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Tamra Barney’s Son Ryan Vieth Says Simon Barney Used To Abuse Him And Tamra!


Tamra barney now has her son Ryan Vieth coming to her defense regarding ex husband, Simon Barney’s court filings. Ryan who has never had a good relationship with Simon, has taken to his Facebook to say how Simon is an abuser, and he doesn’t really want full custody of the kids, he only wants to hurt Tamra! Check it OUT!

Ryan says,

I am not going to sit here in silence any longer. I will NOT allow this piece of shit simon Barney to do this to my Mother. I lived with this man growing up, I witnessed first hand what a controlling bastard he is. It’s his way or no way! I watched him verbally beat her down many times. He caused so many problem between me and my Mom and now he is doing it with my sister Sidney. He verbally abused both of us their entire relationship. That’s why I moved out at 18. Bottom line, He can’t stand to see my Mom happy with Eddie. What he is doing to my brother and sisters is wrong. He doesn’t want his kids full time, he just wants to hurt my Mom. He knew exactly what he was doing when he filed those papers. He knew it would become public and destroy our mother. A responsible father that cared about his kids would have brought his “evidence” in front of a judge and not to the press. I hope the judge throws him in jail where he belongs.

Thoughts on what Ryan had to say?

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  • Ryan is a liar. He is mad because Simon wanted him to work and be a man. Out of all the OC kids he is the only one not doing anything with his life. Simon’s only crime is trying to turn a hoe into a housewife.

  • Is it hypocritical for Ryan to complain about Tamra’s alleged negligence going public while he goes and does and makes public Simon’s alleged abuse? Shouldn’t it have gone to the family court judge, as he stated himself, and not on his Facebook page? hmmmmmm…

  • I think Ryan has a lot of good points. I’m glad that he’s sticking up for his mom. However, those texts from Sydney to Tamara were not written by Ryan. So there’s some blame on Tamara’s part. She may want to re-evaluate her lifestyles in the public eye…stop getting drunk & ridiculous on tv while you’re trying to gain custody of your kids. I mean common. I don’t doubt that Simon was mentally abusive, heck we saw that on tv. The whole situation is sad. I do think that all of these things should be kept private. It’s a family matter, not public matter.

  • Tamra is the 1 SETTING poor examples for her kids lets see oh making an x rated bathtub scene on national tv where her kids will eventually hear about it and see it someday you know they will be teased about their porno mom she thinks only of herself I as a mother of 3 grown boys can see that I would never do 3/4 of what she has done so the children can someday see it and you know they will she may love them but she needs to dress and act like a mother not a slut

  • Shame on anyone slinging mud on Ryan for siding or trying to defend his mother… Anyone using his past troubles as a rebellious teen to discredit his personal point of view on what he knows n has probably lived is completely out of line… We watch the show – he actually for real lives it!! Therefore, he has more credibility than anyone here! Attack Tamara or Simon thats fair game not the kids regardless of the age. You’d do it too!

  • Ryan has issues for sure, having had two crappy parents, at least.

    But Simon, IMO, is a total control freak with anger control issues.

    And for Simon: this is what happens when you marry someone and then try to change them into someone else.

    I mean, was Tamra ever some meek little hausfrau, the likes of which Simon seemed to want her to become while he was on the show, when he met her? Ever? I doubt it. Marrying someone and then trying to change them into someone else never works.

  • Ryan was a spoiled brat. I remember when he was working at Fletcher Cadillac – a job Simon got him – all he did was complain about how he didn’t go to college for four years to stock shelves. He was very entitled little shit. Didn’t want to WORK.

  • He’s defending his mother and exposing Simon for the control freak he is. HOWEVER, Tamra is no saint. Any woman who has sex scene in a bathtub with her Latin boyfriend for all the world to see, and who also films her bachelorette party where a male stripper puts his face between her legs while she laughs is unbelievably inappropriate for a MOTHER. If I were her 15 year old daughter I would be mortified, embarrassed and humiliated and I wouldn’t want to live with her either. Her behavior is beyond inappropriate. She has four children and the way she behaves on camera is unbelievable. This is called Karma.

  • I need examples of these problems Ryan. Feel free to provide. And don’t criticize your siblings father. Simon and Tamra’s marriage is actually none of your business.

