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Tamra Barney BLASTS Gretchen Rossi And Slade Smiley For Calling The Press; Plus Says Why Gretchen Was FIRED!


Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Barney, hasn’t just been fighting with her ex husband, Simon Barney lately — Tamra is now putting former co-stars, Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, on blast for allegedly calling the media to see if they can comment on Tamra’s recent family issues. Tamra posted about the matter (and then deleted it) on Facebook account. Check it OUT!


Tamra also revealed why Gretchen was fired.


Do you believe that Gretchen and Slade called the media?

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  • I think tamara is sooo jealous of Gretchen it hurts ugly OLD Tamara grudge. She is jealous of everyone who has a good life because her life sucks. She married a man that honestly he has to be the grown up version Eddie Munster from the Munsters. Looks identical to him. He is a ugly sucker. Tamara ain’t no prize either. She is trying to stay young by doing all this crap to her face that is only making her look much much OLDER than she’s ever looked. Go NATURAL old woman that’s the only way. And you having a baby what a crock of BS there is no way you can. Ur menopausing so how do u think your going to have a baby? your not the Virgin Mary. Far far far from it. Your an OLD washed up bitch who needs to get off the show with the Lizzy Lizzard and the zombie heather. Ugly ass witches. Come on show please fire the Lizzard and the old woman Tamara who is jokingly trying to have a baby give me a break. And fire heather the zombie witch. She the ugliest of them all to tell u the truth.

  • These 2 idiots will do anything to stay on tv. They just don’t get it, nobody is interested in them

  • Have no idea. What I do know is T is trouble. Every situation on the show belongs to either t or that other thing, V. They are both vicious. Someday Bravo will be done with these old mold moss growing pips & put others in their stead.

    Don’t care about T issues period

  • Yes I do believe that Slimey and Gretchen called the media. The reason I believe it is because all the stuff Tamera has said about them in the past about Slades family issues. They G and S wanted their Karma.
    I have no idea if G was fired nor do I care. She became too fake and not just in her story lines either. Also her appearance is fake.
    Now, they’re gonna be on this show ‘Boot Camp” ( or something like that) just goes to show that G and S will do anything for camera time.. Ughhh.

    • Remember when Jay Mohr said that Gretchen and Slade wanted him to say that Eddie was not straight?

    • she was fake from her first season.Acting as if she gave a rats a** about Jeff,the only time she did her fake voice cry was when a camera was in her face other then that she was f*cking her guy on the side

      • She is pretty shady and what a hustler–for someone whose parents weren’t exactly hurting for money!

  • Why would Tamra’s daughter being asking her anything about it?

    How would her daughter know that reporters were calling her to discuss what Gretchen may or may not have said?

    Parents should leave children out of their ridiculous drama. Perhaps lends a little credence to what Simon has been saying……

  • This statement coming from a woman whom had Slade’s ex-wife’s cell number without ever meeting her and feeling the need to call her to find out about their child support issues and then blabbing it out at the reunion. I have NO sympathy for Tamra she is the biggest sh*t stirrer. Now she is getting a taste of her own medicine and she doesn’t like it….she is definitely the one who has to Grow up! Fighting on twitter like a teenager and embarrassing what’s left of her family.

  • They probably did call the media, but you can’t tell me Tamara would not have done the exact same thing to Gretchen and Slade if she had a reason too. She would be all over a rumor about them.

    • Yep– they ALL do it! That is why Jill Zarin calls the Paps to respond to all the Ramona and Bethenny stories, Jacqueline about the Teresa stories, Slade and Gretchen on any housewife story (they have no real wealth or outside jobs/business so they are especially thirsty/desperate), Brandi comments on Lisa stories….it is how the pr game works and all their hands are dirty no matter how many “who me” protests they put out there.

      Some of them refrain from going after and commenting on marriages and kids while others will comment on anything to see the simple glory of their name in a web or magazine blurb. They need their fix just like a crack addict. People should not be so Pollyanna to think it is just the Paps/tabloids driving this – nobody calls the gossip sites/tabloids/Paps and the blogs more than reality stars.

  • Tamra is just adding more fuel to the fire by posing this. Give it a break!!!! If they are doing this that’s on them. But she makes herself look bad by posting this. Grow up and be a mom to your kids. Tamra signed up to be on this show and she has to deal with the good along with the bad that comes with it. Enough this is already to public but she wants more attention that’s why she posts her business on Facebook and twitter. Everything she does is to get more attention. Her and Melissa (RHNJ) are two peas in pod both are the biggest Attention Whores.

    • Why should she stay quiet? Then Simon takes over and his version becomes truth.

