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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: When Will Season Six Of RHONJ Air?!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey wrapped up filming for the sixth season of the hit show last month and everyone is now wondering when the new season will air! Well our New Jersey sources are telling AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY to be prepared for the new season to come back on in July!

“Producers have told the housewives that season six of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be set to air in July and they will announce it soon. The season is going to be a lot different from the last few seasons!”

And there you have it. The RHONJ ladies will be back this summer and I cannot wait!

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    • I’ve read here that whoever that Amber chick is, is a loose cannon. Don’t worry, cj, RHONJ will always provide drama.

  • Ass/Bravo, consulted they bank statement and said…hmmm
    should we pimp it out and start the new season…
    let see…now..or July 7th the day before the court date..

    See – this show needs to change the name, to TGNJ.

    first they delay filming of the season, to get as much tape of Teresa (cash register) going in and out of court…donE

    Now…let’s see…Teresa (cash register) has to go back to court JULY 8…Ass and bravo doing their famous pimp dance, cha ching let the cash register ring!!!


    • Mhmm Cohen & friends are not slick. They are keeping fingers crossed they get some kind of dramatic twist at the end to the season finale to bring in the eye balls.

      • Good afternoon CherylTN

        I know that I do miss that voice of Teresa!!

        Boneheads would make even more $ off Teresa when they change the name of show to



        • Hey samael.

          But according to the sources, Teresa was a NMFFactor, so there is no TGNJ. I am annoyed that the filming and airing of the season was late.

          • Hey jayde213

            What is NMFF?

            I know, it’s not like none of us watched Teresa go in and out of court!!!

            Unless there are “behind the scene” tape on Teresa and Joe talking about the court case,why not let it rip!!

            So – I wonder if that’s the case, Ass/Bravo want have to wait until July 8th cuz of what Ass/Bravo taped Teresa and Joe talking about the case?

            TGNJ – sounds about right for me

        • @ Samuel I was watching “countdown to lockdown: lil kim” the other day …. BET made it an hour and half special… I instantly thought of Andy … him getting one more ratings score out of Teresa before lockup.

  • I am not surprised this willbe airing in July, AFTER the plea hearing. This is probably in Tre’s best interest.

    Part of making a plea is to show some sort of responsibility for your actions. If she or Joe are shown to be acting as if nothing has happened or that they don’t accept full responsibility for their crimes, the plea deal could be affected or even revoked.

    In my area, recently, someone made a plea deal. This person then did a TV interview and basically pushed off the blame onto “others involved”. The Judge ruled that he was refusing the plea deal. The DA said it was due to the interview. The case is back in court this week.

    So, I think it is best for all for the G’s to keep a low profile until after the sentencing. Or at least keep the flaunting to a minimum.

  • Plus I read on TMZ the Bravo producers were very unhappy that Tree didn’t “bring it” this season. That because of pending legal problems and the prospect of going to the steel bar hotel Tree played it cool nice safe this season. Bravo paid her bookooo bucks and do NOT feel they got their money’s worth. They also do not feel Dina brought anything. Uh Shocker I coulda told ya that Bravo duh! when a woman’s cat is prettier and more interesting then she is, that’s an indicator. Komatose Kathy Kanoli Kits Wakile must look pretty good to em now by comparison. Teresa is going to go to JAIL. No house arrest, no day pass, nothin. Jail. I think she & Joe know it too.

    • Well no surprise Pimp Cohen will get some bang for his buck…. he will get his embarrassing footage of Teresa entering in and out of court, and if she goes straight to prison = TV GOLD.

    • Nikki I thought NJ was a reality show? I didn’t know that Teresa was supposed to fake drama for a paycheck? To me that’s dishonesty and the funny think is, that’s why you’re suggesting Teresa’s going to jail.

  • When you are under house arrest, are you allowed to leave the house for work? I believe you might be able to. But sadly, my only experience with it is through watching Shameless (ha!).

    • Yes. When Martha Stewart was placed under house arrest, they allowed her to work 2 days out of the week

      • I know there are plenty of people allowed to work under house arrest. I don’t know why T shouldn’t be allowed to work ??

        • Tree may work under house arrest if she gets off that easy. BUT then you have cameras on you & the second someone sees something that even slightly LOOKS like she is breaking the terms of her probation she will go to PRISON. At that point, at least in NJ where I live, you are dunzo. Don’t forget she has burned a LOT of folks in North Jersey. Monica Chicon & her hubs #1, #2 all the folks that rented from her & Juicy when the electricity was off in the apts they rent, their tenants froze while they saw clips or pics of Tree & Juicy livin it up. & Melissa’s 2 sisters who hate Teresa. I’m tellin yous her filming on house arrest would NOT be a good idea. But who am I just another dumb Italian bitch from NJ what do I know right.

