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RHOA Cast Threaten To Quit Show If Porsha Williams Is Fired Over Fight With Kenya Moore!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta love them some Porsha Williams-so much that they are actually threatening to ALL quit the show if Porsha Williams is fired over her fight with Kenya Moore!

Sources tell TMZ that the women actually spoke about their plan at Kandi’s wedding telling the producers how much Kenya stirs up pointless drama! They have made it clear to producers that if Porsha gets fired they will all walk! NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks are also doing there best to get Kenya fired instead!

Ever since the fight that ocurred at the reunion, all contracts for next season have been put on hold! Are you surprised the ladies are threatening producers for Porsha?

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  • Kenya Moore who’re; as phaedra puts it; does indeed need to be fired. She continuously provokes the other ladies on the show. Porsha just got tired of her shit and I would have slapped the mess out of her also. You can not go around provoking people like that!!! But this is reality tv and she will probably be kept on for the added drama….porsha should have maintained her cool and called her goons to handle her later…KENYA NEEDS AN ASS KICKING..

  • I think this season was it for me watching RHOA. Nene & Kenya are horrible people in my opinion. They are boring and have ruined the show for me. Further, seeing how dumb Cynthia Bailey is just annoys me and I really dislike seeing Peter the loser and Greg the Hanger-on-er. The only one who really has anything of substance going on is Kandi, who I like despite the fact that she is desperately in need of a stylist and a wig consultant. Whoever styles her should be ashamed. Todd seems cool, but Mama Joyce and her ugly sisters make me cringe. Finally, I don’t think Porsha is a bad singer either.

  • I think Keyna needs to go. She is always stirring up mess. Porsha showed her she not going to take her BS any more. Glad the ladies are sticking together if Porsha is fired.

  • Hell, if Porsha really did beat up that trash Kenya, she should have been given a raise or a prize.

  • That’s what I like to see some unity against Kenya Moorewhore but I don’t believe this story. When it comes to money these people our out for themselves. I still don’t believe Porsha should be fired. It’s just very hypocritical of Bravo to get rid of her when they have let other castmates or people related stay for their violent acts.

    • I would like to add that about two or three season the tide will turn against Kenya. You can only be low down for so long. All this staning, cheering for Ms. USA will stop. It happens all the time just like with Nene people love her now they hopping on her enemy’s gravy train just to spite her because they feel her ego has gotten too big. The same with Kenya.

  • It would have been easier to get rid of Porsha, if that’s what they wanted, had it not been for the fight. Kenya is troublemaker and everybody (producers) knows it. Since they allow Kenya to be that how can they reprimand (fire) someone who really gets fed up with all her stuff and slaps the puke out of her.

  • It should be noted that ALL cast members were asked to return EXCEPT for …. wait for it … wait for it…OK – Porsha.

    Therefore, they are just negotiating their contracts; but, Porsha has NOTHING to negotiate, she wasn’t asked to return; but, the other ladies were. So, it funny for them to behave this way.

  • Then let them all QUIT!!!!!
    If Bravo does not fire Porsha for assaulting Kenya(No matter how you personally feel about Kenya), then Kenya should beat the shit out of porsha on the show and call it even. This is so stupid that the production company should be held hostage by this bunch of no talent C-listers. I say Fire them all and start over with a new crew and show them all whose the boss. Atlanta could use some fresh blood anyway.

    • If Porsha gets fired for pulling Kenya hair then Bravo needs to backtrack and fire other members of other housewives series or Bravo shows. Don’t pick and choose who you want to enforce the rules with.

  • REALLY! They want to quit? Those ladies are a piece of work; and I will tell you why! NeNe was all but demanding that Porsha be replaced and Phaedra does NOTHING but speak negative about Porsha’s intelligence. The others Cynthia and Kandi are along for the ride.

