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Porsha Williams Says Cynthia Bailey Is Weak For Downplaying Kenya Moore Provoking Her!


Porsha Williams might have been only present for a short amount of time at the reunion, but now, she is getting all caught up on what was said when she was gone and she is not happy — in particular with castmate Cynthia Bailey. Porsha was tweeting during part 2 of the RHOA Reunion, and she took to her Twitter to call Cynthia weak for downplaying Kenya Moore provoking her. See what she had to say below


Do you think Cynthia is weak? Or do you think Porsha is overreacting?

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  • Cynthia was weak, I think not. she wasn’t the one who was on the floor throwing a temper trantrum.. Porsha was the one doing just that..

  • Yes! you are so right I think Kenya is a bit to smart for them all! Porsha you may think your grown, but you ain’t, yes! Ain’t grown enough for Kenya. But wait your grown, but not mature enough to handle grown woman s_ _ t. Another thing everyone of you with the exception of Cynitha, are hating on them props because you weren’t witty enough to think of it.
    Last yr. She brought her fan. Ha! And NeNe it look like something you would have done. But you needed your thoughts on how to look other than Manish. Pheadra stressed on how to try and look better than Kenya cause her man is coming on the show, so she couldn’t think of props. Candi to busy worried about her mom and trying to have Pheadra’s back when it comes to Kenya, so she couldn’t think of props. Porsha all hype to get her little news out on the African Prince, which they all had there hands in, to attach Kenya about the AP. Which back fired and there little girlfriend couldn’t keep her kool and wanted fight. PATHETIC!!!! In the meantime Kenya didn’t have to work that hard because she doesn’t need much work, she’s naturally beautiful. NO ONE ELSE ON RHOA WON MISS USA!! Uh Ladies that Miss United States of America. That speaks volume by itself. And no matter what year it was she will forever have that title under her belt. And you also have to have intelligence to win. She was having fun with her props, just like she did with her fan, you all think you can punk her down, cause Yall loud as hell, And wanted to talk over her and she didn’t let you. So now she’s the bad one. You all need to be shamed you cute each other like Vikings. Now you wanna get mad, girl bye. If you didn’t want to be on front street stay off reality shows. One more thing everybody team Porsha why? Cause she can sing. Ugh! And No I can’t sing. She did come at Kenya first calling her a hoe from the 90s etc. If you DVR’D watch again. #ES#TeamKenya

  • Porsha is overreacting she is just mad that she hsd to be punushed for attacking Kenya. Every persin in the world is not gonna agree with porsha. She needs to leave cynthia bailey alone cynthia is not the weakest link porsha is. And I think Cynthia bailey needs to respond right back to her. Team kenya

  • Cynthia is weak…and yes Porsha was defending herself…..someone needs to whip Kenya spot face ass……she doesn’t have any money so now she wants to sue Porsha. …she

  • Look at how weak you are Porsha. Attacking a grown woman in her 40′. Cynthia is older than you. You need to learn some respect. You are just following Nene . You are her puppet. You don’t have a brain of your own. Because Cynthia and Nene are no longer friends you are just following that ignorant women Nene. And anyone who be-friends Nene Leakes is very weak. Of course Porsha when you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. THAT IS YOU.


  • Cynthia is weak and she goes with the person who is the top. Right now Kenya seems to be Andys favorite, and as such Cynthia is going to be up her butte.

    Cynthia was scared you could see it on her face, but she was not going to complain about it and make Kenya mad.

  • Porsha spelled weak. I agree with Porsha, Cynthia was weak and still. She acts likes she afraid of Kenya and allowed Kenya to make her look like a fool on the show. Kenya is the one that put you on blast clown Cynthia. Everything was cool with yours and Peter’s little charade until she put you on BLAST for calling Todd an opportunist. When in-fact the man she lays her head down with is the real fake and opportunist. What Porsha said was okay…especially with the situation she is in now. Cynthia was the real veterans and should have chilled her fake friend Kenya out. She even got between Kenya and Malory. When that was exactly time to shut down Kenya. It was none of her business and she had no opinion of how long or of how Malory came to stay with Cynthia and Peter. Cynthia is yellow and a coward; she has to ride on someone else’s glory or she wouldn’t have a ride at all.