  • I believe him, just as i believe the accuser of Woody Allen. When grown kids come forth as adults they have a lot of credibility to me. I hope the judge pays attention to what Ryan is saying and gives 100% custody to Tamra. I remember scenes with Simon on RHOC and thinking what an insufferable rat he was. I was so glad that Tamra told him off and got out.

  • simon filed papers , he did not go to the press or do any interviews. then comes the twitter war with their daughter who BTW is living with simon now… so would she not see the abouse of what Ryan is talking about, of course the parents are divorced hence the verbal abuse..if you will.
    but ryan never got along . tamra was into fame and money , going from job to job. now that she met eddie she is a fitness gruru(if thats how u spell it )
    tamra flip flops from freinds to friends. that should tell you alot about her charactor. she is all about herself. very sad either way.
    but as a mother of two teanagers 16 girl and 13 boy… you need to stay on top of them and correct them and make sure they are on the straight path how can you do that on a reailty show. simon tried and you know what happen after that.

  • I believe everything the kid is saying about Simon because I witnessed Simon’s character and behavior while he was on RHOC. Tamra’s daughter is acting out in a typical spoiled rotten teen manner, only difference is that she has a wider platform to air her immature, shameful rants against her mother. Hey I’m not a big Tamra fan, but I don’t think for one minute that she is a neglectful or bad mother. Bless Ryan’s broken heart for speaking up for his mom against a man who bullied and abused them both for years.

    • on a TV show where you are seeing a handful of minutes in someones life over two years. A perception that Bravo wanted you to believe.

  • Simon Barney is a prick. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain. He’s a control freak and just all around a self centered ass. BUT, he DID have the good sense at one point to at least try and keep his kids off of reality TV. So that’s the only reason I can’t completely dismiss him and side 100% with Tamra (and now Ryan).

    Plus, she picked him. Tamra chose to have 3 more kids with a douche. Is she really that dumb & oblivious? Or was it something else? Reminds me of a Dr. Phil saying: “When you marry for money, you earn every penny.”

      • As an impartial viewer of RHOC, I’m sorry, but Simon came across as not the type of guy I would want to know. Maybe “prick” is not exactly the right term…but I thought it was more succinct than “short, insecure, sort of odd, not too smart, unattractive and abusive loser”.
        But then again I don’t like Tammy much either so….what the F. do I know? 😉

  • ryan would say anything his mother wanted him to. his mommy has enabled his creepy behavior, his laziness, etc. simon was very good to ryan until ryan refused to look for or get a job, disrespected his mother, bitched about helping around the house -which, he lived in and ate from, as an ADULT, rent free– and kept asking for money, that he used to go out drinking and buy new tattoos. yeah, I’d get sick of that too. simon put up with it because he loved his wife.
    since tammy and simon’s divorce, guess what upstanding citizen, ryan has done? google him.
    and, oh yeah, his mommy got her new wallet, er..husband to give ryan a job. just like simon did.
    consider the source. I don’t believe ryan the lazy, creepy douchebag for one hot second.

  • Screw Ryan…

    He’s a brat. He didn’t like living under Simon and Tamra’s house and having to follow certain rules like…you either go to school or get a job.

    He is the same guy who cornered Gretchen in a bathroom and needed to be pried off her…under the blessing and encouragement of his mother.

    Not to mention, the only reason he has a job now is because his new step daddy gave him one.

  • Go Ryan! I always thought there was a reason Simon and he had issues. It was clear Simon loathed Ryan, because he was not ” his”.

    • I thought it was clear that Simon had issues with Ryan because Ryan was a lazy, do nothing kid that wanted an easy ride. it’s all perspective.

      • To me, I saw the struggling relationship that is very common with young boys/men being raised by a control freak stepfather who really wanted no bother with raising him. Now, if such issues existed between Tamra and Simon, then you have Ryan in the mix, I can see where there were even more issues. I think he was rebellious with Simon, again, not unheard of in that family situation but that does not mean he cannot speak out for his family.

  • Simon is a douche, and there are clips of him being emotionally abusive to Tyrant, ie “choose between Vile and me” or their last ugly bashing in the”limo” on the way to the party.

    Simon controls via emotion/money. He voiced his disappointment in Ryan and did try giving Ryan a job and at that time Ryan was an active drug addict.

