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Marlo Hampton Puts Nene Leakes On Blast! Says Nene Looks Like A Man Under Construction!

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Nene Leakes took to the WWHL studio with Andy Cohen for a one on one sit down to dish out all the juicy details on the RHOA ladies! Nene threw tons of shade towards Marlo Hampton, friend of the RHOA cast, saying she distanced herself from her after the wedding, called her ‘Man-ho’ and more. Marlo takes to her twitter to put Nene on blast! Check out what she had to say:

M tweet born man
M tweet 1

M tweet 2

M tweet 3

M tweet 4

M tweet 5

M tweet flunkies friends

M tweet no furniture


DAMN! Marlo sure had plenty to say! Thoughts on her tweets? Do you believe Nene has no furniture? or real Friends?!

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  • So Marlo, how is it your bills get paid? Shop all the time and never work? Check ya self girl while you are pointing fingers at another 😉 I mean I do remember those escort rumors prior to you being allowed to film on Housewives …How does one secure a job , a real one, with a rap sheet like you have and what you have it for? You should never bite the hand that fed you.

  • I don’t blame Marlo for saying what she’s said about Nene an I’m very sure it all true, Lately Nene has thought she’s all that an more when Nene isn’t at all , What a shame not a good look Nene not a good look at all.

  • Can’t wait for Nenes 15 minutes of fame to be up and she’s flat broke filing bankruptcy because you know in a few years that is what is going to happen. I can’t figure out why Hollywood hires her for roles, what is the appeal? She’s rude, ghetto, classless, arrogant and ugly but she’s a “Rich Bitch” so she thinks she can treat people like crap. Go away Nene your time is up!

  • “You can expect this to definitely be a lot of drama……” NeNe’s words in a September 17, 2013 interview with The Grio. She produced this drama, even going so far as to say “I’m black-white”. What a liar! Now trying to blame Marlo for the very drama SHE organized as this article is about her I Dream of NeNe production.

    She has no respect of the truth and apparently is willing to do anything without regard to consequences because her “true fans” will believe whatever drivel comes out of her lying mouth!

    She’s ridiculous……….AND uses tons of bad grammar!

  • Marlo is pissed bcuz Nene said the truth- both are seeking fame in whatever manner it comes, You’ve got Nene acting all mighty just bcuz she has a buck to spend now, Marlo always attaching herself to some cast member for camera time, both look like they could’ve been born MEN- both act like their s-hit don’t stink, I’ve got news for both, you both are ugly inside and out.

  • Marlo is just mad, because like it or not nene was what kept her relevant, and maybe Kenya still can, but now Marlo’s still always gonna be one of the most hated because Kenya is too. Marlo needs to just shut up. If you don’t care so much stop acting like, you basically were crying your ass off at that bailey bowl. And I bet you did once you got home.

  • I don’t know why they keep calling each other men… NEITHER one of them is feminine or delicate. They both have really deep voices so….

  • LMAOOOOOOO! Marlo is comedy gold she is so direct and shady I love it. I’m in tears just reading this, I died at “man in the mirror was written for you” LOL.

  • Seems like with RHOBV and Lisa, Nene is now the new housewive / ex -friend to be thrown under the bus and be attacked.
    I am glad someone is calling her out and not afraid to stand up to her. Why she has been allowed to be rude, snippy and BITCHY (yep I called her ) is beyond me.
    Unless she shits and spews gold, no way would I be taking it.

      • Lisa has been receiving TONS of backlash of from the other housewives for her lies, deceit and sneakiness.
        Just like Nene – it’s coming back to haunt her and the wives arent’ taking the b.s. anymore and calling her out.

  • Woooow Marlo really let NeNe have it. I think she deserves it she acts like a jealous child. Good for you Marlo.

