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PHOTO: Joyce Giraud Has A Girls Night Out With Joanna Krupa And Karent Sierra!


Well, it looks like despite what people have said, a real friendship has formed between housewives, Joyce Giraud and Joanna Krupa. While season 4 of RHOBH was airing, many thought the friendship was only to bring ratings for the show, but these two ladies are still hanging out after the season has ended, and they were recently joined by former Miami housewife, Karent Sierra, having a girls night at dinner. Joyce posted the following photo below on her Instagram, Check it OUT!


I think all the ladies look great, and I hope that Joanna joins the RHOBH cast. What do you guys think?

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Ashley Rub

  • Tee

    Hate Joanna at first, since seeing her, just love her sense of right and wrong, even if she can go about things the wrong way. Karent is just so sweet, how anyone is horrible to her is beyond me!

  • lily drake

    Bleah…who cares..

  • michers

    I hope Joyce goes to Miami .. dont really care for that franchise

    • SaltySulk

      Hey Michers I am totally behind with Miami and only just finished watching the latest season. I remember you telling me I would be surprised by Joanna’s behaviour by the end of it. I must say I was. It was strange how cold she was towards Lisa at the reunion. Although they had had their silly arguments towards the end of the season, it was strange how they came to be entirely unfriendly towards each other. Disappointing really as I like both women, neither is prefect, and neither hides it. I don’t get Joanna’s pure aggression towards Lisa – no doubt Lisa hit some sensitive spots but still. They make nice friends, it’s a pity.

  • Jarlath

    I hope Joyce joins the Miami cast …

    • michers

      OMG.. get outta my head

  • Aunt Sadie

    It should be illegal for these three to hang out together. Too much beauty to handle all at once lol!

  • samael

    Yup the friendship is real, the Joanna and Joyce have been visiting each other and dinning out together.

    When Joyce’s mom visited recently, there is a pic of mom and Joannna.

    We don’t even know who the cast is for RHBH yet and RHOM still has not been p.u for new season – so these friends are spending time together …that’s it.

  • zoeysmom

    Pretty ladies. I still don’t see Joanna crossing over unless it is to irritate Brandi.

    • lipojaq

      karent is lovely. the other two are bwitches (b!tch witch, mind you)!