    What adult son/daughter will STFU when he/she is reading tweets/facebook/interviews from both parties and he knows the “behind the scenes” of both Tyrant and Simon.

    Ryan has witnessed abuse towards his mom as a child and each have said “it’s you and me against the world” while Tamra was single.

    Would his post (ryan’s) be acceptable if it did not have swearing in it? don’t know

    He is an adult and he is also a witness.

    • Don’t forget about the limo ride at the end of season 5. Simon was WAY too comfortable saying he’d bitch slap Tamra!! What kind of loving husband says that to the mother of his children??

      • Hey Simon Sucks

        and cool handle and YES HE DOES!

        I actually did forget about that. I do remember the weirdness about him approving/disapproving her wardrobe.

        he is an ex for a reason
        he is an abusive douche

      • You mean the car ride where Simon called her out on spending too much time going out versus spending time with her family. And when Tamra asked for an example he provided one from the previous week where they were supposed to do something as a family and she canceled because she was “working”?? At that point Tamra said she wanted a divorce. God forbid someone call Tamra out on her crappy behavior.

        I understand why some people dislike Simon. The the surface it seem like he’s being controlling. But if you were in a relationship with three small children and you saw your spouse pulling away from the family focused on D-list celebrity, you might also start trying to get a handle on the situation. I don’t think Simon is perfect, but I do think he’s a better parent and probably a better spouse than Tamra.

        • The time I was talking about is when there was once again, another fight about Simon’s insecurities.

          Simon tried to isolate Tyrant.. He kept bashing Vile – cuz Vile kept telling Tyrant, if you don’t like this and you don’t think this will work LEAVE”.

          Tyrant did spend alot of time with her children. What made me curious, Simon was ok with the kids while he was on this show, the second he is kicked to the curb..Nope.

          I agree, little kids don’t need to be used as a story line or a prop.

          Simon is a hypocrate, he refuses to let Tyrant have the kids on film, but he was all for it when his abusive mug was in front of the camera.

          Sorry emotional abuse has so many levels of pain.

  • I think it is hard for some people to put aside their dislike for Tamara and look at this situation logically and from a different perspective.

    I’m glad Ryan finally spoke out, he is entitled to give his opinion just as everybody else. I do believe Simon is trying to hurt Tamra any way he can, that has been his whole MO since he’s been on Housewives. As for Ryan needing to be “grateful” because he gave him a roof over his head….really so many kids have been in his position where the parents/adults move on and the kids are sort of stuck, he was a typical teenager with problems, who now seems to have outgrown them which is normal.

    At this point I would believe a sibling over anybody else.

    My opinion, Simon is a pos, plain and simple, behind closed doors and away from cameras there were many people worried about Tamra’s situation back then.

    • When Tamra wanted a divorce and to date Eddie-Simon filed for divorce. Simon agreed to joint custody and no support.

      Tamra tried to force Simon to let the children film. He was forced to respond. As a father he is entitled to defend what he feels are in the best interests of his children. Tamra has admitted to a rocky relationship with the 15 year old.

      Ryan is 28 years old, he has been out of the house for the most part, in his own words, since he was 18. Simon’s children were toddlers (or unborn) at the time Ryan exited. This is a guy who admitted to using illegal steroids and Tamra claims suffers from depression. I question his view but he does have the right to express it.

      The standard is “best interests of the child(ren)”. Tamra and her troops have made it about Simon. All of these children are old enough to express their feelings to a neutral third party but cannot do so without a motion before the court. All I read from Tamra is how devasted SHE is, how difficult it is for HER, maybe she should put her child(ren) first.

      • But it was ok to film the kids when Simon was on the show though? No Simon- no kids- divorce- then it was a problem. And Tamra said no to getting spousal support from his ass. What do steroids have to do with him defending his mother?
        What does her depression have to do with battling another abuser in her life? It was clear on the show that Simon was a controlling freak .

        • Simon has been clear the contract to film his children allowed him to “control” the situation. On almost every franchise the children are pulled after a divorce (Camielle) or after the HW speaks negatively about the ex (Camille and Brandi).

          Tamra was afraid she was going to have to pay support.