      People always want women to be quiet…

      • Tamra should be quiet because she usually makes things worse by responding (e.g.,that self pitying post about wanting to die/ being saved). That did her no favors whatsoever. In fact, it probably helped Simon’s cause.

  • My guess is the tabloids called Gretchen and Slade for comments on Tamra’s family mess, knowing there is bad blood. Gretchen and Slade probably said go ask Tamra..This is probably all blown out of proportion. Tamra because she is nuts went off the deep end.

  • oh for crying out loud. REALITY TV STORY LINES ARE ALL FAKE. There is nothing real about any of it. I for one miss Gretchen. I always enjoyed her and wish she was still on and Tamra and Vicki were gone.

  • Of course reporters will say Gretchen (or whoever) called, they want the story. Since when is a gossip type reporter considered truth?

    They all have fake story lines to a degree. I think Tamra is trying to save face and place blame in all other places, and maybe it’s easier to bond this way with her daughter, since she quoted her on her twitter. I think it should all be left out of the public eye imo, and I think Simon is deplorable for starting it this way, it seems to be his mo.

  • Isn’t it interesting that whenever something happens on these shows, those that are no longer connected to it call the media to offer their two cents? Sorry, 15 minutes of fame are pretty much over..

    Although, Tamra needs to keep her mouth shut. Good gravy.

  • Of course I don’t know the truth because I’m neither Tam nor Gretch. But, Gretch also posted on her IG that the media had been calling her and Slade asking for comments on the Tamra situation. This is believe is the truth. That they are seeking her out. I mean it’s what the media does on a regular basis.

    Side note: Ever since this whole drama has broke with Tamra and her children/ex she has been overkill on her FB & IG with family videos/pictures. Makes me wonder why she’s trying so hard all of a sudden. She rarely used to post her own pictures unless they were selfies. Now she’s constantly posting pics of Sophia and it makes her look guilty/suspicious.

    I am sorry for what she’s going thru. However, I think it would be a great time to fade away for awhile and stay OFF social media.

    • This true…. She only posted pics of her and Eddie and CUT Fitness crap… Now it’s her kids since word went public. Let’s real this news of her being a not so great mom is not any new news look at Ryan. But it just went public Simon has been dealing with her crappy parenting since the divorce.

      • From what I have read, Tamra has the kids Monday to Wednesday afternoon, and Simon has them from Wednesday night to Friday afternoon. They rotate weekends.

        Tamra doesn’t have the kids long enough for the problems that Simon describes to develop.

  • I don’t believe they called the media. Trash hag is not that important, she blames everything on people calling the media that’s wrong with her life. I can see the media, or tabloids in this matter, contacting Gretchen.

    • Why wouldn’t Gretchen and Slade call the media? They want to get on TV to promote their new show.

      I don’t think Tamra has a habit of making things up.

      • lol, that’s all Tamra does. How many times do Barney and Vicki need to get busted for lying before you figure out the kind of person they are. read the court documents on Barney. Her kids call her a lair, doctors, school teachers and specialist are all speaking out against her..

  • Tamra is a lying tramp. First off, bravo and production decide story, not cast so that’s lie number one, and second Gretchen announced a new show and started production on it before housewives. Read the media, I’m sure that deal was on the table so she left. This is for the dumbasses who posted above, who is the scum in the press? Tamra!!! She is always in the press spilling lies. Gretchen’s press has nothing to do with housewives.

    • The cable network Gretchen has an upcoming show on gets about 1/10th of the tv ratings and advertising revenues that Bravo network gets so Gretchen and Slade who made a Max $250,000 combined in their 4th year contract with Bravo will be lucky to clear maybe tops $50,000 salary on such a low rated reality show with unproven tv ratings probably hoping and praying to draw 200,000 viewers (standard for this network). These first time reality series pay close to nothing in salary for participants and that is a fact because there are too many publicity hounds begging to do it for free.

      Gretchen would have never walked away from a $250,000 annual Bravo paycheck and the avenue to publicize her products she is trying to sell which have all but disappeared at this point. Slade is unemployed and his radio show and paycheck was cancelled more than a year ago. They got engaged banking Bravo would surely give them a spin off and then baby series, like Bethenny or Kim. They were shocked that not only did Bravo pass on that, but fired them altogether. Amazingly now, the wedding has been put on ice.

      Gretchen and Slade are only doing this short term marriage boot camp series (laughable for a couple not even getting married) hoping it will get them some media and lead to other tv/product endorsement opportunities that actually pay (like a series about planning a wedding they thought. Bravo would do.) Filming on the short running reality series ended several months ago – what are Slade and Gretchen doing for jobs now except begging for any desperate housewives press they can still get and going to the opening of envelopes around town of Z level events.