  • Cynthia is up kenyas ass way too much! Because nene has thrown her to the curb so she’s not gunna say a bad word against kenya and that’s the truth she didn’t even say it was wrong for kenya with those props girl stop.

  • Porshe needs to move on!

    She, Nene, and Phaedra planned the attack o Kenya and it went to far. She just needs to own up to it.

  • Cynthia is weak? Says the CHILD that cannot conduct herself, has no self control, talks smack about her ex husband all season long and then wants to play victim when she gets called out for basically implying that hes gay. Who rents a house she can’t even afford and spends the little amount of money she does receive on shoes and then wants to cry about it, the girl who can’t take responsibilities for her own actions and cant defend herself with words and has to resort to physical abuse? Porsha needs to get real and stop trying to act brand new, I’m so over her at this point she can become the new Cynthia for Nene. AKA the person who didn’t even want her to come back this season.

  • My only question is, where did Kenya get all these props from and why was she allowed to have them? It seems to me like Porsha lost all control at Kenya’s words that threw her over the edge, there wasn’t a physical threat there.

  • Yes, Cynthia is #WEAK. & We all seen Cyn look so shocked and surprised during the ordeal – #weak

  • porsha is riding with public sympathy and wants to rally everyone and everything to exonerate her of her despicable behavior.

  • now you see what this stupid porsha is capable off? she can commit any crime and will blame it on someone like cynthia to justify her crime!

  • All the girls say and do dirt. Porsha needs to apologize she was wrong. Wrong is Wrong. Kenya pushes people buttons. “Weak” is when you allow a person like Kenya to know what buttons to push. You do not have to be team Kenya to give her props they don’t know how to push her buttons. lol It angers them, thats why Pheadra so busy calling her whore, ho, that the meanest thing is scramble eggs that is LOW!!! They show their weakest trying to make Kenya go off but they can’t.

  • lol. Porsha is a SEND out to FAKEDRA and Bully NENE. I love Kenya and she is too Intelligent for any of them including FAKEDRA, the “lawyer”……Nene sent that little “girl” out and she took it all the way. That’s why Nene placed her hand over her mouth to suffocate Porsha’s dumb butt.
    Kenya calling them out ONE by One. Can’t wait to see how Ignorant Apollo attempt to continue to smear Kenya after she wouldn’t fall for his manipulation into his illegal activites and he and his FAKE wife set out early on to smear her. TEAM KENYA!

    • If Kenya is so intelligent, why is she always living on someone else’s dime? She is fake and a liar!

  • So Cynthia is weak because she doesnt condone violence and didnt baby the assilant like the others were doing! Porsha is on one!

    • I to believe Cynthia is week by being to nice she is alway just to nice, Papa smurf bring more drama In just on one show than Cynthia has ever on her hole time on Housewives.I think she is to nice and really don’t belong on housewives. And she is too pretty and sweet.

  • Shut up Porsha. No one cares about the situation anymore. You are one to talk about weak. Nothing was in your face and resorted to violence because she cannot take it. Bye.

    • agree i am so over this. They all have commentated ( It took Cynthia 2 weeks to see which way the wind was blowing and realize she needs Kenya now that her and Nene are through) Now its enough . Bravo should just announce who’s staying and who is going?

  • Agree with Porsha. Cynthia was weak. No way would anyone put those props in my face. At the minimum, she should have moved.

    • It takes a lot more strength to keep your composure than to lose your composure. Cynthia is not weak. Porsha is. She allowed others to decide how she was going to act. That is weakness.

    • Right Porsha has no business implying anyone being weak. Shes in the same damn boat as Cynthia, only difference Porsha might not be there for a S7.

  • Could you imagine if season 7 it was Nene, Pheadra, Porsha, and Kandi vs Cynthia and Kenya? I’m sure Kandi and Pheadra will turn on Cynthia soon. Not sure how she’ll handle it.

    • Don’t forget Marlo.. Something tells me she will be there. Nene’s face when Kenya mentioned her was enough to secure Marlo a spot . Unless Nene hAs that kind of pull. Still Marlo will be a friend of Kenya for sure No?