          What her depression has to do with the situation is-as a family he stepped up and took care of the kids because she was unable to because she was limited by her depression.

          Steroids are proven to have effects on one’s personality. he also used them illegally.

          I saw Simon as someone who had a vile, foul mouthed lazy wife with a horrible temper–he is allowed an opinion. What exactly did he control? She asked about a dress he said it showed too much. SHE ASKED. He asked that she not grab his crotch in public-HIS CROTCH.

          I personally see little difference between Simon and Eddie. Except Eddie has now quit his job to ride Tamra’s coattails.

  • I’m sorry but in this case I’m not buying his story. I think Simon trying to get Ryan to work and become a responsible adult is what I seen. Ryan was ticked he didn’t get to start as a salesman he had to start out as a parts dept guy or something else and that wasn’t good enough. So he moved back into his grandma home. I seen Simon trying to encourage him to grow up. He has always been kind of gross to me. I’m sure that Simon is controlling but Ryan never showed any sign of growth. He reminded me of one of those kids that think the world owes them.
    Let’s not forget how Tamra got Gretchen “naked wasted” and used Ryan to try and seduce her so we could see what a smutty girl she was. To me that’s a bit sick to me.

  • Hi-I agree that this is a sad situation all around! From my point of view, I feel Tamra might suffer from bi-polar and ADHD. I say this as a child who grew up with a mum with bi-polar. I think Tamra was always looking for that knight to save her, but once she was “saved” she was still not happy. I do not think Tamra or Simon was never a good fit and both were reasons to their divorce. That being said, I felt Simon’s needed to control Tamra while married was due to Tamra’s up and down behaviors. I saw this with my dad trying to keep some control of my mum’s mental illness. In those days, there was no Dr. Phil or books or much help for people like my mum. I also feel Ryan has some ADHD and LD issues. I feel that Tamra and Ryan are somewhat co-dependent on each other-for good and bad. From my view point, Simon tried to help Ryan many times to get his life together. He tried to help him get in to law enforcement and a job at the dealership he worked for at the time. Ryan acted as if he was “too good” for a parts guy. However, with limited education and a shady past, it was a good starter job! Tamra seemed to want to be the friend mom to Ryan and when they partied it was great. When he needed a parent, Tamra pushed that chore onto Simon. I think Simon was in a no win situation with both Ryan and Tamra. In regards to the courts, if Simon felt there was a problem, he did things the right way. He did not go and an talk about it, he filed legal paper. Tamra was the one sending all the C&D letters in the past to shut people up from talking about her. She would than talk about it on the show. I think it Tamra, in some ways are way more controlling than Simon is or ever was!!

    • I just remember Simon having to get the kids ready for school because Tamra wanting to sleep in. I guess she later revealed she suffered from depression. So I see that as married couple working together to deal with a situation.

      I also remember Tamra ASKING about a certain dress to wearing to an event and when Simon expressed his opinion-he was a controlling monster.

      I agree Tamra does have a history of trying to control the others and their responses to Simon. She was mad at Alexis because Alexis and Jim still spoke to Simon, she was mad at Jeana because Jeana defended Simon. This is a woman who has repeatedly engaged in aggressive behavior towards the other women. Gee wasn’t that her storyline last year her uncontrollable temper?

  • Nice of Ryan to support his mother. I don’t believe a word of what comes out of his mouth. Who is he to say how Sydney feels?

    This is a statement coming from someone who is not smart enough to understand the legal system.

    I think Ryan forgets Simon provided him with a place to live and technical training and a job. Ryan seemed to be more interested in using steroids and getting expensive tattoos.

    • I’m sorry, where did he say something about how Sydney felt? All he said was that Simon was causing problems between Tamra and Sydney, which is evident, because he certainly isn’t helping the problem. Tamra is not perfect, but I do believe if someone puts it out there, then you have a right to respond.

      • You people seem to have a problem with public records. Simon went to court because his daughter said she did not feel safe with her mom. The other three children were being bullied at school and didn’t want to be seen on the show. Tamera went to court to argue against that and lost. Thats why her children are nother shown, and that’s why Simon is suing for sole custody. If the roles were reversed you all would be cheering the mother on, but let a father do it, and he is all kind of names. Hypocrites the lot of you.

