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SHOCKING: Porsha Stewart Beats Up Kenya Moore At The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore really knows how to get a reaction out of someone! The ladies filmed the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion this Thursday and Porsha shockingly “beat the shit” out of Kenya Moore!

An eyewitness told Radar, Porsha had enough of Kenya trash talking and got physical with the housewife! So what really got Porsha going? Sources reveal,

“Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore. Porsha beat the sh*t out of her! She is a little thing and she jumped on her and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and Kenya doesn’t have a weave, it is all her own hair. Porsha was sick of her saying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw.  Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt!”

The security guards immediately tried to break the fight but apparently could not get Porsha off Kenya! Honestly, Kenya takes things WAY too far so maybe she deserved a bit of an ass whooping! Are you surprised to hear Porsha got physical?

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  • I don’t care whether Kenya pushed a button or not. A REAL lady would never act like a thug in the street. Just goes to show, good looks are all it takes to put you in the public eye, but the trash is still visible despite the cosmetics.

  • I am so glad to know that Porsha kicked that ass of Kenya moore…Her new label is Kenya Asskicked some- Moore

  • I was thrilled to finally see that DRAG QUEEN Kenya WHORE get the shit beat out of her…. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. She’s a disgusting pig and BRAVO needs to dump her sorry ass. Now – if only we could get someone to give the other Bravo Whore a beat down… Yes Brandi – I do mean you.

  • She got what she deserved. I don’t condone in violence but Kenya Moore is so evil and you would think since she lost Velvet it would wake her up and tell her that life is too short. Kenya is a person that will never have class and because her mother wasn’t in her life she uses that as an excuse to hurt others. She tried to hurt Phaedra with Apollo and she tried to hurt Nene with all her friends. A person like Kenya will Lie and claw her way through life like a slimy worm. She lie about having a man and she messes with Porshe because she wishes she was young and vibrant instead of a washed up Miss USA with a leased Bentley and no life.

  • So what if porsha brought up cordell sexuallity! Kenya brought up walters sexuallity! Hell women do that from time to time when they mad at a man! But kenya had no right to keep picking with porsha!!! Porsha is a sweetheart!!!!!! I don’t promote violence but kenya had it coming!! Team Porsha!!!!!!!!

  • Look! Violence is not acceptable in any form. Kenya is not stupid!! If Kenya wanted to fight back, it would have been over. Kenya will get the last word, because an assault charge will hang over Porta for years to come……………

    Smart Kenya, for taking the beat down. Porta put all this on the table.

  • TMZ has the recording on line. Kenya called the police and she sayed that she was hit in the head by Porsha Williams. Porsha girl you are a criminal now. You are on the right show. Better get a good lawyer. Porsha Williams on the run now.

  • Anyone who thinks putting their hands on anyone is just as much of a thug of Porsha Williams. Great job Porsha your Grandfather would be proud to know that you are fighting, laying on your back for money, and making videos with your auto-tune singing. He would be very proud. You are a disgrace , you are just a thug in makeup and highheels. I hope you go to jail.

  • I don’t blame her. She’d been through enough and Kenya was taunting her and trying to “stoke the fire”. She got what some people would say, she deserved…

    Porsha, sweetie, Don’t let it bother you one bit. You’re younger, more talented and prettier than the Wicked Jr. Witch of Atlanta..Sr. Witch being NeNe…

  • Kenya posted this on twitter-“one thing u will NEVER see me do is fight. Your brain and tongue are your most powerful weapons.” She is right. The other housewives are jealous of Kenya (especially Nene) as she is getting the attention they want. That is why some of them support Porsha.

    • I call that BS, Beth. Who in their right mind is going to be jealous of Kenya?!? She Cray Cray! A twirling fool! Big foul mouth dipshi t. Ain’t no one jealous of Cray Cray, Trust. Cray Cray has mental issues & is a meddling fool! Porsha had enough and pulled Kenya’s hair, one is out of a job, no big deal, she’ll bounce back, if Kenya is smart she’ll mind her business or risk moose giving her a real beatdown. Nene will cut a ish.

  • Now see I would believe this story had not other “eye” witnesses report came out; and contradicted this story.

    Yes, there was an altercation between Porsha and Kenya; but to the level of Kenya getting her “butt” kicked? No.

    No, Kenya DID NOT bring sex toys to the Reunion that is a LIE!

    Both women were going back and forth, no different than any other HW Reunion; and when Porsha stood up — we all know Kenya does not like when people stand up over; and so did Kenya — more words were exchanged and this is when Porsha went for Kenya’s hair — they tussle for a minute and were QUICKLY pulled apart by producers and security.

    Now, these erroneous reports that Kenya was beat up are just that: LIES!

    HOWEVER, what isn’t a lie, Kenya called the police and Porsha was sent home immediately! Reports are that Porsha was the ONLY cast member who was not asked back; and therefore, has been fired!

    I do not CARE what a person says to you — YOU CAN’T HIT! Once you hit any one you have assaulted that person; and the person can sue YOU and WIN. TRUST! The person winning when you hit is NEVER you!

    • I agree that you can’t hit someone or put your hands on someone-no matter what. That crosses the line. Porsha was clearly very wrong and should be fired. What really upsets me is that Porsha is such a poor example for young minority woman. They need good role models to teach them that violence is wrong. Of course Nene would be supportive of Porsha as she tried to choke Kim Z.on the show and there was also an incident where Nene attacked her off camera. That was wrong too. It was good of Kim to forgive Nene. I am supporitve of Kenya on this. I suspect that Porsha was on the chopping block anyway and did this to stay on the show but it might have backfired. She reminds me of Brandi-will do and say anything to stay on the show as they need the money. But Bravo and Andy encourage these awful behaviors from the housewives.

