.

    Every season Nene looses a friend. I could see if they were flat out jealous of her for being the one of the most established HWs on that show, but this isn’t just petty stuff, these are concerns they all are having with her. It’s not like these ex-friends hers coming for her for no reason. All they want is for her to learn from her mistakes and show some humble pie every once in a while.

  • NeNe does need to go, but it is not going to happen. Andy Cohen really likes her for some reason. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kenya, Porsha, or Cynthia go (although I do think she bring some class to the show), or Phaedra. But, I like Kandi. I would not want to see Marlo on the show. She is another NeNe.

    • Andy isn’t getting rid of Nene. Oh no. He knows she’s a ratings draw even for his most struggling shows. I don’t watch Matchmater but from my understanding it has some of the worst ratings of several Bravo shows that are not HWs.

      Anyways, a few weeks ago Nene and her BFF Diane was on their to catch her a man. Don’t you know that one episode had the biggest numbers draw they had ever for that show and it’s been on for 7 seasons! Andy will use Nene anyway he can to save some of these shows he truly wants to keep.

    • I like Andy but he was a little peeved at Nene tonight. I would like to see Marlo as well. but Kenya steals to much. video, functions, husbands and want people to believe he is some sort of role model. I work around so many abused women and some from bad relationships of parental abandonment etc. but they are over comers and cause no threat to others, Kenya seems to make everything around her disappear. I fast forward my recorded shows so I don’t have to hear her blasphemy

  • Seriously? who gives a hoot what Wendy Williams has to say. Talk about trying to stay relevant!

      • true people. Wendy isn’t all that. I tried to watch her show and decide I didn’t want to waste my time. she knows if she didn’t have a glam squad, she’d be doing a one a month show with all she needs done. I’m quit sure the squad she has to be under control. she should have remained speechless. I don’t except her opinion. her money has her on air.

    • I Agee with you! It’s about time someone said that about Wendy ! I think she is a joke to say the least, her show and I have only seen one was a joke…..not sure how she thinks she became the Queen of everything and everyone .

  • Maybe, there should be a two season limit to all cast members on each HW’s franchise.
    This way there is no Original Gangsta’s and every 2 seasons we get to see new Housewives all your on an equal playing field.
    How does NeNe deserve 1 million? Seriously? The ratings are not that high and frankly, with all the tainted members with Legal & financial problems?
    Once the Housewife Genre was a peek behind exclusive gates where we had a golden ticket to watch Glamorous Wealthy People living fantastic lifestyles.
    OC blew it when their cast members divorced or were downsized.
    Also, let it be Actual Married People that are seriously well off and not
    Renting houses and pretending to have grandee lifestyles to be on these shows. Maybe criminal background checks? IDK!!
    NY has wealthy people. However, Ramona & Sonja living lies. Ramona? Divorced, not divorced, but pretending an entire season that her & Mario are “Happily Married”? Is that real? No. Sonja is fun but isn’t it creepy watching her fantastical delusional magical pretense that she had 25 millions?
    I say, give the elders or gan favorite Housewives spin off series and see how they do..
    Have new Cast Members every 2 Seasons.This gives then time to build their brands.
    Having new Cast members has worked for MTV’s The Real World which was the first Reality TV series which is still going strong. Survivor has a new cast each year, that series is going strong..
    Also, they might look for new Cities. Chicago, Boston, San Fransisco,
    Dallas, Houston, Palm Beach( they would need nouveau riche, of course), Vermont, Seattle, Palo Alto, Oregon. Kansas.. Look there are Wealthy old Monied & New Monied areas everywhere.. Try, San Marino or South Pasadena, CA..
    This type of formula had worked for The Real World & with Survivor, Top Chef..
    This way, we met fresh people, fresh cities and do need to watch the fallout of newly famous people making horrific enemies and bad financial choices..
    Just a suggestion.
    As it stands, on most of these Bravo Shows, I find more supportive female interactions on ” RuPaul’s Drag Race”.. LMIAO!!

    • almost a nice suggestions. this can your own show or pay your monthly bill to watch others.

  • OMG!!! I couldn’t agree w her more! I’m so sick of Nene Phaedra, Porsha (especially!), Kandi, and Cynthia. This show needs more umph and Marlo is the one to do it! I want to see Kenya and Marlo go at it bc I know that they will! Both have equally strong personalities and it would be so much more entertaining than seeing Kenya overkill the dummy I mean Porsha. Really hope bravo takes Wendy’s advice! LOL

  • I’d have to agree with Wendy. However, Wendy trips over her words constantly on her show & is one of the worst most trivial talk show hosts out there. Her show contains a lot of nothin! Her show needs to canceled. Queen Latifah’s show is waaaaaay better.
    Wendy needs to go back to being a radio host or just update her show to not be fodder about reality show celebs & junk talk. & Her “Ask Wendy” segments are obviously set up in advance & she gives the same advice over & over. Bo ring!

    • & Yes Nene is undertalented & overrated. Maybe Wendy shoyld joing the RH franchise & Nene should go be the grandma she is.

    • Funny how Wendy was NeNe’s bestie when she had her on the show & NeNe brought her a Celine purse ($1,000.00’s ) of dollars ! She loved her then ! But I do agree, NeNe has become this mean spirited, evil, wicked person that uses people and if you disagree with her, poof you are gone.