  • Porsha is right. Cynthia knows she is on the chopping block & her only hope now is Kenya, so she must befriend her. Cynthia never speaks up & takes sides,(unless she’s drinking) she just sort of skirts around everything. I’ve been wondering for so long now why no-one ever realised how Cynthia stirs the pot then retreats into her I’m innocent I didn’t do a thing mode. Like in Africa when she said Kim wouldn’t hold a black baby, then with the Todd’s an opportunist situation. She tried it with MaMa Joyce but she called her out on it. Did you see Cynthia’s reaction ? She looked liked a 2nd grade child that just got caught with it’s hand in the cookie jar. Cynthia has been shady a bunch of times. Cynthia has been NeNe’s friend but yet you can see she never stands up to her, NeNe runs the friendship. Cynthia is a scared little kitty kat afraid of her own shadow, and really does not have a story line, NeNe is right about that. She was afraid of NeNe for fear of losing her spot on the show. Now I guess she is Kenya’s muse, playing follow the leader again. Let’s be clear I do not condone NeNe’s behavior, I don’t think she is a good friend. And I actually like Cynthia, she seems to have a level head on her shoulders, & is simply beautiful to watch. Also this leaves me wondering, how are they going to renew this show with the aminosity between all these women, if they aren’t friends & won’t film together, I think I see big changes coming.

    • Isn’t Porsha cozying up to Leakes to attempt to save her job? Pog calling the kettle black. Porsha is no better than Cynthia, and she cried and kissed NeNe’s ass because she did not want to fight her. ALL of them have been messy.

        • Befriending Kenya and cozying up to NeNe is not going to save either of these ladies jobs’. Cynthia’s personality does not blend with people who “turn it up” and Porsha went too far (whether she snapped or not). Don’t get me wrong I still think that Kenya taunted and provoked her and that Bravo allowed it to happen, but they have to punish somebody for this and Porsha is the obvious person.

          • They’ll keep Cynthia because Nene didn’t want to talk about their friendship on the air. That means this is a weak spot for Nene and Bravo likes to exploit people’s weaknesses.

          • I think they will bring back Porsha. She played a huge roll in the record breaking viewers for a Bravo show. They would be fools to let her go. Cynthia had nothing to do with ratings. Lets be honest. Cynthia is nice but no one is tuning in for her ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • I think Cynthia knew what Kenya did was threating, and that she is not innocent in the whole mess. She is Kenyas friend now and will stick up for her right or wrong just like she did with NeNe

  • Also, Porsha is truly the weak one. She’s the one that me a couple of hens amp her up to do their dirty work.

    Notice that when Kenya started to talk about “phone calls” made before the reunion, nene jumped up before Kenya even said anything about her denying it saying Kenya was the one making strategic phone calls. But how the heck is nene going to deny it before Kenya implicated her? Because she knows damn well she does it every reunion, calling certain girls beforehand to plan verbal attacks. Her puppet just went physical this year.

    • So agree with you Joann..Porsha now playin victim..thought she hated that??..Porsha ran HER mouth for 2 yrs also..she always interupting & talking over..all these shws are so scripted anymore!! All the gals xcept maybe Cyn was to go at Twirl..thats why she kept sayin shes sorry to all the gals 7 nene covered her mouth!!! SMFH

  • If Cynthia was weak she would’ve just agreed with all the other women. Porsha is weak for spitting out nene’s secondhand words.

    And the only person Cynthia had to protect herself from was Porsha who grabbed her dress and exposed her boob. But you stay classy Porsha.

    • If Cynthia wasn’t weak she would have taken her stand last week. She waited to see which way the wind was blowing.

      • She did take her stand last week. She came out and said she doesn’t condone violence and that Kenya did provoke but the response shoudnt be violence.

        Plus, it’s the same stance she took on the reunion so she’s been consistent since right after it happened.

      • If Linnethia doesn’t say that, would you think of it?! “Waiting to see which way the wind blows”……

  • I’m with Porsha. Cynthia is weak and messy she only downplayed it on WWHL because she is so far up Kenya’s ass now.

    • AGREED! Cynthis is showing the WORLD how much of a flip flopper she is by befriending Kenya and supporting her all of a sudden.
      Kenya has disrespected just about EVERY female cast member and their significant other on the show. Plus she threatened Phedra when she was 8 months pregnant at last year’s reunion and she tugged on NeNes ear BUT she’s SO against violence against women.

