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Joanna Krupa Lists Miami Condo For $1.9 Million! Is It The Begnning Of The End Of Miami?!

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Everyone’s been talking about if Real Housewives of Miami is coming back or getting the axe! Now we find out our hot newlyweds of Miami, Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago, have listed their condo at the Four Season’s Hotel in Miami for $1.9 million. Realty Today shared the following photo and caption,


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‘Real Housewives of Miami’ star Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago list Miami condo for $1.9 million (Photo : MLS via Trulia Luxury Listing)
Krupa purchased the place last year for $1.3 million through a $1.1 million mortgage. She had just tied the knot in 2012 and settled down with her groom in the beautiful two-bedroom, three-bathroom condo apartment in the plush hotel.

With Joanna placing her condo on the market has enraged the rumors even more with RHOM being cancelled. Marysol Patton and Alexia Echevarria have taken to their twitters to reassure followers that RHOM will be back. Check out their tweets,

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At first I thought the rumors were just that, RUMORS! But now with Joanna selling her condo, I’m not sure anymore. It certainly doesn’t help the cancellation rumors circling RHOM! Do you think RHOM will be back? Or do you believe Joanna is simply ready to move on from her gorgeous condo?!

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  • I dont see why ratings for Miami is so low. I really enjoyed this franchise once they revamped after season 1. Season 1 was dreadful but 2 (my favorite) and 3, were great. I LOVE Lea Black and Adriana, so I really hope it isn’t canceled. If ANY franchise should be canceled, it should be NEW YORK! They tried revamping it, and it’s still a snoozefest.

  • She probably sold it because she and Romain bought that house on the water. They didn’t need two homes in Miami…

  • I was told by one of the top bloggers that blogs for Bravo that RHOM was coming back but filming was being delayed and then it would be shown in Summer 2015.

    • That is very cool info


      I guess that is why RHOM was not listed on approved shows for the season.

      And also explains Andy’s wishy washy answer about it.. I think it was something like “we are not sure”

      • From what someone said on twitter RHOM, it’s coming back but getting a reboot of sorts. So the only summer HWs will probably only be OC & NJ& the new sub-wives Ladies of London.

  • I thought Romain bought her a house last season? So , whattup with this? Just selling a second place maybe?

  • Wow what a beautiful apartment in The Four Seasons no less.. So Joanna basically bought the $ 1.3 million dollar apartment with $200,000.00 down. If she get her asking price thats a cool $400,000.00 dollar profit in her pocket from a $200,000.00 initial investment , in 1 year .. Of course she should sell it.

    I like RHOM and hope it comes back

    I just saw that Bravo is doing a Million Dollar Listing Miami and i can’t wait

  • Not only do they still have a house in miami but Romain owns a club in Miami so they will always need to have a place to stay in miami as long as he still owns the club.

    • He does not own the club. He is the GM. Maybe the owners gave him a 5-10% stake in his compensation package but he is not the owner.

  • So because she is selling her condo, you assume the show is cancelled? You do know that Joanna and Romain still have a house in Miami (which we saw in season 3). Also, has anyone considered the fact that maybe Joanna wasn’t asked back due to her rude, disloyal behavior when she was trying so hard to get on RHOBH?

    Both Alexia and Marysol have pretty much confirmed that season 4 is happening….plus if you go onto purveyors of pop’s twitter (the company that produces RHOM), you will see that not only are they currently in Miami, but they have also dropped several hints regarding production.

    • Lea also confirmed that filming for season 4 wasn’t starting until fall…hence the reason RHOM wasn’t on the bravo fall upfronts schedule.

  • I for one hope they do come back! It is a very distinct franchise! I love all these ladies! I think Joanna is just selling the condo just because she does not need it anymore! She bought her house already, her sister is not even in Florida anymore! So why keep it?!

    • oh I have a tagline for her if she joins rhobh. my kitten smells like a million bucks and the rescue dogs agree!

    • I hope they come back too. I loved the glossy look last season and they are hands down the best for fashion!

      I think Lisa needs to go though, she cheapens the franchise with dumb airhead act and she doesn’t really have anything going on either. Plus her & Joanna calling each other before the reunion to more or less plan what to argue about just made the whole thing seem fake as hell.

      I’d probably have Adriana, Joanna, Alexia & Lea from the current cast and then bring back Ana & Karent. Marysol can stay in her ‘friend’ role. I’d probably demote Lea if we can replace her with Lisa Pliner though – her house was fabulous and her husbands a shoe designer so it’ll be a glimpse into the fashion world.

      • I don’t mind Lisa, she seems fair-minded and she can be fun. Really wish Alexia would go, she is weirdly mean. The Cuban Doll thing is quite silly also. Don’t mind longer hair on mature women, but to have such untoned yellow-blonde long hair – it just clashes with her cold dead gaze and reptilian features, and makes her look like a super-mean lizard who stole Barbie’s hair

        • Alexia is aggressive bully towards other people. No wonder her son is the same – spoiled, stupid bully.