  • This story is false about Porsha beating up Kenya Moore. The truth of the matter is that Porsha looked like she was having a break-down during the reunion. Porsha stood up and then Kenya stood up. Porsha charged Kenya pulled her hair. Andy got up stood between them Porsha was sent home and could not finish the reunion. PORSHA WAS FIRED FROM THE RHWOA. What is really being said is . That no good Phaedra Parks and Nene Leakes were behind this. By telling dumb Porsha to do this. Phaedra does not need anymore trouble. But this speaks volumes about her character. Always behing the scenes doing crimes. And Nene Leakes she will and always be a criminal writing bad check, parole violation, fake charities twisted hearts in 2009 shut down . Collecting donations is fruad. It speaks their character. When you start having people attacked is a crime.

    • Its not a crime if you taunt someone or provoke them to where they have no choice. Destiny you are a very evil person and God will take care of you. You need to go get that evilness out your heart and pray because if you don’t you will have to answer.

      • BLINKS…..Am I reading You correctly? If anyone feels someone is annoying them, it is alright to be violent?

    • Thank goodness someone sees behind the smoke screen of Nene Leakes. And Pheadra is a pot stirrer for sure.

  • NO ONE deserves an “Ass woopin” as you put it. It is NOT acceptable at all to physically put your hands on another person no matter what. It is assault and Porsha should have been arrested. I agree Kanya does go to far but so do all those bitches. You can say that about every one of these so called “Women” except Kandi. If Andy allows this fight to air then he also should be arrested. Louanne from Housewives of New York said …”Money can’t buy you class” and if you watch Nene you will see just that. This group of people are motivated by money and would kill to keep their spot on this show. If I had friends like these I would jump off a bridge..The reason Kenya twirls is she is constantly watching her back…

    • Kenya is a fake ass drama filled bitch…..i said it!! Every freaking scene is so calculated, she is a schemer!! It’s so obvious it’s ridiculous

    • Listen, I love RHONJ and SOME (not all, just some) of the cast members.

      But RHOA is NO trashier than RHONJ. There’s been screaming, trashy behavior and violence on BOTH of those shows.

      So, let’s be fair here.

  • I thought it would be Phaedra but someone was bound to give her a touch up.. She has been stirring shit all season and it was way overdue if you ask me… She is a nasty piece of work.. Porsha has just given Kenya more reasons to play the victim. And she does this so well!

  • She’d be a laughingstock too! Big, strong, ripped Kenya getting her ass kicked by a tiny, little Barbie Doll! Ha Ha

    • maybe kenya is not just that type to slug it out for silly disagreements and that doesn’t make her a laughing stock. It seems that anyone enjoys these violent outbreaks unless they are the ones at the receiving end!

  • kenya deserves it? so this blog is promoting violence? there’s no excuse for violence and no one deserves it.

  • I am surprised Porsha got physical, but sounds like Kenya deserved it. Kenya just keeps stirring the pot and then gets upset when someone calls her out (or beats the sh– out of her).

    Just like the situation with Phaedra and Kenya. She knows Phaedra doesn’t want her around Apollo (and probably for good reason), but Kenya keeps engaging him in conversation and keeps bringing it up just to p-ss Phaedra off. Bravo needs to fire her a–!

  • It amazes me how people can honestly sit here and say that Kenya deserved this, regardless of your feelings towards her no one deserves to have someone else put their hands on them. If this is such a sensitive topic for Porsha then she should not have implied multiple times throughout the season that Kordell was gay. The fact that she has to behave like this and feed into the common stereotype associated with African American’s being violent is truly disgusting.

    • I agree Chanel the sword cuts both ways. I still say Kenya needs to stop being everyone’s marriage therapist and she hasn’t been there before herself. However it was Porsha and her moms who even implied and winked winked that Kordell might be “down for whatever.” If she didn’t want someone like Kenya to shade and read her marriage to filth you don’t give the crazy what she wants neither. Keep your trap shut. People hate Kenya so much but they haven’t yet flipped it on another channel for Sunday night. JS.

      • People hate Kenya so much but they haven’t yet flipped it on another channel for Sunday night. JS.
        There are other cast members on that show besides Kenya so people could be tuning in to see those people and rewinding through Kenya’s parts. Kenya doesn’t make or break the show and it’s getting annoying that people feel that way.

        If Porsha is a stereotype than Kenya is the stereo type of the Jezebel but can we stop with this make black people look bad and people being stereotype. These women should be a reflection of themselves not every black person on this earth. Just like the NJ, BH, OC , NY, and Miami is not a reflection of every white or Latina women in the world. Why do we bow down to the doubt standards of all black people act like this and that certain people of the race is a reflection of everyone…let’s stop it. Porsha’s action is hers alone and not a reflection of every other black woman.

        • I agree completely but I never said that Porsha’s actions were a reflection of “EVERY” black person. What I’m saying is that there is a negative stigma attached to African Americans in general, and when this type of behavior is portrayed on national television it gives many close-minded individuals the satisfaction of proving that their ignorant views towards a specific race are true. Someone especially Porsha who has family ties to civil rights activism in her family should know better than this.

  • To bad Phaedra did not pull some of that hair out. She has been too nice with all that has gone on with Kenya and Apollo. Hopefully, Phaedra will kick Apollo to the curb. Both Kenya and Apollo are nasty

    • Phaedra is still a lawyer and with a husband who’s on the blink of another return trip to prison. Phaedra wasn’t going to put hands on Kenya, she likes her 300K checks she gets from Bravo.

