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PHOTO: Kandi’s First Official Wedding Photo Released And Her Dress Is Shocking!

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 8, 2013
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi has never had the best style and that hasn’t changed for her wedding! Kandi married Todd Tucker last week and her first official wedding photo was released below


Kandi was wearing a 12-foot ostrich feather dress with a few cutouts and a princess crown. Kandi reveals to In Touch, that the wedding gown cost 20,000.

I personally wouldn’t even be paid wearing that dress! The whole look to me looks super tacky and something that Kandi would wear but I wish Kandi would have picked something else. I don’t think the princess crown helps either!

Thoughts on Kandi’s dress? Love it or hate it?

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  • I have mixed emotions concerning Kandi’s choice of dress. It was over the top however; she wore it well and, thank God, she knew the importance of a proper undergarment. I would like to know what she used as an all over Spanx type garment and the waist corset. Kandi is an entertainer and I don’t feel this dress was inappropriate. I would like to have seen a more Great Gatsby style headress and the black tux on Todd during the ceremony. The white orchids that Kandi carried and the white tux made Kandi’s dress look a bit dingy but with the white bride’s maids dresses possibly that was the best choice. All in all I believe Kandi pulled off a very elegant affair with touches of her own personal flair in every detail. I believe that is what makes a wedding a success. If the bride is happy then it is perfection. Kandi had so many things to distract her (Mamma Joyce) that any level of sucess was a miracle. Why did Mamma Joyce AND Kandi act as if they didn’t know what was wrong with Todd’s daughter? She overheard Mamma Joyce’s nonsense. So incredibly low class and uncalled for and her own granddaughter recognized that immediately. So sad.

  • Kandi is such a smart girl, that’s what counts. She’s happy, who cares about the dress. With all the heartache she has gone thru with that ” witch ” of a mother the dress is the least important

    I know fashion is a large part of the show, I enjoy seeing what the ladies wear, but I’m putting Kandi into a separate category.

    God bless her & Todd, with that witch of a mother they will need it.

  • Who gives a F?! She looks happy…..I’m happy for her. She seems like a real genuine hearted person and deserves well wishes. So mazel!

  • Wow…What a mess..From the Tiara to the bottom of the Ostrich feathers..She’s lucky she doesn’t live “down under” where Ostrich run loose..She might have been accosted by a love smitten Male Ostrich…
    Even the flowers are really tacky..I thought that she had better taste..
    Totally horrible..
    Sorry Kandi, I love ya and wish you and Todd all the happiness in the world, but I hope the dress isn’t any indication of how the marriage will go..
    Wish you had chosen something more traditional…

  • She has the absolute worst taste in clothing and décor. She can well afford professional stylists, wedding planners and decorators. She desperately needs to take advantage of these services.

  • i DO like Kandi’s dress! It’s what she wanted to wanted to war on her wedding day! She looks beautiful!! Most important thing, she is HAPPY to be married to Todd!!! They make a beautiful couple!!!

    • Absolutely! I only wonder if the singer sang as did Oha,m”She’s Your Queen To Be”! I performed at a wedding with that theme, replete with the dancers. When the bride came out and down the aisle, I had to sing that song, a Capella with the falsetto. I nailed it, but the surprised crowd just bowed their heads in hunched shoulder silent laughter! The bride had a similar dress, tiara included. The song was indeed hilarious.

      I’m so happy for them both. To find your best friend who ends up as your spouse is truly an ordained moment. May they share a blissful existence with a foundation that will endure the tough times that are sure to come, remember why they love each other and grow together.

  • I don’t care for the dress — I love the flower bouquet — The tiara a bit much — The happiness on her face “Priceless!”

    I’m happy for the couple. I pray that it is a union that will last for as long as they both shall live. Let no man put this union asunder. I couldn’t resist.

    Congratulations Kandi & Todd

  • I don’t personally like the dress but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Kandi obviously liked it and it was her wedding!

  • Kandi looks so happy, she’d have been beautiful in a sack.

    As long as she loved her dress and felt lovely in it, that’s what counts. She ain’t forcing anyone else to wear it. Her day, her choice.

    • And what the hell is a “12 foot ostrich feather dress”? Do you mean the train was 12 feet long, or the dress was 12 feet tall?

      That’s as bad as Taylor walking down the “isle”.

  • Yeah, most people said they didn’t like her dress and thought it was ugly. I could imagine it being almost a week after your wedding and people are bashing a dress you though looked good.

    I’m glad she tried to give a local name a chance but that dress was a mess and the wedding did look like it was put together in a short time.

  • That dress isn’t shocking. It’s ugly. But, if she loved it then more power to her, it’s her day. She probably wouldn’t like my wedding dress either (although, it was the ’80s so there was full on big sleeves and a behind bow!)

  • Does anybody notice the table cloth on the table to the right would make a pretty dress haha

  • If, this is in fact, Kandi’s dream dress. More power to her.
    I have worn bridesmaid dresses far more hideous..
    If anyone can pull this off, I believe Kandi had the confidence to pull this off..
    But, personally? Yikes!!

  • On your wedding day….you wear what you want…not what others want…it was her day…glad she’s happy..

  • Uh, the only two words that come to mind is tacky boughetto (don’t know if I am spelling it right) but with the money that woman has she always wear things too tight and styles that accentuate the wrong curves.

