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NeNe Leakes’ Criminal Past And Mug Shots Revealed!

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NeNe Leakes always prides herself on “telling it like it is,” so when she opened about her arrest in her autobiography, it seems she wasn’t being completely honest. In a new issue of Star Magazine, they obtained documents from Athens-Clarke County (Georgia) Superior Court, showing that NeNe was arrested three times. Check it OUT!

“According to Athens-Clarke County (Georgia) Superior Court documents, the reality star was arrested and charged in 1992 with three felony and one misdemeanor counts of “theft of services” from the phone company. At the time, she was 25 and known by her birth name of Linnethia Johnson. NeNe settled on a plea agreement, where she pled guilty to all four counts and was put on two years’ probation and ordered to repay $2,650. Over the next two years, though, she was arrested three more times for probation violations.”

Below are photos of the mug shots, courtesy of Daily Mail

nene mug shot real 1

nene mug shot 1

nene mug shot 3

NeNe isn’t the only one with a record, her husband, Gregg Leakes, has also been arrested several times, including a charge for stolen property.

gregg leakes

I think it’s funny that this is now all coming out, now that NeNe is on Dancing with the Stars. What do you guys think about NeNe’s arrests? Are you surprised?

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  • nene should have had this arrest record expunged like sheree did her ohio arrest record. while there is a record of sheree’s arrest there is no picture.

  • Don’t like NeNe, never did. Now she is so obnoxious in all ways. Her mouth, her clothing. Doesn’t she look in the mirror, this woman is HUGE! Her wearing tight clothing, no class.

    But the only one on this show that gas class is Cynthia, but she’s married to a jerk, always involving himself with issues which are none of his business. Like going to find out the ” other side of the story” from Kordell. It’s none of your business. Hey Peter, didn’t you catch the hint when you said you called several times but Kordell never returned your call?

    All the rest is just loud mouth arguing over nothing. I’ve tried to like it but I just can’t. I’ll continue with Rhobh.

  • Nene’s been on tv 6 years! And this about her mug shots only surfaces NOW! This has Wendy Williams all over it to me what do you think, 6 years and now?

  • I really think that once tv host, Wendy Williams’ relationship with Nene went bad, Wendy would find a way to get Nene back, first Wendy started acting as if the RHOA didn’t exist and then when Nene started dancing on DWTS Wendy said she would no longer be watching the show but she didn’t say anything like that when she had her no dancing self on there. I really believe Wendy got some of her people to dig up the dirt and submit it to the Star Magazine to finish tarnishing Nene.

  • Question: When a woman becomes successful, does someone or tabloid automatically go in search of troubles/failures they had years ago? I mean, you could probably look up almost any of them on tv and find something. That is silly though! ( Unless they are really a horrid person in real life)

    • Well Michers, I agree. I do think that they should Vet these people/women tho, and let them know what could come up….as If the women, don’t know or care. :-), hope all is well btw, xo

      • I think it has more to do with her being on network tell-a-vision and how they are vetted while on. Besides, this stuff sells magazines and it is they who drives the funds. ABC is a Disney company and they are VERY transparent about who appears.

        Just saying

  • So the rumor here in Atlanta is the reason Nene was arrested for “theft” for charges from the phone company so many years ago is because she would open a phone company account in someone else’s name & never pay the bill. Example: she would live somewhere open an account in Betty Joe’s name run up a bill then six months later, she would move to a new apartment, open a new phone line under a new false name & never pay the old bill. Well, they finally caught up with her. Sounds like maybe Nene was giving Apollo advice instead of Pheadra for his latest scheme of stealing peoples identities…..

    Again, this is just the rumor here in the ATL…..

    • No it was more serious than what you are saying. Miss Nene Leakes was arrested for writing bad checks in the amount of $3,000 . And other crimes. She also was shut down in 2009. For runing a fake charity TWISTED HEARTS. She had collected over $19.000. Now that is shady. Using people to collect money. When the charity is not real. She was on tv just last year. Claiming to raise money for that other charity that had their liscense provoked just two years ago. This Nene Leakes is a straight up criminal. And still is. She is always talking about others.

      • You’re right @Destiny, that is a lot more serious than what people have been saying all these years. SMDH…… I’m a dentist here in Atlanta and she is a low down common criminal, yet she will walk into the nail salon like she is the damn Queen of England & we should be lucky to breath the same air as her. Hell no woman, I’m grabbing my purse so that your son or husband isn’t trying to steal my wallet!!!!!

  • That particular picture of Nene always makes me LMAO for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on why, though.