  • I honestly dont think that Kenya would ever be “beat down” esp by porsha(maybe by Phae phae) LOl
    TMZ reported there was hair pulling and clwaing before they were pulled apart.
    Nothing about kenya getting dragged or beat down.
    i really hope bravo shows it alll!
    either, way this isnt the bad girls club or basketball wives and Parcha and Kenyas drama is nothing that should illicit a fight but thats what happens when you cant just use your words. As most of us know, this is supposedly Porchas last season so maybe she brought drama to stay on the show.

  • Tammara Tattles site says that is was a 2 second hair pull and Porsha was fired. NO BEAT DOWN AT ALL.

    • If it was only a hair pull, why would Porsha be fired? Sharee tried to pull Kim’s wig off, and was not fired. Interesting.

    • RT and SFTA is reporting that she got fired and Kenya pulled an ultimatum of her leaving or Porsha fired.

      • Her word is usually good IMO. She was the one who was spot on about Countess LuAnn being demoted down for S5 of NY HWs.

      • Because of her arrogance and feeling she is entitled and her word is golden, but I will say that her research is good.

        SFTA is reporting that she is not fired yet, and they are standing behind Porsha to get Kenya of (like they did Kim).

  • It’s better to use your words. But at the same time….I have no sympathy for Kenya. Not one bit.

  • I don’t know how true it is, but “Tamara Tattles” says her sources told her that Porsha was fired immediately from RHOA, and she was not even allowed to finish the Reunion after her altercation with Kenya. She also says that Nene and Phaedra plotted beforehand to go after Kenya at the Reunion, and they eventually encouraged Porsha to go after Kenya too.

    Another publication (which I don’t really want to name because they get so many things WRONG) also tells the Nene and Phaedra “plotting and encouraging Porsha to go after Kenya too” story. They say, after drinking a whole bottle of champagne by herself, Porsha lost it and beat Kenya up.

    Who knows? Time will tell.

    • Whoa?! But T could toss Andy like a ragdoll? Lol. Oh, wow. This is the juicy crap that I like with these Nuts. 😉

    • LMAO at “after drinking a whole bottle of champagne by herself” I wouldn’t be able to stand up much less beat an ass!

      I think she may have gotten a few licks in as Nene tweeted her love for Porsha, and you know Nene loves anyone that’s an enemy of her enemy.

      • I laughed at that champagne information too!

        I probably should not admit this, but, since I LIKE you, Vee, and since SHARING is CARING, I have to admit that I could polish off a bottle of champagne and still be standing up straight with absolutely NO slurring (not that I WOULD, though. I actually don’t really even like champagne. I’m more of a wine person). And, yes, if absolutely FORCED to do so, I could probably defend myself physically afterward (Key word: “defend,” not initiate).

        I actually haven’t had a drink in forever because I haven’t felt the urge (and because I’m trying to get “high school skinny” and watching my girlish figure), but, when I do drink, I have a hollow leg. All of my friends used to be amazed. They seriously wanted to take me in so some kind of scientific study could be performed because they were convinced that my body metabolized alcohol differently from theirs. They’d be slurring and falling down drunk, while I’d still be pretty much together, with only a slight buzz. In short, I can drink many a man (3 times my size) under the table if I choose to do so.

        I think it’s genetic, though. My Dad is the same way. With the exception of tequila (which makes me dance on a table at a certain point. So, I only drink THAT when I’m around people I trust or a love interest. 😉 ), the only way someone will know I’m drunk is because I FINALLY become SUPER-GIGGLY. I laugh a lot IN GENERAL, but I find everything that much more hilarious when I’m drunk. In short, I’m NOT a “mean” drunk (I generally tend to find that “mean” drunks are actually mean PEOPLE when it’s all said and done. After all, like my Mom always says, “A DRUNK mouth speaks a SOBER mind!”).

        My Mom, on the other hand, has 2 drinks and is drunk as a skunk.

        Go figure!

        Porsha should have probably stuck to water and 2 glasses of champagne…..MAX!

        • You’ve just described me to a T!!!I can’t stand champagne either but i do like a glass of Chardonnay.So did Porsha have a tip off about the sex toys and needed some dutch courage to deal with Kenya?either way she should have remembered the old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones,but calling never hurt me!”

        • Lol! I’m more of a wino than a champagne gal myself, but I’m more like your mama.

          During my unclassy undergrad years after an awful break up I drank a bottle of arbor mist and fell down a flight of stairs (Shockingly, I was more than fine, like that drunk guy that got picked up by a tornado), found my heels plugged in the lawn the next morning and vowed to curtail my drinking. Seriously that bottle of arbor mist was too much!

          I am amazed by those of y’all that can throw them back without getting your Brandi on! I had two shots with my hubby when we went to his home over Christmas, he had to carry me home, my mother in law laughed so hard, it was so embarrassing.

          I think we’d be good drinking buddies, you could throw them back and I could nurse a glass of wine all night while laughing my ass off, because I love to laugh too 🙂 but I hate being laughed at, which is what happens when I’ve had more than one drink…

    • This goes to show Porsha has some serious growing up to do for thinking for her damn self. How did she allow Nene and Phaedra, her supposed friends, to get her fight someone physically! She knew her ass was the chopping block and Nene/Phaedra are only looking out for themselves – hell they all are. Nene might was grooming her but the Nene wants one of her friends to join for season 7! Stupid move on Porsha’s end and not thinking at all. She played right into Bravo’s and Nene/Phaedra’s hands. Hope she gets a second crack at marrying a rich man because both her primary incomes are out – Kordell and now Bravo! Hope it was worth it letting Kenya get under your skin that much for her to fight.

    • Since when does Bravo fire people for situations like this? If they applied this policy across the board they’d have to recast every show. lol

    • Hi my sis!