    I find it amusing just last year; Bravo was going to FIRED Porsha; but change of plans happen when Porsha’s divorce became her new storyline; and now you the two of the unlikeliest pair NeNe and Phaedra leading the charge for Kenya’s ouster and Porsha to stay. Oh, what evil come together for a common goal. Let’s remember not even three season ago NeNe was boasting about NOT being friends with Phaedra and NOW we are buddy…buddy and wanting Kenya gone. ummmmm! #RollingEye and #SuckingTeeth!

    NeNe and Phaedra want Kenya gone because she is popular — for good or bad— better or worst…she is. HA HA — REALLY LADIES! BYE, FELICIA!

  • TBH yes Im surprised ALL the ladies are standing firm not so sign up.

    IMO i believe some if not may cave Cynthia is in need of finances esp after bar one peter’ bar closed.

    NeNe doesn’t have another gig well i haven’t heard me her hvg one plus she loves the camera/attention.

    Not sure bout phaedra Apollo is in true with the law so she may not sign up due to having their dirty laundry aired.

    They were all warned after the Apollo & Brando physical fight that this kind me behaviour would not be tolerated.

    I understand that Porsha was goaded in2 it & Kenya pushed her buttons, &
    Porsha isn’t the brightest bulb hottie chandelier but she’s not that stupid surely.

    Porsha could’ve yelled & screamed at the top of her lungs but to actually get out of your seat & confront someone mind you i don’t believe she pulled Kenya hair nor did she drag her across the stage Kenya is built like an amazon it would take one than one Porsha to bring her down she may hv pushed her lightly but that’s it.

    But that’s enough to get fired i hope Bravo don’t cave because if they do their endorsing violence and they’ve been doing that long enough it’ll also send a message to the other HW franchises eg joey Gorga & co.

    i like Porsha yes she’s naive but she can only blame herself NeNe & phaedra didn’t pull her outta her seat & walked her over to Kenya and made her do whatever she did to Kenya.

    I’m no Kenya fan but lets be fair here if Kenya would’ve done that to Porsha or any of the other ladies i don’t think there would be bystanders off NeNe & phaedra really want Kenya to get fired esp phaedra coz she doesn’t want Apollo anywhere near her & NeNe well Kenya befriended Marlo & NeNe friends are only her friends she’s possessive when it comes to her friends.

    anyway i really believe Bravo shouldn’t cave & show the other franchises that physical violence will not be.accepted

    • wow sorry for all the auto correct mistakes ^^^^ i can’t find my glasses & I’mas blind as a bat lol for some reason i can’t enlarge this blog the way i can enlarge the others i hope whoever read my post got the gist of it:-):-)

    • @Summer!

      Where do I begin with co-signing your post!

      YES, everyone on the cast – MEN included were WARNED that violence was NOT going to be tolerated; and I do not care how inept and incompetent Porsha may be I am sure she knows what, “you will be FIRED if you physically touch someone” means. If not, she has an Attorney he can read and let her know what she can and cannot do as a cast member.

      Now, we are know that Kenya is NOT dumb, now some may not like her, but being dumb is not an adjective to use when speaking about Kenya. Besides, if there is going to be a War of Words between Kenya and Porsha and will ALWAYS be Team Kenya; because at least she knows how to win an argument WITHOUT touching you, heck we all have witnessed that for nearly two seasons.

      Besides, this is the fact NeNe and Phaedra know all too well; this is why two “friends” wanted to come together and bring the others along for the “Let’s get rid of Kenya” ride.

      Now, do these ladies actually believe that Bravo will cave? — UMMMM, NO, Bravo will not!

      When it comes to NeNe and Phaedra especially NeNe all I have to say is two words: JILL ZARIN! Enough!

  • So many people hating on Kenya but yet ratings are high. I will never disrespect another woman but really r u watching for Cynthia or porsha’s storyline? Nene and Phaedra’s stories are relevant this season due to drama with Kenya. If you disagree take everything out connected to Kenya and ask yourself would you watch this? Kenya is not the show but as rookie she made her self relevant cause people r talking about her all the time. I personally watch these reality shows to take a break from my reality.