    I think it’s because it makes her look a little like a cartoon character.

    Oh yeah, I heard that tabloid article with Nene’s mugshots also had Gregg’s mugshots and her son, Bryson’s, mugshots as well.

    My maternal grandmother used to have this tacky-looking sign on her wall that said, “The family that PRAYS together, STAYS together” (She also had this GIANT fork and spoon that crossed each other and hung on her damned wall for some reason, along with lots of pictures of people in their damned caskets, until we made her take those pictures down and put them in their own special photo album, which we used to call “The Book of DEATH.” That was much better than her former “WALL of DEATH,” though. *Sigh*).

    In Nene’s family’s case, maybe they’ve got a sign that says something like, “The family that gets ARRESTED might be TESTED, but will never be BESTED!” 😀 (I like Nene a lot of the time, even though I often also want to PUNCH HER IN THE FACE. So, no particular offense to Nene fans. Just a li’l jokey joke! 😉 ).

      • I think she’s funny.

        I also like the fact that she’s loud.

        Please note that I also said that I often feel like PUNCHING her in the FACE because I often do NOT like her.

        I’m allowed to my opinions and my MIXED feelings about Nene.

        Thank you very much.

        • LOL Lola! I have enjoyed her on this show from season 1, until this season. She has been more serious and less humorous for some reason. I like her the way she was prior! She tends to make some valid points at times about the others. ( IMO)

          • Hey michers! (*Waving*)

            LOL right back.

            Yeah, Nene can be quite insufferable at times, but she has a way of then turning around — after doing or saying something insufferable — and THEN saying something really funny or something really on point….causing me to be pulled back in from the brink of abandoning her forever.

            I just can’t “quit” the b*tch totally, you know?

            Maybe I’m in an emotionally abusive relationship with Nene, and I need therapy to get out of it. *Big Sigh*


        • Terri said stop rolling your neck! Hahahaha! My side is hurting because I can see your expressions while you were typing. Straight comedy.

          I suppose that the “chickens coming home to roost” moment in this for me is two-fold:

          Nene always dropped shade about others. Was it to deflect on her own foibles and keep eyes off her? Remember she was extremely secretive and maybe wanted to control this reality

          Secondly, now that she’s on NETWORK television (hint: you-know-who’s watching you…..!) they wanted to expose her to influence voting and justifiably remove her while keeping their hands clean?

          Yes, I’m a conspiracy theorist! Smoke from the grassy knoll…..

          • LOL

            Although I have been known to suck my teeth and roll my neck (and/or roll my eyes afterward with a possible finger snap thrown in for good measure) on occasion with a hand on my hip, I actually didn’t feel very “neck-roll-y” when I read “Miss Destiny’s” response to my original post.

            I felt a little puzzled and then just thought, “Ummmm…..are you really asking me to justify my opinion to you? Just who in the EFF are you to demand some justification? Do I KNOW you? No, I didn’t think so. Girl, BYE!”

            Then I typed my response because I like to give answers to people who ask questions, particularly those people who arouse my sympathy by failure to use proper grammar like commas and failure to do simple things correctly like….Oh, I don’t know….SPELL, for instance (even when I’m being a B*TCH while giving the answer. :-D).

        • LOL Lola… I totally agree. I think she’s funny too and I like her for being entertaining but she can also be annoying and arrogant.
          She’s got a big personality. She seems so charming and sweet on DWTS. But she sure as hell can swing the other way. There are times she makes me laugh even when I don’t agree with what she’s saying.

          Finding out this info doesn’t make me feel any differently about her. What is it Phaedra says? “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

  • Nothing surprises me and especially not the fact that this is news now that she is on Dancing with the Stars. The most important thing to remember is that this happened over 20 years agao. Can we just move on?

    • What do you mean move on? What are you supposed to be, the reality tv cop? These characters are people we’ve become interested in. That’s why we watch these shows. Are you now going to be policing how much we’re allowed to know about them? Is there some kind of statute of limitations on what you think we’re allowed to know?

    • It may have happen 20 years ago. But it speaks volumes about Nene Leakes character. Stealing is serious. Writing bad checks is serious. Stealing money from a fake charity Twisted Hearts is very serious it was shut down in 2009. Nene Leakes had collected over $19,000, This is bad. It speaks about her character. She is still the same person. However she goes on tv talking about her son and Marlo. She is a criminal just like them. She is fake.

  • I’m not shocked. I’m certainly not shocked at Greg because he’s never had a legit job, did he? Nene’s sounds like she stole cable and wouldn’t stop lmao. Greg’s are more business related.