      Like you stated, IF TRUE this is sad. I’ve said on many occasions that RHOA has gone the route of NASCAR…..nobody cares about the speeds nor strategies. They want to see the WRECKS! This would truly be one. Again, this is why I take my usual soap box regarding responsibility with visibility. If we resort to that overly aggressive, poorly controlled behavior, we leave no choice than to be viewed and treated as savages.

      Again, IF TRUE….a travesty indeed.



  • I dont like violence but I think it was bound to happen sooner or later. Shes stepping on almost everyones toes but cynthias. I finally watched sundays episode and I thought kenya was DISGUSTING for speaking to apollo without phaedra there. It was disrespectful, nasty, and tacky. And she didnt like the way phaedra approached the situation? Uh ya….what do you not get about DO NOT SPEAK TO MY HUSBAND. Then had the audacity to call porsha a beard. Kenya did nothing to help herself on this trip, only made herself look like an idiot. I’m tired of her and her tacky trashy ass and lawrence said kenya and apollo have a brad and angelina vibe? Why cant these people respect a marriage?

  • It’s about time someone clocked Kenya, she has really been asking for it. She has been antagonizing and pushing Porsha’s buttons all season. I don’t know why people are saying Porsha is classless for hitting Kenya when Kenya was the one who threatened to knock a pregnant woman’s teeth out last reunion. And also, I find waving around dildos on TV (especially to taunt someone) even less classy.

    • People seem to forget about that for some reason. Also it’s funny how the pillow talk fight and this fight or little spat (if it did happen) center around Kenya. She is like a black cloud that brings trouble.

  • Apparently its OK for Porsha to spend half the season declaring Kordell to be a closeted gay and accusing him of using her sex toys but if someone else comments on it, then it’s off limits? If this story is true, I hope Kenya sues Porsha for every cent she’s got.

      • Maybe Kenya can stipulate that Porsha be axed from the show if BRAVO wants her to be on the next season. I wouldn’t miss Porsha, she contributes absolutely NOTHING.

      • Hey Cheryl and Jarlath,

        Remember, while under contract, they can not Sue each other, Bravo nor Production as Cast members. Otherwise, I am sure Carole would Sue Aviva, and Lisa could Sue Brandi for Slander and Defamation.

        Johnny the Greek could Sue during Jersey Brawl bc he nor his wife never signed a Contract.

        • I did not know that. Makes sense.

          On another note, I noticed people are mentioning what Kenya said last time in an effort to justify Porsha’s behavior. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • I have mixed feelings about this.

    On the one hand, I am bothered by the physical violence because I think it takes the show to a low-class and trashy level. Mature adults should be able to resolve their differences without resorting to violence, especially in the workplace.

    I always liked the fact that, on RHOA, the women could use their WORDS (or lack of words, as in straight cutting someone DEAD and off) to cut each other down and “throw shade” when necessary, without lowering themselves to using physical violence (I mean, yes, we heard Kim allege that Nene tried to choke her, but Nene denied it. And we never actually saw it onscreen. We saw Sheree give Kim’s wig a little tug, but it was akin to touching someone’s face or arm to get their attention, in my very humble opinion). I just feel like, if this story is TRUE, it will serve as a very nasty blemish on RHOA. After all, it’s supposed to be “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” NOT “The Bad Girls’ Club of Atlanta.”

    That being said, I do have to acknowledge that Kenya takes things WAY too far. I haven’t really decided yet how I feel about Kenya. She can entertain me, but I also find much of her behavior to be disturbing and sometimes even below-the-belt and “lowdown”. She seems to take pleasure in making people uncomfortable and/or in publicly embarrassing them.

    When it comes to Porsha, I think Kenya has been unnecessarily cruel and unfairly picking on someone that is not the same “size” as her (mentally. I mean, in a way, it’s like her kicking a puppy for God’s sake!). Yes, last season, Porsha made all kinds of negative comments about how Kenya wasn’t married and basically bragged about the fact that SHE was married, kind of lording it over Kenya. However, this season, she’s gone through a very painful divorce, and she made a sincere and heartfelt attempt in Savannah to try and bond with Kenya so they could move forward and develop a relationship.

    Despite that, Kenya still continued to kick Porsha while she was down and basically bully and torment her when she KNOWS that Porsha doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to be able to use her words to fight back (That Mexico dinner ambush that Kenya and Peter pulled on Porsha was just WRONG on so many levels, especially when Porsha was alone without anyone really in her corner to defend her, although Gregg and Kandi did step in and TRY to do so). That’s just cruel and unnecessary to me.

    So, I can understand how Porsha might have “snapped.”

    I wish she wouldn’t have “snapped” in THAT way, though (if the story of her beating Kenya senseless is true).

    • I see a lot of your points Lola. But im not going to ignore that Porsha brought up Kordell being gay and even her momma was hinting at this too. Porsha was a spoil HW and now thats gone and she has to work. What did she think none of the ladies to not comment… And we are talking about Kenya, Kenya isnt going to turn down any questions if Andy happened to directed anything at her. Porsha might have lost it bc she simply doesnt like Kenya commenting on her or her now failed marriage.

      • Commenting on the situation is one thing. Bringing sex toys to get a reaction out of someone is another. Kenya got her reaction, hope she’s happy.

        • Yeah so instead using words now all the HWs gone stomp on bitches who they dont like. Im mixed about this whole thing I do wan to see the fight but I doubt this will help Porsha if she doesnt return outside attracting fans who already hate Kenya.

      • Hi CherylTN,

        Yes, I agree with you that Porsha opened the door to discussing Kordell’s possible homosexuality by openly commenting on and wondering about whether or not he WAS, indeed, gay (and that being the real reason he possibly divorced her in such a public and humiliating fashion).