  • I don’t really think it is about Porsha per say, It is really about the woman being tired of Kenya.

    Kenya has went after each of the women at different times with snide nasty comments about issues that are not any of her concern.

    I think this is their way of letting it be know they are sick of her crap. It may work and it may not. Time will tell.

    • Who had she gone after? No one. Now Phaedra has gone after her with her jealousies. Can not Kenya defend herself? Porsha went after her from the get go because she was mad that Kenya walked out of her fundraiser when she realized she had been lied to about other famous women being there. It was only Kenya and she was annoyed that Porsha didn’t even know who she was. Can she not defend herself? Nene looked high when Kenya arrived at the infamous pajama party. She immediately started abusing Kenya. Can Kenya not defend herself? Also what was that about Apollo beating Brandon like that? It’s almost like he was jealous. Is that Kenya’s fault? Why do women attack each other instead of the men who have them their vow to love and respect them?

  • ATTENTION HOUSEWIVES FANS. The Housewives will be doing a new show all of them. Like Celebrity Housewife Swamp. Well Each Housewife will take turns swamping their life and life style with another housewife branch. This will be interesting. Keep your ears and eyes open. Coming soon.

  • Love her or hate Kenya is the reason the ratings are so high.
    None of them are going to give away their Bravo checks.
    They get big bucks to film a few months each year and not each day. Throw in free trips.

  • What is the big hate on Kenya, it is a reality TV show let that girl make her money like the rest of them. I actually like Kenya and she is playing the game like everyone else. No one is more sneaky, dirty, hateful, mean spirited, arrogant just plan nasty than NENE…she is rude and all of that is ugly! NENE claim to fame is RHOA ..KENYA is Ms USA so no matter what yall say she will have that crown for the rest of her life an no one can take that away… TEAMKENYA!!!! that’s my girl. We as women always want to check the woman instead of our man, his azz is the one married and be checking for Kenya so why hate on her….Women are STUPID!!! and MEN know it! Kandi don’t be mean like the other ladies, cuz you seem to be a fair person.

    • So true… she and Tamra from OC are the best game players of all the HWs IMO. Tamra was able to hate Gretchen/Alexis for 2 years, pull Gretchen away from Alexis, make Gretchen into her BFF, and hated her again last season and now Gretchen/Alexis are both gone from OC. It’s all about knowing how to play chess on reality tv and if you can’t play it then guess what you out the door. Plan and simple.

    • Finally a voice of reason. Don’t get me wrong,I can get as jealous as Phaedra got when I was 13 years old. But as a grown woman, please! Apollo admitted on camera that he lied about getting it on with Kenya. Apollo was photographed hitting on other women after the Kenya rumor. But for some strange reason crazy Phaedra is attacking Kenya for the things that Apollo does. It doesn’t make sense. It is driving Kenya too do crazy things. But you know what she never laid a hand on Phaedra and Phaedra deserves a beatdown a la Porsha for constantly calling her a Moorewhore. I feel for Kenya because I too was raised with an unloving mother. I wish Kenya had some Amish brothers like Esther in the Amish Mafia who will defend Kenya’s family name and get honour. You have never read stories or seen pics of Kenya screwing different guys all over town. Phaedra it’s a master manipulator and I think that’s why Apollo is pulling away from her.

  • Let them walk then! They are getting too big for their britches If they feel they can control who stays and who goes.

  • I’m assuming the ones making the threat are Nene and Phaedra, since they’re the ones that put Porsha up to attacking Kenya. Would anyone miss Phaedra? She’s barely been in the the second half of the season except for the occasional unmemorable scene. As for Nene, is she dumb enough to risk losing her only job?

  • I am a little surprised they are standing up for Porsha, but it just goes to show how much they all hate Kenya and her antics. Things in Atlanta have gone down hill rapidly since Kenya joined the cast because of all her s–t stirring. I definitely think she should be fired. If Kandi weren’t on the show I don’t think I would even watch it, and if Kenya stays I don’t even know that I could be loyal to Kandi anymore. Just can’t stand Kenya.