    • simon only provided him a place to live because of tamra and don’t forget he was also controlling with ryan. it was all on the show. ryan and simon did not get along and tamra was stuck in between them. although, I think simon was right to push ryan to get a job and move out. it was the way he did it that was wrong. he seemed he really didn’t care about ryan and it was evident in the show. there was so much animosity.

      not that I think ryan is telling the complete truth. I’m sure he’s getting revenge for what simon is doing to this mother but I believe there is some truth to his claims.

      • I think if you have an adult child living in your home you are entitled to lay down some rules. This was a kid who had little drive and after six years has pretty much done nothing but live off his family’s various pursuits.

        • could it be ryan’s problematic character was partly because of what he has gone through as a child with simon as his dysfunctional father figure? have you seen snippets of how simon treated tamra? being a fighter that tamra is, she was a meek lamb to a roaring lion simon

    • Again, what do tattoos and steriods have to do with his siblings and Mother@zoeys? And Sydney is his sister, so he may know she feels. And really, not smart enough? I did not know there was a scale to measure one’s level of intelligence when defending family. Do you know him personally to make that assessment? of course Simon gave him a place to stay; he was on tv and still married to Ryan’s mother.

      • As I have said previously Ryan can say what he wants I just chose not to believe him. He has never demonstrated a positive presence on the show.

        I think a 15 year old can speak for herself and doesn’t need Ryan to interpret what the relationship between she and her dad or she and her mom.

        Didn’t Eddie just say last week -he didn’t want a kid like Ryan?

        As to using illegal substances-it does go to character–you are breaking the law.

        • I have to disagree, when you’re fifteen, you are easily influenced. And I assume this is the case with this girl. I feel sorry for her, she’s being used as a pawn. I think we’ve seen that neither parent is mature and as they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

          As to using illegal substances, I fail to see how that shows a bad character. Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it’s moral. You can be a law abiding citizen and be immoral.

          Whether Ryan is being completely truthful, I don’t know, but we can all agree that Simon is possessive and controlling, we saw those traits when he was on the show.

          • I disagree. Judging by the court documents, the daughter seems smart, well spoKen, and mature. That’s more than I can say about her mother.

  • Hmmm I don’t see tamra as the victim. She is an aggressive person and doesn’t take crap from anyone. so she can act like Simon is the big bad guy but they are both wrong.

    • I agree with you. I know her type. I used to work with a little creep that acted EXACTLY the way she does. (And she was a teen-mom/high school drop-out, on her 2nd bad marriage, too).

    • She looked like the victim to me in scenes they showed of her and Simon. He was so controlling, he didn’t let her have a five-minute conversation with a friend at a party without demanding to know what she was talking about. Then, if I recall correctly, he stormed out of the party without her.

    • Did we watch the same show? Ryan is hardly credible. He was also drunk and partying, never taking responsibility for anything, never wanted to work, had a bad attitude, no manners and was mooching off his mom’s money.

      • Exactly Queen Vee, while I feel for Tamra and the kids, After seeing Ryan on the show I wouldn’t consider him The Truth Cannon. He’s standing up for his mom as he should but why is all this being put on social media by Tamara and Ryan? He should contact his minor siblings and maybe help them deal With this mess.

    • Did I watch the same show as everyone else? Ryan is awful and hardly credible. He was also drunk and partying, never taking responsibility for anything, never wanted to work, had a bad attitude, no manners and was mooching off his mom’s money. The only reason he hated Simon so much is because Simon was actually trying to hold him accountable for his actions.

      I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for Tamra, look at the way she dragged Slade’s son’s issues all over the media in an attempt to bash Slade.

      • One important part of character witnesses is they possess good character. Ryan has never displayed any good character.

        • In his defense, he was not on the show full time all of these years. How do you know what his real character is like? And even if he were, its not like Bravo ever shows their whole life, and everything about them day to day. We only see what filming has edited and allowed. Now, out of all three, based on filming, Simon’s character is the one that is questionable.

          • He has been in jail, abused illegal substances, various periods of unemployment, tried to take advantage of a drunk woman. Maybe he needs to show his good character instead of the bad.

            I have a hard time taking s good character witness seriously when he releases the statement that he did.

          • You can’t tell any body’s character from these shows. The character you see is what you perceive it to be.