      • ok, I don’t care to have to many women friends because we can be a bit much. but if I were growing and had a lot to share, I do it with people I trust. while on the journey, who needs a betrayer? sometimes personal compassion is wasted on persons trying to destroy your goals. I’m team Nene, and the other wives. they are independent outside of this show and family. many have worthwhile stories that assist in so much of the goings on these days. please don’t get me wrong I have many, many gay friends and family, but they don’t carry on with regret. just keep it real.

    • Omg! Thank you Nikki, I totally agree with you. I can’t stand Wendy! She gives the worse advise. It is so funny when she bad mouths people who cheat, when her own husband is a cheating loser. She also looks ridiculous with her hugh store bought boobs and ugly long wig that she constantly is playing with. And has NeNe on, then talks smack! What a phoney b***h

  • Marlo has 7 yes SEVEN assault convictions against her ! She sliced a young girls face up with a razor blade & consquently the young girl commited suicide ! NO I do not want Marlo on this show !

    • Yeah Bravo can see that law suit a mile away. That’s the only reason she’s not on the show. Even when she was friends with Nene and none of the other cast really had a problem with her they still wouldn’t add her to the cast. If they weren’t gonna add her then then they’re not gonna add her now.

      • That incident is not why Marlo hasn’t gotten her peach. Cmon now if that were the case everyone with a wrap sheet or law issues wouldn’t be on Bravo. Remember Bravo loves their troublemakers for ratings scores. Why Marlo isn’t on as full-time because she said ‘fa**ot’ a few seasons ago. Had she not said that she would had been full time as we speak! Andy doesn’t like when anyone says ‘fa**ot’ anything close to negative about gays. JoeGu has felt this wrath since season 1 from dear ol’Andy.

        • Um Andy is totally right to point out that using the word “faggot” and its derivatives is unacceptable. Even if the person using it doesn’t mean to be offensive to LGBT folks, it is still not cool to use that word.

          I doubt that’s why she wasn’t made a HW, though. I think it was her violent past. Bravo likes hot messes, but not ones with 7 convictions!

          • thing is, gays are in many races, he is not different. how many real friends does is associate with outside his race that aren’t on the show. I think is stuck up and not try and be more than what he is. don’t try and be some motherly peace maker unless you are comfortable in your own skin. who cares who kisses his ass as long as its kissed. Nene offered and he got offended. he needs to get it where he can because to me he not attractive and lacks personality. always wonder how he got this job. booooop!!!!

        • You know I’m gay and that word seriously doesn’t bother me. I think people make a bigger deal out of it than necessary sometimes. I was bullied in school though and I built up a resistance to it I guess. But you’re absolutely right about Marlo. Considering Nene’s past isn’t so bright either, I doubt that was the reason she isn’t on. Just like you said, the word fa**ot is the reason why.

          • thanks Ryan,
            that resistance is a part of growth and development and we all learn to do that in order to survive in this life. the bullying issue is another topic that I don’t approve of. when no matter what is going on, standing up for oneself is the norm. words can be forgiven no matter what lifestyle past or future and if that is the case, we can she that Marlo lives very well despite of and that the folks she runs with have to have interesting backgrounds as well on all levels and this is why she felt her comfort zone just speaking out loud.

    • You are so right about Marlo, Just me. Wendy Williams sounds deranged. You take the highest rated HW and fire the whole cast leaving only 1 still standing? I’m glad Williams doesn’t work for me. She’d be out of a job and fast.

    • Actually, most of those were breaking parole or shoplifting. NOT 7 assault charges.

    • And instead of feeling shame and remorse, that bitch is PROUD OF IT!!! She uses it to threaten people. Don’t forget Marlo yelling “You better google my charges!” over and over during an argument with Sheree.

      This woman belongs in jail–she has learned nothing, she regrets nothing, she thinks she’s tough and street. Bitch, please.

    • Ok, that explains why Kenya Poore Moore & Marlo r friends. They both have wicked intents 4 others!! Gives them a lot in common 2 bond over.
      Interesting that Wendy never mentioned KM?
      Nene gets the HW’s together, she’s the glue of RHOA. W/out her there is no show. Maybe that’s the cure. Drop the curtain on it once & 4 all. All of those women have serious issues goin on that r not entertaining at all. Ratings were high yes, but that was only cuz fans needed 2 see Kenya Poore Moore get exposed 4 the pathological liar she is. Now that all her credibility is gone & no one w/a brain believes a word outa her vicious mouth, she’s the cause of this show becoming a ghetto joke. For only been there for 2 seasons, the woman has caused a lot of damage. Kenya & Marlo make a perfect team of rage aholycs.

      • Be very clear….Linnethia Leakes is no glue to anything! If her goal was getting people together, it must be a far greater goal of tearing them apart because CONSISTENTLY achieves that!

        The show is successful DESPITE her, not because of her! She doesn’t unify; she destroys

        • I disagree. I personally desire my friends, but when they deliberately left soiled sanitary napkins in the bathroom basin while having important parties, I had to dismiss them for trying to ruin my goals. it’s been many year now and we having spoken since. the persons are still where I left them. Nene should apologize about momma Joyce though. I believe she and Kandy can get some projects up and running. very glad that Phaedra read the Kenya with the sperm bank thing. loved it=on point

    • WOW “Just Me’!! I did not know that history on Marlo!!! Bravo should take her off the show for good!

    • Don’t think Marlo would b good hire for RHWA – with BRAVO’S new no violence – no props – rules!