    • Let’s be real Nene had no storyline til she got into it with Kenya. She knows Kenya has been stepping in her spotlight most of this season that’s why she acted so gross at the pillow talk towards her and blamed her for everything that went down. Phaedra, as much I’ve hated Kenya being a home wrecker, without her antics where would Phaedra be in terms of storyline?? The last few episodes she has gotten little airtime since they came back from Mexico. So yeah while Kenya can be annoying the woman feeds them 2 particularly storylines, even if they don’t want to admit it!

    • I don’t feel like the show has gone downhill at all. The last two seasons of RHOA have been their highest rated yet and the highest of any real housewives franchise. I don’t think that’s all because of Kenya but I definitely think she’s a big part of it. I know I was never that into RHOA until season 5.

  • Save the good, beautiful black women everywhere!! Let them go! They are not bigger than the show. It would be bad business to let them dictate your $$$. Nene is out of favor, Cynthia boring, Kandi is cool, but doesn’t have a real storyline now that she’s married. Besides, don’t these three have spin offs in the works?

    Yeah, they will sacrifice for Porsha! In fact Porsha is without any substantive career options. Certainly not singing!

    I say let them go quickly. My not watching them won’t keep the disgrace from being viewed….only me.

  • I don’t think Bravo is making a big deal of the fight or slap. It’s the bloggers that’s saying she’s fired, etc. A caller called in to WWHL the other night and asked Andy about it. He didn’t deny there was violence but all he said was everyone had to watch which is what he should say. If Porshe goes, then by all means Kenya should go because whether she raised her hand or not, she enticed her. IMO, verbal abuse can be just as devastating to someone as violence. And I’ll say it again, if Kenya is faking the death of Velvet, then she definitely needs to go. You just don’t tug at people’s heart strings like that. Maybe Brandon got a dog like Velvet. Terriers can look a lot alike especially from the distance. Now if he put in the caption it was Velvet then so be it. Does anyone know if this pic is still on Instagram or has it been taken down?

    • I don’t knowbif the pic is still up or not, but his caption was something like look a Duke and Velvet. So it definitely was the same dog.

    • @MzVicky

      There is HUGE difference between a verbal fight and physical fight. You go to jail for one; and you know which one. Besides, if people went to jail for verbal fights; there would not be enough jails.

      Also, you should be adult enough to handle people saying negative things about you. We are not kids anymore you just can’t touch someone because they say things you don’t like, life isn’t like that. As for me, you can call me every name in the book, talk about me; I do not care; BUT, the moment you HIT me or come run up on me, you have cross the line; AND WE FIGHT WHERE WE STAND!

  • Cynthia and Kandi are making a big mistake hitching their wagons to Nay-Nay’s hooves (if this isn’t a publicity stunt).

  • Kenya stirs up pointless drama? Really? They all do. Porsha needs to go she is so boring I can’t watch her scenes. If Kenya leaves there is no point in watching Atlanta. The other girls are robots under Nene’s spell. They don’t stand up to her. It’s like watching the Nene show and they are her background singers…not even singers because they are not allowed to express themselves if it’s not what Nene wants to hear. Communism.

    • I totally agree with your comment, a lot of people dislike Kenya because she has lied which most of them do anyway and she doesn’t talk about people behind there back rather to there face. Unlike Nene Kenya does not think she’s above these woman but she will call them out on there BS. It’s clear to me a lot of these commenters would rather watch a show were everyone kisses Nene behind and shuts up rather than taking a stand and not being in her shadow.

      • I so agree! So many people claim the most dramatic housewives ruin the show; Kenya, Teresa, Tamra etc but the fact of the matter is you need at least one cast member who can bring the drama otherwise its boring. I can’t speak for anyone else but imo, the housewives have been about the drama between a group of women since 2008. It hasn’t been about showcasing the lives of the rich in a LONG time and personally, I watch for the drama.