        That being said, I don’t think Porsha had an issue with people discussing whether or not Kordell was gay.

        I think Porsha had an issue with Kenya specifically claiming that Kordell was, indeed, 100% gay; Porsha KNEW it; and Porsha entered into the marriage as a business arrangement to serve as Kordell’s “beard” in return for money and a rich lifestyle. Porsha NEVER said any of this. Kenya twisted Porsha’s words at that dinner and acted like Porsha DID say this, and it was 100% fact. At the dinner, I think Porsha was simply trying to say that, when she married Kordell, she knew about the rumors, but she, as his wife, was going to help him clean up his image and combat the rumors because she thought they were NOT true (at the time she married him.).


    • @Lola Falana

      Hey lady!

      ITA! I don’t want to see any of the housewives fighting ever, but Kenya has to realize that her constant provocations of her cast mates is bound to incite some serious consequences. I still don’t know how I feel about her either. I mostly don’t like her because I don’t like people who cause a ton of destruction and drama, but I also am entertained by her.

      I don’t really believe this though. If there were ever a HW looking to beat down another HW I would think it would have been Teresa coming for Danielle. Everyone on set would have tried to keep them apart, except Andy, poor boy learned his lesson long ago. Maybe Porsha got a swipe in and Kenya’s dramatic ass played it up for the cameras but I just don’t see a beat down happening.

      Maybe we all have different definitions of the word, I’m country so a beat down involves time and energy. No one tried to stop it? I don’t know I just can’t picture this. Not on a filming set, there’s just too many bystanders.

      Hitting a person is wrong and illegal, but provoking someone to the point that they want to beat your ass doesn’t garner much sympathy from me.

      • Hey Vee! (*Waving*)

        I think we’re basically saying some of the same things.

        I hope the stories are NOT true, and there was NO physical violence and NO “beat down” of Kenya (and, like you, I’m “country” in that regard too. When I say somebody got “beat down,” I MEAN it. I’m not talking hair pulling, shoving or scratching. I’m talking fists flying and bruises, swelling and/or broken bones resulting).

        Like you, I feel that physical violence would be wrong.

        That being said, however, like you, if someone DID decide to beat Kenya up… sympathy would be at a minimum.

        • LolaF, my friend, and Ms. Vee,

          As usual, ITA. I had mixed feelings when I read your news break, Lola, on here last night. At first, I was rotflmao! I quickly went over to Radar and RT. As, I was doing so, my conscience kicked in…remembering, as all have stated about Porsha antagonizing to the Nation, her Ex’s sexuality, (which is just plain wrong as someone she loved-despite the rumors), and Kenya running with it, and ITA about Kenya. I find her entertaining, wickedly smart, and am “watching her”.

          I also happened to see an interview yesterday with Porsha on YouTube, with V103 addressing
          WW calling her Dumb, and basically Stupid. Porsha said that women should lift women up, and take the higher road. She also stated that Black women should look out for each other, and honor each other to lift each other up.

          If this is true, and I do not support physical violence, no bueno. Kenya is going to run with this…Porsha just looks more immature, despite myself kind of wanting to see Kenya get her arse kicked for being an instigator with props on these reunions. The fan, was lol, tho last Season.

          OT: Brandi is scared, as she admitted of Kenya. Kenya’s ego has just been bruised by Porsha (if this is true), while filming both shows. Brandi…is SOL for Kenya’s transference of her Ego right now. Lol

          • Hey lady!

            Hope you are well!

            I don’t think it’s right to rehash old rumors of your husbands sexuality once he files for divorce. BUT when you file and they don’t find out until they check their twitter feed do not expect them to be gracious about it.

            I think Porsha is immature, but with that being said, any man who is 15 years older than a woman who is that immature and naive, that chooses to then make this woman, a woman who he called a knucklehead, his wife, gets no sympathy from me. I think that the fact that Kordell chose her as a wife says soooo much more about him than her. Out of the two of them who’s ass should know better? I think he took a wife, that he could control, but she had too many outside influences that didn’t let him get away with it. She should be happy she dodged that bullet and keep her mouth shut. But she’s not smart like that.

            Also that her name wasn’t on anything? NO! She’s so dumb! I’ve been married for like 5 months and my name is on everything! We have joint accounts as well as seperate ones because I make money too (plus if my husband saw how much I spend on shoes and clothes, he’d NEVER shut up)!!! But our house, cars, and investment accounts? Anything having to do with our future, best believe my business degree was not wasted!

            I’ve always pitied Porsha because I believe she’s a pretty girl that was told that she could rely completely on her looks and not pushed to be more than pretty. She’s just not bright, busting a bitch in the head, though gratifying, is so not smart.

          • I agree @Vee, with the situation, ie., your assessment of the marriage. I am proud of Porsha for breaking free of that 1950’s marriage, and if anything, she said that the show made her hear her own voice-which includes talking about Kordell- and needs, per the V103 interview on youtube.

            Having said that, I think as much as she wants to be a “Lady”, her anger was misplaced on sneaky, shady Kenya. I am sure, if it is true, she is embarrassed. I don’t condone violence, and unfortunately, it is given per cops, media, society more credence on the Black community than the White community–which also, pisses me off.

            I can understand her rage, while she was pimped and picked at by Kenya, and many on the show, and Kordell, and just lost it.

            Will I watxh it? Hell yeah, lol. If any Jerry Springer moment happens, we watched Porsha get chastised by Kenya since they both joined! 🙂

            Again, my sense of humor conflicts with my conscience!

    • Meanwhile, if all these Bravo shows are going to get physical, why don’t they just make it legit and install an octagon?

      Now THAT I would watch

  • Boyyy being called Kordell’s beard must be whether damaging. Then again why she is so up at Kenya wasnt it her who said early this season Kordell could be gay too??? At the same – I cant wait to see this!!!

