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Alicia DiMichele Quitting Mob Wives After One Season; Co-stars Respond To The News!

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After only one season of appearing on VH1’s hit show Mob Wives, Alicia DiMichele has quit the show after her ongoing embezzlement case which she plead guilty in!

Many are shocked including her co-stars who told Radar just how surprised they were.

Renee Graziano said,

“Honestly, I was a little surprised she joined the cast because of her whole court case. The show didn’t bring her any good, so I can see why she’s pulling out now. She is a mom and has to do what she needs to do for her three beautiful children, who don’t deserve to be pulled through the mud. She is doing the right thing leaving the show, and I wish her all the best.”

Natalie says Alicia is leaving the show with class adding,

“Alicia had a story to be told, and she did it with class. Alicia has inspired so many young women around the world, including myself, with her strength, courage and her will to fight and survive… Now it’s time for her to focus on herself and her family. I’m very proud of her and support her in her decision: Family over everything!”

As for Drita Davanzo’s thoughts? Drita reveals she is not happy,

“I was shocked. I’m not happy about her resigning. I don’t want her to leave. I mean, she has to do what’s best for her family, and obviously I’m on her side whatever road she chooses to take. She had a very hard time on this show. All her f**king business ends up everywhere whether it’s true or not. It’s awful.”

This does seem like the right decision for Alicia. Are you going to miss her on Mob Wives? Would you like to see Carla or Karen come back?

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  • I would love to see Carla back on the show. I can not stand Karen, and would not watch if she came back!

  • I hate 2 see her go but good 4 her she is doing what’s best 4 her and her family no I don’t won’t Ramona or Karen or Carla 4 sure!!!!!!

  • I respect her decision cuz I feel it’s time for her to take care of yourself as well her sons now I wish her all the well an happiest in this world.

  • There is some shit going on with Drita , Renee and Jen on twitter… They have not@ each other.. But it’s clear to me they are talking about each other. Hmmm I wonder whats up??

    • IDK but Drita needs to stop acting a fool. She is biting the hand that feeds her. I say this because her little make up thing would have never had attention if she did not have the spot on the show, Renee did give her attention because who the hell else was she going to fight with with Karen and Ramona gone? And lets really be real here; who in the HELL would let her ” rap”, LMAO??? ( if not on the show pretending to be Tony Tough Guy? Yep, no one. People knock Renee but the truth is, she has been the same crazy form day one. She does not try to be tough, she knows she isn’t. She doesnt try to be something that she is not, and when she is wrong- she owns it . Drita is a wanksta. I cant get past what she did to Carla, and I dont even like Carla. Fake, fraud, phony stabber in the back.

  • I am going to miss her. I really like Alicia but, she has to do what is right for her family!

  • Nat, you did not say class girl, LOL.. that is hilarious being that Alicia lied, Alica was deceptive, Alicia should have never done the show in the MIDDLE of her case if she was oh so concerned about her family to begin with. Long ago, “someone” said she joined under fake pretenses, and I believed it!! She was a liar/fake, her marriage was a sham( what was left of it), and everything was to get the info out there for her case/ Eddie- that is why Karen was not on. Whateva, bye girl.

    • I agree, Michers! Wth would you go on Mob Wives? She is not all there, sweet…good mom, stay that way and get off Reality TV. It seemed that she wanted to nail Eddie, Nationally! That is not “classy” to me!

  • I think this is a good decision on her part. I also think we will be seeing Karen next season. Yuck! Drita doesn’t seem too happy so that pretty much confirms that

    OT Bigg Ang is opening a Brooklny Monkey I am pretty sure for filming purposes. Now that should be interesting as long as she keeps the last crew from appearing .

  • I liked Alicia. Don’t care if Natalie comes back though. I wonder who else they will cast on the show. They need new peeps!

  • It’s totally obvious Karen is coming back and Alicia wanted none of her. I don’t believe it was the way she might look or she never would have joined. Although, it could be to avoid questions about changing her plea.

    I’d be more than happy for Karen to come back. She got a raw deal from Jen when she was let go for Alicia. Jen should be kissing her ass. After all, it was Karen’s name that built the show.