    • I’m saying! All this over Porsha?? I could see this was over Kandi or maybe even Phaedra… but Porsha… like I said I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Nene and Phaedra have banded as one – for this at least – got Kandi and Cynthia on board. As sleazy as Bravo can be, I would simply laugh if I was the one running things there.

      • I don’t think Kandi is on board. Her name is not originally mentioned. And especially during her wedding I highly doubt it she was talking about Porsha and Kenya. So disrespectful of Phake and Porshatrain making this about them during Kandi’s wedding.

  • What I don’t understand is the outrage over Porsha hitting Kenya when there have been LOTS of violence on these shows: RHONJ, Married to Medicine, Vanderpump Rules, RHOM and most recently everyone is praising Draya on Basketball Wives for punching Sundy (even though I don’t watch that show).

    • Yep – if this policy was consistent, both Tom and Stacci punched and slapped other Bravo employees under contract and should be fired too. Otherwise Porsha could have a nice lawsuit on her hands if Bravo indicated to her she was being fired for breaking a “no violence” policy while other Bravo employees were not fired.

      Also Bravo better be very clear about publicly putting out their “policies.” If there policy is now that cast who conduct physical violence are to be fired, if they don’t fire cast with a history of violence like Stassi, Tom, Joey Gorga…and those cast stoke again and hit others in the future, the people they hit will have some very good grounds for a Bravo lawsuit because Bravo will have ignored it is own policy putting other Bravo cast members in potential danger. Bravo better be careful about what kind of can of worms they are opening up here.

      • EXCEPT for the fact that the policy was put into place AFTER the Brandon/Apollo fight. Therefore, none of the other PAST violent things that have happened would be relevant. Its like the first time there was violence on the Real World, they made the policy that if you hit a castmate you go home and are fired and get a replacement. And everytime that it’s happened AFTER the policy was made, there haven’t been exceptions, and Porsha’s stupid ass shouldn’t be one.

        • Oh my goodness thank you @QTPieSteven. I can’t believe how many people out there lack in reading comprehension.

          • I don’t think anyone’s lacking reading skills, so much as they just haven’t seen any proof that this supposed “policy” is really in place.

  • I hope this is true so that Bravo can fire them. They will just hire a new cast to join Kenya. This women have got to be deluded, there are 1001 women in Atlanta that fit the profile and who would draw more viewers

  • Idk about the rest of the ATL Housewives but Bravo will not let go Nene & Kenya what would the show do without them, now porsha tbh the show would and can do without her. Her and Marlo should switch. Marlo peach holder, porsha bystander.

  • Good for them! I know yal feel for Kenya because of her dog, but I’m giving her the side eye cause filming stopped in September and in March Brandon tweeted a pic of Velvet and another dog, so how the hell was the dog dead. I don’t think Bravo will call their bluff cause trust there are so many people that would stop watching if Kandi was not there.

  • I feel that this is more about spitting Kenya than it is about supporting Porsha. But we already know that lupita is NOT letting Cynthia walk away from 2$ much less 400,000. That’s a fact jack. As far as banding together, I think that since Nene and Kandi along with the rest of the cast did this at the end of sesson2, and it ended favorably for them, they’re thinking it will be the same in this situation, and it should. RHOA bought is 4 million viewers this season, the closest show on the network averages about half that; they all brought in drama at different times; Porsha is on blogs constantly- it was something new about the producer of her song claiming he didn’t give her rights to the song, even though he’s clearly sitting his dumb add up on camera while she recorded; and she trends on twitter and Facebook. So, in my opinion, THEYVE ALL SECURED A JOB FOR NEXT SEASON, AS WELL PAY RAISES. But the beauty of Atlanta and their Shennigans, is that they tend not to get too dark like the other franchises. Their drama is usually bitch fests, and silly things; but this season towards the end it was getting a little dark, and I contribute that to Kenya. So she should be addressed. She would be more likable, by all, if she knew how to dial it back a few hundred. She just takes things too far. And if they’re banding together, it should be against Kenya’s bs antics. But I read of Straight from the A that the ladies began to band together during the tapping of the show. Apparently Kenya got up off her diaper, and walked over to Porsha and then got slapped (according to an insider), allegedly. IDK, but I believe Atlien because she and Nene Are friends, in fact she was at DWTS with Nene, so I’m just waiting on Nene to give her further details and she report. Also, I’d heard that the rumors regarding Porsha being fired earlier in the season had something to do with her relationship with the producers; I’m guessing they wanted more on the divorce, her sugar daddy, or her to auction off her soul and start drama out of nowhere- like Kenya did and she obviously refused. The more that I see Porsha and learn about her, I’m convinced that she’s actually not that dumb, but more calculating.