    This why I love yall at ABTHWS! Most of us said Porsha would have to get ratchet, ghetto, buck etc etc to keep her job and maybe also be Nene’s new tool to stay. Ms. Porsha must have hit the desperation button and basically was like ‘F*** it! I need my paycheck too.’

    Not to say HWs was ever that classy of a reality show–all the women in every franchise has argued–H/e if this is proven to be true, this will score high ass ratings for Bravo and now ALL HWs will have be Jerry Springer or Bad Girls Club during reunions! Told yall Andy is no different from the next tv big head. Lastly even though Porsha is a grown woman blah, blah this chick is still a Williams and her family cant be pleased since her lineage is from the civil rights movement.

  • I’d sue, never is it alright to put hands on someone unless self defense. So much for NeNe’s claim that they never get violent on RHOA.

  • Kenya likes to push people, she admits that. If this story is true, I guess she pushed Porsha way over the edge, lol. I am sorry, but this makes me laugh. Kenya thought she could push her around, but I guess Porsha pushed back. Good for her!

  • If it happened then it’s well deserved. I hope it didn’t though because the backlash will be crazy. Porsha will get ridiculed for allowing it to happen. It also will give Kenya a chance todo what she’s best at playing the victim.

  • I just want to know-was Kenya supportive of cast mate Kandi and used her brand of sex toys to taunt Porsha? Because if she didn’t that will be the issue.

    Bravo announced yesterday that on-line they will be putting up two scenes for possible airing–the viewers get to vote one which one they want to see aired.

    No excuse for violence–EVER.

    • So much hypocrisy the same people that screaming for Marlo to film on the reunion are the same people that when it gets nasty are above the drama. Bravo is brilliant by letting the public decide, so when all the keyboard warriors go crazy about it getting physical, Bravo can say this is what the public wants. That’s absolutely brilliant Andy Cohen.

      I had to adjust my opinion on not getting physical ever as of last week. As a married women of two daughters I would have knocked Kenya ass out if someone disrespected me the way she did Phaedra. I’ve never had a fight outside of my siblings and don’t condone violence BUT I can see how somebody constantly picking at you can take you out of character.

    • I can see that. Im still not fully paying Porsha went ham on Kenya. If she did why didnt Kenya get any licks in that’s too pathetic especially since shes from D-Town and is physically ripped

          • I’m aware of what D-Town (Detroit) is…..and aware that is where Kenya is from….so am I…my question was what does that mean…just because she’s from Detroit means she can’t get her ass kicked….

  • Interesting that this is reported as factual where local bloggers in Atlanta reported it but said they were waiting for confirmation that this actually happened.

    I don’t condone getting physical to resolve issues not involving threats of violence against you. If Porsha did it, she allowed herself to stoop to Kenya’s gutter level.

    The one thing I don’t understand with housewives in general is that they never know when to stop giving life to assholes. Why validate people that you normally would not spend time with or engage in their type of behavior? They all need to learn a lesson from the Amish and shun people like Kenya, Brandi, Melissa etc.

    • Kenya is no more gutter than Porsha. At least Kenya is sucessful. Unlike Porsha who does not even have a high school diploma. How can anyone think that Porsha is a good person. That girl is dumb , uneducated. She has done nothing with her life.

      • So because someone didn’t graduate high school, it means they are not a good person? Mind you I’m not crazy about either Kenya or Porsha, but I don’t believe Porsha’s lack of education dictates who she is as a person. (Although I will say the underground railroad comment was extremely pathetic and as if that wasn’t bad enough, her “excuse” on WWHL was shameful.)

  • Wait a minute here. Kenya insinuated after her “breakup” with her fake boyfriend Walter, that she snuck onto the show, that HE was also gay so how does bringing sex toys to the reunion justify her behavior? Kenya is a sneaky low down dirty whore, and a friend to no-one. She only needed to top her prop fan she brought to the last reunion, so that’s all she could think if. She pushed Porsche too far & Porsche reacted, which doesn’t make it right, but Kenya has deserved to be put in her place for a long time. She has stepped on everyone in the show to crawl her way to the top. There is so much more I want to say about this, but I won’t bore you all. Bravo we are sick of Kenya & you glamourizing this bullying behavior by theses women on all the HW shows, get it together, Andy & producers! It’s disgusting! And Kenya, go crawl back into the hole you crawled out of. You are nothing in my book.

    • I’m sick of her too but we have to realize just as many people who are sick of here. There are many people who worship the ground she walks on and thinks like her. There are Kenya’s stans who think everything she does is fabalous, she is the star of the show, and that she is the one increasing the ratings and bring the drama. The same people who say people are low down for being happy this happen is the same people who have no problem with Kenya being Kenya. Kenya is not leaving anything soon unless she opts out and I don’t see that happening because she needs Bravo

  • Lord Jesus please please please let this be true. I know how I talk big shit about Evelyn Lozada but there are exceptions. Even a puppy can be kicked so many times before he snaps. I thought kenya and Porsha made amends in Savannah with the baby talk, then kenya excludes her in Mexico in favor of Nene. Damn dummy. Porsha should’ve rocked that weave wearing greasy monkey for being so damn nosey.

  • Not surprising as Porsha isn’t really equipped to fight with words but at least she found her backbone and defended herself for once. I like Kenya but she’s been cruisin’ for a bruisin’ for a while now. Everyone has skeletons in the closet but it seems that people with the biggest ones are always trying to get on TV. Kenya and Porsha are both super messy. LOL

  • Well, it seem like this may be actual true. Like I said yesterday I don’t feel sorry for Kenya at all. You get what you put out. She wants to be the shadiest of them all and there are consequnces to this. I am surprise that Phaedra wasn’t the one. I guess Phaedra was to tried to even care about Kenya or they haven’t go to her yet. Last night I also thought Porsha might have snap to keep her place in the show next season so who knows. I still don’t think I’ll be watching since reunion are full of make up prom dresses, and fillers.
    This can kind of bring the show down to a Vh1 level.