          • How did Teresa burn Monica and her husband? Seems to me that Monica has gone on show after show and talk to one person after another slamming Teresa.
            Teresa has more right to be made at Monica and possible sue her for slander.

          • Nikki, what would she possibly do on camera that would make her “dunzo”? I don’t think your a dumb Italian bitch from NJ, I am genuinely curious. As for those bridges she burned, they’re already toast. Chacon is an embarassment to her profession, and the magpie sisters tweeted their way off the show. You don’t even see them in the background scenes anymore.

          • Chris Brown violates his probation all the time and never gets more than an it’s okay, you can do whatever you want, the law does not apply to you from the judge.

          • Teresa didn’t burn anyone .. But ok Monica , Kim and evn Teresa’s own “family” have gone after Teresa not the other way around.

            I read somewhere Chris Brown is in rehab .. Forced??

    • They’re probably taking extra time to figure out how to give Teresa a bad edit again. I heard she was pretty uninteresting for the producers.

    • Well I’ll be looking forward to interviews leading up to the new season. RHOC is starting tonight and mostly all of their cast is saying they “got along”, but the editing will tell the story how the production will make them look.

      Im pretty sure the production that works for NJ are in the story planning room trying to white board out the stories out as we speak.

  • Bravo has such a huge share of Sunday night -I am surprised they are going to have a two month gap before bringing the NJ ladies back. It almost sounds as if they are having trouble putting together a cohesive season.

    • Me too. Although I wish they came on sooner, I’m so happy they revamped the cast. Although I’m concerned about what they’re going to do for the reunion

  • I agree with Rach, but I like Melissa. Get rid do all she said, plus I understand ” the perfect mother of all times ” will not be back, thank goodness. What a yuck she was.

  • I have no interest in this show whatsoever anymore and it sucks because this was my absolute favorite Housewives city. Melissa, Troll, Kathy and The Fly completely ruined RHONJ for me.

      • @Jayden

        Rach can like or dislike anyone they want. That comment had absolutely no regards to Teresa, you made that assertion on your own.

        • I never said that Rach could not like her or anyone else; don’t put that accusation on me. He or she said that all but Teresa made the show toxic, which I disagreed with. It is not that serious.

          • Really only Teresa made show toxic? Haha.. had no idea Teresa was in charge of all the hirings and firings that went on that show. Her toxic natuer must not be too bad since NJ has had the 2nd best ratings. You may not be a fan, but there is something appealing the viewers like about her. Not to mention ppl havent stopped buying her books, wine etc. The only reason wh NH had ass ratings ladt year ppl got sick of all the family bs drama that never got resolved.

          • @Jayden

            You combatted Rach for their opinion on who they didn’t like. You objected her assertion of the wakiles w saying that Teresa is toxic, when no one besides you even brought Teresa up. I’m on my lunch break sweetie I’m not taking anything serious.

          • I totally disagree @jayden213

            The Gorgas and The Walkiles made that show toxic in my opinion when they decided to come on and disrespect family.. Its disgusting and so not the Italian way.. They should be ashamed.

          • I NEVER said only Teresa made it toxic. ALL 5 did with their bullshit. Don’t put words in my mouth. I am as happy as you all are that we got a new lineup.

          • I never put words into your mouth. My words were that no one besides you brought Teresa’s name up. Which is true.

    • It always has begun around the same time since it’s been on.. Late May early June.. I don’t recall it even being later and later each year. I could be wrong though.

      • Youre right Holy. The earliest NJ ever came on was April 2012 and there was 24 episodes the most they ever had.

          • Oh please. Bravo is starting Jersey in July because that is when T & J are supposed to be sentenced. Good hype for Bravo.

            Tho camera’s not allowed in court, Bravo will probably have a crew ready to insert any footage/interview they can get to entice viewers to watch.

            I’m sick of this shit.

          • The first 3 seasons premiered in MAY, S4 in APRIL, last season in JUNE, and this season in JULY. This season was stalled because of the Fraudices (filming and airing).

          • Shipp is right. Bravo is squeezing every last drop they can from this court case. It’s so obvious.

    • Wonder how many episodes they’ll be since it will be later than usual. I’m gunning for 15-18 episodes this season.

      • Have you seen how many episodes these seasons of all the RH shows have gotten? They all use to be around the 16 episode length, but they’ve all gotten to be around 20 to 22 episodes.

    • Hi Holy

      Yeah when I heard it wasn’t starting around this time, I was bummed lol. I think after the Atlanta reunion is over then we’ll start seeing promos.

    • I thought earlier too but OC just started so maybe when ny finishes, nj will july seems like the right time

  • So Teresa could potentially not be around for the filming of the reunion? Or if she gets house arrest, she still may not be able to film it. I would have thought Bravo would expedite this season so that they could have as much of Teresa around as possible.