    • If they keep the exact same cast, it will end up like RHONJ; stale, lower ratings, overly toxic, ex. I don’t think Porsha is fired……..yet.

    • That is not true. Nene was talking about that and TAMMITATTLES has the correct report. She said Porsha stood up and then Kenya stood up. Porsha pulled kenya’s hair. However this morning Nene claimed that Porsha beat up Kenya. But she is so jealous of Kenya taking her spotlight. So I will wait and see April 20,2014. Next Sunday. Well I doubt if it air’s on Easter Sunday. I will wait and see. It was also reported that the police were called and that Porsha was sent home so you will see Porsha for a short time but she will not be there for most of the Reunion.

      • @Reveal

        NeNe ONLY sees what she wants. She knows good and well Porsha didn’t beat up Kenya she just saying this to make Kenya mad. I do not believe for one moment Porsha beat up Kenya; and neither does NeNe! HA HAAAA!

        I agree with you 100% regarding NeNe, she is afraid that Kenya is taking the spotlight from her; so she is doing EVERYTHING in her power to get under Kenya’s skin. These ladies are a piece of work, like or not Kenya is a smart cookie and NOT going anywhere! She is RATING GOLD!

  • Still don’t get why Kenya is there in the first place as she lives in LA. Maybe she Joanna from Miami (who doesn’t live there) can replace Carlton or Joyce on RHOBH.

  • Good for them ! I think it’s about time Kenya gets called on her shady dirty dog behavior. She thinks she’s above everyone else & can say whatever she wants about all the girls behind their backs & not expect any repercussions ! Not fair to punish Porshe when every HW franchise has had even worse fighting on their shows, but moving forward I think Bravo could start a no fighting clause in the contracts. But I say get rid of Kenya before Porshe, if she is renewed I WILL NOT WATCH ! Porshe may not be the smartest cookie, but at least she is sweet & entertaining, and not a two-faced fake disgusting liar.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I think that it’s unfair for Atlanta to be held to such a different standard; when they effortlessly bring in twice and some times three times the viewers than other shows. Why Bravo didn’t have security on the mark, Kenya separate from Nene, Phadrea, and Porsha; is very telling. They wanted something to pop off; and now that it has they can’t cry foul, or try to appease one over the other- it was their true intention from the jump. When Joe Gorga and Giudice are in the room together security is present and ready. So again, why wasn’t it the same with Atlanta? Andy Cohens true bread and butter. Kenya BS blog of we will never see her getting up to fight, is damn lie, she’s violent, mean spirited, envious, and bitter; as well are Nene and Phadrea- and even Cynthia’s messy ass (I saw that the pillow talk, she’s just sneaky). Porsha can’t be fired before Cynthia; whose story line is peter financially raping her, or kenya whose storyline is a dead/alive dog and stirring shit. At least Porsha TRIED to show growth this season (small amounts) but at least some. When it was first reported that Porsha best them zits off Kenya’s face- blog commenters where overwhelming pro Porsha; and they still are when it comes between she and kenya. Bravo better not be no dummy’s. They better keep the same shady heifers give them a break, roll that camera on their foolery again for s7. They’re an ensemble cast, and individually at different times they’ve all brought it , but together as a group they’re explosive. Andy better hire a security team, and keep this group together.