    • I hate violence, but interested in seeing the reunion. Kenya should not have brought the toys in the first place. On the last episode, Porsha went off on her about not understanding marriage. Kenya kept calling her a beard. After so many times of being disrespected, not shocked there was a fight.

      I am also not surprised that no one else tried to stop Porsha. Outside of Cynthia, no one likes Kenya. Cynthia only tolerates her so she has someone to film with now that Nene and her are having issues.

      As opposed to RHOBH which is beyond boring, the Georgia peaches have been very entertaining this season. Can’t stand Kenya, but she brings the drama and hope all if them return next season.

  • I really hope this isn’t true. I’m not a huge fan of Porsha or Kenya but I don’t want to see these ladies physically attack each other. I know Kenya can be antagonistic but (in my Yolanda voice) who is Kenya Moore in this world? Kordell & Porsha did each other dirty in the media so their relationship is fair play.

    • I don’t know… I can call my sister a biotch but nobody else better call my sister a biotch in front of me. Whatever Kordell & Porsha did to each other doesn’t make it okay for a co-worker to get lowdown and nasty about it and Kenya taunting Porsha about her marriage/divorce/ex-husband, whatever, is most definitely lowdown and nasty.

      I don’t believe Porsha should have laid a hand on Kenya, but it was a knee-jerk reaction. Kenya probably rehearsed what she was going to say to Porsha although even if she didn’t, it doesn’t make it okay.

      I find it curious some are so appalled that anyone would condone violence… then continue their comment with sophomoric name calling and insults… a seriously nasty barrage on Porsha. Words can cut like a knife. One is just about as bad as the other… both lack integrity.

  • No no no. Kenya brings drama to a scripted show. Her antics have us talking and watching. If Porsha is not grown enough to retaliate with words then she should not be on the show. Porsha was happy to imply week after week the man was gay but get upset when someone else says it. I’m not for any violence regardless of who it is and I’m disappointed with whoever wrote this thinking it’s OK since Kenya stirs the pot.

    • Totally agree with you bella1802
      We watch these shows for the drama, fun & petty B.S. Kenya does not deserve to get hit nor does any other HW.
      Most of the HWs have stirred up drama one way or another…should they all just start hitting each other???
      Porsha is not all sweet & innocent…she takes her jabs at Kenya all the time on the show. I think Porsha likes to keep the drama with Kenya & the other women going.

      • why is physically fighting worse than playing with peoples marriages?? Kenya is a bully a harlet and a whore yes she has in the past dated married men. and from her antics on HW seems like she would do it again. not to mention shes a liar, liars are the worst (lies destroy families, friendships, causes people to lose jobs, their lives, custody of kids etc..) Bullying causes people to take their own life.. An Ass whooping can be deserved sometimes ( when your teen has sex in your bed!.when your being bullied! when a bitch is causing trouble in your marriage!) There is a time and place for Everything even kicking ass and Bravos stage during/soon after a divorce against a shit starter was that time.

      • I firmly believe there where at least 2 or more times Messy should have gotten a back hand.. LOL 🙂

      • Porsha was not fired and I know for sure. Porsha is at peace and she has a wonderful man in her life unlike lying Kenya and she will be on the show next season. Destiny you are the worst.

      • Porsha was not fired and I know for sure. Porsha is at peace and she has a wonderful man in her life unlike lying Kenya and she will be on the show next season. Destiny you are the worst.

    • I recognized the only people who tweeted during this was Nene (shocker!) , Cynthia; Kenya didnt tweet one damn thing yesterday it only leads to believe this I still can believe this Porsha fought I need to see it now! It would funny if Porsha did all this and still didnt keep her job.

  • As much as I’d love to see Kenya get a long overdue ass kicking, I hope this is false. I’d hate for Porsha to stoop to that level. If Kenya really brought sex toys to mock someone’s sexuality, she is more tacky and classless than I thought. And I didn’t think much of her to begin with.

    • I also agree with you Rach.
      If Kenya had any moral/ human decency she would not have crossed
      that boundary with Porsha. A person can only take so much taunting
      before they snap.
      Kenya is a stupid, ignorant , evil woman, who doesn’t have the foresight
      to realize the consequences of her actions.

      This is SAD …Bravo , you are to blame for this !!!!

      Don’t make this the new …..TABLE FLIP!!

  • What surprises me is that after Porsha had the scruffy b*tch down on the ground none of the other women gave her a kick to the ribs.

  • As bad as dis sounds i really hope this isnt a rumour and its the truth! Its about time someone did it. I thought it would be phaedra or nene bt never expected porsha. If this happened im glad for porsha and i hope when it airs they dont edit out the fight

    • Phaedra and Nene put Porsha up to this. However Porsha did not beat kenya up. Porsha pulled Kenya hair which is all hers. Porsha went to the store and brought hers. People up holding violence. Are you kidding me. It is wrong and should not be tolerated. Any did the right thing by firing Porsha. Now Porsha has to get on her back again. To earn money like the whore she really is. She is so fake. She always has been. Hoodrat. I can’t stand a fake person. Who presents one thing to the world. But lives something else. Behind close doors. BYE ASHY PORSHA. GO TO SCHOOL GIRL.

      • You are up holding cheating with other people husbands, starting conflict between friends and lying about cars and boyfriends. So that makes me wonder about sweetie.