  • THAT WAS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO, I’M Still LAUGHING as I WRITE THIS! Thank you Marlo!! NENE got on my last nerves! She has gotten on my last nerves for the past 2 years with her higher than mighty attitude!!! What a hypocrite!!!!!I used to be the type of person that rooted for Nene, but she is sooooo full of herself, that she annoys the hell out of me, I can’t even take watching her! When a person gets to the point of being so cocky and so arrogant, you start rooting against them! At first you wanted her to succeed, but now she makes do an eyeroll to the sky whenever she talks! This is what happens when people get to be to high and mighty for their own damn good! It is obvious that this dumb chick has not learned that pride comes before a fall, and that’s in the good book(The Holy Bible)!!!
    No one is perfect, but being arrogant gets you no where but you falling flat on your ass! And that’s exactly what’s about to happen! And I can’t wait, cause she is bringing what’s about to happen to her all on herself! And she truly deserves to fall flat on her ass!!!BOOP!

  • Right.. because when you are at that age, trying to have some credibility to begin with always starts with name calling another woman.. Buh Bye Marlo..
    Lets not forget Marlo- when you first joined show, NO ONE wanted anything to do with your mile long rap sheet ass. Nene was only one to speak with you to your face and ask questions and befriended you. You played dirty and lost the friendship. Keep it movin’ girllllll.

    • Nene started this. She called Marlo names. Why are you loyalists so blind to her? You will never be her frient, only her fans. She deserves neither.

      • Hunty please…..Nene started it.. are we 5?
        She started it nah nah boo boo..Like I said initially NeNe was the only one who befriended her while everyone else was gasping over her mug shot. Nene included her, got to know her then when she showed her true colors after getting 15 minutes, she turned on NeNe . And how convenient, Keyonce is there to step in.. mmmmmkkkayyy..

    • Hey Michers!


      Marlo isn’t well. Even if what she says is humorous, that bitch is still crazy.

      All that junk that she pulled as a bridesmaid would have been enough for me to want NOTHING to do with her!

      A good bridal attendant should be invisible not trying to steal attention from the bride! My MOH and bridesmaids didn’t once refuse to dress alike when asked!

      The fact of the matter is, no matter how many etiquette books she reads she’ll always be a thug, that bangs for condos and will literally cut a bitch.

      • NeNe is an executive producer on her spinoff, and had HER OWN production company control the project. If you think NeNe did not have a hand with or did not have a part of the Diana vs Marlo drama, you are out of your mind. She knew what she was doing. I call bullshit on NeNe acting innocent with the drama in her spinoff, and how Marlo ruined everything. That is why she was a bridemaid.

        Marlo is definitely a hoodratted thug; absolutely. Just like MANY of the other HWs of NJ and ATL.

        • Exactly! And, since NeNe claims to be so cultured, why is it that her ONLY frients are hood rats?! I’m fairly certain she didn’t drive a truck through the ‘hood picking up day workers to pretend to be her imaginary frients. That would make her worse than “Keenya” as she is apt to be called. Also, why is it that we don’t see NeNe’s family? You see everybody’s family but hers. Hmmmmm. When she was searching for her father,you saw a little. Since she’s now Ms. Rich Bitch,has she disowned them or are they too real and would expose and embarrass her? NeNe’s brand is ghetto trash and the trashier the better. Don’t think she was unaware of what could happen.

          Likewise, I believe that, like with her family, NeNe will disown and discredit you BEFORE you will expose her fraudulent, unaccountable ass.

          • Oh hell naw… hood rats??? So Cynthia and them are hood rats, because they were real friends . I think Nene does not discriminate as long as someone is loyal and true as a friend and since she is the most popular and has been since season 1, of course she is going to have haters. Haters talk. Haters gossip and haters try and knock you down from the top. nene owns her past, where she grew up , being a stripper so Im sure not everyone she has bonded with with Southern Belles straight from charm school.And by the way- how in the hell would you know if her only friends are hood rats? Thats a ratchet statement.