    • Porsha sweet? It makes me sick to see her smirking whenever jealous Phake puts her down. Even in this photo above she’s smirking. Mean girl mentality.

  • Porsha was going to be fired anyways, this was let out in December. SHE chose to get violent, and Bravo was looking for a better excuse to give her the Sheree boot. The Athens girls NayNay and Phake have more in common than they realize. NayNay, and Cynthia will eventually sign their S7 contracts. Take it in that Bravo APPROVED Kenya to go on Celebrity Apprentice (as she will be promoting and representing RHOA), so I highly doubt she is getting the boot. Porsha is nothing but a pawn for the Athens girls to get rid of Kenya. If we are lucky, the Athens duo AND Porsha are let go.

    • Keep Kenya and Kandi and the moose and her wanna be shot callers can take a hike especially fake fake and the big moose she is getting on every bodies last nerve with her fake ass millions on the table and fake can take her scandalous husband with her the nerve of them to still want to put conditions on the show hell they are lucky if they make it back Kenya has been carrying that show for awhile now why would they not bring the star back so nene girl bye bloop

  • Was Nene even at the wedding? Are we suppose to believe that Kandi spent her wedding day involved in this discussion?

    Talk about unnecessary drama. I doubt Porsha was coming back and if hitting Kenya sealed the deal I think it is a good message to RH on every franchise–keep your hands to yourself!!!!

      • If it is true they adopted a no-physical violence rule after the Apollo/Brandon fight then Porsha should have been a aware of it. I realize stating Porsha being aware is pretty much an oxymoron.

        As to the others–it would not bother me in the least.

        • i think they made porsha aware, the big question is – did she understand? that girl’s comprehension is non existent. they should join porsha’s train and kenya says “woot woot!”

  • Go ahead and call their bluff! They all need the cash! Businesses falling apart, turning down million dollar gigs, etc. hahahahaha!!! They will come running back to sign on the dotted line just like RHONY did!

    • I don’t think Kandi or Phaedra needs the cash, lol. Kandi is a multimillionaire. She doesn’t need the money this show brings.

    • September, you onto something. It must be negotiation time at Bravo! They probably know, especially Nene, Kenya is about to see her pay day. So now they want to all band together, ha! Kenya has supplied the grease to Bravo for two season – DRAMA – so if she doesn’t see a pay day (or let alone not come back I’ll be surprised). How can these women (especially Cynthia who needs her pay check with all her husband’s foreclosure on their businesses coming out on the show) would leave hundreds of thousands of dollars and maybe millions on the table from a top-rated show! The only person I could see doing this is Phaedra for obvious reasons, but the rest of them, sorry I sounds all kinds of fishy to me.

    • I agree that if they really wanna try and bite the hand that feeds them, then they better jump. Because Bravo isn’t well known for putting up with Antics of this nature. And you better believe there are likely people who are salivating for a spot on that show, like Marlow. WHO – I think needs to be added anyway, because I’m seriously growing to dislike Nene anyway, and they need more Alpha’s in that group.

  • They must really love them some porsha and Phaedra who? I hardly see her on any episodes. This is all being lead by Nene trust and believe.

    • Both Nene and Phaedra wants her gone because one Phaedra knows or thinks that her ex-con husband got with Kenya and two Nene can’t stand her and reminds her to much of Sheree who can fight back and isn’t scared of her moose butt.

      • ^ I think there is a lot of truth to this. For one, Kenya ain’t afraid of Nene in the slightest, and we all know that if Phaedra took the fried chicken out of her mouth and even attempted to go in on Kenya, she would be all 313 on that ass.

      • Kenya has fake grace and class and she is an instigator who got just what she deserved..women with true grace and class don’t stir up mess