      They need to get real jobs – ask Jill Z, Kelly, Jenna, Laurie, Alex and Simon, Jacqueline…how many tv jobs are available that actually pay for fired reality stars – besides celebrity or couples rehab (which also pays very, very little). The answer is little to none.

      • @ Happy Days!

        Hello Stranger!

        Marriage Boot camp? LMAO!
        Smacks of desperation. Yes??

        Most of these Reality Has Beens need to find trades of some sort..
        Gretchen & Slade? WTF, was she thinking anyway?
        Too funny!

        • Hi Irish! Miss you smart, spunky lady!

          So true! All these housewives need to have a back up plan, especially those without steady jobs, businesses (yes, that is you nearly all of Atlanta cast, Brandi, Sonia…), or were very wealthy to begin with. These shows will not last much longer and the available new tv opportunities for them will be nil to none.

          Tamra, who let’s face it, has zero class, but opening a business was at least a smart move if they can make it successful/profitable.

      • Well your an idiot. First off read the media release. The boot camp show has Trisa & Ryan (26 million watched them get married) Jwow (6 million follows)Gretchen has more fans on her social media following than tuned into watch the premier of housewives. 1.7 Million. Not to mention because its a celeb version everyone gets brought in at their current pay scale. Don’t post like you know something when you clearly have no clue.

        Despite you dumb post, Slade’s radio show is alive and well.

        I also just read Gretchen was named a top entrepreneur in the OC Business Journal. She has product for sale at retail in shopping centers all over the country. its obvious you don’t know dic.

        • “Despite you dumb post”….gee, who looks stupid now?

          Gretchen buys her followers, that statistic means nothing.

          Top entrepreneur my ass, that’s the biggest joke today, thanks for the laugh.

        • You must be Slade- he gets off calling women derogatory names.

          The highest rated show on that cable network has less than 700,000 viewers, but I am sure Marriage Boot Camp will be revolutionary for them.

          If you believe everything on Gretchen’s pr page more power to you, but the radio show Slade had while on Bravo is over and has been for some time. Oh, and OC Business Journal gives those awards to anyone who buys ad space and buys booth space for their expos– a few of my past clients did the ad buys/awards with them to get the award. It is pretty inexpensive and they used it for their sales brochures. What retailers are selling all of these Gretchen products?

          • Just verified – the radio station Slade actually was getting a pay check and job with, 92.7 in Los Angeles- they were bought out by a Christian radio network in Jan 2013, and Slade’s show was immediately cancelled. Yes, Slade did sign a contract with some small, start up company that is trying to sell radio shows – however, Slade is not on air on any radio stations/current markets and has not been since Jan. 2013, but is trying to get radio subscribers online through his web site. I am sure he would love for you to pay and subscribe.

            That is very different than having a syndicated radio show that actual airs in various cities, or an actual podcast show like Brandi has. Again, you fell for Gretchen and Slade’s press release hook, line and sinker. They are very good about sending out press releases and getting some small web blogs to print them – it is actually getting work, a pay check or selling actual products that seems to be the challenge.

    • Gretchen was fired. Get over it. She and Slade were the two most boring people on the planet after Nene.

  • Didn’t Tyrant advertise her “suicidal” feelings on Instagram then added to tweet..which is world wide?

    • @ Samael

      All three of these characters are equally disturbed..
      Who knows? I certainly wouldn’t put it past Slade Slimey..

    • @ Samael

      All three of these characters are equally disturbed..
      Who knows? I certainly wouldn’t put it past Slade Slimey..

      • Hey bud

        100% true and to complete the “untrustworthy” aka, the cast that should have been eliminated/replaced

        Tyrant – ugly inside , is now including her daughter

        Big Head – still hasn’t married the dead beat dad

        Slime – even though he went to court to get his child support lowered – ass still NOT paid one nickel

        Vile – is okay with humpalot Crooks, even when he gave direction to other abuser to beat her daughter

        All are sick…

        • Samuel you got me laughing w all your nicknames you give these reality ppl. 5 down, a 1000 more to go. 😉

    • Trashbag Tamra trying to take some of the heat off of herself by putting it on Gretchen . Don’t believe a word trashbag say’s anymore.

          • Trashbag Tamra and Gretchen are equal in the lying and fake tears department , I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tamra cry real tears since the show started . Both are trash , both are liars . But this is convenient for Tamra to try and take some heat off of herself in the wake of the world finding out what a terrible mom she is.

  • Don’t know if Bravo solely fired Gretchen because her story line was “fake,” but I think it was that she was “tired”- Gretchen had become stale, and I think Bravo knew it.