      • Vee- she is a hot mess but she did make me laugh! Same with Keyonce’- another hot ass mess but gives me giggles. Trust me, Im not laughing WITH her.. its AT her. I just hate when they want more tv time they trn into slithering snakes. NeNe( love her or hate her) was ATL long before these “ladies” jumped in. They are no threat to Nene and it makes me laugh that they really believe they are. Now, Miss Nene disappointed me this season at times, but I think there is more to story , of course , and personally , than we would know as viewers.

  • Nene is giving Marlo a platform by continually mentioning her. She better be careful… Bravo loves these feuds. They may make Marlo a full time housewife!

    Nene… indifference is the best revenge!!

  • I am not a Marlo fan by any means. But I love that SOMEONE has the balls to finally stand up to NeNe & put her in her place. It makes Marlo look childish, but NeNe deserves every bit of it. I am sick of NeNe’s ego & her behavior is just the worst.

    • I don’t care how it make Marlo look, I love her shades at that ugly Moose! Beside, she is telling the truth. To this day, I am not sure of two peoples’ sexuality: One is Nene, and the other is Khloe Kardashian. Seriously, they both look like men.

  • All i can think is Marlo is crazy.. I would be scared shit of i was Nene. That bitch is V I O L E N T and she is pissed.


    I finally saw an episode of DWTS last night . It was Disney Night ..LOL

    I saw Nene walk out on Tony and leave him speechless.

    Then i saw her dance

    She did a great job and she looked better than i have ever seen her look. Her hair and makeup were great and she wasn’t making those ugly faces. She made a perfect CRUELLA DEVILLE !! LMAO

    • I think the judges are afraid of her. for them to gush over her performance was bizarre to me. It was the worst of the night.

      • “I think the judges are afraid of her. for them to gush over her performance was bizarre to me.”

        LOL!! That had me laughing hard. But it’s true. She is one scary man!!

  • At least now NeNe is working a legitimate job to finance her lifestyle. I’d say that’s much better than sleeping with sugar daddies for money like Marlo continues to do…..

    • Not much different at all. One, we get to see on a national stage being pimped, the other we assume the sugared daddies are supporting the lifestyle.

  • While I am here for somw of her shade, she sounds like a man. We knew she did not distance herself cause she brought Marlo on this season.she is delivering some low blows though. She needs to stop pretending like she is a lady.

  • Can’t stand Marlo, but Nene started this. She thinks she can say anything she wants without retaliation.

    • I agree. So glad someone is calling her out and not backing down.

      The ‘Man in the Mirror was written for you’ had me dead. That is hilarious.

    • Agreed. Wish Cynthia would find the courage to fire back against this big headed monster. Nene brings it all on herself and shouldn’t be allowed to say whatever she wants without repercussion.

      • It just absolutely KILLS me how Nene says how real she is but the second anyone says anything the least bit negative about/toward her she is done with them. She is the fakest most ignorant (bride-maid, frient, etc)egotistical HIPPOcritical bitch ever. It just blows my mind how she sees herself–as better than everyone else. I just cannot imagine what type of things go through her mind. She is on another planet seriously. I despise her ugly ass. I think I might have said that before not sure. LOL

  • Like water off a duck’s back. Too bad Nene won’t have a conversation with Marlo-it might be entertaining.

  • I really dont care about Marlo at all. Shes like Kim D to me their irrelevant and their opinions dont matter.

    • To me their one of the same…one just stopped tricking and started so called acting…

    • They should make Marlo a housewive. She would tear Nene apart, she knows all of Nene’s problems and issues and secrets. I totally believe that she doesn’t have furniture and she’s renting everything. She has no money and once this 15 minutes of fame is gone she is back to figuring out how to make money with check kite Gregg and hope that her ex boyfriend will take her back.

      • A housewife? This woman has been to jail how many times? Slashed a womans face to where the lady committed suicide. Thats utterly disgusting to have a woMAN like MANlow on this show. There are some nasty women on the show but no one compares to the things MANLOW has done in her personal life.

      • Marlo is a rag doll want to be NeNe and besides NeNe got to many job offers to renting anything so all you haters that hate on her for being real she don’t care