    • Not true. Writing bad check , Probation violations and runing a fake charity and very serious.

  • Oh dear… someone must really hate Nene to unleash these bad boys. Now she cant throw that shade at Marlo ever again.

  • I cannot stand nene, but charges like this are so dumb and make me angry as a taxpayer. Theft of services from the phone co? That is just a long way of saying unpaid bills. District attorneys are not paid by the government to be bill collectors for large companies that can afford to pay their own collections department, and who can pay their own corpotate lawyers to win civil actions (pretty easily too)that can then result in garnishments. Destroy her credit, but dont burden the jails with crap like this (taxpayers pay for that too!)

    • I interpreted it to be cable theft. Not paying bills wouldn’t be considering theft. And they used to run those stupid commercials assuring people you would go to jail for stealing cable.

    • While I certainly agree with you, marshmella, that the police shouldn’t act as collection agents for the phone company, I’ve never heard of the phone company (or gas company, or cable company) calling the police when people don’t pay their bills. I think they shut their services off. I wonder what the circumstances were that led to these arrests. The story above seems to raise a lot of questions that aren’t answered. If anybody knows what actions could lead to charges like these, I’d be interested in reading more about it.

      • It was not cable services. Nene Leakes was arrested for writing bad checks in the amount of almost $3,000. She was also arrested for 4 times for probation violation. The article is not correct. There were more serious charges. This is where her son adopted this behavior. Plus her charity was shut down in 2009. Nene Leakes had collected over $19,000. And there was no real charity she was keeping the money for herself.

    • It is not just phone service. Nene Leakes was charged with writing bad checks and (4) probation violations. She also had her charity shut down in 2009 Twisted Hearts. She was taking the money over $19,000 . Nene leakes has always been a damn criminal. But she talks about Marlo.

  • I think it’s funny that this is coming out now too since she has been on the show for a long time. All I have to say is she looks better with her old features than she does now. Also I wish she would switch back to a darker hair color.

  • Not surprised at all. Surprised her criminal past was not exposed sooner.
    She always seemed shady.

    • Nene Leakes was arrested for writing bad checks, stealing phone services, and (4) probation violations. She also got her charity shutdown in 2009 Twisted for collecting over $19,000 in cash and keeping for herself.

    • Umm Nene was originally arrested for steal phone service and then probation violation. NOT for cutting up a girls face in a night club and carrying a gun. So no it’s not the same

      • And… Krystal, the young girl that Marlo sliced her face up ended up committing suicide. Sad indeed. I am surprised this is just now making news maybe that’s why NeNe put it all out there in her book.

        • Nene never put it out in her book. She said her friend was arrested for stealing she has never come out and said she was.

      • Did I SAY that they got arrested for similar reasons? NO. When I said they were not so different was that they both got arrested more than once in their 20s, and a majority of them were for probation. And I make that VERY clear.

      • Crime is all the same. In the eyes of God. Sin is Sin there is not greater sin then sin. It is all on the same level.

        • We ALL sin… although I’m not saying we all commit crimes. But as far as sinning… we all do and have and will continue to sin. We’re human and humans are imperfect and that’s okay. Shoot, if you want to get technical, we’re all sinning everyday on this blog. We’re not supposed to judge people. Yep… we ALL sin.

    • Forgive/correct me if I am wrong, and I haven’t scrolled down the blog post yet, but didn’t Nene disclose this after her son was arrested, on air? This seems like old news to me.

      • She never disclosed any of this. She said in her book. Nene said that her girl friend that was in the car was arrested that the police pull them over. She never mention this before it came out. She was arrested for writing of bad checks. Which is serious. Stealing phone service and cable service and when the bill arrive she would move. And 4 parole violations. Not to mention that fake charity of hers. Twisted Hearts being shut down in 2009 criminal activity by Miss Rich , better than any one these girls are not on my level. Bloop.

        • She never disclosed any of this. She said in her book. Nene said that her girl friend that was in the car was arrested that the police pull them over. She never mention this before it came out. She was arrested for writing of bad checks. Which is serious. Stealing phone service and cable service and when the bill arrive she would move. And 4 parole violations. Not to mention that fake charity of hers. Twisted Hearts being shut down in 2009 criminal activity by Miss Rich , better than any one these girls are not on my level. Bloop. Oh her girlfriend was arrested for shop lifting.

        • Thank you, @Destiny for answering me, oh wow! I always Ask, does Bravo not do any background and Vetting for these women on their shows?