    • She never wanted , or was allowed to be around Karen because Karen would have blown her “stories” out of the water.

  • “She’s inspired so many woman with her strength and courage”???? This crook is inspiring to woman???

  • I just can’t understand this woman’s popularity ? She got caught embezzling funds from the Truckers union, acted if she didn’t know anything about it, and she took care of the accounting ???? Then she got caught selling fake Louis Vitton’s & high end brand, purses & accessories as authentic in her boutique. If she had sold me a fake Louis purse, I’d be pissed. Just ask the truckers whose retirement accounts got robbed of millions how they feel. Then she said she knew nothing of her husbands illegal activities, yeah ok I gotta bridge. Look, I like her fine & I do feel bad for her family, she seems like a perfect mother, but when you play you got to pay, sorry. I wonder if her popularity would have soared as much if she were a not such an attractive beauty. I think people tend to give her more of a pass because she is so distractingly beautiful. Nonetheless, she made the right decision leaving the show.

    • So much was hidden from the average viewer like me, who only watched the show and comes to a blog like this. When you list everything like that, no, I do not like someone who took from so many people, it was absolutely wrong.

      I liked her based just on what I saw on the series only. I was waiting to see what came out in trial etc.

      But now that this has come out, no, I cannot say she is an upstanding honest woman and it is best to find a new cast mate.

    • I agree with you 100%!!!! Couldn’t have said it better!!! But I will add a few other problems I had with her being on the show! She has been dating a married man – who pays her bills and supports her – of course she got with him when her husband went to jail and the stolen money wasn’t there to live on any longer – so she found a man that could keep her in her extravagant lifestyle – (lord forbid she do the right thing and get a real job like honest people) and didn’t care at all that he was married – as long as she got what she wanted! Then – she has enough nerve to use the storyline of being pissed about her husband cheating? And portrays herself as a good mother? Yell right! Then she has enough nerve to lie about not knowing ‘anything’ that was going on at her husbands business – when – like you stated – she was the accountant – and missing money the issue!!!! Yell right again!! And – if you research her on computer you’ll also be able to find out why she isn’t coming back next season – which the reason she ain’t coming back shows exactly how lowlife she really is – while on the show – the judge ordered the money she received from the show to be paid to those she helped commit crimes against – she fought in court and tried her best to be able to keep the money she earned for being on the show – but judge wouldn’t allow it – told her all monies earned – now and later – would go toward people she owed – so – since she can’t benefit from the show and pocket money for it – she isn’t coming back – she doesn’t want to come back so she can pay those people she helped robbed – she ain’t about that – her attitude is – it’s their tough luck! If she had any morals at all – she would want to pay those people back – even if (which is bullshit because she was in on it) she wasn’t part of the crimes – she – and her kids – benefited from the stolen money – her hands are dirty in more ways than just one – and wouldn’t a good mother want to do the right thing and pay those people – probably some women with children to support – and be a good example for her children? That alone let’s people see – she’s a snake in the grass who will never change and the show is a lot better off with the scum they already have on the show – they don’t need someone even slimeier! Even her brother – who she was always asking for ‘advise’ – he is indicted too! He’s also in trouble with Feds and facing years in pen! So – guess proof is out about what kind of person she really is – and her family!!!!!! So I ain’t surprised at all that she’s not returning – but it’s awful to read people defending her – or praising her – or even feeling sorry for her – I could see feeling sorry for her if she was remorseful – but she’s not at all – she continues to do people wrong – and if anyone needs to be thought of in this situation – or praised – it’s the people forced to live in the hell from the crimes she committed!

  • I think she made the right decision.

    Yes, I am going to miss her, I like her.

    Hell to the No, I wouldn’t want Karen coming back.

    • I liked Alicia a lot. But I see why she needs to leaves and understand. Best of wishes Alicia and stay strong!

      • I wanted to like her, bc it was my first time watching. However, Once I did research, turned off that she would try to vindicate herself on a “mob” related, reality show! Gross!

        • Well I still like her… I like Teresa even with all the stuff she has going on. :/