    The crown is just gaudy. she has a very pretty face and great smile but she really could use a personal stylist

  • Let me start with congratulations. This is the ugliest dress I’ve EVA seen. Kandi had no sense of style, I pray that she styles herself and nobody is getting paid to do this to her. She never looks put together and I think she is the worst dressed housewife in all cities except Carlton. Maybe that is pay off her appeal that she looks so frumpy. Her weave always looks Like Momma Joyce did it at the kitchen table. Makeup done by Phaedra and Willie Watkins and clothes purchase from Rainbow.

  • I have not liked most of the gowns chosen by BRAVO brides but I respect that it’s their wedding and their choice. She is definitely on point for her Coming to America theme.

    Have y’all ever watched Four Weddings? One of my pet peeves are the competing brides that are so critical of the others gowns, ceremonies and receptions. You don’t have to like it because it’s not your wedding!

  • I think Kandi is a beautiful bride. For all the pain she has had, in her life and still has a smile on her face. I hope nothing but happiness, comes her way…..

  • I can’t get past the bouquet! It’s larger than her own torso! Lose the tiara – this isn’t a Sweet 16. And those feathers look like a haystack.

  • She had a Coming to America theme if yal have seen that movie you would know that her dress is similar to the dress the soon to be bride wore. As far as her tiara with the theme its royalty, what do royals wear…tiaras.

  • Yes, the look is “super Kandi” but shouldn’t it be? It is her wedding dress! I try not to hate on a woman’s wedding choice since it is her big day. I wore a black minidress when we married… in Vegas in July… by a bad Elvis impersonator no less. And that was almost 15 ys ago and we’re still plugging along. To each his or her own I say.

    • Came here to say the same thing! OF COURSE, it’s “Super Kandi”..she’s the bride! Derp.

  • So I guess no one here has seen Coming to America (the theme of Kandi’s wedding). The dress + tiara is almost an exact replica of the dress Vanessa Bell Calloway wore in the movie when she was presented to Prince Hakeem as his bride to be.

    Do I like it, not my style, but I 100% get it and think that’s so cool they used that movie as a theme.

    • Thank You ! I thought the post and the comments were mean and bashful . When I first saw this picture I liked the top of the dress and not the bottom but I got it bc I knew the theme of the wedding to be coming to America so it made sense to me . Beside I think she looks pretty regardless . No need to be attacking her on one the most important days in her life . I didn’t like Nene s dress either but I thought I suited her and she look good in it .

      • The post is definitely mean spirited.

        Honestly I think her wedding was probably tons of fun, Coming to America is one of my favorite movies. I love it when couples do a fun themed wedding.

  • I hate to kinda bash her dress. If she thinks she looks beautiful…..then that’s the dress for her! Nobody wants to hear they look hideous on their wedding day. 🙁

  • That dress is very unfortunate. It looks like the sleave of Nene’s last DWTS costume. The crown? I just can’t. Is she prom queen?

  • I like it, except for the feathers at the bottom. If it was some other material or even just ruffling I would like much better. I also think the bouquet is too long and overwhelming for an already dramatic dress.
    But, she looks like she’s beaming with happiness and that’s what is most important!

  • That dress is 50 shades of ugly. Her makeup and hair look nice, though. Congratulations to them. I’m sure it was a nice ceremony.

  • I am going to be nice; the mesh on her dress is awful and tacky. The feathers and crown are a bit too much. Congratulations nontheless, but OMG. Todd looks nice though.

    • Good morning jayden213

      This is the show phaedra is on right?

      This dress (?) looks very glittery and I like everything until the fluffy stuff at the end of her dress.

      Do all brides wear crowns?

      • Hey Samael.

        Yes, her and Phaedra are on the same show and friends.

        Lol at the ? on the dress. The fluffy stuff at the bottom are atrocious.


        • ha ha

          yup it does look odd, but Bonnie and I also watch “say yes to the dress” ..whoa…some more “challenged” than this.

      • I don’t know in America if most brides wear tiaras but most brides in Aust esp the 2nd time round they do.

        i wore a very small tiara it was’nt as big as Kandi it was small and made from sworvorki crystal it actually looked nice i got a lot a compliments and a few of my friends asked if they could it for their wedding i think it suited my dress because my dress wasn’t over the top it was fairly plain so it gave it a bit me omph & bling .

        TBH i don’t mind the dress at all feathers & all but all together it was was bit too busy for my taste.

        I’ve also notice a lot of brides are wearing feather dresses these days.

        I’m very happy for Kandi she looks so happy and Todd looks very handsome.

        I wish them a life time of happiness but most of all i hope it works out just to stick it to momma Joyce LOL

        • BTW

          as much as i like Kandi’ dress & her tiara evan tho IMO its a little too big the flowers are also too big a nice little posie would’ve been nicer.

          again only IMO she’s got a lot happening it’s just all to much/busy but bless her she loves it to& i think she looks good just a bit too busy for me.

          I love the color of her dress it’s the same color as mine LOL

          • I DONT think in the scheme of life, that what I think about her dress amounts to a hill of beans. Every woman wants to be her most beautiful and look long and hard for their..THEIR….dream wedding dress. Evidently, this was hers. This dress made her feel beautiful, and all the accoutrements made her feel like a princess.. Queen. So, go girl! I hope the wedding was everything you wanted as well.

  • It is such a pet peeve of mine when women wear tiaras for weddings….to each is own however. Not my taste…but she looks so happy which is most important. It looks like the top part is nice and it goes wrong when the ostrich comes in haha