      • @QueenVee — I see Ryan the same way you do. I also remember Tamra defending Simon, saying that Ryan was especially rebellious towards his step-father. I don’t think Simon is perfect, and most likely, verbal abuse was probably practiced by all three. Of course, Ryan, in his own interest, phrases it as if Simon is the sole abuser and he and his mother were innocent victims. When reading these types of accusations, people need to use some common sense and decide for themselves what is reasonable and rational and what is desperate damage control.

        • yes, people do need to use common sense, but part of that is to remember that at 18 Ryan moved out, when we watched the show he was moving back in and Simon had a contract for him to sign, telling Ryan that he almost caused a divorce between his mother and himself, real nice thing to tell an immature 21 year old, so to say Ryan is not credible is to not remember was just a kid.

  • If Ryan TRULY CARED about his half siblings he would not have publicly bashed their father. Ryan could have testified for Tamra when the time came. This is sad. Only those children are being hurt by all of this. Tamra is an adult and will survive this and has the mental capacity to deal with it BUT CHILDREN will and can have long lasting scars from such a public mess. Ryan has ALWAYS been immature and I do believe he was terribly jealous of Simon and his mother’s relationship. Tamra never handled it correctly. I am not saying I know how Simon TRULY is BUT Ryan is now an adult and the best thing for the children is for Ryan and actually all of Tamra’s family to stay off social media and let the courts handle it. Once again, I feel for these minor children that have no where to hide in all of this and I do believe BOTH PARENTS have handled this poorly BUT TAMRA’S extended family and Eddie need to stay off social media and out of the press.

      • Hmm? I must be misunderstanding, I thought Simon filed with the courts? I didn’t see him do an interview or put it on his Facebook,I apologize,I must have missed it. But,if you read everything I wrote I did say I feel both parents have handled things poorly. As a mother, I would never ever put any of this on social media and only deal with my lawyer. So to answer your question,yes, sometimes in life you must stay quiet to ultimately win the important fight and in my eyes her children are the important fight,not the public. Tamra and her family seem a little too concerned with her image. Just my opinion.

        • A responsible father that cared about his kids would have brought his “evidence” in front of a judge and not to the press.

          • That is what Simon did. You hae to file papers with the Court to get the matter heard. Simon declined press interviews.

            Tamra is the one “trying it” in the press.

          • I think we will just have to “agree to disagree” on this one. I do believe we are focused on two different things. I am focused on three minor children being hurt, you seem to be focused on Tamra’s reputation. Therefore, from that perspective then yes, I guess they should respond but as a mother I would not take that route.

          • I’m not meaning to focus on her reputation at all. If you want to talk about the kids, then both parents are definitely to blame. But if one puts it out there, the other does have a right to respond. I won’t judge them for that. May not be the best response, but I’m not perfect and I don’t expect others to be either.

        • @Lindsey There is absolutely nothing on Simon’s Twitter about the Court papers. he in fact denies it. So we could not have all seen it.

          Tamra is the one fighting it in the press-which because of her celebrity status is something she is certainly entitled to do.

          • You’re right, my bad it was not on twitter. But it was information from him that was released, that went around the internet like gangbusters, including this site. I do not think that was right on his part. But my opinion still stays the same. We all read the text messages, and Simon’s statements that spread all over social media, regardless of how they got there, and I still believe Tamra had every right to clarify and say her side of the story.

  • Good for Ryan!! He makes very valid points and I believe him. Oh and why the hell did you use an old mugshot photo of him. I know you could’ve easily found a different, more recent photo.

    • I believe Ryan and glad he spoke out about what’s really going on. I would do the same for my mom and sister.

      • Me too I’m happy that he’s finally he said something the true it’s coming out its side in the end but I hope that’s a good happy ending to the story

    • Ryan blaming everything in simon isn’t right. His mother is to blame for allowing a man to treat her and her child that way. All Tamra cared about was the lifestyle simon gave her. When the money dried up they started having major problems. I really think Simon loved her but she never lived him. He was a way out of her poor lifestyle.

      • I agree. The minute he tried to start his tequila business and their financial situation suffered, she was out the door. And she hooked up with Eddie IMMEDIATELY. That woman cannot be alone for five seconds. Has to have a man and then immediately has to procreate. She’s a desperate lady.