  • wow…i have to say, i’m not surprised at all. kenya’s a bit over the top. however, they are grown women and shouldn’t behave that way. (but i’m kinda glad it happened lol)

  • I hope this is false. I really do. This show is going the Flava of Love route and I am not liking it. Kenya has been taunting Porsha, but that was not the way to go. I hope this doesn’t mean it got her a spot on S7.

    • I agree. These women have always been ratchet but at the very least would could tout that they didn’t physically fight each other. Now they’re like those sad doctor’s wives 🙁

      Ugh…lowers them so much.

  • LOL I know violence is never the answer but Kenya has had this one coming for A LONG time! She is constantly antagonizing certainly people, mainly Porsha, so it was only a matter of time before someone knocked her down a notch. I am however, shocked it was Porsha that did it.

    • I kinda agree. Kenya was bound to get her ass kicked. All she does is antagonize ppl. Guess she pick the wrong day to antagonize the wrong person? Sorry that Porsha lost it with the bitch. Oh well.

      I hope we get to see it 🙂

      • Granted I canT wait to see this fight if it airs it could be damaging to the HWs Franchises as a whole. The ratings will be high but now all the shows will have to act like they came from the zoo.

        • No big fight. It was a 2 second hair pull by Porsha per Tammara tattles. Even US Mag. has changed their story to a 2 second incident or hair pull.

          • @myinfo I heard the same thing, that this sequence of events was exaggerated and the fight only lasted 2 seconds before security escorted Porsha off the set and asked her not to return. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

    • Right you are right SMASHLY!!! Thank you Porshia, we all needed that. You have made all my dreams come true!!!! I love it, love it, love it!!! I mean, thats too bad, nene would have been a satisfying oponent! i mean nene sure did suck it up this season! Truely ive never done it, but i should have! Much love to those who conspire to put kenye in her place! Thats gonna be a big job. One little hiccup with porsha cant change a person that hardened into crimminal mischief, however id rather not see her again…


  • Porsha never should have made her ex-husband’s sexuality a story line. She brought it up on camera and I stopped watching the show.

      • I don’t care what the circumstances were, I’m just glad someone finally whopped her ass!

        • Yes! I can’t believe it took so long before someone give Kenya one… She has been pushing peoples buttons and provoking arguments since day one… She’s a nasty piece of work!

          • I agree that you never hit or lay your hands on someone else. It is wrong and Porsha is the one that made her ex-husband’s sexuality as issue to the public.

          • Destiny you must be Kenya Moore. First of all Porshe is not fired and second you are shady for taking up for A devil. We all know what you are cause of your responses. I’m just saying!

    • Agreed. I get it pissing her off that Kenya did that but Porsha was the first one to imply Kordell was using her sex toys. She did it early on in the season. She spent half the season calling him a damn queen. Now she’s pissed off other people are saying it? You said implied it all season long.

      • Exactly! Thats why I say throws me Porsha went off the possible deep end.

        Desperate times desperate measures.

          • Does that make him gay? How did he get custody of his son? I’m sure the mother, unless she is dead, would’ve leveraged that very thing to suck him dry of his money!


          • Gay couples are able to adopt children. Why would Kordell being gay have anything to do with him not being a good father to his son.

      • No. That wasn’t Porsha that implied Kordell was using her sex toys. That was Kandi to Porsha.

        • If anyone remembers Sheree from the RHWOA. That skinny girl with the short hair. Who is Sheree’s friend is the mother of Kordell’s son. Look it up. That is one sorry female. And what kind of women Sheree hangs around. She pretends she is so classy. Well we see how that tuned out.

    • So, that makes it okay for Kenya to bring sex toys to the reunion? In the end, she’s hurting Kordell (who she claimed to like and claimed was a “good man” more than Porsha.

      • Wait we’re believing everything Radar is pimping now? Radar is known for exaggerating stories. Tamara T just reported there was no huge brawl but Porsha did lay a hand on Kenya but “dragging” didn’t occur nor were their sex toys involved. Plus it was Nene/Phaedra who influenced dimwitted Porsha since she was turn up off drinking a bottle of wine. Bravo wasnt having it and she didnt finish the reunion and was fired! I trust TT’s word wayyy quicker than Radar.

        • “Nene/Phaedra” doesn’t need to influence Porsha. As soon as those two met, in fact it was the firstish episode at Porsha’s charity that the had issues. Porsha hadn’t even met “Nene/Phaedra” yet. If you honestly think that Bravo had a serious issue about her fighting, then why weren’t the people from Jersey fired, or Miami?

          • ITA,and let’s not forget the girls on Vanderpump Rules slapping and hair pulling on Seasons 1 and 2, and women on RHOBH,with Yolanda swatting Ken and Kyle and Brandi that first season with BG in Malibu, and then Married to Medicine,and Assley Holmes pulling Danielle’s hair. Bravo might want to think twice from legal standpoint. Don’t we see Ramona throw a glass at Kristen in previews and 2 melees last season of NJ. One might call discrimination, because God knows Kenya provokes trouble as have others on other knows and Bravo didn’t fire for violence. Actually Kenya has goaded cast mates more than cast of other Bravo shows where no action was taken. I abhor violence, but Kenya has threatened violence more than once. Bravo should be reviewing the situation at this time before a decision is announced.

      • Kenya deserved a good ass spanking more than anybody in the world. You cannot be happier for anybody to get a butt whipping more than Kenya Moore. Oh,go on YouTube to see her Miss USA show and see how flat her Butt was back then; hmmmm, what happened?

    • Exactly. Porsha opened that Pandora’s box on her OWN. I love her but you gotta be careful what you say / air..she inadvertently gives ppl ammo. #wise #up