      Not too many people will let U berate them, yell and point things in their face before they open a can of Whoop A$$ on you!
      I’m not saying Porsha was right but she is human and we ALL have a breaking point!

      • Cynthia was right not to support Porsha’s stupidity. Actually, the reunion was BETTER once Porhsa left.

        • Look at how close the scepter was to her face! Really?! It was in her direction, not her face. Porsha, like the big dummy she is, is resorting to name calling when it wouldn’t be necessary if her dumbass had SELF control. If anyone is weak, it’s her “I’m so fine a man with money will take care of me so I don’t have to be smart” ass!

      • Adults should never result in hitting. i don’t get this mentality. What Porsha could have done is simply get up and walk off set until the “prop” were removed. But dumdum Porsha can’t think three steps ahead of herself. No Bobby Fischer there! that’s for sure!

        The reason some of the other women are defending Porsha is because they themselves have been violent or simply are using this as an excuse to hate on Kenya.

        I don’t care if you hate Kenya. She’s good for the show. She can actually argue without sounding like a 5th grader. And her talking heads this season were awesomely snarky. That doesn’t mean I want to be her friend, just that she makes good TV.

      • Right! No one condones violence, but once again Kenya instigates, bullies, and antagonizes’ the situation, and then cries victim! She is so pathetic and hypocrital. I can’t stand to even look at her! Always giving advice on marriage and kids, she is such a joke! Yes, Porsha reacted badly, but I’ll bet at least 50% of the viewing audience would have done the same thing.

    • Cynthia flipped from Team Nene to flop on Team Kenya. Nene has did all she can do for her so shes onto riding Krayonce coattail. Cynthia how about you grow a backbone.

      • Nene is the one who dropped Cynthia like she dropped her other friends. How many friends has Nene gone through on the show? Kim, Sheree, Kenya, Marlo, and now Cynthia…

        I wish Nene had a friend to tell her than her wig is tacky.

        • Ladies you are in incorrect. It was Cynthia believe it or not. Who dropped Nene as a friend. Even Nene said that Cynthia stop calling her. Cynthia is not as weak as people think. That was the smartest thing that she ever did. Who would really want to be around a person like Nene. She is very un lady like. She is loud. Ignorant. The list goes on. No real classy woman would ever be around this stripper woman. And in part 3 where Nene is calling Kenya all kind of names. Saying she is the lowest person making the least amount. That is sick. Coming from a woman who was taking her clothes off. Stripping for $2.50. Kenya has never been on anyone’s pole. Nene get your facts straight. You are the weakest link.

      • She didn’t flop. She doesn’t have shouldn’t have to pick one of the other. Nene’s my way or the highway attitude will eventually kill all her friendships.

  • Well Cynthia might be weak but what’s WEAKER is Porsha’s mental ability to control herself .

    • Absolutely. Porsha needs to understand Cynthia was right in the middle of the altercation and saw up close and personal how unhinged Porsha became.

      I support Cynthia’s value system-not condoning violence. I think Porsha’s anger stems from Peter and Kordell’s conversation.

      It was sickening last night to see that Nene, Phaedra and Kandi could not support a statement against violence against women. They may not like Kenya but please take any opportunity to publicly support a zero tolerance policy towards violence against women.

      • True but are you really surprised .
        Nene has been “PROVOKING” ( the new work Porsha stans love to use to excuse her behavior) cast members since Season 1 , always yelling in someone’s face and getting held back . Phaedra is a liar and corrupt criminal , she’s too busy trying to keep up appearances than face the facts about her personal life , and Kandi as usual staying her neutral “switzerland” self .

        I never was a fan of Cynthia but I agreed 100% with her for once during the reunion & WWHL .

        Kenya is trouble and drama BUT that’s why they brought her in to give the show LIFE , She actually resides in LA ( not in ATL) . I think Kenya is good entertainment and is sometimes a bit too intelligent for her cast mates ( hence PORSHA’s brain overloading at Reunion)

    • porsha is stupid. what has cynthia got to do with your stupidity and violent outbreaks! you should be jailed!